Young Sheldon has a CRUSH on Paige - Season 4 NEW!

30 apr. 2021
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Season 4 Episode 16
Young Sheldon featuring Sheldon Cooper, Mary Cooper, Georgie Cooper, Missy Cooper, Meemaw

  • U bet haha 😆

    Babyjustin33 vargasBabyjustin33 vargas11 uur geleden
  • Misssy is growing up

    As’ad Alli RizkyAs’ad Alli Rizky12 uur geleden
  • McKenna grace is on such a level that we can tell she'll be a megastar winning Oscars and academy awards in future. A 21st century Leonard DiCaprio. Extremely talented and naturally charismatic.

    tango elgorttango elgort12 uur geleden
  • Georgie is very wise

  • Paige looks such a grown up now compared to earlier episodes

    nihnamrata Dalvinihnamrata Dalvi15 uur geleden
  • But in the end he married Amy

    NeevNeev18 uur geleden
  • And love begins with hatred

    NeevNeev18 uur geleden
  • Anyone could have a crush on Paige

    NeevNeev18 uur geleden
  • Like Jim Parsons, this boy does not age.

    Babs GraysonBabs GraysonDag geleden
  • Whatever happened to Paige after this?

    :Y Frank:Y FrankDag geleden
  • Where can i wacth the whole show?

    Luiza ZivianiLuiza ZivianiDag geleden
  • In love with the series

    danish eqbaldanish eqbalDag geleden
  • Sheldon's intolerance to Paige stemmed from her being his intellectual superior think about it, it's the same thing with Kripkee in big bang theory he feels intimidated by them so he doesn't want to be around them with other geniuses such as Leonard he doesn't have a problem with and constantly undermines them but can tolerate being around them

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  • Stop fucking recommending this awful show to me. I’m tired of click the don’t recommend button!!!!

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  • Why is sheldon not ageing at all, missy, george, paige and his dad have all aged

    ZyLxY LolZyLxY LolDag geleden
  • Missy is taller than sheldon now

    Will FriskWill FriskDag geleden
  • What show is this

    MMDag geleden
  • Georgie reminds me of Patrick Swayze

    Zubair KhanZubair KhanDag geleden
  • Mckenna Grace is growing up very gracefully.

    Anubhab MukherjeeAnubhab MukherjeeDag geleden
    • Yes she is truly gorgeous

      Eevachu BaxterEevachu BaxterDag geleden
  • And this is the reason why I never cared for that character. But she is extremely cute for her age. Hopefully she'll be one of those young cute girls that grows up to be beautiful,not the other way around, which sometimes happens in Hollywood.

    Raymon KravagnaRaymon KravagnaDag geleden
    • She is very gorgeous, that’s for sure. And hopefully she’ll stay that way like you said.

      Eevachu BaxterEevachu BaxterDag geleden
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    • I wanna Invest too, how do I get to Mike Wayne?

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  • Proposing someone that way Everyone:

    Anshul AranhaAnshul AranhaDag geleden
  • Who else thinks that sheldon is the male version of Alexendra Botez ?!

    alok sarmaalok sarmaDag geleden
  • What a B. Sheldon should've crushed her for that😈

    AlinAlinDag geleden
  • There was this chick in TBBT who solved all of Sheldon's puzzle and arrived at his door only for him to reject her because she was late by few minutes. I wonder could that be Paige

    • That actress Analeigh Tipton is credited as Vanessa Bennett in the episode you mentioned, and also appears as a supermodel in another episode as a supermodel (herself). So not Paige.

      Gokul ShravanaGokul Shravana2 dagen geleden
  • Well, Sheldon would not be the only one having a crush on her. It’d be crazy not to, if I were of the same age.

    Bima SudiartoBima Sudiarto2 dagen geleden
  • omg im returning to this show and omg missy look soo grown

    Shamir GhataniShamir Ghatani2 dagen geleden
    • I felt the same way. It’s been a long time since I watched the show, and I had no idea Missy had grown so much!

      Eevachu BaxterEevachu BaxterDag geleden
  • hello hellooo helo

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  • Series name?

    LauraシLauraシ2 dagen geleden
  • She definitely has a crush on him too. She's just in that teenage rebellion years. But he's younger that her, right?

    ToomanyJ's ToomanyR'sToomanyJ's ToomanyR's2 dagen geleden
    • There characters are both 14. But the actor play Sheldon is 13 and the one playing Paige is 15

      Peter YangPeter YangDag geleden
  • "Alexa play All Girls are the same"

    CLUZUMCLUZUM2 dagen geleden
  • Sheldon was like, 'What the hell are you doing!?'

  • Paige's voice is so adult.

    Just KendryJust Kendry2 dagen geleden
  • It’s crazy...I know from TBBT that those 2 won’t get together...and yet...hope.. Or this might be a parallel universe thing ...

    Ray 832Ray 8322 dagen geleden
  • I wonder what happens to Paige cause Sheldon ends up with Amy

    Melissa KielyMelissa Kiely2 dagen geleden
  • This is ironic because Sheldon's actor is actually gay.

    Mikail ThomasMikail Thomas2 dagen geleden
    • It be interesting to see how they spin it. Because Paige and Sheldon are perfect for each other.

      Peter YangPeter YangDag geleden
  • Aww, the girls are getting taller faster, sheldon still looks baby infront of his all grown sister

    Justin HowladerJustin Howlader2 dagen geleden
  • o damn why the adult sheldon didnt end up dating paige

    Pete LeePete Lee2 dagen geleden
  • Looks like Atari 2600 carts at 2:07, question is in what episode do they show a Atari 2600 or even 7800?

    patg108patg1082 dagen geleden
  • Imagine how Amy reacts if Paige knocks the door. 😂

    Harmon DoctoleroHarmon Doctolero2 dagen geleden
  • dude is 12 and girl is 14, that is not creepy at all xD

    Evaldas SenavaitisEvaldas Senavaitis2 dagen geleden
  • BHUT sahi Kiya paige ne.

    Ashu SrivastavaAshu Srivastava2 dagen geleden
  • That's why...u should trust girls.

    Rahul BhichherRahul Bhichher2 dagen geleden
  • Is it released?

    Bandi Venkata narendra reddyBandi Venkata narendra reddy2 dagen geleden
  • He look like a small Tom cruise

    Siddhu KakadeSiddhu Kakade2 dagen geleden
  • I think the only reason they did that was there was so much public pressure to pair Paige and Sheldon, but they wanted to shoot the idea for continuity with TBBT.

    Sapna UllalSapna Ullal2 dagen geleden
  • don't get me wrong.. but as the series progressing i started to loose my interest.. Sheldon becoming more like a robot then a human like 0 emotions or common sense.. remember the ep when someone died and dont even considered it and when Billy father left and he be like '' ok so what ''

    satyam guptasatyam gupta2 dagen geleden
  • Wth her voice sounds so matured

    Adam WaynAdam Wayn3 dagen geleden
  • Can anyone tell me whats this cow in title

    Unboxing videosUnboxing videos3 dagen geleden
  • Would’ve been cool to see Paige in TBBT….. or at least a mention of her…..

    JPMitreNJPMitreN3 dagen geleden
    • @Peter Yang yeah I know

      JPMitreNJPMitreN2 dagen geleden
    • @Peter Yang I also do like them….. I’d like to see them "together"

      JPMitreNJPMitreN2 dagen geleden
    • @JPMitreN Yeah...Paige is too good of a character to throw away, (unless the actress herself no longer want to play this character, in that case, nothing we can do about it.) Out of all TV love interests...I have to say, Paige and Sheldon is like the best I've seen.

      Peter YangPeter Yang2 dagen geleden
    • @Peter Yang hmmm, we’ll see

      JPMitreNJPMitreN2 dagen geleden
    • @JPMitreN Yeah, I know. But it is possible they are trying to throw the audience off. I mean, we really don't know what they want to do with the Paige character. I mean obviously, Paige and Sheldon like each other, but are at least for now, not getting together. I think they are just building up the tension now, make you wonder will Paige and Sheldon getting together. I think they will eventually get together when they are a bit older. And then the question is how Amy fit into it.

      Peter YangPeter Yang2 dagen geleden
  • So Paige was Sheldon’s first "girlfriend”

    JPMitreNJPMitreN3 dagen geleden
  • my mind constantly trying to figure out someone who looks like sheldon, found it: he reminds me of conan gray!

    theasathingtheasathing3 dagen geleden
  • omg her voice is so deep now, all grown up

    theasathingtheasathing3 dagen geleden
  • I have a question where in the world did she get that market from.

    Crazy MakinaYTCrazy MakinaYT3 dagen geleden
  • That principle of ladies the voice of Edith The owl Lady from our house 🤯

    Daniel OlugbodiDaniel Olugbodi3 dagen geleden
  • This is the worst thing to ever exist.

    Piano ManPiano Man3 dagen geleden
    • You're talking about yourself

      CyberGamingCyberGaming3 dagen geleden
  • Stay away from the little Feminist girl. BAD!

    Joe DukeJoe Duke3 dagen geleden
  • Poor Sheldon, but he deserved it 🤣

    carloscarlos3 dagen geleden
  • Sheldon has good jokes, does he not?

    Daniel KimDaniel Kim3 dagen geleden
  • So no one is talking about how unbelievably rude Paige’s action is. She literally defaced Sheldon for stating that he has a crush on her, first she makes him believe it is requited and then she stabs him in the back. I don’t know if this is supposed to be acceptable, however, if everyone is cool with this, then I definitely do weep for humanity. it’s hard to not hate Paige after this.

    SommyBliss NriamaSommyBliss Nriama3 dagen geleden
  • Missy just doubled in size! Am I hallucinating?!

    SommyBliss NriamaSommyBliss Nriama3 dagen geleden
  • lmao paige an absolute chad!!!

    LEOLEO3 dagen geleden
  • Legend says paige is not on sheldons mortal enemy list anymore ooh i wonder when that happened,or maybe how no sir how many times have i told you i didn kill paige for what she did........maybe

    Rio RioRio Rio3 dagen geleden
  • I don't like her....She Teases Sheldon.... I love Sheldon 😝

    Raj SharmaRaj Sharma3 dagen geleden
  • Sheldon comes to Georgie for help

    Frosty FlameFrosty Flame3 dagen geleden
  • Fun fact: The old Paige is the young Mary in the movie gifted shown in Netflix.

    Jhonee & Sammy MOVIESJhonee & Sammy MOVIES3 dagen geleden
    • @Jhonee & Sammy MOVIES you said the "old Paige" bug its the same person , they didn't change the actress

      EbruphiyorEbruphiyor2 dagen geleden
    • @Ebruphiyor change in what way??

      Jhonee & Sammy MOVIESJhonee & Sammy MOVIES2 dagen geleden
    • They changed her?

      EbruphiyorEbruphiyor2 dagen geleden
  • The date is in a LAB

    Ryanbasir OlamaRyanbasir Olama3 dagen geleden
  • Where do you even get this show?

    Mrlun471cMrlun471c3 dagen geleden
  • so what's with the cow at the end x)

    Maygan PhynixMaygan Phynix3 dagen geleden
  • My guy didn’t earned it yet. Closest thing he did for her is sitting there n listening to her when she needed to be heard but that’s it.

    Golden1_1DragonGolden1_1Dragon3 dagen geleden
  • Sorry guys NLworld recommended me this but m still at big bang theory season 6

    sanket indapuresanket indapure3 dagen geleden
  • And that's how everyone should handle Sheldon

    Prakhar GandhiPrakhar Gandhi3 dagen geleden
  • *She’s a knock-out alright*

    A FriendA Friend3 dagen geleden
    • You saying Paige is a knockout? I would agree 👍😜

      Eevachu BaxterEevachu Baxter3 dagen geleden
  • The reasons i dont like prequels is because this characters that are good or important but never get to see in the original series, have would be nice to seen a Paige vs Amy

    Nan GoNan Go3 dagen geleden
    • Paige would have eaten Amy for breakfast in this love triangle. LOL

      Peter YangPeter Yang3 dagen geleden
  • McKenna is really a genius and bad seed

    Tawonga McFaddenTawonga McFadden3 dagen geleden
  • 😊🌹

    suzi Manipursuzi Manipur3 dagen geleden
  • My thoughts- They brought Paige back for this episode, and overall the only thing she does in the episode is draw the moustache on Sheldon. Why would they bring her just for this? Cos maybe they are trying to give their relationship some more detailing, and maybe to introduce the thought of them crushing on each other to people. So that if in future, Paige does admit to actually having a crush on him, it isn't out of the blue. The show has been renewed for 3 more seasons, and Paige will be make several more appearances, so I think Paige will end up having a crush on him

    GotenGoten3 dagen geleden
    • The problem is she's a few years older than Sheldon is in real life and she looks it so I don't know how much longer she can be on the show. Because she will start looking more like a woman very soon

      Raymon KravagnaRaymon KravagnaDag geleden
    • @KaNaK I guess, lol

      GotenGotenDag geleden
    • You wrote whole damn Essay....

      KaNaKKaNaKDag geleden
  • Georgie voice is simply awesome

    Joe KloseJoe Klose4 dagen geleden
  • I've been waiting for this😂

    HyangsuHyangsu4 dagen geleden
  • Victoria Chase just met a more self centered character than herself.

    RokuRoku4 dagen geleden
  • Is she messing with him, or did she really have a crush on him but decided to play a joke when he moved away?

    Patrick DelacourPatrick Delacour4 dagen geleden
    • @Peter Yang "I actually just finished writing a book on this topic" Well, that explains a lot!!! xD You do know about this. I'd like to read that book someday. Does it have a title by now?

      Patrick DelacourPatrick DelacourDag geleden
    • @Patrick Delacour I actually just finished writing a book on this topic lol. Also, somebody like Paige this sort of relationship mindset is more in coalition with a womanizer's. It is all about live and let live, let go when it is time to let go and just because 2 people love each other doesn't mean they need to be together. A successful womanizer is call a lady's man (because, not all the guys are the type that are popular with the ladies, for example, I am kind of over weight and I am not that smooth, so, I get girls once in a while, but not that often. But I have met some lady's man that are very popular) One of my best friend from high school is a popular womanizer, he is an Indian guy and a Deputy high school principle. What usually happens is that, he got a lot of female friends. He won't actually be on boyfriend/girlfriend term with the girls or to be a Couple with them. He like the girls and the girls like them and they enjoy each other's company. In the west we got this issue of confusing Dating to be the same as marriage and doesn't understand mutual consent is required to count as Dating. Dating is just hanging out, e.g. guy like girl and girl like guy, so guy ask girl out and girl agree, so they go grab dinner after work every Friday night. But dating isn't sufficient to make to people a Couple or more. Marriage = family and spouse, spouse = life partner and sexual mate, life partner and sexual mate = couple, couple = romantically together. But just because 2 people are Dating doesn't mean they need to be together. There are dating bewteen acquaintances, dating between friends, dating in none spouse couple (choose to be a couple but not spouse), dating between Unwed Spouses (e.g. de facto Spouses) Dating in marriage (e.g. some married people do date night, but not all do date night) So, Dating and marriage are 2 completely different thing and Dating is not sufficient to make 2 people a Couple or more, sometimes they are not even friends. Also, mutual consent is needed to count as Dating. Just like with marriage, it only count when they went into that church or court house and said "I do." So with Dating mutual consent in a clear mindset and freely is required. If there are not consent it is call "In a Dating Relationship, but not on Dating Term." This is also, why I say Sheldon and Paige is like the healthiest love story I've seen on television for a long time. They will fall under the category of what I say Dating Relationship, but not on Dating Term. They obviously like each other a lot and got chemistry. And it plays a big role regarding to why they are friends. But they are not together or on Dating Term, it would fall under the category of "Dating Relationship but not on Dating Term." If both of them are married to other people, it probably be what we call an "emotional affair" but they are not married, so its OK. The producer and script writer of this show did an amazing job with Paige and Sheldon. I am like...super impress. I do hope to see the two of them officially get together later onwards down the road as husband and wife, but right now. This is really good. Also, the big difference between Paige and Amy is, Amy is desperate and clingy and can't let go. Both Leonard and Amy are people of such nature and that is very unhealthy. Paige is very much the opposite way around and that is the healthiest relationship mindset, you can possibly have.

      Peter YangPeter Yang2 dagen geleden
    • @Peter Yang Thanks again. I find your words quite interesting. Definitely science has a lot to say regarling the topic of love/relationships. I'd love to go deep into the subject. Are there any books you might recommend me about it? (I'd like to read The Art of Loving, by Erich Fromm. Do you have any opinion on that one?) Of course about the physical part of it, but also about the "buddish" one. Might be pretty helpful to look at relationships the way you say Paige looks at them.

      Patrick DelacourPatrick Delacour2 dagen geleden
    • @Patrick Delacour I think there is a girl like Paige for every guy out there. I did some free counseling work with women in abusive relationship a while ago. One of the thing I always tell the women is "Don't take relationship too seriously." From a neuro psychology point of view there are two most important factor regarding romantic love that is lust, friendship and opposite. Romantic love = lust + friendship. Lust is created by a brain chemical call phenethylamine and it make you feel excited. This helps to transform a friendship into more then just friends, aka romantic love the brain release another chemical call Endorphins. But Lust usually last for a very short period of time. So, a healthy relationship, you usually start with a want to do it 24/7 stage. Afterwards, you don't want to do it so much, but you grow happy together. This is also why elderly couple stay together, despite they are old and wrinkle and obviously, not having sex anymore. There is another factor at play call genetic opposite. This exist among all vertebrates species. When there are greater genetic opposite it is easier for two people to accept each other for their flaws and appreciate each other's positive attributes. This allow sexual attraction and romantic love to more easily develop. This is due to genetic opposite create the heathiest babies. Genetic too similar is the opposite way around. This is why we find incest disgusting, so with all other vertebrates. So, your sister is one of the most beautiful movie star in the world, everybody else will find her attractive, but you will find it disgusting to have sex with her. The genetic opposite also mean double standard. So, for example if the two of your's genetic similarity is a 10, you won't be attracted to her even if she is a 10, if your genetic similarity is a 5, she only need to be a 6 for you to be attracted to her. If your genetic similarity is a 0, she only need to be a 1 for sexual attraction. This is why sometimes we see very beautiful women, and her husband is really ugly. And sometime a guy that can obviously get a 10 and her wife is...not hot. And we sometimes see 2 people 110% not compatible, got married and are very happy together and other time, two people that are perfect for each other gotten divorce. So, in a committed relationship, the most important thing is for two people to be able to accept each other for who they are, not just tolerate it. If you can't do it, that is a major red flag. So, in Big Bang Theory, Amy and Sheldon, Penny and Leonard those are all relationships doom for divorce in real life. Neither Amy nor Penny can stand Sheldon and Leonard for who they are, they just tolerate it. Among friends that might be OK, but for two people that are together, that is very different story. Penny can't stand Leonard's love for comic book and Amy just tolerate Sheldon's obnoxious personality. Paige on the other hand, actually doesn't mind Sheldon's obnoxious personality. And is always very happy to see Sheldon, even as children. On the other hand you can see Sheldon really care about what Paige thinks, that is why she can always jerk him around in a way nobody else can. Kids might not be interest in sex, but they do feel love, because their brain still release those lust chemical phenethylamine and love chemical Endorphins. So, I don't know whether Chuck Lorre and Jim Parson (a lot of people don't know but Jim Parson that play Sheldon on Big Bang Theory is one of the main producers of Young Sheldon) actually did some research before he created the Paige character, but either way, they've done a great job. Also, I think the attitude towards relationship they created for the Paige character is really good also, it is actually very...Buddhist. LOL, I know the western world today is very anti-womanizer, but I myself is actually very pro-womanizers. And always preach the player approach towards relationship. Relationships are not meant to last forever, all relationships are meant to end whether it is death, divorce or breakup. The most important thing about relationship isn't figuring out how to make it last forever, but to enjoy and cherish the time you got together and is able to let go when it is time to let go, not able to let go is only going to create pain for yourself and others. And just because two people love each other doesn't mean they need to be together. This is more of a Buddhist view on relationship, it is all about letting go. What I notice about womanizers is that, they are usually people with more of this sort of view towards relationship. And real life womanizers are very different from the ones we see on TV. So, they don't waste their time dating to try make a relationship work. When they are in a relationship, they live in the moment, here and now. They are not thinking about the future, where this relationship is going. And when it is time to let go, they know to let go. This is why despite so many women say they are treating women like crap, at the same time, they still fall head over heel for those guys and a lot of time, it turns out to be the healthiest relationship they ever been in! Regardless of whether it leads to marriage. For example, in the west, there is a saying "if you dump a girl after you got bored it is treating women like crap" but that really mean is "If you are dating a girl you are not interest in, you keep leading her on, otherwise it is treating women like crap" So, in the west today, we got a lot of loveless marriages and sometime it is worse then just a loveless marriage, it is two people that can't stand each other or barely tolerate each other, that is why divorce rate is so high. Our modern western view is more in coalition with Christianity and feminism. Christianity is anti-lust, and believe you need to get marry and never divorce and feminist value is also anti lust saying it is "treating women like crap" So, under the influence of Christian value and feminist value, normal healthy relationship is very hard to develop, because they are anti-lust. And due to the influence of Christian value the modern west is not exactly in favor of the idea of "letting go when it is time to let go" when it comes to relationships. Also, feminism is more in coalition with marxism in its theory development, so that is why feminist believe in the battle of the sexist a lot. So, it is similar on Big Bang Theory, all the relationships more or less seem kind of forced. And if it is the real life, most will ended up in divorce, Howard and Bernadotte is probably closest to what a normal and healthy relationship look like and even that we can not say for certain it won't end in divorce. Penny and Leonard, if it is real life sooner or later, divorce. Sheldon and Amy, eventual divorce. Howard and Bernadotte 50% chance of divorce, After seen so many American sitcom and drama, Paige, is actually the first person with a normal and healthy attitude towards relationship I've seen. (I mean there are others, but those are all male and the sitcom always portray them as treating women like crap for their live and let live approach towards relationship.)

      Peter YangPeter Yang3 dagen geleden
    • ​@Peter Yang Wow, Peter. That was a huge and interesting analysis. Thanks for taking your time! Amy is... whatever! Paige is just... unbelieavable. Gorgeous, smart, cunning, funny, got to love her attitude... I wonder if it's possible to find someone like her. Or even exists.

      Patrick DelacourPatrick Delacour3 dagen geleden
  • 😂😂😂

    Nawaz ShareefNawaz Shareef4 dagen geleden
  • Sheldon is actually as thick as a plank ... The same way that Forrest Gump is really quite smart!

    Gary DavidGary David4 dagen geleden
  • Sheldon is the best

    Icon's WorldIcon's World4 dagen geleden
  • Paige didn't just do a Nobel prize winner like that lmaooo

    MorningstarMorningstar4 dagen geleden
  • I don't like seeing Sheldon with anyone else but Amy :(

    queenqueen4 dagen geleden
  • Fun Fact:The actor was genius not the Sheldon.

    PREDATORPREDATOR4 dagen geleden
  • I still cant watch this full episode

    Mike JimenezMike Jimenez4 dagen geleden
  • Was the moustache neccesarily

    Ronald McdonaldRonald Mcdonald4 dagen geleden
  • 😂love it, i understand the half..

    ET IMPALERET IMPALER4 dagen geleden
  • Are cows dangerous why do they all step away from it? I understand why sheldon does tho

    MoneyGod vGMoneyGod vG4 dagen geleden
  • how to pull Sheldon step 1 say where the data has led us and step 2 u are married

    Ali AzamAli Azam4 dagen geleden
  • Mrs hofsteder

    victoria davisvictoria davis4 dagen geleden
  • When I saw the trailer I had a feeling she wouldn't kiss him

    Burger- FortniteBurger- Fortnite4 dagen geleden
  • I’m glad she pulled that trick on him. Kids should be kids. Leave the adult stuff for later.

    Susan WojcickiSusan Wojcicki4 dagen geleden
  • Hahahaha so cute

    Bonkim SalasBonkim Salas4 dagen geleden
  • Plot twist Paige is Amy but from another dimension

    Knight NMKnight NM4 dagen geleden
  • Paige looks elder and sheldon is just like kid..Lol

    Larras An_qiLarras An_qi4 dagen geleden
    • @Marion Arda I know and she looks old too

      Larras An_qiLarras An_qi3 dagen geleden
    • The actress is 2 years older .

      Marion ArdaMarion Arda3 dagen geleden
  • how come he didn't smell the awful marker ink?

    Narasimha ReddyNarasimha Reddy4 dagen geleden
  • I feel a bit bad for Sheldon- it is only because of his mother that he isn’t allowed to go to Caltech or Harvard, which he could have done. It must feel terrible, being able to reach heights far higher than the one you’re being forced to stay at, but to no avail because mommy can’t stand your absence.

    Paritosh PurohitParitosh Purohit4 dagen geleden
    • Yeah, you're right but SPOILER FROM TBBT he still wins the Nobel so I guess it doesn't matter

      ClementineClementine2 dagen geleden
    • @DaGodlyPug There’s still hope- he might transfer there.

      Paritosh PurohitParitosh Purohit3 dagen geleden
    • EXACTLY! Finally somebody understands how terrible of a mother Mary is. Sheldon is so smart, with so much potential, and his mommy won’t let him go because she doesn’t want to be without him. She is also worried because he is fragile or whatever, and he is like that because her dumb ass always babies him. Some time with just George and he would’ve toughened up. Mary is such a bad mother.

      DaGodlyPugDaGodlyPug3 dagen geleden