"You never feel like a goal's coming!" | Jamie Carragher on what's missing from Liverpool

4 mrt. 2021
416 240 Weergaven

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Jamie Carragher reveals what he thinks has gone wrong at Liverpool this season, and what is missing from the Reds performances at Anfield.
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  • Everything that comes up gotta come down.

    SimpaticusSimpaticusMaand geleden
  • Did carragher faint after the Fulham loss? 😆

    karlduttonkarlduttonMaand geleden
  • When Carragher played you always knew when the next goal against them was coming and usually he was in some way involved. Shame they didn't offload the opinionated prat after he gobbed on the car beside him a couple of years back.

    Andy BrockbankAndy BrockbankMaand geleden
  • Just made Klopp standing next to the bad run list, my WhatsApp profile... So proud of them... He'll walk alone at some point...

    Mohegan The last oneMohegan The last oneMaand geleden
  • this is what all other fans have been sayin, pool missin 2 cb out of FIRST TEAM most games allison/trent/robbo/hendo/fab/wijnaldum/firmino/salah/mane/thiago have been there, no excuses he just bizarrely played his 2 best cdm in defence!!! No press up front because of that and no defensive slip ups and easy goals because of that...U cant blame not scoring on vvd gomez out....

    coleman72coleman72Maand geleden
  • Liverscum are a Sinking ship

    Dean MiskellaDean MiskellaMaand geleden
  • Carragher speaks factss

    Amaris NeizerAmaris NeizerMaand geleden
  • Jamie Redknapp needs to stay off the frigging coke. He always sounds like he has Colombian flu.

    2Anunnaki2AnunnakiMaand geleden
  • Carra before the start of the season: it will be a 2 horse race Carra mid season: we are not one of the horses

    Shaz PerwazShaz PerwazMaand geleden
    • more like "our horse has only got 3 legs, is blind and needs to be put down" or "it's a Donkey in disguise"

      Rik Ver MarRik Ver MarMaand geleden
  • Top 4? Lol

    PS5 & StuffPS5 & StuffMaand geleden
  • Nah Liverpool players are just so fatigued look at mo.salah his body looks so tired these guys have played over 3 seasons game in out... Dey need a big big break to freshen Der bodies

    Jjuuko Aula princeJjuuko Aula princeMaand geleden
  • Carragher has ended up a right arsehole since he sold his soul to Sky, can't stand the moron anymore, i really think he is rubbish as pundit.

    paul campbellpaul campbellMaand geleden
  • Whose here after the loss to fulham?

    Seyam RahmanSeyam RahmanMaand geleden
  • liverpool are embarrasing themselves more like

    Ajay SharmaAjay SharmaMaand geleden
  • It’s their system.... he does not have them pressing with their lives anymore. They used to score goals on sheer work rate alone. Now they play like city. It’s disgusting to watch them playing out of the back.

    Native SonNative SonMaand geleden
  • Carra - buy more players. Redknapp - just battle through. What total lack of insight. Redknapp is a useless pundit.

    TMW86TMW86Maand geleden
  • Teams stay raving about results against this current Liverpool side smh

    PeterorPkPeterorPkMaand geleden
  • Liverpool till I die in Klopp I trust... But if we are below 8th standing in the table come end of the season. Sorry boss u gotta go.... Every club have injuries.... You have us EPL UCL titles.... But those are past, at this moment you gotta make big calls. Drop any of those front 3 if u need be, cos them 3 ain't producing at all.

    Daryl AngDaryl AngMaand geleden
  • Against Leipzig, both goals were handed on a plate.

    GrimeGrimeMaand geleden
  • Thursday Sunday then next year lol.

    charlee Nesbitt_rooneycharlee Nesbitt_rooneyMaand geleden
  • It's insane that Salah has been disappointing this season yet he's still the League's top scorer currently

    Luciole DizerotLuciole DizerotMaand geleden
  • Unbelievable turnaround from previous seasons

    Ed GlueEd GlueMaand geleden
  • Thirty years it please it will be another thirty

    Gary EdwardsGary EdwardsMaand geleden
  • Fifa 21 streams go follow Twitch: Notapro11

    x0x0x0x0Maand geleden
  • Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkarraghkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeerrrrrrrr.

    F ManF ManMaand geleden
  • 4:55 "They've almost got to somehow, someway, try and get on that top four. Find a way to battle through this really difficult time". O RLY?? This pretty much sums up what poor punditry is. Vague, clueless remarks phrased as supposed solutions. Fortunately, Sky has some amazing pundits but Redknapp is just several levels below Neville, Carra and Souness. Keane can be quite clueless sometimes but makes up with his compelling style.

    Pedro BeiresPedro BeiresMaand geleden
  • Liverpool back to medriocity for 2 decades

    Fernando HernandezFernando HernandezMaand geleden
  • 😂😂😂😂 got to big for there boots that’s what happened 😂😂😂

    Rocco StiffRocco StiffMaand geleden
  • From Champions to scrapping for Europa places. They'll never win the league for another 30 years. Couldn't have happened to a nicer team!

    Night StalkerNight StalkerMaand geleden
  • Historical Leicester.

    KH No Filter FootballKH No Filter FootballMaand geleden
  • The reality is, the loss of Virgil Van dyk has meant those either side and Infront of him have lost faith in the holding sweeper. Fabinho holds, kabak holds, and a centre mid also holds, like Henderson does, Liverpool end up with three centre halves, and space for teams to create through the middle, and less supply going forward, and also means when they do try push out, they are vulnerable at the long ball. Chelsea exposed these aspects very well. Crazy how confidence in your team mates at the back can change a teams performance, which is why it was vital Liverpool sorted their centre defence asap when Van dyk got injured

    GingergeminiGingergeminiMaand geleden
  • Swap mane or firmino with Coutinho

    mohd faizan sayeedmohd faizan sayeedMaand geleden
  • It's either firmino or mane one of them is gonna need a break

    mohd faizan sayeedmohd faizan sayeedMaand geleden
  • Mane has lost his mojo ... moreover he didn't want to score against his Senegalese teammate Mendy 😭

    mohd faizan sayeedmohd faizan sayeedMaand geleden
  • Liverpool are a laughing stock this season 😂😂 ran away with the league last season and completely fell apart this season, no point in using injuries as an excuse because liverpool aren't the only defending champions who had injuries, but unlike liverpool, those other teams either successfully defended the title or came really close, I follow utd, but if utd don't win it, I don't care who who does, as long as liverpool don't

    Jason brosnanJason brosnanMaand geleden

    SCP TabletopSCP TabletopMaand geleden
  • Best side ever they said.

    Christ’s ChinChrist’s ChinMaand geleden
  • Just sack this season off, injuries, fatigue and hunger is all wrong players don’t look bothered. Get busy in the transfer window get the fans and players back and Klopp needs to see this as a learning curve, he needs to be more adaptable but I do think next season they will come back flying

    Little BoyLittle BoyMaand geleden
  • Sorry . Simon

    Brian FitzgeraldBrian FitzgeraldMaand geleden
  • Alvin

    Brian FitzgeraldBrian FitzgeraldMaand geleden
  • Liverpool will have to change their philosophy to progress in future. Even when their defenders come back and they buy a defender, they have to change the system of relying on full backs to provide assists and not having midfielders who are a goal threat. This present way of playing for Liverpool has run its course.

    Burns TennisBurns TennisMaand geleden
  • Redknapp talking out of his arse. Last year the front three looked in patches through the start of the season and terrible after the lockdown. Lol 'theyve almost gotta somehow someway try and get into the top 4', thanks for that Jamie, top analysis

    H MH MMaand geleden
  • Sell Ox, Matip, Gomez, Keita, Fermino, Origi. Bring Mbappe and Koulibaly. Matip can stay if he stops getting injured, but i don't think his fit for the premier league intensity which is sad cz his our second best defender. Gomez is just horrible

    Ahmad SafieddineAhmad SafieddineMaand geleden
  • They say Man Utd’s standard has dropped lol

    Enam issmallEnam issmallMaand geleden
  • Our only *hope* is JOTA 🔴

    Rich 03Rich 03Maand geleden
  • Our defence has never been a problem. Our mid and especially attack players are the main problem. Our RB had fallen off too. Don’t know if top 4 is even possible now. Klopp has to toughen up. He can’t keep defending the players anymore. He never let anyone criticise his players. Keene did call out Liv vs Arsenal a bit sloppy play from Liverpool and he got so worked up about it and I don’t think Keane was wrong at all.

    Ac D. C samaAc D. C samaMaand geleden
  • When Redknapp says “they’ve just got to find a way...” you can understand why he’s not a manager.

    MiniManJamJamMiniManJamJamMaand geleden
  • How easy Man City wrapped up this league nobody watched them knew this would happen and those Utd fans who got happy at joint second 😂😂🤣🤣 no names (football terrace )

    Charlie SillsCharlie SillsMaand geleden
  • Ok Carragher, I am sick of your comments. So who you propose for Liverpool to buy now? If you are so good, pls I beg you to go coaching and prove you are one the best tacticians like you speak now..

    sam cronersam cronerMaand geleden
  • Red flags were all there in RB Salzburg vs Liverpool 2-2 friendly in August 2020. Liverpool conceded 2 goals in 10 minutes with that disjointed defensive high line. It finally got exposed by Villa in the 7-2 defeat. We owed a lot of goals to Jota bringing the more direct approach. Mane and Firmino have been absent. Shifting Henderson and Fabinho to CB with that high line didn't help either. It's been a while that Liverpool doesn't look like scoring if they played 3 hours! Too slow in transition, preferring to keep the ball safe with the keeper than take the risky pass forward and ask questions of the opposition defenders. They give them time to sit deep then try crosses?? If that's your plan, where's Giroud? And we don't have Messi or Angel Correa type dribbler to infiltrate the packed defenses! Speeding up the passing and more adventure would help, but the confidence is out as well. What a mess!

    Gugle YuserGugle YuserMaand geleden
  • Klopp at Dortmund, wins title then falls off a cliff, history is repeating itself.

    youra fagyoura fagMaand geleden
  • Liverpool players don't look for the pass forward and don't make runs, so there's never a chance they'll get through and cause problems! As if they thing keeping the ball will win them points! No adventure and looking for the options going between defenders. They keep receiving the ball, take one touch, think about what to do next, carry the ball and waste time instead of playing one touch passes, so they allow the opposition gat back into shape and then Liverpool has no chance with their current approach to get through the low block. No combinations, one, two, give and go to cause any problems. Crosses for player who are short! Not looking good. Need to speed up the build up and catch teams before they drop back into defensive shape. Robertson did two crosses and never went out wide trying to get behind to cross. Salah is way too wide and far from goal and his passing sucks! Wijnaldum can't pass forward to save his life. keep going back to keeper, get pressed, lose possession, instead of making the forward pass anytime they can!

    Gugle YuserGugle YuserMaand geleden
  • The front 3 need a rest. Give them all a game or 2 off and maybe they will return better

    Jamie MontgomeryJamie MontgomeryMaand geleden
  • Play anyone but thiago he's crap and who picked the new center half? How slow

    mark tmark tMaand geleden
  • The poor taxicab simulteneously ignore because seat advisably slap midst a dashing finger. whispering, afraid pruner

    Luis FloresLuis FloresMaand geleden
  • Jamie using "they" now that Liverpool is losing. We see you!

    SamSamMaand geleden
  • 1 premier league title , now further decades of league embarresment

    Ben BuckleyBen BuckleyMaand geleden
  • Hinchcliffe and carragher... The biggest pair of tits on TV

    TukrrjobbsTukrrjobbsMaand geleden
  • Pundits at the beginning of the Season," Liverpool and Mancity are miles ahead of the Rest of The Other teams", Pundits a few weeks into the Season "Mancity are Struggling Chelsea, Spurs, Man united are Title Contenders" Pundits right Now" Liverpool won't make top4, United cant compete," , Me Right Now" Pundits"Why do say so much Crap"

    Faysal HarounFaysal HarounMaand geleden
  • There's some bad decisions some bad defending passing was great but liverpool could not keep up the pace the agility of some of the players the substitutions I mean salah thing was right

    J's ChannelJ's ChannelMaand geleden
  • Keeping winning is another debate after being champions. Nothing is acquired in sport,.

    Abdoulaye GueyeAbdoulaye GueyeMaand geleden
  • Finally that clown carragher has been humbled. Love it to the max

    Daniel MbeweDaniel MbeweMaand geleden
  • Manchester United to Liverpool on goal drought: FIRST TIME?

  • Leeds are clearly the team with the worst ever season after winning the league. Not a single away win. I think they finished 16th the following season.

    Max GMax GMaand geleden
  • A bunch of mugs always searching for a headline. Liverpool knew they had a massive task this season with VVD and home fans and have basically given up to save themselves for next season, there’s nothing wrong with that team a new season won’t fix. Don’t let the red shite fool you, they’ll be guns blazing again next season, even more so if they haven’t got the CL to bother with!

    Paul KeatingPaul KeatingMaand geleden
  • 1:33 klopps never been shy about taking him off the pitch? Uhhh yes he has and he’s used mane as a scapegoat. If salah doesn’t play well he takes mane off to give salah a different look

    Rico SRico SMaand geleden
  • LOLpool is back

    Manny CruzManny CruzMaand geleden
  • Liverpool has been worked out.

    johnny connellyjohnny connellyMaand geleden
  • everyone talking about liverpool's poor performance enough of that give Chelsea too the credit they where on a mission and they executed it perfectly 🙄🙄

    David AddyDavid AddyMaand geleden
  • I love the way people are trying to compare Christensen with Virgil😂. I suppose all you need is a few good games to be compared to the best in the world now...

    Mickey ScottMickey ScottMaand geleden
  • As Champions we should've strengthened the team not pussy footing with £2m buys. We took our foot off the accelerator and went into cruise mode. Schoolboy error!

    Mickey ScottMickey ScottMaand geleden
  • Need to sign Mbappe Liverpool need him way more than City or Chelsea

    Nathan KennedyNathan KennedyMaand geleden
  • Shaq man where is Shaq

    bananaman22bananaman22Maand geleden
  • I might start watching rugby or basketball after this week might see some goals or points scored even

    Billy MulloyBilly MulloyMaand geleden
  • Liverpool are finished, eighteen months without the money from fans, no CL next season, a squad in pieces. It's game over for Liverpool, no trophies this season and they'll be no trophies next season either.

    J CroninJ CroninMaand geleden
  • It's all mentality!

    Wayne DonoghueWayne DonoghueMaand geleden
  • Redknap says liverpool keeping changing cbs, its not out of choice mate..

    DoomhollowsDoomhollowsMaand geleden
  • Spitty Mc Fly is right for once.

    EklipseEklipseMaand geleden
  • Redknapp is hopeless , his punditry is based on being as loud as possible and accentuate his mockney accent the longer he waffles on . Keane had him on toast last week and was laughing his tits off in his seat , bin him off and let him get back to shoe adverts that’s his level.

    Bryan RichardsonBryan RichardsonMaand geleden
  • Injuries. Fatigue. Complacency. No fresh tactics. Silly mistakes. We need to fight our way out of this. Some players need to leave in the summer.

    Melvyn KenobiMelvyn KenobiMaand geleden
  • Next step, getting knocked out of the CL and ensure a trophyless season

    Omair SheikhOmair SheikhMaand geleden
  • 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🥲😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂🤣

    Dean Mc DonnellDean Mc DonnellMaand geleden
  • Oh I'm lovin this

    Rob KavanaghRob KavanaghMaand geleden
  • As a liverpool fan I said in close season we should take coutinho back whilst he was begging, his goals from outside the box and his runs and balls into the box are the 1 ingredient weve missed going forward

    Joe ExoticJoe ExoticMaand geleden
  • no mention of the assault on VVD,....yeah that made no difference, msm twats

    Phil SpacePhil SpaceMaand geleden
  • massive crisis club PL champions, CL champions the season before, in CL last 16, top 6 pl.massive crisis!

    Phil SpacePhil SpaceMaand geleden
  • They didn’t fancy it. Right Jamie?

    Rock the ProvinceRock the ProvinceMaand geleden
  • Football is fixed.,that's wat you really need to know! Title goes to the highest bidder!

    king oberzking oberzMaand geleden
  • A team off timos

    yolo 1690yolo 1690Maand geleden
  • Stop liverpool's fullbacks, you win the game, everyone knows that now

    dabwitso ngomadabwitso ngomaMaand geleden
  • I think Liverpool need Sinama-Pongolle up top and Djimi Traore at the back...desperately. They were top class. Smicer playing the false 7 too maybe

    Chris McCartneyChris McCartneyMaand geleden
  • Bench Trent Arnold dude , he is dam disaster and average player, creating gaps in defense in every single time he go forward And problem not only that every single play end to the right wing to Arnold then he miss it by random crossing.

    QQFixQQFixMaand geleden
  • Worst champions ever

    GuinnessGuinnessMaand geleden
  • Am singing the blues when everton win an liverpool lose am singing the blues 🤣🤣

    unknown Unknownunknown UnknownMaand geleden
  • There was serious lack of support in the box for example when Firmino crossed the ball and it struck an arm. Where was the support? It's easy for any team to play loads of bodies behind the ball....that's where we are stuck....I think the team formation is wrong. The only person who shouldn't be in the team is Bobby. Start packing midfield and playing some kind of diamond to lengthen the distance between opposition midfield and our back line. It's far too easy....a high line is a weakness. Give it up ffs. Pack midfield and support the front three...with Jota replacing Bobby. I'd get the full backs to tuck in field and distract opposition defence. Playing too wide is pointless...It's easy for the opposition to cut out crosses. This can be beaten. Come on Klopp.

    Ram LakhanRam LakhanMaand geleden
  • I can`t believe my Arsenal has a chance to finish above Liverpool. Worst title defense ever.

    Martti HänninenMartti HänninenMaand geleden
  • Liverpool will be fine, this is just a blip. Klopp is still the right man from the job.

    kevin084lifekevin084lifeMaand geleden
  • I don't know if Salah can be described as a 'great' goalscorer... he had one great season where he got 40+ goals - most other seasons in his career for Liverpool, he has just about got past 20 goals in all competitions and before Liverpool, he didn't even get that. He is nowhere near among the great goal scorers, past or present, in terms of stats.

    englishmanspeaksenglishmanspeaksMaand geleden
  • "You'll never walk alone," this now Haunts Liverpool. No fans, no goals, no Van Dijk, no wins. Too sad.

    Inspeorama2Inspeorama2Maand geleden
    • And too funny

      Chris McCartneyChris McCartneyMaand geleden
  • They r just crybaby barca & madrid facing same issues but they batter them and give liverpool pass. Liverpool doesn't had squad lije man city.

    PrafulPrafulMaand geleden