Yoel Romero after Israel Adesanya loss

27 feb. 2021
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  • Runnin and runnin and runnin

    radhouane arfaouiradhouane arfaouiMaand geleden
  • He won both costa and izzy fight. The man was robbed

    Hussein FaizHussein FaizMaand geleden
  • UFC fans are probably the worst fans any athlete could possibly have. This statement is negative, but probably true.

    Estabon LuckyEstabon LuckyMaand geleden
  • Yoel real champion

    ED Van BrakelED Van BrakelMaand geleden
  • hes a beast

    adam calesadam calesMaand geleden
  • Yoel was a beast man.. Izzy was a bitch.

    Bryan the god of gods warbeast 666 MMABryan the god of gods warbeast 666 MMAMaand geleden
    • Okay Bryan 🤣

      BenerakoBenerakoMaand geleden
  • Romero Win

    ALFAzeraALFAzeraMaand geleden
  • Escusas si él hubiera peleado como lo hizo con el brasileño hubiera ganado

    OVERONXOVERONXMaand geleden
  • He looked like he just took a relaxing morning walk in the park, return to the ring, and got told “sorry you lost”.

    Letters from DadLetters from DadMaand geleden
  • Yoel should play batman in the next movie

    binky boobinky booMaand geleden
  • Yup.. He still has fans and support. If he go back and just watch this short clip, He should come back hungrier.💪🏾

    Calvin TobiasCalvin TobiasMaand geleden
  • 🖕🖕

    Aicha OutzeroualtAicha OutzeroualtMaand geleden
  • Terminator

    The LiesThe LiesMaand geleden
  • Joe Rogan an obvious bisexual says YOEL is the FINEST specimen. Lmfao

    JJMaand geleden
  • I think they molded his upper torso to make the Century BOB punching bag.

    Niners4LypheNiners4LypheMaand geleden
  • He gives me predator vibes

    Montana GiorMontana GiorMaand geleden
  • SALLAM from TAJIKISTAN 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌🤝🤝🤝🦁🦁🦁🦁🤝🤝

    ОНА МОЯ Настроения она моя МамаОНА МОЯ Настроения она моя МамаMaand geleden
  • 0:05 that a 10kg neck yo take some time to turn

    kailash vermakailash vermaMaand geleden
  • Roids only get you so far

    OP GamingOP GamingMaand geleden
  • MMA fans will always be the most toxic. Dude just stepped into a cage with another man and you can’t show him respect, smh

    flyingchimp12flyingchimp12Maand geleden
  • He trash

    Fabio AfonsoFabio AfonsoMaand geleden
  • He ain’t throw a punch....

    Tom BTom BMaand geleden
  • Сколько не ищи русскую комментарию не нахажу

    SUB_ZERO_TVSUB_ZERO_TVMaand geleden
  • Worst fight ever not much else

    mylifes a movie your life is my lifemylifes a movie your life is my lifeMaand geleden
  • Romero 100% won that fight. Joke!

    Min PrivatusMin PrivatusMaand geleden
  • In 5 years he'll be 30 again so he will be back in the UFC for another Title run.

    DespizedICONDespizedICONMaand geleden
  • 0:10 foi um brasileiro kkkk

    jazz jassjazz jassMaand geleden
  • Yoel was so undetrated

    Luis HernanfesLuis HernanfesMaand geleden
  • Doesn’t even look like he was in a championship fight???? Against the so called best in the world??? Izzy is good but not great yet, Yoel is a beast

    Pedro TorresPedro TorresMaand geleden
  • Yoel didn't win that fight at all, but it was a snoozefest regardless. There was no robbery in that fight. The only robbery was that Joanna vs Weili was NOT the main event instead or put on another card.

    ParrotMan01ParrotMan01Maand geleden
  • He said you won that fight bro...haha wht? Where? And how?

    Aron DeresseAron DeresseMaand geleden
  • The person that said you won that fight is a clown🤡

    XizzyJGXizzyJGMaand geleden
  • Yoel is one of the most dangerous fighter in the LH division...!

    BklynPrototypeBklynPrototypeMaand geleden
  • UFC have now lost yoel and overeem

    Ashley HariAshley HariMaand geleden
  • Almost all these guys were probably booing

    Ibrahim MuradIbrahim MuradMaand geleden
  • I could have sworn I heard someone just said you fought strong at 0:01- 0:07.

    Darryl AndersonDarryl AndersonMaand geleden
  • He was robbed

    Roman GrecuRoman GrecuMaand geleden
  • Your neck stiff ash

    Jushua JonesJushua JonesMaand geleden
  • "loss"

    KanashiKanashiMaand geleden
  • Йоель победил

    Адылбек АдылбекАдылбек АдылбекMaand geleden
  • you did won that fight bro he was just dancing around coward

    Fickson KukiFickson KukiMaand geleden
  • You’re a fucking buster to be yelling ‘u suck’ to a g like Yoel smh

    Gapeh0rnGapeh0rnMaand geleden
  • Win or lose Yoel was the one stepping forward and Izzy stepped or should I say ran back.

    yourtypicaltroll !yourtypicaltroll !Maand geleden
  • I was there and he didn't win anything..

    Brian StewartBrian StewartMaand geleden
  • La candela

    catus luizcatus luizMaand geleden
  • Fans like these make me appreciate fight island and not having fans like these around.

    David LeeDavid LeeMaand geleden
  • Man I love Romeo and to see people doing that type of shit is just sad

  • How did a guy say "you won Joel you won?"

    Muhammed Hashim Kiani AttariMuhammed Hashim Kiani AttariMaand geleden
  • Who ever was yelling you won that fight is delusional.

    Lefty91Lefty91Maand geleden
  • He could have won if he been more aggressive, and went in.more close the distance

    Raj SelRaj SelMaand geleden
  • I love how Romero was taunting and ready to fight Izzy at the end of 5 rounds after doing nothing.

    David ReeseDavid ReeseMaand geleden
  • Rematch

    red rockred rockMaand geleden
  • Great guy, great fighter

    Kevin DarrowKevin DarrowMaand geleden
  • A

    Rdoze TVRdoze TVMaand geleden
  • Most boring fight ever

    JakeB10 on switchJakeB10 on switchMaand geleden
  • Wut the fuck are you casuals talking about. Romero won 1 round IF that in their fight. Adesanya did his job on the outside the majority of the fight. Jesus my brain hurts, can't believe people are this stupid these days.

    The ButcherThe ButcherMaand geleden
  • Say what you want but israel did not win that fight

    Adam zoabiAdam zoabiMaand geleden
  • He diden do shitt..sry but it tru.

    Luanmondi NuhajLuanmondi NuhajMaand geleden
  • He won. Adesanya was running in tge cage like a chicken 🐔

    King QueenKing QueenMaand geleden
  • Deep down he knows he fucked up but he didn't really have a choice because of the injury.

    NishiNishiMaand geleden
  • "You won that fight bro" clearly we weren't watching the same fight! Lol

    Jamus MaccaJamus MaccaMaand geleden
  • Steroids.

    ohurley11ohurley11Maand geleden
  • Adesanya battered him

    PrincePrinceMaand geleden
  • wait they’re awake!???

    akaBradley ‘akaBradley ‘Maand geleden
    • IMO tho

      akaBradley ‘akaBradley ‘Maand geleden
    • Rumble KO him tho

      akaBradley ‘akaBradley ‘Maand geleden
    • Yoel still a beast tho

      akaBradley ‘akaBradley ‘Maand geleden
  • Yoel poomero

    따완이따완이Maand geleden
  • Dudes barely sweating that's how little he did in it haha

    Jarred TJarred TMaand geleden
  • little did we knew that it has been his farewell walkout from the UFC

    Jerome jJerome jMaand geleden
  • I will say this, Izzy does run though. Hes a counter fighter. He hits you bails. When you go hit him he gets out of their. He kicks then runs too. Call it smart, but I find that completely boring. But Yoel didn't help the situation .

    gunnner vadergunnner vaderMaand geleden
  • I Respected to both Fighters , they are is my Inspirational

    GaŁax BrotaŁGaŁax BrotaŁMaand geleden
  • To think this is the last time we’ll ever see him in the UFC...

    Brett SmithBrett SmithMaand geleden
  • Poor looser 🤣🤣🤣💪

    James CannavaroJames CannavaroMaand geleden
  • Why are you posting this? This fight was March 7th 2020

    T CashT CashMaand geleden
  • York Still has more respect than joe Biden

    Ryan SmithRyan SmithMaand geleden
  • Fuck you israel

    Mondher ChtourouMondher ChtourouMaand geleden
  • A look from a man who new he couldn't win and now feels ashamed.

    Antony FitzgeraldAntony FitzgeraldMaand geleden
  • Yoel would whoop tf out every person there n they sayin he sucks😂

    ma caulkma caulkMaand geleden
  • Terrible fight, did they fix this not to hit each other,..?

    John TynanJohn TynanMaand geleden
  • I think Yoel won that fight

    Blaze 11Blaze 11Maand geleden
  • Joe rogan was probably talking about his body to the commentary

    sofia parkessofia parkesMaand geleden
  • Hero

    jack blackjack blackMaand geleden
  • 😔😢😢

    A H NA H NMaand geleden
  • UFC must be the toughest sport there is. Imagine training for months then losing must feel awful and then walk though a crowd of beer drinking smoking idiots shouting you suck... I would never hate a fighter everyone stepping in that cage deserves respect. (I don't like Ben Arsen tho he's a bum)

    Nooster 125Nooster 125Maand geleden
  • People champion

    SAM NO FEARSAM NO FEARMaand geleden
  • Not a mark on him, trash fighter with no skills

    Pol DudaPol DudaMaand geleden
  • For the people throwing insults I’d like to see you get you’re ass in that octagon😂

    Unknown UserUnknown UserMaand geleden
  • What a grate guy 👑

    Ghost of SpartaGhost of SpartaMaand geleden
  • Wtf why these sad dumm people saying you suck .you don't even fight

    yousuf dubaiyousuf dubaiMaand geleden
  • Yoel : Regret to dance so much 🕺

    PL GPL GMaand geleden
  • How good is it seeing drug cheats lose...

    Dean -Dean -Maand geleden
  • crowds are so scummy..

    cb7pwncb7pwnMaand geleden
  • Yoel is the kind of person that can kill 99% of men with his bare hands. Do not awaken sleeping giants. LOL

    J MartinezJ MartinezMaand geleden
  • Wasn't really a loss they didn't even do anything

    Josey WalesJosey WalesMaand geleden
  • I'm not looking forward to fans returning, maybe for big ppv's only but otherwise they make it worse

    NohadonNohadonMaand geleden
  • Really Romero better than adensaya

    Fazil ErsathFazil ErsathMaand geleden
  • Decepcion romero

    felip vegafelip vegaMaand geleden
  • Rundesanya win! kkkkkk

    Romulo MendesRomulo MendesMaand geleden
  • He not a human

    DavidDavidMaand geleden
  • We luh you boi! 💪😔

    Kimura GuyKimura GuyMaand geleden
  • Un grande Yoel Romero .mi admiracion!

    Fabian RomeroFabian RomeroMaand geleden
  • He won that fight!!!

    Derick spawnDerick spawnMaand geleden