19 apr. 2021
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  • Him or eoa aguero

    Ilias TIlias T2 uur geleden
  • Would kenny make a good cam in 4231 with engine and he will be behind ronaldo

    Michael FowlerMichael Fowler5 dagen geleden
    • Play 4-2-2-2 with these guys on the to

      Tupac ShakurTupac Shakur3 dagen geleden
  • Hunter or energie

    Stijn Van HoofStijn Van Hoof10 dagen geleden
  • Hunter or enegie ?

    Stijn Van HoofStijn Van Hoof10 dagen geleden
  • How the hell do you get easy opponents in champs I'm in division 4 coming up against toty mbappe with 94 ronaldinho not rivaldo, Rio Ferdinand and ect how do u do it

    Lindsey WellsLindsey Wells10 dagen geleden
  • 41212 tactics video?

    Somto OkonkwoSomto Okonkwo12 dagen geleden
  • Is he better than 91 maradona

    irl dubirl dub13 dagen geleden
    • @exism1985 thank you🤘

      irl dubirl dubDag geleden
    • I’d say he’s even better than mid (95) Maradona, so yes.

      exism1985exism19852 dagen geleden
  • How do you do that skill @ 3:00??

    SS13 dagen geleden
    • l1+ RS down then flick right/left. Drag to heel, look it up, it's fairly easy to learn :)

      Francisco08091992Francisco080919927 dagen geleden
  • I have his prime should I upgrade?

    Azid MilsAzid Mils14 dagen geleden
  • I have 4 parts to do

    Matthew EarleMatthew Earle14 dagen geleden
  • Eto mid or Kenny prime?

    Spiros BakoulasSpiros Bakoulas15 dagen geleden
  • i do kenny sbc

    Stijn Van HoofStijn Van Hoof15 dagen geleden
  • kenny or aguero tho

    ZJZJ17 dagen geleden
  • For a moron like me, can someone explain 0:10? What does he mean use the chem to raise his 5 star skills? He's a 4 star skiller, there's a chem to make him have 5 star skills??

    practiceyourartpracticeyourart17 dagen geleden
    • @JimB Ahhh ok, thank you sir

      practiceyourartpracticeyourart5 dagen geleden
    • He was just being ironic. What he meant was that he lacks 5 sm which would be great to have.

      JimBJimB5 dagen geleden
  • I had Dalglish 92 in FUT 20. He was awesome.

    AngryCactusAngryCactus17 dagen geleden
  • Him or aguirooooo

    hei heihei hei17 dagen geleden
    • If you have a prem squad or any Argentinians up top id say Aguero all day long quite a fraction cheaper too

      Aden BalzarettiAden Balzaretti16 dagen geleden
  • My favourite moment of 2021 is Nick talking about how he has been caught going onto the Companion App whilst on a date 😂😂👌🏽 I’ll remember it till I die

    Kye RussellKye Russell17 dagen geleden
    • @Leigh Carolan I need the link as well mann did you find it 🤣🤣

      Mehmet ErayMehmet Eray3 dagen geleden
    • When did he say this anyone have a link

      Leigh CarolanLeigh Carolan5 dagen geleden
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      El CapítanEl Capítan15 dagen geleden
  • Eusebio best striker in the game

    Angel SaavAngel Saav17 dagen geleden
  • Nick can you review aguero?

    Mandem MandmeMandem Mandme17 dagen geleden
  • Guys is del piero worth to do?

    محمد احمد خلف متجيمحمد احمد خلف متجي17 dagen geleden
    • @Rafee Raja no didnt feel his balan and it didnt effect on him

      محمد احمد خلف متجيمحمد احمد خلف متجي4 dagen geleden
    • @محمد احمد خلف متجي isnt his balance a let down

      Rafee RajaRafee Raja4 dagen geleden
    • @Rafee Raja del is so good i have done the SBC and he is beast

      محمد احمد خلف متجيمحمد احمد خلف متجي4 dagen geleden
    • Nope

      Rafee RajaRafee Raja4 dagen geleden
  • Guys who is better. 92 cr7,93 raul or 93 dalglish

    KIshvan LeahyKIshvan Leahy17 dagen geleden
    • @Jack Servais thanks man

      KIshvan LeahyKIshvan Leahy17 dagen geleden
    • King kenny

      Jack ServaisJack Servais17 dagen geleden
  • moments butra review. please please please

    top pytop py17 dagen geleden
  • RIP Football Made by the poor, stolen by the rich

    Krishnendu RoyKrishnendu Roy17 dagen geleden
  • I need del piero review

    Youssef MouenYoussef Mouen17 dagen geleden
  • Moments Xavi pls man

    Nio AlmazoraNio Almazora17 dagen geleden
  • For the cf/cam position should I do Kenny or del piro to replace prime nedved. I run mid pele and prime kluivert as my strikers.

    Austin PAustin P17 dagen geleden
    • I would replace for dalglish instead and play him at striker as he would be wasted at CAM as h lacks passing. Nedved is the better cam and kenny at striker with pele

      Kishmar RicardoKishmar Ricardo17 dagen geleden
  • Hey man, I think it would be cool if you managed to get MOMENTS CRESPO to review, if not that’s cool

    Will StuttardWill Stuttard17 dagen geleden
  • 📌 18 + -S"E`X"--D`A'T'ING-------- Here ▶️▶️ XXCLUB.CYOU/JHJILM 9:02 √™ Lorsqu'une pilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendus arrive dans les rues de √™ Когда таблетка, дающая пользователям пять минутнеожиданных сверхспособностей, попадает на улицы Нового Орлеана, торговец-подросток и местный полицейскийогда таблетка, дающая пользователям пять минут

    Ernest SavageErnest Savage17 dagen geleden
  • Just me who was hearing kenny in a South Park voice

    jdog 2206jdog 220617 dagen geleden
  • Is baby Kenny still usable at this point in the game?

    timllewetimllewe17 dagen geleden
    • I’d try for the mid at least, solid card

      S-BS-B16 dagen geleden
    • I have him too and he still holds up. He scores most of my goals in fut champs, the only thing that I don't like is his passing.

      TwoDeeTwoDee17 dagen geleden
    • Nah have him. He’s been quite shit for a while

      Dalrock to GloryDalrock to Glory17 dagen geleden
  • aguero review pleaseeee

    Footy FreeksFooty Freeks17 dagen geleden
  • #SayNoToSuperLeague

    Þórir IngólfssonÞórir Ingólfsson17 dagen geleden
  • Day 25 asking if we can get a moments Owen review because of that 5 star WF

    Jip kJip k17 dagen geleden
  • Aguero next ???

    Logan NathanLogan Nathan17 dagen geleden
  • Does anyone know what playlist Nick uses on stream?

    Ibra AbdEl-HamidIbra AbdEl-Hamid17 dagen geleden
  • I've used dalglish 90 card for around 250 games and can confirm he is a goal machine averaging just over 3 goal contributions per game.

    Evan DipasqualeEvan Dipasquale17 dagen geleden
    • @Evan Dipasquale I havent tried Eusebio., but it looks good. Expensive as hell. Iv lost 500k on Dalglish, but im with you. No need to sell yet atleast, but im currently doing the 93 card. Will take some time i think. Still lacking 89 and 85 teams... And i just did 90 Zambrotta a week ago. Took a chunk out of my fodder.

      HypogonadismHypogonadism15 dagen geleden
    • @Hypogonadism that's how his mid card is for me I used his prime and like the mid more because of the extra play making ability. My strikers are eusebio 91 and dalglish 90 just a couple 5* wf monsters , think if i get the fodder during the tots I'll do dalglish 93 sbc he's just so good. I bought his mid card for 1.1 million coins and at no point felt like I need to sell him to stop from losing coins, he offers so much that i don't mind losing the coins. Same goes for eusebio

      Evan DipasqualeEvan Dipasquale15 dagen geleden
    • @Evan Dipasquale Thats true, but the difference is very minor. If you really need good passing on a striker, i would suggest Moments Baggio. Just a tad more expensive than Dalglish mid. About 100k more expensive. But for me Dalglish Prime is a beast. He finishes everything, and he moves like Messi. No way he has an average body type.

      HypogonadismHypogonadism15 dagen geleden
    • @Hypogonadism i actually went with the mid 90 card because his passing was better then all his other versions

      Evan DipasqualeEvan Dipasquale15 dagen geleden
    • If you can, you should upgrade to 92. Insane card. And cheap compared to the 93 version.

      HypogonadismHypogonadism15 dagen geleden
  • I love listening to your voice and u are so intelligent with fifa

    FUT CLIPSFUT CLIPS17 dagen geleden
    • Pause

      Chris TaylorChris Taylor17 dagen geleden
  • Nick: reviews player Nick: yo I kinda like basic chem style with him!

    Phin LMPhin LM17 dagen geleden
    • ?

      Master XDMaster XD17 dagen geleden
  • try moments eto'o, he's outrageous

    Charlie OCharlie O17 dagen geleden
  • Me watching these expensive reviews with 25k coins *NOTED*

    IKSIKS17 dagen geleden
    • @Reload TV yeah took me a week with all the high rated tots u can get for free, but i got him finally lol

      hamzahamza14 uur geleden
    • You could still get him though that's the beauty of long term sbcs

      Reload TVReload TV2 dagen geleden
    • Get his mid 90 rated card I can assure you he scores goals for fun and is only 400k on xbox right now.

      Evan DipasqualeEvan Dipasquale16 dagen geleden
    • Lol same

      Kellen GullionKellen Gullion17 dagen geleden
  • What is his commantator language ???

    umur önalumur önal17 dagen geleden
    • @Ethan Jaworski thanks bro

      umur önalumur önal17 dagen geleden
    • Spanish

      Ethan JaworskiEthan Jaworski17 dagen geleden
  • Cant wait for Essien review

    Tball 360Tball 36017 dagen geleden
    • @shadow 123 long shots usually just get blocked by varanes karate kicks

      Jack ServaisJack Servais17 dagen geleden
    • Essien has 99 longshots ......nick should go mad with this

      shadow 123shadow 12317 dagen geleden
  • #cancelsuperleague

    Prof. PoureProf. Poure17 dagen geleden
  • Moments Kenny or Moments Puskas at ST?

    Bill Baxter BillbersonBill Baxter Billberson17 dagen geleden
    • Puskas without a doubt. Apart from the WF, he’s clear

      lew 00lew 0017 dagen geleden
    • Kenny

      Master XDMaster XD17 dagen geleden
    • personally i preferred kenny, loved puskas mid a couple months ago but none of the other versions feel the same

      joshua dodsonjoshua dodson17 dagen geleden
  • When can we see a RTTF Hazard review?

    Chevannyo _2020Chevannyo _202017 dagen geleden
    • basically toty messi with right foot ( i have him)

      Ricky LaFleurRicky LaFleur17 dagen geleden
  • moments del piero review nick pls!!

    TheAZTheAZ17 dagen geleden
    • @DCDannyEfilms yessss

      TheAZTheAZ17 dagen geleden
    • It’s coming he played with him on stream today

      DCDannyEfilmsDCDannyEfilms17 dagen geleden

    TheAZTheAZ17 dagen geleden
  • We hate EA We love football We love nick We dont know about super league

    GOLDX GOLDXGOLDX GOLDX17 dagen geleden
    • We hate super league

      Jack ServaisJack Servais17 dagen geleden
  • Can you make a video of your perspective on the new “Super League” or do you not want to get involved? Nvm just realised you talked about it

    Jonas KristoffersenJonas Kristoffersen17 dagen geleden
  • #NoToSuperLeague

    UTDWafiUTDWafi17 dagen geleden
  • two emojis now eh nick ? trying to guess the ability of a player before a vid gonna be a sweat now lmao

    Aditya MenonAditya Menon17 dagen geleden
  • This video seems like a review on how good TOTY Messi is hahaha

    BenDstrawBenDstraw17 dagen geleden
  • Biggest question I wanna ask who's buying fifa 22 with the way these corrupt fools have gone about esl?

    MUFC Kojo 7MUFC Kojo 717 dagen geleden
    • fifa and uefa is against the esl

      TheAZTheAZ17 dagen geleden
    • @Matthew Hernandez it will the esl will start in august

      TheAZTheAZ17 dagen geleden
    • It won’t affect fifa until fifa 23

      Matthew HernandezMatthew Hernandez17 dagen geleden
  • eyo nick i really love your content , could you review Del Piero . I‘m italian and i loved him. I would like to hear you thoughts on him. much loovee

    Leandro MaioneLeandro Maione17 dagen geleden
    • He’s feels amazing in game if I wasn’t waiting on Eto’o I would’ve completed him but Kenny is a bit better because of the pace but overall they feel very very similar I did the loans btw

      Roger EmmanuelRoger Emmanuel17 dagen geleden
    • @Deprived Fashionista thx broo

      Leandro MaioneLeandro Maione17 dagen geleden
    • He is great brother, you can slowly craft him during tots.

      Deprived FashionistaDeprived Fashionista17 dagen geleden
  • Pls do del p

    Michael QuainMichael Quain17 dagen geleden
  • RIP Football 1863-2021 🙏💔

    zKaPii-_-zKaPii-_-17 dagen geleden
    • Let’s gooo

      Samuel BiswasSamuel Biswas15 dagen geleden
    • Football will never die

      Craig BonzCraig Bonz17 dagen geleden
    • Football is not just that bro football is you and me from the best game of football till sunday league..FOOTBALL WILL DIE WHEN WE DO NOT LOVE IT ANYMORE

      Dear BobbyDear Bobby17 dagen geleden
    • 😔

      Ethan JaworskiEthan Jaworski17 dagen geleden

    Hruni 12Hruni 1217 dagen geleden
  • Yooo Nick #SayNoToEuropeanSuperLeague

    StaticSoccer122StaticSoccer12217 dagen geleden
  • Nick coming in with the contentttttt you love to see it

    Hamad AlsaqerHamad Alsaqer17 dagen geleden
  • Rip football

    MarkoMarko17 dagen geleden
  • So goated🔥🔥

    Christian PedersenChristian Pedersen17 dagen geleden
  • Dglish

    Positive VibesPositive Vibes17 dagen geleden
  • Good morning nick😍

    Juan HernandezJuan Hernandez17 dagen geleden
  • This game is dead as fuck unfortunately

    amazinghorse1amazinghorse117 dagen geleden
  • #nosuperleague

    Jackson MartinJackson Martin17 dagen geleden
  • Football is literally dying infront of eyes man...

    Khanh251Khanh25117 dagen geleden
    • Let’s gooo

      Samuel BiswasSamuel Biswas15 dagen geleden
    • And in the short time of 4 hours since this was commented, it has only gotten worse... Champions League to be cancelled?

      Mathias1212Mathias121217 dagen geleden
  • First

    Omega GamerOmega Gamer17 dagen geleden
  • 1st

    romareokaiden0608romareokaiden060817 dagen geleden