3 mei. 2021
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Barcelona came to an agreement with Xavi
Deportes Cuatro
Former Barcelona midfielder and current Qatari Al-Sadd coach, Xavi, is the only candidate Joan Laporta is considering to replace Ronald Koeman, reports Deportes Cuatro.
The president of the Catalan club is pleased that this season the blaugranas won the Spanish Cup under the guidance of a Dutch specialist, but the main task remains to win the Spanish League.
If Koeman fails to lead Barca to the gold medals, he may be sacked immediately, states the source. Xavi will invite Laporta to replace him. An oral correspondence agreement has already been reached with the club’s legend and Barcelona asks the Spaniard not to renew his contract with Al-Sadd in order to wait for a vacant post at the Camp Nou.
PSG responded to the question about the contract of Neymar
PSG sporting director Leonardo declined to answer a question about the extension of his contract with Neymar.
Yesterday, the Brazilian functionary flew to Spain for the semifinals of the Women's Champions League between Barcelona and PSG, and upon returning to Paris, journalists asked him directly: is Neymar renewing his contract with PSG? Leonardo's answer was very superficial: "We have to look at everything calmly."
Now that is definitely NOT what PSG fans wanted to hear, but still something that should intrigue Barcelona supporters!
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  • We dont want neymar, we want Haaland

    Sum ting WongSum ting Wong45 minuten geleden
  • So no Agüero?😯😦

    Atlantico OropezaAtlantico Oropeza4 uur geleden
  • They can’t bcoz he cost a lot and Messi’s pay is high too

    Bashir AyodejiBashir Ayodeji5 uur geleden
  • Congrats! At New Manager

    Camara SanoussyCamara Sanoussy9 uur geleden
  • I came here by seeing the thumbnail but 😑

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  • It’s true my dad said neymer will come to barca

    Faisal AnsariFaisal Ansari17 uur geleden
  • In a way of xavi comes i'd feel bad for Koeman cuz he'w the one who put barca in the right way back

    BLOCK BUSTBLOCK BUST19 uur geleden
  • Hope Neymar will Return In Barca 🙂🥺

    Archan KhadkaArchan Khadka19 uur geleden
  • Please don't bring back Neymar. Such a premadonna.

    Rohit RRohit R20 uur geleden
  • Yeeees. Xavi, Neymar, Depay, Aguero, Haaland, Wijnaldum in Barca.

    Dusan MakivicDusan Makivic20 uur geleden
  • Lool how to cap Neymar said he wishes to stay at psg and wants a 5 year contract Xavi doesnt want to manage barcelona yet because its unbalanced

    TNTTNT22 uur geleden
  • I want that old trio Messi Suarez and neymar😥

    Gamer BoyGamer Boy22 uur geleden
  • Neymar is not 9 he is 11

    Ishraq Hasin AhmedIshraq Hasin Ahmed23 uur geleden
  • Ajax : Creates awesome players , sells them , this is business .

    Shuvojit RupShuvojit RupDag geleden
  • Barcelona won’t get Neymar or Xavi bruh bruh bruh

    Mohammed jaberMohammed jaberDag geleden
  • This is like the morgz of oh my goal

    Ussuh JsuegUssuh JsuegDag geleden
  • I don’t thing Barcelona need Neymar we need keep messi and we need Holaand

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  • DUDE! Both the mighty spaniards are after PSG people. HAHA! Good thing La liga will grow interesting XD

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  • It took the same amount of time for me to tap when I blink

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  • You should be a football reporter

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  • i love xavi 😍😍 xavi was the main player of barca he also said its my dream to coach barca ❤️

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  • I would like Koeman as an assistant coach and Xavi as a head coach or vice-versa.

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  • This channel is🔥🔥

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  • will ronaldo come back to man utd

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  • Bru This guy sounds like Krasi

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  • Every time Neymar coming back to Barcelona

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  • Barcelona is bringing xavi and neymar for years.

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  • I don't think neymar is coming back

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  • Then bring in iniesta for a season aswell❤👍👑🎩🎓.......📌

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  • Antonio conte is something else

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  • I love footballnews

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  • Fc barca fan page

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  • Ronaldo 50% goals penalty and 49% from IDK 😅

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  • Sancho is not better than Greenwood, I don’t understand why United is so in need of him.

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  • You are the best football news ever👍

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  • Xavi next Guardiola

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  • Can you stop messi and neymar. It really annoys let them confirm the news

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  • Are you a channel for Barca cause it’s slightly irritating listening to the same news presented in different ways

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  • Lmao is raiola stupid? U can’t compare mbape and haland With messi.

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  • really same click bait daily

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  • Wish its real🙁I hate koeman and want Neymar back🙂

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  • Xavi to arsenal. Arteta out

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  • It's always click bait nowadays

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  • No cap if juve finish 5 am crying imagine Ronaldo in EUROPA not good for his image

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  • koeman should continue

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  • Super video guys

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  • Now dont worry barca fans .. Our legendary tiki taka formation is back 🔥

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  • It's pronounced l'ékeep, love the vids

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  • How can xavi be barca coach if he signed a contract with another team

    Alexsander TapiaAlexsander Tapia2 dagen geleden
  • Marquinhos please stay at PSG, We, the PSG fans, already see you as a legend here and you achieved so many goals in this team, one of them being that you scored both in the quarter-finals and semi-finals 2 years in a row in the UCL...We believe you will make the right decision !!! Alles Paris ! Paris c'est magique !

    Grumeza NicolaiGrumeza Nicolai2 dagen geleden
    • He wont leave anytime soon

      Sebastian IslasSebastian IslasDag geleden
    • Lol marquinhos just renewed his contract couple months ago

      Sebastian IslasSebastian IslasDag geleden
    • DO YOU Think MArquinhos will see your comment😂😂😂

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  • what if barca wins la liga too and doesn't want koeman ❤️🔥

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  • Come on Mbappe, recover faster so all the world can see you on TV scoring that hat-trick against Manchester city that you will lead us with to the UEFA Champions League final !!! Alles Paris ! Paris c'est magique !

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    • Omg😂😂

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    • Allez Paris my guy.

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  • Neymar and messi transferring every session

    AshirFilmZAshirFilmZ2 dagen geleden
  • Don't worry guys, Neymar will stay at PSG, win the UCL and become a legend of PSG together with Mbappe !!! Alles Paris ! Paris c'est magique !

    Grumeza NicolaiGrumeza Nicolai2 dagen geleden
  • Let's comeback against Manchester city boys, Mbappe I expect you to score the most beautiful hat-trick that ever existed on the match of tomorrow !!! Alles Paris ! Paris c'est magique !

    Grumeza NicolaiGrumeza Nicolai2 dagen geleden
    • @animation man yeah🔥

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    • Uvva😂

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    • Psg will lose man city is op By the way i am a barça fan And neymar will return home

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  • Am I the only one worried about PSG is seems like it's players are are getting poarched out here by Real Madrid and Barcelona Neymar Mbappe Marquinhos Draxler

    Le-Nna SammullerLe-Nna Sammuller2 dagen geleden
  • Why Barça why

    Sakhile PaulSakhile Paul2 dagen geleden
  • Messi+CR7=55 Mbappe+halland=50 Still 2🐐 are scoring more than future goats

    PRINCE 007PRINCE 0072 dagen geleden
  • neymar isnt gonna go to barca and xavi beeing the manager of barceolona would be a mistake just like the other legend managers over the lest couple of years like lampard and pirlo

    camolambo Xcamolambo X2 dagen geleden
  • Koaman wont be sacked That guy is a Masterminf

    MunyahMunyah2 dagen geleden
    • I doubt that

  • Sssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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  • Just glad I’m watching the best football news ever🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️👍

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    • Cringey comment and Flirting bc

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    • Actually you aren't

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  • I think abraham going to milan he will combine well with ibra and mandzukic

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  • Hmmmm its barcelona news time 😂

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  • Most of the things you talk about actually never happen

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  • Agüero in barca with messi and neymar 🤩🤩🤩

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  • Fake news like always

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  • If neymar comes to barca it sad for suarez 😔

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  • Fake thumnail and subtitle

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  • All the videos are about neymar please change ur title for once

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  • Marquinos deserve clubs like Barca, real Madrid, man u ..he is one of the best defender 💪😍

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  • Stop using false covers and headlines to attract people watch your videos

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  • Real madrid doesn't even have the money to take back their own stadium . How they're gonna buy Mbappe Alaba Marquinius and Halland at same time ?

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  • 2022: Neymar is coming back to Barca!!! Confirmed 2023: Neymar is coming back to Barca!!! Confirmed 2024: Neymar is coming back to Barca!!! Confirmed It goes on ............. It ain't ever gonna happen, anyway u guys really work hard.......

    Harikrakhi kuzhikattuHarikrakhi kuzhikattu2 dagen geleden
  • @9:12 ochoa??

    Pedro RPedro R2 dagen geleden
  • no koeman wouldnt be sacked he will stay for one more season even if barca doesnt win la liga

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  • thrilling news interesting voice...

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  • Respect to the Man united fans for the protest

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  • Clickbait

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  • Psg should sell Neymarget as much money as possible and cut the losses theres plenty of footballees who could have done the same as Neymar has done for 10% of the cost yeah hes a good player but so are a lot of other footballers

    blueblue2 dagen geleden
  • Xavi would not be successful at barca ma4k my words!

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  • Lucas extended lolol fake af channel

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  • Hahahaha Xavi!! He first has to proof himself wtf!

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    • @OGMeme Lord 100%

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    • Foe real!!! the team finally got comfortable with the new tactics. Koeman has be good they just need to give him another season to prove it

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  • Proud of the Man utd support base. But condemn violence of any sort they could be anyone even chavey thugs. But still it was peaceful protest by the lads . Let these owners know we mean biz. GGMU

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  • I think Koeman deserves another season

    Pratik ShettyPratik Shetty2 dagen geleden
    • I think he doesn't He makes rubbish decisions when under pressure

      Tony JamesTony James2 dagen geleden
    • He is too stubborn to play puig and he is very predictable so I think he should be sacked

      Hamzaye HDTVHamzaye HDTV2 dagen geleden
    • He does, just that he make mistakes a fan won't make as a coach

      fluffy babiesfluffy babies2 dagen geleden
  • These edits have gotten way better

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