Would You Rather Have $100,000 OR This Mystery Key?

13 jun. 2020
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  • every time mrbeast says 10,000 dollars. he says it in calm voice

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  • You are the best mr beast

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  • The legendary MrBeast wrapped Tesla lol

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  • 10:02 look at chris he look so sad cuz he dosn't have his tesla with him i feel sad for him, but i feel happy at the same time cuz the boy won s car

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  • 0:00 YOU BOIS KNOW

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  • I will hope the key goes to a house so I can rent it out

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  • The mystery key

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  • 18:57 money goes down...

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  • I swear these ppl act so ungrateful I’d be crying😭

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  • did anybody else notice the outro is uh....off

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  • 2:08 money doesn't grow on trees mr.beast: you sure bout that???

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  • I want to meet him man he is a such a good man.

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  • Chris looked sad for the rest of the episode after he lost his tesla😂

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  • Can I have a key?😊

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  • Legends say the girls are still screaming to the artic..

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  • zach and chandler: atleast where still brother karl: IM HANDSOME ''agreed'' 😌

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  • Happy birthday Jimmy i am commenting on all ur videos 34

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  • When the guy had to choose the cheeseball for some reason I knew which one it was gonna be

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  • If you had to pick jimmy, chandler, Karl or Chris who would be the most useful person

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  • Yes u are handsome karl

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  • Amazing!

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  • $28,878 the girls made if u x2

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    • Their users information

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  • 8:59 why is my shoe is there?

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  • “You forgot a little bit of money”

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  • nentendeou souetch plise algers kouba

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  • $1900 for a tesla and its a customized tesla. w h a t

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  • chandler is already tall but chandler brother is taller im scare to see him in real life ._.

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  • $999,980.00 The 20 dollars to make a duplicate key.

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    • Ofc lmao...

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  • 18:10 Im HaNdSoMe

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  • at 0:45-0:48 i heard something. is it only me?

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    • Imagine begging money thru online🤡🤡

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  • My mom: “money doesn’t grow on trees” Jimmy’s tree..........

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