Would You Call Your Crush for $1,000,000?! (Board AF)

18 apr. 2021
192 402 Weergaven

How much would it take for you to cold call your crush? $1,000,000?! What’s Your Price is the game that tests just how much it would cost for you to do the craziest things! We're on Twitch now! Check us out every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at twitch.tv/smoshgames
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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  • The games that are shown on Board AF are the coolest.

    Storm BoyStorm Boy19 uur geleden
  • "Value your coochie!" - Courtney 2021

    justchillinjustchillin20 uur geleden
  • ???

    Alan RaulAlan Raul2 dagen geleden
  • "My queen, are you there?" hahahahahaha

    Victor PietroboniVictor Pietroboni3 dagen geleden
  • 15:58 I-

    Sarah KeeganSarah Keegan6 dagen geleden
  • Kimmy gives off Alexis Rose vibes

    Darian AmesDarian Ames9 dagen geleden
  • For Kimmy’s question with Ian’s response “some bystanders” I remember I was on vacation and walked past a tattoo shop and there was a women getting her booty cheeks tattooed RIGHT NEXT TO THE WINDOW!!!

    Makayla CullinanMakayla Cullinan10 dagen geleden
  • what the fuck is a shoot dude?

    DanteDeoMusicDanteDeoMusic10 dagen geleden
  • What is a "shoot dude" even urban dictionary isn't helping.

    Silent ASilent A11 dagen geleden
  • I would be 4’2” if I had a foot of my height chopped and that makes me feel so sad

    Alexus ParenteauAlexus Parenteau11 dagen geleden
  • I guess if Harry Styles would answer his phone.. then sure, I would 100% call him and tell him he’s my crush 🥲

    Alexus ParenteauAlexus Parenteau11 dagen geleden
    • Then again I would definitely do it for free too

      Alexus ParenteauAlexus Parenteau11 dagen geleden
  • I’m in a relationship with my crush 🥰 he’s the best

    Dalton HosfordDalton Hosford13 dagen geleden
  • Laughed so hard at 12:36 🤣🤣🤣🤣 The edit thooo

    Lyssa MarieLyssa Marie13 dagen geleden
  • Who is this orange haired Riley Reid look alike?

    KrissyKrissy14 dagen geleden
  • PLEAS DONT DROP YOUR PANTS ....im a barber and honestly..... ive had to cut autistic children's hair, one of which would drop his pants.. and show everyone his willy..... and its acturally really sad and embarrasing not only for their parents but also myself.... tho they cant help it. if anyone els did this they are a piece of shit

    TinyRedxxTinyRedxx14 dagen geleden
  • First time watching Smosh in a bit first time seeing sage she seems pritty cool like that ur bringing in new people

    Ollie Hanlon clarkOllie Hanlon clark15 dagen geleden
  • Umm...what does shoot dude mean...

    Rob Smith21Rob Smith2115 dagen geleden
  • I can't be the only one that doesn't know what "shoot dude" means

    Setsuna BelaquaSetsuna Belaqua16 dagen geleden
  • Rewatching old vids and would like to see the older table top games come back. Thinking of bang, sheriff /contraband game maybe?

    RR16 dagen geleden
  • I like how they say Saige is so tall when she's like 5'3"

    metalgirl97metalgirl9716 dagen geleden
  • What in the world is a shoot dude

    Nirvana KhanNirvana Khan16 dagen geleden
  • What is a shoot dude?

    Teah PetersonTeah Peterson17 dagen geleden
  • I'd call Kimmy for free...

    Raul AbarcaRaul Abarca17 dagen geleden
  • You guys should start some gaming series’ like Maricraft and Gts and stuff like that

    Smiggie 415Smiggie 41518 dagen geleden
  • I bench 320 lbs and I'm 17. Weightlifting gang

    Nathan CrossNathan Cross18 dagen geleden
  • Whats a shoot dude????? Funny vid 😋

    Kelsey MacQuarrieKelsey MacQuarrie18 dagen geleden
  • blue screen n o

    Mary HillMary Hill18 dagen geleden
  • I know so little about Tiktok, I thought it was like fantasy drafts. Like what's your team?

    boostbeetleboostbeetle18 dagen geleden
  • Sorry, guys. You might be losing a foot in height, when you're elderly.

    N KN K18 dagen geleden
  • My husband? Sure.

    N KN K18 dagen geleden
  • I am confused. What the heck is a shoot dude? 😅

    Albert EscobedoAlbert Escobedo18 dagen geleden
  • The economy in my country is so shit I would do anything for 100 dollars. That's like 600 reais

    Mylena FollyMylena Folly18 dagen geleden
  • ok but Saige's business woman-esque feels thoooo

    frankieeesnapsfrankieeesnaps18 dagen geleden
  • Ohhh new lady with pretty hair 😯

    Earl John SanchezEarl John Sanchez18 dagen geleden
  • To call a crush? They said call not tell them you had a crush on them. You don't have to say weird things xD

    Michayla EllsworthMichayla Ellsworth18 dagen geleden
  • not me being an adult grown woman that's 4''8 and hearing them compare me to a grandma fjdks

    molly burnellmolly burnell18 dagen geleden
  • Uhh, I wonder if the creators of this game took a gander at their board game's name dot com.

    Requiem for a MemeRequiem for a Meme18 dagen geleden
  • Taking this opportunity to ask: PLEASE restock the boneless T!! It's my birthday 🥺 And is she really that tall?

    ElizabethCagle4ElizabethCagle418 dagen geleden
  • me actually being 4'8... it's rough out here

    B BB B18 dagen geleden
  • Ian, this would have been perfect to promote My Favorite Coffee with that coffee question...

    Richard PerezRichard Perez18 dagen geleden
  • For $1,000,000 I would push my grandmother down a flight of stairs

    KK18 dagen geleden
  • quitting coffee for a month would be easy, for me anyways. i have tried a sip of straight coffee, a slirpee sort of frozen coffee and a thing my sister gets "decaff" i believe and i just hate the taste of caffein, i think theres a bit of it in coke and coke ruins me whenever i drink it

    Levi noneofyourbusinessLevi noneofyourbusiness18 dagen geleden
  • This is a really good easy to follow game y’all should play this one more

    BastonBaston18 dagen geleden
  • When Saige first joined, the smosh lover in me was worried about a new person. But she is so freaking funny and fits in so well with everyone else that I hope she's in a BUNCH more videos!

    Koii LauritsenKoii Lauritsen18 dagen geleden
  • I have a Cubone tattoo on my forearm 🤷

    My name JoshMy name Josh18 dagen geleden
  • Bruh, you need Shayne an Damian

    D WD W19 dagen geleden
  • Maybe I'm seeing things but from certain angles Saige looks little like Miley Cyrus

    Andrew ChildsAndrew Childs19 dagen geleden
  • I feel like Sage was in marketing or sales before doing Smosh

    Benton DoverBenton Dover19 dagen geleden
  • Wtf is a shoot dude

    Edward SierraEdward Sierra19 dagen geleden
  • Is saige on the squad now? 🤔

    Stefanie HebelerStefanie Hebeler19 dagen geleden
  • Value your coochie. - Courtney Miller 2021

    John ScullaneJohn Scullane19 dagen geleden
  • You guys should play Puns of Anarchy on the channel! I think you would have a lot of fun with it!

    Cortney WiebeCortney Wiebe19 dagen geleden
  • Is it me or is Smosh Games losing subscribers? I could have sworn they were at 7.4 million before 😮

    Clo YeeClo Yee19 dagen geleden
  • So happy to see majority women playing today! Love everyone of course but it’s so refreshing to see!

    Rachael EyreRachael Eyre19 dagen geleden
  • That look Courtney gave gives me life

    Kyle DennehyKyle Dennehy19 dagen geleden
  • da fuck is that outfit

    Filip KalousekFilip Kalousek19 dagen geleden
  • My only crush is now my Fiancé

    Night StreakNight Streak19 dagen geleden
  • What’s a shoot dude?

    PhireDawnPhireDawn19 dagen geleden
  • I just noticed that Saige looks a bit like Wendy from Red Velvet

    Marianne PalimaMarianne Palima19 dagen geleden
  • Smosh I know you can see this I plead for you to have Ify on try not to laugh again.

    Nathan YoungNathan Young19 dagen geleden
  • Kimmy’s phone voice and hand motions was giving me Alexis Rose vibes (Schitts Creek) 😍

    Erika TownsendErika Townsend19 dagen geleden
  • whats a shoot dude?

    Staz CharliiStaz Charlii19 dagen geleden
  • I'd call every crush for a cool milly

    The FrizmeisterThe Frizmeister19 dagen geleden
  • The 3 best new members of Smosh are here! I like Kimmy, Saige & Iffy a lot, but I don't like Jackie or that other new girl.

    Charles HardestyCharles Hardesty19 dagen geleden
  • Kimmy is a little bit Alexis in this episode.

    Taylor FrymierTaylor Frymier19 dagen geleden
  • I'm a grown woman who is 4'8, and this hurts lol

    Megan NorvellMegan Norvell19 dagen geleden
  • What is a shoot dude?

    Serendipity EuphoriaSerendipity Euphoria19 dagen geleden
  • 12:06 now I have that image in my head

    Cameron V.Cameron V.19 dagen geleden
  • I totally agree with Courtney logic on coffee

    AlexeyAlexey19 dagen geleden
  • Whys this orange hair girl still here I mean I'll watch but I don't like her

    Unkind _poison 493Unkind _poison 49319 dagen geleden
  • Saige, Kimmy and Courtney are giving me Charlie’s Angels skit

    Big Booty SlayaBig Booty Slaya19 dagen geleden
  • saige is a hotter alternative to courtney

    JinisbaeJinisbae19 dagen geleden
  • Jimmy Kiminez is slowly getting more weird/random/unexpected funny and I love it.

    ArtemisArtemis19 dagen geleden
  • All girls plus courtney freaking miller equals total carnage And i think i have a crush on saige now

    Michael Cezar ValeroMichael Cezar Valero19 dagen geleden
  • No, I wOlDn'T cAlL sOmEoNe FoR a MiLLiOn BuCks... what a question. A million is enough money to do much more crazy shit than that.

    K-Man SportsK-Man Sports19 dagen geleden
  • I love how comfortable Saige seems in the videos now🥰awww, such a cutie

    Erin McNuttErin McNutt19 dagen geleden
  • Why do the redhead have a sweater that put focus on her chest when she doesn't have any clievitch?Asking for a friend!

    martin gustafssonmartin gustafsson19 dagen geleden
  • Whoopsie... I dropped a million dollars on the floor. Now some beautiful, strong and confident Smosh girl is going to notice it and go on a date with me. Oh nooooooo~

    Luke MartinLuke Martin19 dagen geleden
  • Goku is anime not a cartoon - BIG difference - such disrespect!

    TiffYG2133TiffYG213319 dagen geleden
  • More Kimmy and Saige!!!

    James_TJames_T19 dagen geleden
  • Where do I buy these?

    Hyper Shadow Sniper 176Hyper Shadow Sniper 17619 dagen geleden
  • I'd steal a bee for free.

    Shane MShane M19 dagen geleden
  • What's a shoot dude? I can't find anything about it lol

    AnneideAnneide19 dagen geleden
  • My brain is the error screen

    Pvt-BackpassagePvt-Backpassage19 dagen geleden
  • talking bout shoot dudes... why was the podcast discontinued?

    Nate RiversNate Rivers19 dagen geleden
  • finally a vid i can watch with Saige in it, happy they muted her laugh

    MarcelienMarcelien19 dagen geleden
  • Saige, Kimmy and Courtney could start a chat show called 'Talk Smosh'

    Utopss AKA PJUtopss AKA PJ19 dagen geleden
  • Is Sage an official member now??

    Izzy RoseIzzy Rose19 dagen geleden
  • Kimmy's blouse is so dang pretty ❤️

    Wandering❤️Rogue Wandering❤️Rogue 19 dagen geleden
  • What is a shoot dude?

    GoodLuckKristenGoodLuckKristen19 dagen geleden
  • Ian to Kimmy: How much to take your pants off Everyone watching: *googles quick loan*

    WS_WolfStarWS_WolfStar19 dagen geleden
  • Me before this video: wow Kimmy is so tall. Me after this video: damn the smosh cast just be short af.

    evelynvslifeevelynvslife19 dagen geleden
  • As a person who uses metric system I didn't get that 'foot' was a measurement unit at first. I thought Kimmy would have to lose a foot from one leg 🙈

    virpyevirpye19 dagen geleden
  • Kimmy at 6:34 after Ian went off lol

    Paul ScottPaul Scott19 dagen geleden
  • I love this Saige and Iffy content. More pleeeeasseeee

    Charlotte DyeCharlotte Dye19 dagen geleden
  • 15:34 Umm her name is Saige not Paige??? lmao

    Cassie FraserCassie Fraser19 dagen geleden
  • Tf is a shoot dude?

    Cylas HallCylas Hall19 dagen geleden
  • I love Kimmys top

    xHYSTERIAxxHYSTERIAx19 dagen geleden

    J. Cartwright MetjeJ. Cartwright Metje19 dagen geleden
  • Aight but saige is bringing a fashion style that’s been missing from smosh for a long time

    AlphamikeeAlphamikee19 dagen geleden