WilburSoot WELCOMES the New Members! (Origins SMP)

14 apr. 2021
801 049 Weergaven

WilburSoot WELCOMES the New Members! (Origins SMP)
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  • Techno's origin should be piglin brute: He does more damage with axe crits,he has more health,has some filled armor bars,cannot equip shields or armor and has the resistince effect permentaly.

    Lord SkeletoneLord SkeletoneMaand geleden
    • And he should get stronger the more gold he carries with him

      Subx boySubx boy15 dagen geleden
    • So techno but literally unkillable

      Aqua AffinityAqua Affinity15 dagen geleden
    • Gold armour gives more max hearts on top of the armour

      NufPNufP15 dagen geleden
    • @Lord Skeletone yes

      Ampa DampaAmpa Dampa18 dagen geleden
    • @Lord Skeletone yes

      Ampa DampaAmpa Dampa18 dagen geleden
  • 6:52 i love that the enderman runs to the water

    AlaricAlaric2 uur geleden
  • I would like to share my origin idea Pig Origin Pig like +rideable +piglins become neutral towards you Gluttonous -Hungrier +don’t get slowed down by eating Vegetarian -can’t eat meat +when eating a potato or carrot its the equivalent of golden carrot Short -1.5 blocks tall -take much more knockback -deal no knockback Strong legs +faster +jump 1.5 blocks tall Delicious -take double fire damage

    Dysen UtkeDysen Utke11 uur geleden
  • Technoblade's power is just piggyback rides

    BluenetteBluenette22 uur geleden
  • Pls whitelist me Wilbur my name is littlelizard549

  • Technoblade should be feline

    goodboyhalogoodboyhaloDag geleden
  • 7:40

    qvxlieqvxlieDag geleden
  • Any one else find it funny that Ramboo ran into water (that kills him) to escape fire Edit: I also find it funny that Wilber's house has doors

    rockyrocky2 dagen geleden
  • Rambo : on fire Also ramboo: runs to water and takes damage

    SomethingSomething3 dagen geleden
  • is it just me who thinks philza should be a main owner of the pube😭

    Karissa BattistiKarissa Battisti3 dagen geleden
  • I HATE how smajor is so OP he needs to be nerfed

    BlubBlub3 dagen geleden
  • sus imposter go me like: AMOGUS

    AloneSpeed Bmgo FireAloneSpeed Bmgo Fire3 dagen geleden
  • Still waiting for the day where Dream joins and bodies everyone as an ender dragon.

    BonedudeBonedude5 dagen geleden
  • 6:59 This reminds me of nezuko

    Miral HelabiMiral Helabi5 dagen geleden
  • techno should have a role of pig king where he can command every type of pig any thoughts?

    reee boireee boi5 dagen geleden
  • Dude

    Luca GuimarãesLuca Guimarães7 dagen geleden
  • I like how Wilbur interacts with Niki so she can feel included

    • -• -7 dagen geleden
  • What mod are they playing???

    Harmony AquabowHarmony Aquabow7 dagen geleden
  • did no-one else see the name tag was called lil bitch? 21:47

    Thickcat-smokeyYTThickcat-smokeyYT9 dagen geleden

    Jose TiruJose Tiru10 dagen geleden
  • I would love to be the inchling or phantom, drastic gameplay changes that make it more fun

    Colton CrawleyColton Crawley10 dagen geleden
  • I wish I could join but I can't 😭

    Military JoshMilitary Josh10 dagen geleden
  • He just has a die button is my favourite quote

    Davo RowlingDavo Rowling10 dagen geleden
  • he's not cute he's a DEMON

    lulu walsh16lulu walsh1610 dagen geleden
  • Alternative title: Wilbur is bullying a baby.

    Alex ViolAlex Viol12 dagen geleden
  • Make techno into a sword

    Night rockstar 1Night rockstar 112 dagen geleden
  • techno is potato man

    Menny Rodriguez SantosMenny Rodriguez Santos13 dagen geleden
  • I'm just waiting for wilbur to introduce dream to the SMP

    Alberto PerezaAlberto Pereza13 dagen geleden
  • Is it public for fans or not?

    eagerbobeagerbob13 dagen geleden
  • I wished I knew how to get fabric to work.

    eagerbobeagerbob13 dagen geleden
  • 23:07 salmon wants to learn the fabled squids tactics

    TheSalmonUnderYourHouseTheSalmonUnderYourHouse13 dagen geleden
  • it should be when techno kills people in rapid succession he should get increasing amounts of strength call it bloodborn

    Yeti PasketyYeti Paskety13 dagen geleden
  • Starbornn is soo op

    Heitor Souza de MouraHeitor Souza de Moura14 dagen geleden
  • Phil: Hi techno mette

    Fire 2nd ChannelFire 2nd Channel14 dagen geleden
  • Just had an idea for techno origin To suit techno it has to be armour or weapon related so what if ofcourse piglin he had diffrent effects or different powers for the sets of armour he wears like for gold armour set he sees ores within a small radius but less health or he wears iron armour he becomes slower but more health and damage and shields take 2 hits from an axe to disable but takes longer to return and diamond keeps his health the same but faster regen but more hunger consumption and your faster while in water in with diamond armour you move faster but your health is reduced and netherite makes it so it’s a all stats up but slowed slightly potion effects lower duration as a nerf and debuff potions last longer and when in a dark environment with netherite armour you can blend in with the shadows aka hide in the shadows yeah that’s a lot but again it’s techno a piglin and human master of war P.S leather is the the morphing suit he can mimic others players skins and name tags or it’s the exploration armour he gets more speed jump and haste but nerfs damage immensely and he also has lesser inventory space but has a special slot for spare armour he can switch to whenever but cannot be of the same type For weapons he has diffrent effects aswell like for axes he can throw them and call them back cough Thor but he deals lesser damage but lesser cool down to balance it while for swords he has diffrent stances which consumes diffrent aspects of his character for example defense mode deflect all in coming hits at slightly more damage and it consumes health to use and the stronger the incoming hit the higher health required to deflect or block but he can never go past half a heart but he is slowed immensely unless he goes back to full health and attack mode where he is faster and attacks deal more but he receives more and second hand tools have a chance of not activating meaning totem of undying might just stop death but no healing or absorption hearts and shields might not work and you take half damage of the attack this mode requires hunger to use it and there is neutral mode where he does really change . The end actually if you read this far thank you and have a nice day

    GamevardhenGamevardhen14 dagen geleden
  • Since when has tubbo been a bee?

    Andrew ClarkeAndrew Clarke15 dagen geleden
  • that man, he joined(technoblade)

    Slimey spiceSlimey spice15 dagen geleden
  • anyone else notice the creeper in a boat

    ReecieB19ReecieB1916 dagen geleden
  • Wilbur: I'm not being a ghost anymore Well uh- you arent a ghost anymore-

    Frozen_FlameFrozen_Flame16 dagen geleden
  • Technos origin should be a plane or steal phil because technoplane

    GoldenSpeed 9876543GoldenSpeed 987654316 dagen geleden
  • sneeg the little bean

    Gonzo SalazarGonzo Salazar17 dagen geleden
  • Foolish should be a literal totem of undying, he should have 2nd life whenever he dies

    iiLvcky iiiiLvcky ii17 dagen geleden
  • Sneeg is like in an endless manhunt

    April VeniceApril Venice17 dagen geleden
  • Bro techno bouta be a demon slayer killing all the other people who he thinks are so called demons lmfao

    CalamariTeaCalamariTea17 dagen geleden
  • Wilbur reminds me from lemillionfrom mha

    Hanlai ThangHanlai Thang17 dagen geleden
  • Tubbo could just be a delivery man. He would just have the delivery stuff in his inv go to the person he is delivering it to and kill himself lol

    Capall LiathCapall Liath18 dagen geleden

    zyxyzizyxyzi18 dagen geleden
  • Who else can barely tell the difference between Sneeg’s voice and Ranboo’s voice?

    RachelErika DesignRachelErika Design18 dagen geleden
  • Ngl if i could be in the origins smp with requiem i would've chosen demon cuz i can posses monsters

    the proffesional loud heisterthe proffesional loud heister18 dagen geleden
  • iron golem techno and villager philza techno protect philza from kids

    ROck SoCKsROck SoCKs19 dagen geleden
  • Tommy should change to a raccoon. He could take items from people, night vision, climbing, Bad eyesight in the day, increased damage at night

    Ryan MannionRyan Mannion19 dagen geleden
  • I still think techno should get wither

    Blue ButterfingersBlue Butterfingers19 dagen geleden
  • the only thing i like is ranboo holding a dirt block he just memes himself

    Seby Gaming YTSeby Gaming YT19 dagen geleden
  • what is the addon that makes smjor the star thing If anybody can answer me please answer me because I really wanna know

    potato boypotato boy20 dagen geleden
  • I just saw Ranboo get lit on fire and walk into water to still get hurt.- 6:52

    Scattered VibesScattered Vibes20 dagen geleden
  • techno should have an extra life or two cause "TECHNO NEVER DIES"

    Slippery SnakeSlippery Snake20 dagen geleden
  • Make techno an immortal origin

    austin williamsaustin williams20 dagen geleden
  • Then technoblade moves 2000 blocks from everyone

    Azim Hagarthson #2Azim Hagarthson #221 dag geleden
  • What's the point of reuploading someone else's content

    SamwiseSamwise21 dag geleden
  • Hi

    Bigleton BenBigleton Ben21 dag geleden
  • I know this is off topic but I would be human so u could try to master every single role Except the tiny ones lol

    Snappety -TrueSnappety -True23 dagen geleden
  • Techno should have a blood god origin. He gets a buff from instant harming potions. Instant 1 should cause a damage increase buff for 15 seconds also a regeneration buff for 15. Flying because why not for 30 seconds and resistance is permanent. Instant 2 should be everything doubled. If an enemy gets hit he get X-ray on them. Might be useful if there is 20 withers. He can only wear the best armor and weapons because he is a god which is netherite obviously. If he doesn't have those then he can only use stone or wood tools. Can't use shields because well he has permanent resistance buff. Also just to make it harder spawn in the nether. That's my idea for the blood god

    PossumPossum23 dagen geleden
  • Origin idea for technoblade Bloodborn He has bar in his bottom right corner indicating blood percentage Every time he kills something the bar rises by 25% after killing 4 mobs until he kills his next mob he has strength speed and resistance Second ability undying Techno has 8 hearts after its lower than 4 hearts he get speed 1 resistance 1 until his hp is over 4 hearts Weakness He is only carnivorous he eats only meat but if he eats pork he get nauseous blindness wither effect for 5 seconds 8 hearts (16hp) If he doesnt fill his blood bar for long periods of time he loses hp gradually until death so he has to keep killing to survive (he has to kill atleast 4 mobs daily)

    VoiD exVoiD ex23 dagen geleden
  • If techno got minecraft parents im sure it will be a pig and a wither.

    Maria Jose AlbanoMaria Jose Albano23 dagen geleden
  • Tubbo kinda op tho

    Ze Rich KingZe Rich King23 dagen geleden
  • Tubbo should build a beehive, it would be perfect.

    attack helicopterattack helicopter23 dagen geleden
  • Techno: Goes to the pub Everyone: Oh no Jack: "Hello the blade, welcome to my pub"

    •BearixDoesStuff••BearixDoesStuff•24 dagen geleden
  • Most origin ideas for techno basically are boosting number stats and giving conditional debuffs, how does these seem intresting in actual gameplay?

    Miiguli exeMiiguli exe24 dagen geleden
  • What if dream joins and he has the jesus origin

    Vin DieselVin Diesel24 dagen geleden
  • Let's appreciate how Ph1lza is making sure that his meeting spot is safe for everyone with every Origin

    PacomaticPacomatic24 dagen geleden
  • "Technoblade never dies" wilbur killed him ;-;

    HazumiHazumi24 dagen geleden
  • Pig

    heider gamerheider gamer24 dagen geleden
  • so do wilbur know that the sr group started the little baby man trend?

    StarektTheGhostStarektTheGhost24 dagen geleden
  • Piglin BRUTE

    Frost KingFrost King24 dagen geleden
  • even better. Piglin miner orgin. He does 3x damage with pickaxes. (add to it peeps!)

    TheSilentPuppeteerTheSilentPuppeteer24 dagen geleden
  • 10:03 techno piglin but he has more swing speed with weapons

    Legacy 01Legacy 0125 dagen geleden
  • Dude you can like tell that Wilbur gets jealous when nichachu calls sneeg cute and it's hilarious lol

    VagueEquinoxVagueEquinox25 dagen geleden
  • Is there a ghast or siren mod?

    Niya SalinasNiya Salinas25 dagen geleden
  • Does smajor have a NLworld?

    Niya SalinasNiya Salinas25 dagen geleden
  • People wanna kill smajor but the consequences is huge

    D10rdJPD10rdJP25 dagen geleden
  • What s the origin of Sneegsnag??

    Kohame _chanKohame _chan25 dagen geleden
  • Dream SMP is great and all, but sometimes between the heavy lore, and the other heavy lore, and the _other_ other heavy lore, and _oh my fucking god why is everybody either mentally unstable or physically dying-_ And with Origins SMP it feels like I can still get some of that same experience, with the dynamics and stuff, but it feels more... them. Like, outside rp (though nothing wrong with their rp characters, I quite love them tbh). It’s a very much needed breather from all the Dream SMP plotlines that I can’t keep up with 😂

    Bianca LaddBianca Ladd25 dagen geleden
  • techno died

    ꧁corrupted plushbunny꧂꧁corrupted plushbunny꧂25 dagen geleden
  • they should add dream and make him get a crappy power then bully him like he attempted to do to them in his smp

    MinecraftIsBetterThanYou LMinecraftIsBetterThanYou L25 dagen geleden
  • 7:41 *NOOOŒØŌÖŒ0œÔò0()OOספםO!!!!*

    Katherine Small BeanKatherine Small Bean25 dagen geleden
  • pog

    Erika CFErika CF25 dagen geleden
  • the MVP of this stream was the squid

    SilvertheumbreonSilvertheumbreon26 dagen geleden
  • I hope they add union

    Faze WalterFaze Walter26 dagen geleden
  • I’m in class rn lmao

    Casual AnarchistCasual Anarchist26 dagen geleden
  • Techno was never a new member, him and quackity were invited since the very start of the server but they just hadn’t logged on-

    Grace GamingGrace Gaming26 dagen geleden
  • Pig: 10x Crit Damage Resistance 2 when below half health Has a menu that allows you to get any potion and enchantment, at the cost of levels When anyone says your name in chat you teleport to them(1 minute cooldown) When fighting another player is pretty much immortal Forces the player to have their game open for 12 hours before they can leave. Can enable an automine bot

    DrawerMyFloorDrawerMyFloor26 dagen geleden
  • Wilbur seems to really be taking charge of the smp. Kind of like a tyrant of sorts...

    John HalsallJohn Halsall26 dagen geleden

    Liza SabaloLiza Sabalo26 dagen geleden
  • I would like to join the dream SMP

    nadiah islasnadiah islas26 dagen geleden
  • “How am I meant to re-enact finding nemo?” 😂

    Just_IslaJust_Isla26 dagen geleden
  • Tecno should be the ender dragon : can breathe fire shoot fire balls and has alot of health but spawns in the end 🤣

    XabiereNikolas AveraXabiereNikolas Avera26 dagen geleden
  • I don’t think techno should get an Origin. He doesn’t get his power from the blood god he gets it from planing and preparing, from grinding hours to become as good at pvp as he is. If he was just human it would make it more interesting as although everyone else has powers his skill and prep would still make him a major factor.

    jack727 davejack727 dave26 dagen geleden
  • Tubbo: *Kills the little man* Niki: *Screams like a banshee.*

    Jason StinsonJason Stinson26 dagen geleden
  • Techno comes on in at 17:35

    SCP- X0069SCP- X006926 dagen geleden
  • ooh moy gu its dababy OH!HH!

    Mr Blue and Mr FireMr Blue and Mr Fire26 dagen geleden