Why UFC Fighters HATE Khabib Nurmagomedov!

20 okt. 2020
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UFC today, we have why ufc hate Khabib Nurmagomedov! If you didn't know UFC 254: Khabib Nurmagomedov Vs Justin Gaethje is this Satuday! This #UFC video includes khabib vs conor mcgregor, khabib vs poirier and more Khabib moments!
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  • Who will win, Khabib or Justin Gaethje? Let us know⬇️

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    • @Jerry Garcia sorry for your loss

      loubia5757loubia57578 dagen geleden
    • Nice try but don't quit your day job pal

      Htx 457Htx 45710 dagen geleden
    • @Irvinne14 " khabib kept saying he could smash anyone ".. yeah I'd like for you to send me the links ya Dingus.

      Htx 457Htx 45710 dagen geleden
    • The eagle

      Muhammad Ali NawazMuhammad Ali Nawaz17 dagen geleden
    • @Sean Hammer khabib...right 😂😂

      Osama TassOsama Tass17 dagen geleden
  • Who said ufc fighter hates Khabib 🤔they love Khabib.. beating while talking to them it's so romantic right and Khabib always gave mercy to his opponents they love Khabib so sad he retired 😂

    Libra66Libra6621 uur geleden
  • Putin s his President, of coz Putin is proud of him🐥

    JasmineJasmineDag geleden
  • did Connor make this video !!!!!! had no idea he s into yt shit

    محمد الغديريمحمد الغديريDag geleden
  • I guess due to the large amount of dislikes got from Americans he blocked how many like we can see.

    Ibrahim MohamedIbrahim MohamedDag geleden
  • Dude I liked ur videos but this one reflects ur shitty thinking and favoritism 👎

    Asad YazdaniAsad Yazdani2 dagen geleden
  • Stupid video.

    samm kamitakesamm kamitake3 dagen geleden
  • good material

    Daous DavaDaous Dava3 dagen geleden
  • Some Boolshet video..

    Joy LoboJoy Lobo3 dagen geleden
  • Damn the video. Bullshit!!

    Pangloi PhomPangloi Phom3 dagen geleden
  • stupid reasons . wasted 2 min of my time .. noob haters

    MMA UFC and BOXINGMMA UFC and BOXING3 dagen geleden
  • This comment section is so salty 😂😂😂

    Danilo Zarauza DykeDanilo Zarauza Dyke3 dagen geleden
  • Why People Hate McTapper!?

    Mansore ArmanMansore Arman3 dagen geleden
  • Khabib should be called, the CHOCKER because that is how he wins 95% of his fights. Once he has you against the cage, you can kiss your ass goodbye. The UFC should have a stand up only, if that were the case, Khabib would loose 95% of his fights, and I hate when he claims to be the best in the World when he is not the best because I am. .. .. " I CAN'T BREATH"

    waxogenwaxogen4 dagen geleden
  • i don't like his personality and the fact that he is friend with kadyrov. But i respect the fighter

    Roger la moucheRoger la mouche4 dagen geleden
  • This is BS. Highest level of desperation and total waste of time

    AARIF MIRAARIF MIR5 dagen geleden
  • fighter hate? ohh usocute

    hancorzh hafizhhancorzh hafizh5 dagen geleden
  • The hug champ 😂

    Ray PotterRay Potter5 dagen geleden
  • Why don't u give the reason ur coward fighter corner loose so u r shocked and is giving these reasons

    Pokemon trainerPokemon trainer6 dagen geleden
  • Seriously stupid ur not a peaceful person

    Pokemon trainerPokemon trainer6 dagen geleden
  • This is number one bullshit 🤬 bro don't make this kind of videos .

    kakon udaykakon uday7 dagen geleden
  • You are so racist.

    A New PakistanA New Pakistan7 dagen geleden
  • USA jews lover !"!

    Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie7 dagen geleden
  • A. He's Muslim B. He's Russian

    Jeb KaraJeb Kara7 dagen geleden
  • Let's face it, they hate Khabib because he's muslim, and he beat the shit outta Connor

    Lalu Dhiya DitriaLalu Dhiya Ditria8 dagen geleden
  • wasting my 10min and a view for this crap

    fly kahirifly kahiri8 dagen geleden
  • Relationship to Ali yet more then 100 fighter are manged by ali Conor meets Putin and that was a wow moment I can go on and on about your biased opion stop being sour Conor got beat that's that

    jay uddinjay uddin9 dagen geleden
  • No one hates him you fanboy

    Rauf SaraçlıRauf Saraçlı9 dagen geleden
  • What a crock of sh@t. You really don't mind showing your hate

    MsShireneMsShirene9 dagen geleden
  • Weak

    Htx 457Htx 45710 dagen geleden
  • Half these seem like basic ufc/mma becoming wrestling garbage.. which I don't agree with but don't turn it into his short coming instead of ufc/mma

    Burt AntoneBurt Antone11 dagen geleden
  • I actually think that the homeless push up thing was funny:/nothing is wrong with it

    Akatsuki GamingAkatsuki Gaming11 dagen geleden
  • It's not eve khabib telling the homeless man to do pushups.

    jiffry iqbaljiffry iqbal11 dagen geleden
  • I want that xbox by xmas

    bobby donzzbobby donzz11 dagen geleden
  • bruhhh Americans please go take your daily dose of McDonalds, did y'all really say that he isn't supposed to meet Putin? man smh

    Crazy GangCrazy Gang12 dagen geleden
  • Khabib is (was) simply overrated. He beat relatively few quality opponents during his run up to the championship, and he had only a handful of defenses against modest opposition. Then he quit. And if that’s where he stops, then he’s about on par with BJ Penn, if Penn had quit on top.

    Kill All PedosKill All Pedos12 dagen geleden
    • Its funny. You can't say anything about him. You simply (there's that word) can't.

      Htx 457Htx 45710 dagen geleden
    • On par with Penn? You're an idiot. Javier Mendez said " khabib did what Penn did but better, better than Penn did it "... and he coached them both. When all else fails just return to " simply overrated ".. Hahaha fool

      Htx 457Htx 45710 dagen geleden
  • The top 3 are pretty much the only reasons... & the fact that he is a very religious young man.

    ImightberidingImightberiding12 dagen geleden
  • Why???? Because he can beat their asses just like they were kids. That’s why.

    Jorge CJorge C13 dagen geleden
  • Blue lips is very very very pitiful when he called The Bear-Eagle a rat. Blue lips is not humble but Khabib showed him the path of humility. Blue lips after gone mauled looked like a poor 🐀 dumped into water. Khabib is forever great & humble & indisputable.

    Max KpassiraMax Kpassira14 dagen geleden
  • khabib name in your title gave you more than 3 lac views, other than that theres nothing in this video

    Murtaza MS7Murtaza MS714 dagen geleden
  • The best is always hated, Khabib, Prophet Muhammad, and the islam religion itself

    theEverythingHerotheEverythingHero15 dagen geleden
  • Your this video just showcased every American feeling towards Khabib surely there might be few Khabib fans in the west but I dont think putting his personal relationship with any one make him hateable I mean if u like trump we won't judge you its just ur opinion judging someone from his personal relationship just show ur small minded brain I was gonna sub u but I aint gonna do now

    Syedqamar UzzamanSyedqamar Uzzaman15 dagen geleden
  • trash talk all you want, he is still the undisputed champion 👊🏻

    Ammi's Toy ReviewsAmmi's Toy Reviews15 dagen geleden
  • he boring as hell.

    Arn NaulArn Naul15 dagen geleden
    • No he isn't

      Htx 457Htx 45710 dagen geleden
  • What is that think on his head?

    Tyler ChapmanTyler Chapman16 dagen geleden
    • goat fur traditional hat

      Crazy GangCrazy Gang12 dagen geleden
  • And the most of all he is an a muslim🤐🤐

    Sayok KhanSayok Khan16 dagen geleden
  • These are all stupid reasons whe the fighters are actually acting this way. He is unbeatable in the ring, and thats the reason why they respect him since he knows how to fight. Just because he has character and is humble. The homeless man was encouraged by him and he gave him money. Just because he is a devotee and a strong Muslims, he is disliked and being put all the dirt. He stands for what is right. Stop putting dirt on this amazing person.

    SkywalkerSkywalker16 dagen geleden
  • you should have a fight with khabib 😆😆 then you understand who is he

    Foggy panic 22Foggy panic 2216 dagen geleden
  • Seriously, number 2? Well, of course his rivals will always find a way to belittle his pre-UFC and pre-championship records but man, he mauled and dominated his opponents. He’s undeniably the most dominant lightweight, and his opponents will of course hate this fact.

    Alpha SulapasAlpha Sulapas17 dagen geleden
  • Khabib is just different on another level

    Shafiek HeynsShafiek Heyns17 dagen geleden

    shakir ahamedshakir ahamed18 dagen geleden
  • When your popular your bound to have haters even the greatest human being to ever walk the face of this earth has the most haters trying to assassinate his humble simple beautiful character. Even if an angel was to walk on this earth it’ll have evil people who want to kill it.

    Tiffany KibriaTiffany Kibria18 dagen geleden
  • yeah you're very stupid one of your reason is that first 6 fight are with weak fighters so we can't count the 29-0 record ... i don't know a lot about sport like boxing and ufc but i'm pretty sure people can't fight the champions at first appearance , in boxing you need a dozen win just to get ranked i think

    otmane mjdotmane mjd19 dagen geleden
  • This is a hater video lmao..

    hud johnshud johns19 dagen geleden
  • Some love and some hate that's life.

    Nawab AhmedNawab Ahmed19 dagen geleden
  • Hahahahahaha 😝🤣 I love the way he smashes them hohoho👍🍎🍇🌪️🐳 of a time!

    Nawab AhmedNawab Ahmed19 dagen geleden
  • The title should be the best boxer

    S ShakirS Shakir20 dagen geleden
  • khabib goat

    Antonio PereiraAntonio Pereira20 dagen geleden
  • Yeah people/MMA fighters don't like him...yet his Twitter is flooded with love.... The fuck outta here lol

    kishor singhkishor singh20 dagen geleden
  • Theses videos make me love him more!

    Embezz CompanyEmbezz Company20 dagen geleden
  • i'm glad i saw comments first im leaving

    Anime HolicAnime Holic20 dagen geleden
  • stupid mind khabib always best

    Rehan LuciRehan Luci20 dagen geleden
  • How dare he accepts invitation from his president!!! Right?

    dar rakdar rak21 dag geleden
  • Maybe a lot of his fights were against trash opponents but he also destroyed many of the best fighters in the workd

    GaryT 69GaryT 6921 dag geleden
  • King Khabib for life

    Action Karen channelAction Karen channel22 dagen geleden
  • I have never like that turd (Khabib).

    Jeff SlossonJeff Slosson22 dagen geleden
  • How is McGregor his rival? he got fkn mauled helplessly and choked out, dont call him a Khabibs level hes not on that level.

    Skyvinn GamingSkyvinn Gaming22 dagen geleden
  • Haters hate him because they can't beat him

    Badaruddin sardarBadaruddin sardar22 dagen geleden
  • Khabib is also fan of beheading ! Great guy !

    J - FJ - F22 dagen geleden
  • If anything I liked khabib even more when he beat conor then jumped the fence to beat his whole team, by himself, after going 4 rounds with a great fighter just to defend his religion, his country and family and friends. Dude is a real G

    fa-Q dixonfa-Q dixon22 dagen geleden
  • They hate him, cuz he supports terrorism lmao

    Almighty NuskiAlmighty Nuski22 dagen geleden
    • @Crazy Gang Sounds like you just excusing it, like always, if he can speak up and condemn Macron, can as well speak up and condemn the acts of violence that is so common among y'all religion, and to being with the cartoons was never to bring shame to no religion, the same way it mocked christians and all the others, people got the right to say what they want without having to fear for their lives

      Almighty NuskiAlmighty Nuski11 dagen geleden
    • @Almighty Nuski its a common curse to wish bad upon people who bring shame to our beloved, did he say that its okay to kill people for disrespecting the prophet? no right so he is condemning it, he didn't speak about it at all, whether the attacks happened or not, macron nor anybody will be spared if they disrespect our prophet, we know how to withhold and stay steadfast in what we believe, we won't turn our backs and retaliate.

      Crazy GangCrazy Gang11 dagen geleden
    • @Crazy Gang then why he didn't condemn the terrorist attacks and violence, but so quick to condemn the president, and saying Allah should disfigure his face is inciting violence but ok lol

      Almighty NuskiAlmighty Nuski12 dagen geleden
    • @Almighty Nuski no muslim supports the attacks in France, but we have a problem against macrons words, he said that France will not stop with the cartoons, we have a problem with that, we don't wish harm on anyone, just leave us alone and we're good

      Crazy GangCrazy Gang12 dagen geleden
    • @Crazy Gang He definitely does, just go on his instagram, and he clearly said France president face should be disfigured, and also didn't condemn the terrorist attacks, more like support, so yeah

      Almighty NuskiAlmighty Nuski12 dagen geleden
  • U drunk

    wj atwj at22 dagen geleden
  • This video made by "delusional mcgregor fans", you can clearly see the pfp of this account

    M RahyanM Rahyan22 dagen geleden
  • McGregor will destroy Khabib easily in his dream

    unividsunivids22 dagen geleden
  • Nonsense.

    Khukuh A. YudaKhukuh A. Yuda22 dagen geleden
  • First of all the guy who made this video is the first biggest jealous person and most likely racist person. Doesn't matter what you say or think, the majority love and respect him. You should choose people like McGregor and Donald Trump to make your videos videos. I'm sure you will find hundreds of things to write about them and they will all be true aswell.

    A HussainA Hussain23 dagen geleden
  • hi

    NICK FLYXNICK FLYX23 dagen geleden
  • he is unbeatable,that`s why...

    Stefan TeslaStefan Tesla23 dagen geleden
  • 10 minutes if pure Stupidity ! WatchMMA you're riduculously a hater .. but Khabib is a KING and Real MMA fighters Know that Ok ! Ans if course the bullshit Connor knew that :)

    Hann IbalHann Ibal23 dagen geleden
  • Not one reason was given why he wasn't squeaky clean very biased comments this was all bullshit.he won everyone fight undefeated undisputed pop the best fighter ever you guys are salty its a Muslim.alhamdhulilah muslims are taking over khamzet chimaev.aliabdul aziz again salty his a Muslim and all his fighters champions

    suleyman kamransuleyman kamran23 dagen geleden
  • My problem is with how the media and public portray him. They act like hes this super humble respectful guy who hates the trash talk but in reality he is probably the biggest trash talker behind McGregor. At least McGregor shows respect during and after the fight win or lose while khabib constantly trash talks during every fight and has been super shitty and disrespectful to many people right after he beats them. Plus people act like McGregor was way out of line about what he said about khabib and his country but khabib said literally the exact things about McGregor and his country and people. He even mocked the Irish and called them weak cowards who let the English slaughter them and take their lands when talking about the genocide the English committed against them

    J CarrollJ Carroll23 dagen geleden
    • he comes from a poor country, he isn't that educated so he doesn't know western etiquettes, all he knows is give back what you receive, love to lovers, hate to haters

      Crazy GangCrazy Gang12 dagen geleden
  • They hate him because he is a Muslim and unbeatable✌

    muhammad iqrarmuhammad iqrar23 dagen geleden
  • Yes

    Nickolas HubbardNickolas Hubbard23 dagen geleden
  • Ridiculous video the content is based on nothing

    Bahajj JajauBahajj Jajau24 dagen geleden
  • Yep 10 of his first 16 suck.... then what about the last 13? Does anyone think he's not dominant?

    Scott KingScott King24 dagen geleden
  • khabib is great

    Muzammal MuhammadMuzammal Muhammad24 dagen geleden
  • Putin is his presidenct 😂thats not reason to him

    Raja FawadRaja Fawad24 dagen geleden
  • best one khabib

    m6h methm6h meth24 dagen geleden
  • Conor can never win from khabib

    Asghar DawarAsghar Dawar24 dagen geleden
  • You all are jealous of khabib

    Asghar DawarAsghar Dawar24 dagen geleden
  • No body can win from khabib

    Asghar DawarAsghar Dawar24 dagen geleden
  • WTF ...Putin is the president of Russia... ofcourse he will have good relation with Putin

    duke leoduke leo24 dagen geleden
  • Lol 😂🤣😹 Watch Mma , u absolutely suck 👎

    junaid khalid mirjunaid khalid mir24 dagen geleden
  • Non sense reason, everybody love khabib now, even before, mostly ufc fighters respect khabib and idolized.

    Sittie UnsiSittie Unsi24 dagen geleden
  • Most ppl hate him cause he’s a champ and actually a good guy ppl don’t like good guys and when ppl win in life

    Tarum250Tarum25025 dagen geleden
  • he isn't weak he's homeless u idiot

    hetey heteyhetey hetey25 dagen geleden
  • I'm not sure about that he's recode re unbreakable 29 -0 thats why

    hetey heteyhetey hetey25 dagen geleden
  • Lame, this sounds like 10 reasons you hate Khabib

    KScotty WKScotty W25 dagen geleden
  • Amazing video! Khabib is a goat. 🙏

    Its meee eeIts meee ee25 dagen geleden
  • Irrespective if a fighter is fighting his first pro fight or his third....a pro fight is a pro fight....can't change that. Mayweather didn't fight the best initially either.....so....the argument on who were his initial opponents makes no sense

    Bruce FraserBruce Fraser25 dagen geleden