Why Nike Doesn't Want Neymar

11 feb. 2021
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Neymar leaving Nike for Puma sparked quite a debate in the football community. Why did he leave Nike and why would Nike let him go? That debate was fueled when more high profile Nike players were leaving the brand or were seen in competitors' boots: Raheem Sterling, Sergio Ramos and even Robert Lewandowski.
Why are all those players leaving Nike? We looked into it.
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⏱ Timestamps
00:00 Everyone Leaving Nike?
01:10 Football Boots Market Analysis
03:50 Why Neymar, Lewy & Sterling are leaving
06:16 What's Nike's Strategy?
07:44 Sponsorships: A bet on the future
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    • you're speaking like a german! Ich bin auch Deutscher hahahah! i appreciate that

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    • @Athletic Interest Sorry mate, this whole vid is like one looooong ad. You say the 'football community' cares about boot brands. No we DO NOT. I live and breath football & have zero idea what boots anyone wears. To me Nike is about Chinese concentration camps and destructive race baiting ads in America. But that's just me I suppose.

      JJ RJJ R13 dagen geleden
    • why you erase Turkey in 1:29 ??? What was the problem at Turkey?????

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    • nlworld.info/key/video/saOFftPQg4SLrYA 🤣🤣🤣

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    • “We don’t get paid by Nike” - has like 70% of their video’s subject being Nike

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  • I make more money from another brand. Who cares?

    NoporkchopforyouNoporkchopforyou40 minuten geleden
  • Aint never played in a better boot than the Mercurial yet tho. Adidas and Puma need to focus on constructing a better boot if they want some.

    ____5 uur geleden
  • Nike is bad luck. See what is happening with Liverpool

    srinith mallasrinith malla11 uur geleden
  • To be fair the nike deal won't affect him much, He's getting paid tons elsewhere so it's not much a problem for him haha

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  • nlworld.info/key/video/k6VpZtikoJuhqKI this guy from my country just copyied your video nearly 1:1 but in our language its not fair :/

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  • This guy is from Austria, isn't he

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  • Mbappe is a no for me, he fits puma king better

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  • Let him go cos he was fouled by a coffee machine

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  • As a marketer who has done works for Nike, I know there are some other important factors: A major one is the risk of controversy. While players like Neymar may have huge brand lift potential, they are also controversial. This can be very interesting for challenger brands who have a large potential growth market. Your growth can just exceed your loses and giving your brand a bit of a "rough edge" can be cool to many. For Nike, as one of the leading brands, controversy is much more dangerous and needs to be approached with extreme caution. If you piss off 2% of your audience, that's a huge deal as they are already touching the ceiling of their potential brand awareness (as one of the most recognized brands in the world). For clear market leaders Nike, it makes much more sense to just focus on getting more brand touchpoints and enforce and maintain the current market share.

    Google Ads TutorialsGoogle Ads TutorialsDag geleden
  • Wearing puma boots with Nike socks!! That's brilliant marketing plan..

    Oukba NafehOukba NafehDag geleden
  • There was also the case of Neymar being accused of rape, that caused an impact in his image, some people considered him guilty even before the investigations. Perhaps Neymar didnt receive the support he needed from Nike, because Nike was more concerned with its own image. Then, he was found innocent and right after, he signed with Puma. I think this is what happened behind the scenes between neymar and nike, plus the fact mentioned by the video that neymar wanted to be the the protagonist of one of the major branches

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  • What are your wishes for the future concerning the technical program during the race ? Less buttons more? Or less and more communication with your engineers?

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  • why am I watching this, im not even interested in corporate marketing bs

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  • Because neymar doesnt wsnt nike thats why 🤣

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  • what about the Portuguese league😔

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  • Should ha e signed with adidas

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  • Amazing design working!

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  • This editing is incredible

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  • You can't even pronounce Nike.

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  • Plot twist: Nike is buying Adidas and Puma and they’re just trying to market their new brands

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  • The reality is the Neymar it's a great frustration, it's good like celebrity but isn't equal to Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Romario.

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  • Mbappe or Haaland to Liverpool makes sense yeah 😉😁🙌🏾🙌🏾

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  • the part about politcial figures getting boot deals is crazy. They choose rashford and sterling because they are out spoken, giving their respective brands more clout. insane, i wouldve never thought of doing that!

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  • ""Niykeeeyyyv...."

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  • I love how you guys say Adidas, the correct pronunciation, also loved to see neymar rolling out of the screen , greetings from Brazil 🇧🇷

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  • Pooma

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  • another reason could be cuz the quality of the cleats isn’t as good as it used to be i used to wear the same pair for ab 6-12 months until they were worn out now it’s more like 3-6. if ur playing multiple times a week. they’re also less comfortable now

    John AlbJohn Alb2 dagen geleden
  • Stanford isn't in LA, it's much closer to Oregon

    Biggs CarrollBiggs Carroll2 dagen geleden
  • neymar wanna a brand with his name, not about more money.

    adalbertomaniaadalbertomania2 dagen geleden
  • Because Nike's soccer boots are shit quality.

    Joseph F VanderfellerJoseph F Vanderfeller2 dagen geleden
  • I'm brazilian We don't want Neymar either

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    • With Expert Oliver..

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  • i will swear to god

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    • @Olivia James thanks for the information,I really appreciate..

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    • @Olivia James will do

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    • With Expert Oliver

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  • Neymar is a "brand" in decline, perhaps He got away with his Tax troubles and other legal and off-field problems and Nike became tired of him. Neymar is also a guy that is so used to change of shirts or brands if he receives a substantial amount of money.

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  • They are probably tired of Nike owning sweat shops while criticizing us on how to behave

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  • Ok, lets move to Puma

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  • Nike mktg campaign

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  • Neymar ain’t shit anymore and he’s always injured. It was easy to drop Neymar for them. They also have a bunch of young players as well who are on their way to their prime. No need to keep an over paid washed up player now Also Lewandoski was recently spotted wearing Nike again so it’s possible they kept him

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  • this guy the kelly oubre jr of football

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  • We all know the real reason- he rolls way too much

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  • nlworld.info/key/video/uZCmfb_Qiad0oow

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  • Puma has a superstar signing and have for years. we all know who Aguero is. Neymar can't be the Phma brand with Lewandowski 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

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  • As long as they keep Ronaldo the rest can fuck off😂😂

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  • Servus!!!!

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  • Who tf cares

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  • Having my own signature boot from Adidas would be amazing.... But only if I can help with the look of it

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  • What's the name of the narrator.

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  • ADIDAS is the best sports brand ...that 3 stripes 😍

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  • why nike doesnt want neymar? because they mainly want to promote their shoes. shoes are something you walk with, everyone knows neymar doesnt walk, he rolls

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  • stupid move by nike coz Brazil is still one of the most populated country

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  • The title should be ...why Neymar didn’t want Nike

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  • Why neymar doesn't want nike and went to puma * MONEY IS LONG *

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  • Let's be honest, nobody leaves nike for puma

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  • Nike is a sell out company!!

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  • Cause he signed with Puma, no big deal

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  • "Neymar is a spooled brat" ---Zinedine Zidane

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  • Why is Sterling so ‘marketable’ - is he more marketable than, say, Lewandowski?

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  • It's more of playing under the shadow of Mbappe at PSG that made Neymar leave Nike and not really because of Ronaldo. Neymar and CR7 are not on the same level.

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  • This speaks a lot of volume. Players have different reasons for their actions: 1. Pride 2. Money 3. Fame 4. Love

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    • Love is definitely last. Along with justice.

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  • Was ein Englisch

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  • This video was sponsored by: Adidas, puma, new balance and Diadora

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  • Thank you for including the "Neymar rolling around" meme. I can't stand the guy, but that meme warms my heart

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  • This channel is fantastic. Subscribed!

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  • Neymar Signature Puma boots will be called “Diver” 🤣 good riddance for Nike IMO !

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  • I hate how the media and sponsors overlook Phil Foden. They over look Manchester City too. I am sensing Neymar to Manchester City too Pep spoke about him tempted on signing a world class player a player that can dictate games and score lots of goals. Also given that fact that City are signed with Puma so that would also have to be put into factor.

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  • Plot twist : Nike is the next Disney and has bought puma and adidas

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  • i left Nike because their shoes didn't fit me

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  • Let me fix the title: Why Neymar doesn’t want Nike

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  • save your time guys.. neymar went to puma for the money.. bcause nike wont pay him more..

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  • 0:17 thats so fake... nike doesnt sign neymar at age 13.. he simply went to puma for money because nike wont pay him more..

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  • “He shook the football world”. Calm down mate.

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    • By leaving Nike? Behave yourself.

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    • But he did though..

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    • I hope I will be able to do it someday!

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  • Now, PUMA is after Rashford. PUMA has a lot of 💰 lying around.

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    • Puma trying to make a comeback in the football world

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