Why Lionel Messi was so angry at the referee on his way back to the locker room | Oh My Goal

6 apr. 2021
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Today, Oh My Goal is looking into why Lionel Messi was so annoyed, as was unafraid to criticize the refereeing at half-time of Barcelona-Valladolid.
Lionel Messi disliked the fact the referee was trying to give him a yellow card during the game which could have kept him out of the Clásico against Real Madrid.
#Messi #Barcelona #RealMadrid
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  • What is your prediction for Saturday's Clásico? 👀

    Oh My Goal - NewsOh My Goal - News13 dagen geleden
    • @Jo's Gaming Arena 👀

      Cloudy The GeckoCloudy The Gecko7 dagen geleden
    • @Musa Haqqanee look who won now 🤡

      Gaming sectionGaming section8 dagen geleden
    • @Advait 123 Yeah Barca too, they somehow let in 8 goals in 1 match. Best Team Ever.

      random duderandom dude8 dagen geleden
    • @Musa Haqqanee and yet Real won

      random duderandom dude8 dagen geleden
    • @Omar Saad Omar Rashid Rasheed Al Kharji sorry I didn't see your comment, you were close tho💪

      MystMyst8 dagen geleden
  • Manushyan alle pulle😑

    Christopher NolanChristopher Nolan9 dagen geleden
  • oh my goal is just shit nowadays, you didnt give any info on why he was angry with the ref except that he wouldve got booked which everyone knew

    Rajeev KunapareddyRajeev Kunapareddy9 dagen geleden
  • 𝑫𝒆𝒎𝒃𝒆́𝒍𝒆́ 𝒊𝒎𝒑𝒓𝒐𝒗𝒆𝒔 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒎𝒐𝒔𝒕 𝒐𝒇 𝒉𝒊𝒎𝒔𝒆𝒍𝒇 𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒚𝒕𝒊𝒎𝒆 𝒕𝒐 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝑺𝒒𝒖𝒂𝒅💪🏾💪🏾

    FreddyCøugar_99FreddyCøugar_9910 dagen geleden
  • It's funny how it becomes news whenever Missy doesn't score a goal or make an assist in a game.

    javonprycejavonpryce10 dagen geleden
  • cristiano is targeted almost every time

    Goshko36Goshko3610 dagen geleden
  • I believed koeman from the beginning and i am proud ❤🔥

    MayoZ TVMayoZ TV10 dagen geleden
  • I know that Koeman isn't like sir Alex in Performance , but still. He is a honest coach which after Losing or having A bad score in General , motivates the squad to go up ....

    KillZipZKillZipZ10 dagen geleden
  • Jesus Christ loves you, so much that He died for you on the cross, to pay the penalty of your sins so that you wouldn't have to. Put your full trust and believe in Him for salvation today, because who the Son sets free is free indeed 🙏🏻 Kindly consider receiving Him into your heart as your LORD and Saviour, it's the best decision you'll ever make 😊 (Romans 10:9-10 and Ephesians 2:8-9)

    Steve Maweu Jr.Steve Maweu Jr.11 dagen geleden
  • It's simple, so no one talks about that handball or how Valladolid was robbed 🤷🏻‍♂️

    SARdhuratSARdhurat11 dagen geleden
  • 3:05 *Sunday*

    Kayvaan CarrilloKayvaan Carrillo11 dagen geleden
  • fuck-off... they robbed Valladolid in that game

    Red NadRed Nad11 dagen geleden
  • Messi always Angry😂😂

    Leo BensonLeo Benson11 dagen geleden
  • I swear Barca played badly in the game against Valladolid but that was because they were tired and conscious of not making messi or de jong have to commit to a foul🤷🏽‍♂️

    Josh EffiJosh Effi11 dagen geleden
  • Vamosssssssss barcaa pleaseeee Messi and Frenkie very clever game PLEASE BARCA WIN IN CLASICO LETS BEAT THEM 💙❤💙❤

    Lovre CovicLovre Covic11 dagen geleden
  • Because refree ate his lolipops 😂

    bedanta madhab gogoibedanta madhab gogoi11 dagen geleden
  • What a player! Even if he had to play the game safe to avoid missing El Classico, he didn't forget to advice his team to get that win. This shows how dedicated he is.

    Anwesha ChetiaAnwesha Chetia11 dagen geleden
  • spanish refrees are as useful as " UEUE" in " QUEUE'.

    • True

      Nishant JoshiNishant Joshi10 dagen geleden
  • Oh my goal being super dumb “No assist” didnt even mentioned that Dembele missed a golden chance that was assisted by Messi 🤦🏻‍♂️ and its not the first time

    GameFeverGameFever12 dagen geleden
    • @Ozymandias so that’s Messi’s fault? cuz Dembele missed it and didn’t score ? 😂 what a logic dude

      GameFeverGameFever10 dagen geleden
    • Assisted?? A pass is counted as an assist, only when other player put it past gk, otherwise it's just a pass.

      OzymandiasOzymandias10 dagen geleden
  • Madrid is in form I believe barca will lose like last year hala madrid 😁

    Mukhtar SayyedMukhtar Sayyed12 dagen geleden
  • We have done a great comeback no loss in 19 games(16 wins and 3 draws). This video should be shown to those haters if messi who say "messi isnr a leader" He is proving that he is a leader and it doesn't matter to be shy bcz ppl think when ur a shy u can't be leader and he is proving that it takes courage and motivation to be a leader. Lets enjoy the final years of the goats 🐐🐐.

    Rayan ShahzadRayan Shahzad12 dagen geleden
  • This is literally what happenes not to only barca but to real as well. When these games come ref try to target big players so they don't play big game now i dont know did real madrid said ti him or nor no hate towards them or it could also be bcz barcelona is from catalonia and var and refs are mostly against them but that doesn't stops us from being the best and messi played with mind and didn't acted bad in the game. Why does this happen to barca and real no one knows and la liga says they are having meeting and we can clearly see that var and pens arent given the most to barca. Wow man applause for refs👏😂😠.

    Rayan ShahzadRayan Shahzad12 dagen geleden
  • He is happy and I thank God because he makes me happy but they are out of the champions league

    La Pulga JnrLa Pulga Jnr12 dagen geleden
  • He was just under pressure from himself not to get a booking. If the ref wanted you to get a booking, he had 90 minutes to do that bro.

    TimTim12 dagen geleden

  • what a little rat.. if the ref wanted to book him he could have at any moment so why didn't he.. shock horror in the end barca's opponents were robbed

    Grassroots FootballGrassroots Football12 dagen geleden
  • it is really likely Barca could win the league from how they are playing right now

    ReLaX MaTeReLaX MaTe12 dagen geleden
  • Lol😂😅 out of UCL again 😂🤣

    pesssi the garbagepesssi the garbage12 dagen geleden
  • Messi need to shut up here... without the great present they get from the ref and VAR of that silly red card they never won.

    Dennis VanherleDennis Vanherle12 dagen geleden
  • Out of the 5 year contract dembele is showing in his 4th year his worth..previous 3 year was a waste..injury ruined it...Now touchwood he is more fit and barca is getting the benefit of his contributions

    Subrata mahapatraSubrata mahapatra12 dagen geleden
  • i am so sad that both teams are not quelifieed juve and barc

    AARON BABYAARON BABY12 dagen geleden
  • I have seen this yet again

    CHIN JUN YUANCHIN JUN YUAN12 dagen geleden
  • And the refree in el classico is mathieu lahoz😎😎 perez.effect

    Antony francisAntony francis12 dagen geleden
  • Yesterday i saw man city vs bvb it was one of the worst refreeing i have ever seen i dont know why but they disallowed bellonghams goal

    PES PROPES PRO12 dagen geleden
  • That title is enough motivation to win, because that means winning messi back! Do it barça!

    Gaurav ThakurGaurav Thakur13 dagen geleden
    • @Gaurav Thakur what everybody is sure of is that messi wanted to leave last summer and tried his best to force a move.. this was in the aftermath of getting hammered against bayern but this year was the same psg wiped the floor with them so nothing has changed

      Grassroots FootballGrassroots Football12 dagen geleden
    • @Grassroots Football NAH! No one can be sure about anything tho

      Gaurav ThakurGaurav Thakur12 dagen geleden
    • @Gaurav Thakur no mate i'm a manc but I fee he has made his mind up and with the all time apps record he has nothing left to achieve at the club

      Grassroots FootballGrassroots Football12 dagen geleden
    • @Grassroots Football are u a psg fan, be honest?

      Gaurav ThakurGaurav Thakur12 dagen geleden
    • he's leaving either either way mate

      Grassroots FootballGrassroots Football12 dagen geleden
  • Ah! Smart boy made it, thank god

    Gaurav ThakurGaurav Thakur13 dagen geleden
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    Enrique DozalEnrique Dozal13 dagen geleden
  • Who's the old man in the thumbnail

    KELVIN ADDAEKELVIN ADDAE13 dagen geleden
  • So Messi won't play the clasico

    KELVIN ADDAEKELVIN ADDAE13 dagen geleden
  • Griezmann : je parle Dembélé : tu parles

    Alberto Chirindza ChirindzaAlberto Chirindza Chirindza13 dagen geleden
  • Koeman fala espanhol muito bem!

    Alberto Chirindza ChirindzaAlberto Chirindza Chirindza13 dagen geleden
  • Referees are the most annoying things in the world

  • Why is OH MY GOAL always changing the topic?

    NATE_PLAYZ - vlogsNATE_PLAYZ - vlogs13 dagen geleden
  • I hate this Referee

    Success is My optionSuccess is My option13 dagen geleden
  • 0:2. Barca will take the lead on Saturday!

    John UgbangJohn Ugbang13 dagen geleden
  • "We need to learn how to suffer, so we can never do it again" - ronald koeman

    mad234luizmad234luiz13 dagen geleden
  • Thats why Messi was limited in his play he was avoiding a card

    TCM CityTCM City13 dagen geleden
  • Visca Barca ❤️💙❤️💙

    Aaron 10 tigerAaron 10 tiger13 dagen geleden
  • Koman bro when basa win la liga 🎖🎖🏅🏅🏆🏆you will get some😓😓 rest💻💺 but for now keep up the good work ⚽🏃 drills and lecture 📋✏FCB coach 💪💪💪👊👊

    #1 Soldier#1 Soldier13 dagen geleden
  • Messi is full of himself

    Arthur MArthur M13 dagen geleden
  • Probably the ref. was promised something by RM to find a way to give Messi a yellow card, but their offer fell through.

    Rasheed KORAISRasheed KORAIS13 dagen geleden
  • Finally @ohmygoal.. finally.. let’s see if you can keep being unbiased through this year.

    Jabu DabaeJabu Dabae13 dagen geleden
  • Why is it always barcelona crying about refs lmao! it's cringey cause barca crying about refs is IRONIC!!!

    Duke SinDuke Sin13 dagen geleden
  • Next Time - Messi got mad at Linesman Referee.

    Deepak Kumar KishanDeepak Kumar Kishan13 dagen geleden
  • Here is the best team again the barca for you visca el barca ❤️

    Divyansh RawatDivyansh Rawat13 dagen geleden
  • no assist no goal ..yet the king of d match 👑..thats his influence on d game⚽..#magician❤️..

    gaurab bosegaurab bose13 dagen geleden
  • Koeman is always worrying about thr war officials. Today He is having no complaint. A clear penalty was denied for Vallalloid. And that red card was meaningless. It was not a clear goal scoring opportunity to give a red card for that tackle. There were two defence players were waiting. Refree completely helped barca to secure point. Koeman having no complains. Laliga is worrying about Messi's departure if there are not win the title. So the things are planned.

    Adarsh PrakasanAdarsh Prakasan13 dagen geleden
  • Fun Fact: Messi's sons, Mateo, Thiago and Ciro is ALL NAMED AFTER FOOTBALL PLAYERS!!!! Mateo: Mateo Kovačić, Thiago: Thiago Silva, and Ciro: Ciro Immobile!!

    Liam Does RobloxLiam Does Roblox13 dagen geleden
    • @Natioller i never said they were teammates with him. i just think he may got inspiration from the footballer's name.

      Liam Does RobloxLiam Does Roblox13 dagen geleden
    • Hm, how are you sure? Because I think those were random choices since immobile and kovacic, and also Thiago Silva were never messi’s teamates.

      NatiollerNatioller13 dagen geleden
  • Wow. Messi nice try, But the reff was always on your side. That red card was too extreme,

  • The most tough title race going for title this yr is laliga it's so unpredictable atleti barca real even sevilla can win if barca Madrid and atleti drops and sevilla keeps winning dont write down sevilla they are also on title race if atleti barca real drops

    TRUE BARCA FanTRUE BARCA Fan13 dagen geleden
  • No disrespect, but this video was corny , that boy Leo needs to leave Barca. I really don’t like how the Barca team and fans depend on this guy so much. 😂

    MatonMaton13 dagen geleden
  • Real 2 without Ramos and Barca 0 that will flop

    MO THE GUNNERMO THE GUNNER13 dagen geleden
    • 😂😂😂😂 nice joke

      Random RainbowRandom Rainbow13 dagen geleden
  • The ref was a Real Madrid fan.

    Petrov MancityPetrov Mancity13 dagen geleden
  • Feels so good to see the torchbearers of football in good form.💕

    Imroj AlamImroj Alam13 dagen geleden
  • If you saw the match then u would know that if anything the referee was actually biased against the poor real vallodalid team. The red card and the no hand ball.

    Jaypal ChudasamaJaypal Chudasama13 dagen geleden
    • Do you watch soccer do you, they no longer be given that kind of penalties

      Ilias HissenIlias Hissen11 dagen geleden
    • The red shouldve atleast been a yellow, I mean either way the guy was gonna get sent off

      - niightmare- niightmare13 dagen geleden
  • Messi in 2005: Shy Messi in 2021: 👿☠️☠️

    Navjot DuaNavjot Dua13 dagen geleden
  • Now the season is coming to an end, all the major Leagues have become predictable except LA LIGA 😍😍

    ruhaill loneruhaill lone13 dagen geleden
  • It we beat real and athletico we win laliga

    MkboyMkboy13 dagen geleden
  • Referees are being booked now 😭

    Alman SyedAlman Syed13 dagen geleden
  • Ronaldo messi breathes. Oh my goal: Oh ThEy ReActEd ThEy ArE sO WrOnG

    Abhinav RawatAbhinav Rawat13 dagen geleden
  • This title race will be good but I wont be satisfied until we win copa del rey

    Tekkz FootballTekkz Football13 dagen geleden
  • 0:52 me on the exam day when my friends realised that me as an average scorer studied the extra topics they even didn't know।।

    • xD

      ProNess_ ReloaDeDProNess_ ReloaDeD13 dagen geleden
  • I think Madrid will win, because they have easy teams except for Barca to face. Atletico will draw Barca, Real beat Barca, and from there Real wins La Liga.

    Daniel LifshazDaniel Lifshaz13 dagen geleden
  • He was not furious plz don't blame messi

    Rathan ReddyRathan Reddy13 dagen geleden
  • Valladolid should have got a penalty so i think Messi should shut up.

    Cap SuperCap Super13 dagen geleden
  • Because The Ref didn't Gifted Messi with a penalty 😂

    secular Indiasecular India13 dagen geleden
    • Wasn’t cr7 crying about not getting a pen in the UCL? Typical real fan 😂

      Steven AriasSteven Arias13 dagen geleden
  • FINALLY!! FINALLY!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Barça are back to thier best!!!😀😀😀😁😁😁😁🥳🥳😄

    Barça BoyBarça Boy13 dagen geleden
    • @Kaushal Gogulado struggling against a 2 tier team few months ago the best??

      Archana SinghArchana Singh12 dagen geleden
    • Forca barca

      Archana SinghArchana Singh13 dagen geleden
  • Zidane will win la liga cuz barca has to play 3 best matches they do shit against big teams meanwhile real madrid has all easy matches

    Jawad khanJawad khan13 dagen geleden
  • Reporter : how did ur team play tdy Koeman : yeah yeah the Valladolid defence was very good n had chances to score very great team they r

    Niranj SanthoshNiranj Santhosh13 dagen geleden
    • @Niranj Santhosh No one needs ur opinion they were playing great before the international break n played one bad game yesterday n u are saying he is a bad coach. He didn’t complain like other coaches would have and admit the team didn’t play well n u are saying he isn’t good I think u should go n learn more about football cause it never predictable. Also he took 🇳🇱 to the top of their game n Barcelona are going for the y to title whether u like it or not Vardrid fan

      Ezekiel EasymoneyEzekiel Easymoney13 dagen geleden
    • @Ezekiel Easymoney u r saying he is not giving excuses for bad performances which states that barca is playing poor according to their previous seasons. Koeman was a great player but not a good coach acc to me

      Niranj SanthoshNiranj Santhosh13 dagen geleden
    • He said they didn’t play well stupid did u even watch the video cause he not like some who gives excuses because he could have said they played bad cause of International break

      Ezekiel EasymoneyEzekiel Easymoney13 dagen geleden
  • No one: Koeman: *POR, POR, POR*

    Abhishek JaidevAbhishek Jaidev13 dagen geleden
  • 3:10 Griezmann has a Tiny arm and little hand !! Lol 😆🤣😂

    • @Kaushal Gogula Are you on drugs ??

      Shivain SharmaShivain Sharma12 dagen geleden
    • And bigger bank balance than all the people in the comments section including you and me😂😂

      Shivain SharmaShivain Sharma13 dagen geleden
  • 1:01 hope to win again the next match...leo do your best and show who is the best...love from kukiland

    Robert.L. HaokipRobert.L. Haokip13 dagen geleden
  • Dembele has faced sooo much criticism and now his back. Dembouzzz 💖❤👏😍

    • He isn't the same,he has lost his dribbling which he used to do in his earlier Barca days, casually dribbling past 5 players twice in a match, although he was getting injured,that dembele was much more dangerous,he's a better goalscorer now,but that dembele was constantly a trouble for defense,2-3 players had to mark him

      Aakash GarainAakash Garain11 dagen geleden
    • Not really.... He really needs to improve a lot...

      Aadithyan AnoopAadithyan Anoop13 dagen geleden
  • Visca el BARCA

    Robert ThokchomRobert Thokchom13 dagen geleden
  • I love the honesty of Koeman. He accepted that team didn't play well. That's what makes him special that he never makes excuses ❤💖👏

    • @Aditya Saraswati Still Atlético are at top ! History knows and will repeat. Barca will rise. Not with Koeman in it.

      Ankit BorgohainAnkit Borgohain7 dagen geleden
    • @Ankit Borgohain first of all he was also new. It was the board that kick him out they both stated. And secondly stop watching football cuz u can't even spell a club's name properly

      Aditya SaraswatiAditya Saraswati11 dagen geleden
    • @John Doe 😂😂👍

      Aditya SaraswatiAditya Saraswati11 dagen geleden
    • He always blames the team when we play bad even though at times it was his. Look at the squad he used against Cadiz.

      AHMAD SAADAHMAD SAAD11 dagen geleden
    • @Ankit Borgohain They won't be after some matches 😉

      Safwan VanooSafwan Vanoo11 dagen geleden
  • That's why Messi was not giving his full. For El Classico he is pumped up.👍

    Messionate GamingMessionate Gaming13 dagen geleden
  • why didnt ref give valladolid a penalty alba touches the ball with his hand score would have been 1-1 then🤡

    ryuryu13 dagen geleden
  • Let's just praise koeman for remotivating the team. Hats off

    Advait 123Advait 12313 dagen geleden
  • 2:16 that was real madrid theme lol 😂😂 everytime they score, they play this theme

    MNR 11MNR 1113 dagen geleden
  • Why aren't u guys posting a video of ronaldo refusing to swap his jersey with gosens

    shahbas barçaashahbas barçaa13 dagen geleden
  • My team is back😭💙❤️✨⚡⚡🔥

    NathanNathan13 dagen geleden
  • bro how is he complaining the ref saved them... that was a pen for vallodolid and never a red card...

    DesignMCDesignMC13 dagen geleden
    • Either way if the guy had another yellow he would've been sent off

      - niightmare- niightmare13 dagen geleden
  • Why football is getting unfair for great players 😭😭🥺🥺😡😡

    Raghwender RaiRaghwender Rai13 dagen geleden
  • Worth Of A Captain

    Tashi GyeltshenTashi Gyeltshen13 dagen geleden
  • Oh my goal - barca fanboy

    Jathin Prakash.UJathin Prakash.U13 dagen geleden
  • Bruh its like real madrid paid the refrees to give him card man this refrees 🙄

    Rudra BiswasRudra Biswas13 dagen geleden
  • Cry baby Messi

    RENUK M BRENUK M B13 dagen geleden
  • Oh my goal: Why does every LaLiga team that’s drawing w Barcelona get a red card then bottle the game the last minute.

    Henryk MartinezHenryk Martinez13 dagen geleden
    • @Kaushal Gogula I just don’t get it, this is the reason Barca are so close to being 1st. If this never happened they would’ve been like 5 points behind Real Madrid. I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal but it is.

      Henryk MartinezHenryk Martinez12 dagen geleden
  • Most thrilling league this season. Laliga and epl are the best league to watch.

    Napping BroncoNapping Bronco13 dagen geleden
    • @Fabi Freire facts my guy serie a is where it’s at

      PatPat10 dagen geleden
    • The amount of people who dont know anything in this comment section... There are statistics for this, you guys are aware of that right? According to the IFFH the best football league in the world for the past 14 years has been the premier league and since 2020 it is Serie A. Im sorry but La liga isnt there. A league is composed of more teams than just the ones at the top, while Spain has Barça, Real and so on, the bottom teams in spain are worse than the bottom teams in England or Italy, even the middle of the table spanish teams arent that great in comparison. Serie A > Premier League > La Liga > Bundesliga > Ligue1 these are just facts and statistics. The top teams of the past two decades are undoubtly spanish though.

      Fabi FreireFabi Freire10 dagen geleden
    • @dragon warrior lol what a keyboard warrior. I'm an united fan but what happened to us last year against Sevilla. La Liga is as entertaining as prem and serie A. Why yall making a big fuss abt it?? Just enjoy good football while it lasts.

      captribble hvcaptribble hv11 dagen geleden
    • @CR7 LM10 no way homie Ligue 1 has psg that’s it

      PatPat13 dagen geleden
    • @Taah Waii Sonam yeah only real madrid won big things from spain no other club did look at premier league atleast 5 or 6 clubs will be powerful lots of derbys where in laliga barca ,real and atleti boring tbh

      dragon warriordragon warrior13 dagen geleden
  • ngl reff was trash

    External gamingExternal gaming13 dagen geleden