Why I got Fired

1 apr. 2021
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  • I thought we were going to see you screw up really bad lol cool story though I'd love to go tell 14 yr old me that

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  • Was that person following u as u made the ice creams like your manager or somthing

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  • Well how do you drain the sink yo- facepalm

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  • I used to work at baskin Robbins. I gained weight

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  • Thanks for this. I needed this. I took a month break from engineering because of a failed interview. I really took it to heart. But I’m gonna get back ok the job hunt and improve my skills!

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  • I forgot about them damn waffles as soon as he turned away.

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  • Everyone makes mistakes.

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  • Lol the people at his job be like: 😳 why is he videoing

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  • Good video, Great advise, Awesome Attitude. 😊

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  • Just the positive content that I need.

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  • He almost messed up while talking about messing up lol πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

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  • Is this is a joke? How did you get fired? I would give you a raise for making ice cream like that.

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  • That ice cream looks good :)

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  • This is exactly what I needed. Thank you Dylan!

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  • why does he sound dead in this video

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  • Why did I think u actually got fired...

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  • so not an april fools

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  • Holy shit, actually a good youtube reccomendation

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  • Had a job as a waitress at 16 and I was the exact same. I then realized once I had left that job and worked somewhere else that it wasn’t just me being stressed that was making the job so difficult, it was also my boss and the people around me. My boss would yell at me and treat me like a child, and while I was the youngest employee, you shouldn’t belittle your employees like that. The yelling only added to my stress to the point that I would get sick at work and need to go home (because a customer isn’t going to want a sick person handling their food) Long story short, I was a nervous person with a shit boss in a stressful work environment... I’m glad I don’t work there anymore

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  • i thought it was a video showing you getting fired

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  • This video is so simple yet so much more meaningful than 90% of the videos on NLworld today...

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  • Can totally relate. Reminded me of my first job. Was having a bad day after work but this video cheered me up.

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  • this video feels too long for only 2 minutes

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  • Good job :)

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