Who Has The Best Pizza Hut Order? | BuzzFeed India

3 apr. 2021
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Some people like pineapples on pizza and some eat pizza with sauce. And some strange people don't even like pizza!
Dominos had it's day so now it's time to find out who has the best Pizza Hut order!
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  • Me seeing this video who has never ate pizza hut: 🙂🙂

    Eva DilawariEva DilawariMaand geleden
    • I have eaten pizzahut but i like broadway more

      Iffat SyedaIffat Syeda2 dagen geleden
    • 🙂🙂🤧

      mehak mehramehak mehra4 dagen geleden
    • bruh. seriously

      Tsukasa EishiTsukasa Eishi7 dagen geleden
    • Omg you haven’t eaten at Pizza Hut I literally went there every time I was at the mall

      Ananya ShahAnanya Shah15 dagen geleden
    • Same 🙂🙂

      nithya Genesisnithya Genesis19 dagen geleden
  • Shreya shirt has thank you next written on it any ari fans

    Aunsha MaheshgauriAunsha Maheshgauri19 uur geleden
  • OK FIRST TIME SHREYA'S PUN GOT ME "This person gold pizza ''HUT!''" 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Shreya SanjayShreya SanjayDag geleden
  • Hard to watch during a day of Ramadan. 🙁

    Elmo !Elmo !Dag geleden
  • They said we are doing pizza hut order and i had a dominos ad😂

    Arya ShindeArya ShindeDag geleden
  • Shreya you said cheesy comfort should be spicy but you removed chilies from the cheese garlic bread 🍞 🤔

    Chitralekha JainChitralekha JainDag geleden
  • Please do this challenge with taco bell

    Rudradip BiswasRudradip BiswasDag geleden
  • I love almost everything in pizza hut except pizza lmao idk why. my first pizza experience was in pizza hut too like 12 years ago. the only time I enjoyed their pizza as I didn't knew how pizza take

    ShuHaoShuHao2 dagen geleden
  • Shreya wins each time cause she rates others low most of the time . Even if its average she scores the food below average. Very sly

    Keerthi VijayKeerthi Vijay3 dagen geleden
  • I as a child ate for 1000 bucks on pizza hut

    Nishaanth PrakashNishaanth Prakash4 dagen geleden
  • The corn guy gives me chatur ramalingam vibes

    dev bhandaridev bhandari5 dagen geleden
    • The anti idiots?

      Ishaan NagIshaan Nag2 dagen geleden
  • Did anyone notice or is it just me Shreya wearing a ariana's thank u next merch btw love ariana 💜💜💜💜

    kareem shariefkareem sharief5 dagen geleden
  • Orange means spicy 🔥 . Orange 🍊 fruit :- am I joke to u !?

    Gungun DeyGungun Dey6 dagen geleden
  • Ok so i want to say that u guys should remove sasha from ur videos bcz her good combination is always bland nd she always complaint about others order

    Avk TipsAvk Tips6 dagen geleden
  • Well....my order would be: A Creamy Melt Pizza Garlic Breads As A Side And Some Pepsi With It

    Tsukasa EishiTsukasa Eishi7 dagen geleden
  • It’s always shepreya that has the best order

    Charli d’amelio LifestyleCharli d’amelio Lifestyle7 dagen geleden
  • This is just hut

    Sreeja SSreeja S8 dagen geleden
  • This is Pizza hut not pasta hut 😂😂

    King Rees Money Gaming *KRMG the labelKing Rees Money Gaming *KRMG the label8 dagen geleden
  • Restaurant’s name doesn’t means a person should order from looking at it’s name like Kfc “it’s for chicken not fries” like what you make no sense Pizza hut “is it pizza hut or pasta hut” damn are y’all 3 year old dumb kids

    Satrtejjjsususseueusususj FFSatrtejjjsususseueusususj FF8 dagen geleden
    • Please fix your grammar instead ok insulting people

      Nadine NasserNadine Nasser2 dagen geleden
  • Shreya where is your pepsi/coke....what's with this sorry ass miranda

    The IndotakuThe Indotaku8 dagen geleden
  • Vishal is buzzfeed India’s karan johar no offence’

    조에안녕조에안녕8 dagen geleden
  • I love how Shreya’s wearing Ariana Grande’s song name, “thank u next”. 👍

    Samina MaishaSamina Maisha9 dagen geleden
  • Idk but that whole explanation of that cheese ball creeped me out. Too detailed🤣

    Ayaan ZeeshanAyaan Zeeshan9 dagen geleden
    • *poppers

      Ayaan ZeeshanAyaan Zeeshan9 dagen geleden
  • I love the captions of your videos they literally make me laugh so much 🤣😃

    Avantika NairAvantika Nair9 dagen geleden
  • "IDK how to translate LAMENESS" BURN🔥🔥

  • You guys complain so much man🤣

    Abhiraj ShedgeAbhiraj Shedge11 dagen geleden
  • How can people forget classic margarita pizza😢

    Naufeena khadeejaNaufeena khadeeja11 dagen geleden
  • It’s funny that I got a Pizza Hut add while watching this ☠️☠️

    ꧁Axumi꧂꧁Axumi꧂11 dagen geleden
  • I cannot be the only one who loves vishal 😂 oh god this dude 💯

    Raima ChattopadhyayRaima Chattopadhyay11 dagen geleden
  • This is pointless who will order the same thing everytime

    LocopLocop11 dagen geleden
  • I love shreya she understands me sooo MUCH! BRO she is also wearing the freakin Thank u, next hoodie. I just love her

    Manisha SharmaManisha Sharma11 dagen geleden
  • Shreya ka order sbse acha😀 I am with you girl😂❤️❤️

    Shreya SinhaShreya Sinha11 dagen geleden
  • Sasha out pizzad the hut literally

    Aditya SwamyAditya Swamy11 dagen geleden
  • Shreya: this person literally told pizza 'Hut' Me: replaying that part over and over again

    Navya PandeyNavya Pandey12 dagen geleden
  • Wait..... is shreya wearing a thank u, next shirt

    Avs Taylor's versionAvs Taylor's version12 dagen geleden
  • First comment

    Revathi RameshRevathi Ramesh12 dagen geleden
  • Vishal is a crying baby he only likes his order and noone else'.....

    MWG GAMERMWG GAMER12 dagen geleden
  • It was looking like vishal was trying to show off his DIY sweatshirt lol

    Meenal choudhariMeenal choudhari13 dagen geleden
  • Sometimes I think Vishal is just flirting with food level the food alone

    Sunita AroraSunita Arora13 dagen geleden
  • 3:11 if she don't wanna eat that order just don't eat na why u gotta call someone psychopath 😤

  • Unpopular opinion: vishal's coke and pepsi thing is literally true😂

    Muskan MMuskan M14 dagen geleden
  • Pizza with Indian toppings and ketchup = 🤢🤢🤢🤢

    SAM RATSAM RAT14 dagen geleden
  • Shreya: I feel like going to pizza hut and not ordering pepsi or coke is like such an alien concept to me! Also her: With my order I will order Mirinda. So, that means she is an alien.

    Sri Ram SaranSri Ram Saran14 dagen geleden
  • shreya: a person who dosent get pepsi or coke at pizza hut is alien Also shreya: I got mirinda :)

    sundus yasirsundus yasir15 dagen geleden
  • I love every time they use hind it’s like literally so funny everytime

    Ananya ShahAnanya Shah15 dagen geleden
  • Vishal kuch to phoonk raha hai🤔

    Asheesh GuptaAsheesh Gupta15 dagen geleden
  • Is it weird that the last in line always wins

    JAZIB JALALJAZIB JALAL16 dagen geleden
  • What will dominos say to pizza hut Abe pizza HUT!!! My brother told me this joke lol

    that one weird kid in you neighborhoodthat one weird kid in you neighborhood16 dagen geleden
  • Shreya: I feel like not ordering Pepsi or coke at Pizza Hut is an alien concept to me Me: U HAVE MIRINDA IN UR ORDER AND NOT PEPSI OR COKE 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 not in a rude way just a joke love her and the channel

    Vaishnavi SaikripaVaishnavi Saikripa18 dagen geleden
  • Vishal just overacted in the entire video If agree hit 👍🏻 like

    Harpreet KaurHarpreet Kaur18 dagen geleden
  • You guys dont eat pizza wuth ketchup??? I ate pizza at dominos, i hated it, then i went to chicking and there waa ketchup and i loved it, thats what made me a pizza person

    Kichu's KitchenKichu's Kitchen18 dagen geleden
    • Tf is chicking?

      Nina DidnothingwrongNina Didnothingwrong14 dagen geleden
  • Shreya saying HUTTTTTT...and Vishal saying ISMEIN CHEEZ BHI THA🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Kehkashan PerveenKehkashan Perveen18 dagen geleden
  • Did anyone else notice Vishal says he doesn’t like sausages but has the parcel from dominos which has sausages in it😂😂

    LilKFoodieLilKFoodie19 dagen geleden
  • Ari lovers sherya has wore thank u , next

    Kunj GanatraKunj Ganatra19 dagen geleden
  • You should try the dough balls at Pizza Hut!

    Preet DumirPreet Dumir19 dagen geleden
  • Vishal, love from Guwahati.. Even my first pizza experience was in Pizza Hut, Guwahati... And also i eat pizza from corner...

    Jayashree GoswamiJayashree Goswami19 dagen geleden
  • 3:21 it's Jain Garlic bread

    FuntertainmentFuntertainment20 dagen geleden
  • Shreya telling: going to pizza hut and not ordering Pepsi or coke is a alien concept Also Shreya: ordering Mirinda 😂😂

    sai kruthisai kruthi20 dagen geleden
  • Are ye kya bol rahe hai,ye to hindi me banayao a sub add kar hindi ka

    VOLT GAMINGVOLT GAMING20 dagen geleden
  • Pizza hut,broke student doesn't compute.

    john 009john 00920 dagen geleden
  • 430th disliker yeah 😂

    Ansh PathakAnsh Pathak20 dagen geleden
  • Me looking at this while I am hungry.🤤🤤

    cheems burgercheems burger20 dagen geleden
  • "This person literally told PIZZA *HAT* "😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Plagg's camembertPlagg's camembert20 dagen geleden
  • I love shreya's "thank u, next" hoodie soooo much!!!!!! Is she an arianator?! Cuz I am one and always love to meet others in the gang

    Plagg's camembertPlagg's camembert20 dagen geleden

    Ayusha SheteAyusha Shete20 dagen geleden
  • Why dont u order beer with pizza?

    ManiuzillaManiuzilla21 dag geleden
  • Pizza Hut is not a pizza 🤣

    ManiuzillaManiuzilla21 dag geleden
  • do sbarro!!!

    Rhucha BRhucha B21 dag geleden
  • Best j-fries order plzzzz

    Bharati SinghBharati Singh21 dag geleden
  • The pizza told hutt pizza 😄 🤣

    Maais plazsMaais plazs21 dag geleden
  • Sasha wants to watch the world burn

    Ira:DIra:D22 dagen geleden
  • 2:50....shreyas dialogue 😆 XD

    sriram rayabharapusriram rayabharapu22 dagen geleden
    • 😂💯

      quick tasty foodquick tasty food17 dagen geleden
  • Me : watching pizza hut video Domino's: lets put an ad and save ourselves

    Aditi ShashidharAditi Shashidhar22 dagen geleden
  • Vishal and Aniket were super amazing in this video. Vishal's starting and Aniket's ranting on the specifications of order were super duper amazing

    Purvi BhasinPurvi Bhasin22 dagen geleden
  • U Guys are the best

    maimoona khanmaimoona khan22 dagen geleden
  • 8:07 Wow vishal

    RuduSaysWhatRuduSaysWhat22 dagen geleden
  • From when did Miranda became a coke Shreya???🤔🤔🤔🤔

    shone thomasshone thomas22 dagen geleden
  • Aniket:- When something is orange it is spicy. Me :- My favourite fruit is orange Soo spicy 🔥🔥🔥

    shone thomasshone thomas22 dagen geleden
  • dominos is better

    Swastik NeolSwastik Neol22 dagen geleden
  • Wannabe Americans

    Just A Random playerJust A Random player22 dagen geleden
  • nlworld.info/key/video/mKyqkbC2rZyIbGc

    Hit n MissHit n Miss23 dagen geleden
  • 0:02 I loveee vishal

    Faria AnjumFaria Anjum23 dagen geleden
  • 2:51 😂😂

    Alveena NahyanAlveena Nahyan23 dagen geleden
  • I like the way they start judging everything on the basis of looks And then change the whole opinion after taking a bite. 😂

    Al RomanAl Roman23 dagen geleden
  • 4:37 what about your order Sasha

    Rv blogger 38Rv blogger 3823 dagen geleden
  • 0:33 if she likes it then only she'll order it na

    Rv blogger 38Rv blogger 3823 dagen geleden
  • गुढीपाडव्याच्या व हिंदू नुतनवर्षाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा🙏🙏🙏

    Harsh PandereHarsh Pandere23 dagen geleden
  • Sponsered by pepsi

    Himanshu RaghuwanshiHimanshu Raghuwanshi23 dagen geleden
  • Shreya looks like an elf 😂

    Vishwa MVishwa M23 dagen geleden
  • Are u an arinator shreya?

    B.m AnandB.m Anand23 dagen geleden
  • Chicken pepperoni ... RIP pepperoni

    rahul gulatirahul gulati23 dagen geleden
  • vishal is just great but cringy at the same time

    nidhi bajpainidhi bajpai23 dagen geleden
  • I hate Sasha's attitude in every video.she shouldn't be coming in any video. Her taste in everything is so shitty.

    it's me lol :-Dit's me lol :-D23 dagen geleden
  • They get paid by pizza hut Varna koi pizza hut ki tareef Nahi karta 😂😂

    Hiten MalhotraHiten Malhotra24 dagen geleden
  • What the FUCK is CHICKEN PEPPERONI?!. Who the fuck BAKES chicken wings!?

    Aaditya KumarAaditya Kumar24 dagen geleden
  • Please do a review on Burger King too 😃😃

    Zozo NyekhaZozo Nyekha24 dagen geleden
  • Pizza "Hattttt" !!!

    Kasturi Dev ChoudhuryKasturi Dev Choudhury24 dagen geleden

    jahnavi kotajahnavi kota24 dagen geleden

    jahnavi kotajahnavi kota24 dagen geleden
  • आप लोक इस चैनल में हिंदी में क्यों नहीं बोल ते हो ???

    Soma DasSoma Das24 dagen geleden