When The Finish Line Isn’t The Finish Line | Did Wout van Aert Really Win Amstel Gold?

19 apr. 2021
97 394 Weergaven

More racing than you can shake a stick at! With a crazy week of bike racing now behind us, Dan finally gets chance to analyse the action and controversy. Marianne Vos proves that she's still boss at the women's Amstel Gold race, confusion reigns supreme at the men's finishing line. Another finish line controversy sees Ruth Winder claim a win in the women's Brabantse Pijl and Cav shows he's still got it, with 4 wins from 8 stages at the Tour of Turkey!
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  • How hard can it be to shine a laser across the black finish line. The first wheel that has the lightspot on it is the winners wheel. No need to make strange lines before or after the "real" line.

    Miky SchusterMiky Schuster7 dagen geleden
  • 02:13 How is it not clear? Are you serious?

    Alican GülAlican Gül12 dagen geleden
  • If the roles were reversed gcn would say pidcock clearly won.

    Mikie KearnsMikie Kearns12 dagen geleden
  • Jumbo is selling Amstel Beer so its clearly more important that a Jumbo cyclist has an advantage moneywise. Its called fraude.

    Stefan NamenStefan Namen12 dagen geleden
  • Surely Pidcock will be unstoppable as a climber he is tiny and has as much horse power as the big boyz

    john pontesjohn pontes13 dagen geleden
  • Error of paralax

    john pontesjohn pontes13 dagen geleden
  • Maybe if it's this close, that the angle and placement of the camera can be called into question, then it should be called a tie and the two winners should have to continue on with a 'sprint race-off'. It would work something like this, if two racers tie for the win then they have to compete in a 100 meter sprint race to settle the win. I think the drama of a sprint 15 minutes after both have crossed the finish line (in a tie) would be exciting. Sort of like over-time in other sports.

    Magic DinsmoreMagic Dinsmore13 dagen geleden
  • Why not swap it and make the finish line white on a black "carpet" ffs

    scratch_bearscratch_bear14 dagen geleden
  • Both should have been declared winners. Racing is a sport - but sport isn't always about winning, is it? In professional sports, with money and sponsors involved, it is, unfortunately. How about fair play, camaraderie - sportsmanship....wouldn't it have been a better story for both to have been "winners"? When you have to have a computer amplify an image to determine the pixel difference, after 200+ km of racing, sorry - that's not the way I'd want to "win", or remember a win by. The winners were all of us witnessing the race. A better and fairer ending would have been both on the top podium; call it too close to call - fuck the technology, really -

    Fernando SendaoFernando Sendao14 dagen geleden
  • When's Remco back in action?

    NottsLadNottsLad14 dagen geleden
  • How about a camera from above as well

    Chris SpaethChris Spaeth14 dagen geleden
  • Then change the color of the line to yellow

    Chris SpaethChris Spaeth14 dagen geleden
  • Van Aert rides for a Dutch team in a Dutch race. Nothing like moving the finish line to ensure the Dutch team wins, was it ever going to be a different result?

    Father ThamesFather Thames14 dagen geleden
    • Sure. And there are only Dutch commissars in the jury? And they knew ahead it would turn out to become a finish so close to call that they would better place the photo finish camera at a spot slightly before where it should be? Probably they also pre-instructed WvA where exactly this sneaky photo finish line would be? LMAO

      Holly SykesHolly Sykes10 dagen geleden
  • Why can't a laser be used? again is the UCI back in the dark ages as it's usually the case...and lastly, why not have the camera down the black line? tho as I've iterated anything UCI is a near joke!

    lee a dorneylee a dorney14 dagen geleden
  • jay vine............... wow

    Cronulla SharksCronulla Sharks14 dagen geleden
  • what about a draw ?

    Cronulla SharksCronulla Sharks14 dagen geleden
  • Pidcock is the real winner - the finish line should be decisive and not something else that riders and spectators cannot see

    MarshallGA12MarshallGA1215 dagen geleden
  • wow, so much room for the camera to be positioned for a photo finish.

    budojonbudojon15 dagen geleden
  • I am glad I don't have to decide...

    Han VromanHan Vroman15 dagen geleden
  • All we really need to understand, based on what I've read about the rules, is that the line on the road is a physical approximation and what is official is the line generated by the camera and computer. The line on the road tends to work, but man, were these close! I guess a different set of rules could have flipped the results.

    bradley bleckbradley bleck15 dagen geleden
  • Why not have a white line between say thick yellow lines on the outside

    Paul EntwistlePaul Entwistle15 dagen geleden
  • 4 thousandths of a second difference!? Surely that's nonsense?? Here's why. 60kmh or 37mph is over 16 metres/sec. (16000 millimetres per sec.) 0.001 seconds is 16mm. 0.004 sec equals 64mm or over 2.5 inches. It doesn't look anything like the depth of a sizeably deep section rim, and if it had been the riders, themselves, would probably known who won ...along with everyone else. This makes me very sceptical that they know what they're talking about.

    shaunslateshaunslate15 dagen geleden
  • The GCN/Eurosport commentary as of late has been an absolute cringefest of Pidcock love. Users outside of the UK/USA deserve better than to be forced to listen 2 Brits nut hug their countryman non-stop for half the broadcast 😉

    CreamyBoneCreamyBone15 dagen geleden
  • Seriously if its so close we can't be certain the technology has separated them, they should give a joint win!

    Peter DannattPeter Dannatt16 dagen geleden
  • vansevenant and schachmann were caught up in the same crash and vansevenant remounted first. How was schachmann back to the front in no time with vansevenant having a huge epic chase to get back?

    Cool DogCool Dog16 dagen geleden
    • Sticky bottles

      Vincent KrauseVincent Krause15 dagen geleden
  • Why not define a minimum margin and say: if it's less than, for instance, a 100th of a second, it's a draw.

    jatojojatojo16 dagen geleden
  • Closest race finish ever? check out 2010 U23 World Championships road race ( Melbourne) third place. That is amazing.

    bgpproductions -bgpproductions -16 dagen geleden
  • Simple Photoshop played a role who won

    Pieter Van Der VyverPieter Van Der Vyver16 dagen geleden
  • The TV camera and the photo finish camera are different equipment. So we can't really determine the winner via TV camera or the regular camera. Maybe GCN should make a video segment about how the photo finish line works? Have an expert from UCI or something to showcase how photo finish works is used in cycling So you can educate the fans. Instead of people make speculation and start making their own theory on Twitter. Suddenly everyone believes it.

    N. Heroe PN. Heroe P16 dagen geleden
  • @gcn Sorry, where can I watch the Connor dunn video "dare to dream etc"??

    Matt HerbertMatt Herbert16 dagen geleden
  • Those 2 new UCI rules (bottle tossing and hand positions) are garbage and should removed.

    narutoqweavatarnarutoqweavatar16 dagen geleden
  • If your shutter speed is less than 4000/sec how can you reliably calculate 1/4000th? I suppose you could infer that the difference in distance is (as an example) 90% of the per frame change in distance but that'd be a pretty rough estimate.

    Jesse StroikJesse Stroik16 dagen geleden
    • I thought he said 4/1000 not 1/4000.

      Peter DannattPeter Dannatt16 dagen geleden
  • Given that the riders race for the "black" line, and all the technology available today, all judging should be based on the BLACK line. Obviously, it rare that there are many close calls like this, but riders are getting more tactical and unless it is a clear solo win, the technology needs to match what the riders are racing to. Especially when the "bike throw" is a very well known tactic and it is planned on the visible line the racer can see. Just my thoughts. :)

    Adam Scott KulchyskiAdam Scott Kulchyski16 dagen geleden
    • The exact finish line is defined as where the first white line meets the black line. Of course it is impossible to have a camera with a slit that (infinite) narrow. In stead they use the last bit of the first white line as a distinguishable background.

      Holly SykesHolly Sykes10 dagen geleden
  • The judges need to recognize a tie when they see one an award accordingly

    jeff blowersjeff blowers16 dagen geleden
  • This video would not exist if Pidcock wasn't british btw

    DennisDennis16 dagen geleden
  • I wonder what the percentage is of road races won by cyclocross riders for this season.

    Jean Claude Van WeathermanJean Claude Van Weatherman16 dagen geleden
  • One might think that declaring a draw ought to be more fair, but then once the standard for a draw had been set you'd run into exactly the same problem deciding if the riders were close enough for it to be declared a draw.

    Derek JenningsDerek Jennings16 dagen geleden
  • Riders who finish within half of 1/10 of the second of each other should be given dead heat. Simple.

    Peter ChilcottPeter Chilcott16 dagen geleden
  • UCI should change this rule. It makes no sense, why not draw the red line right at the edge of that black slit instead of before it? Or alternatively, just have one white finish line?

    nengnengnengablenengnengnengable16 dagen geleden
  • nlworld.info/key/video/tqxhoLDHg3pye6Y this is a simple explanation of how they work

    J CerulloJ Cerullo16 dagen geleden
  • Van Aert 'deemed' the winner? He WAS the winner.

    Ryan DevlinRyan Devlin16 dagen geleden
  • 6.8kg bike vs 8.2kg bike. Look how much more power WVA had to put into the bike to get it a few mm in front.

    durianriderdurianrider16 dagen geleden
  • Shutter speed and fps aren't the same thing...

    RaestRaest16 dagen geleden
  • Why don't they make finish line yellow, red or any other color? It doesn't have to be black. Then, camera could be placed exactly on that line.

    Marek KozubMarek Kozub16 dagen geleden
    • Yeah right, so the riders wouldn’t be able to distinguish it well at high speed. I suggest to stick to best contrast, which happens to be black to white.

      Holly SykesHolly Sykes10 dagen geleden
  • Isn`t Van Aert Dutch and this is a race in Holland? Just saying!

    Gordon BarnesGordon Barnes16 dagen geleden
    • There's a clear 4 pixel difference on the actual finish photo. The photo on 2:10 shows 2 red lines next to each other. The left one is on the outer edge of Tom's wheel and goes through the light coloured side surface of Wout's wheel. That light side is only vagely visable on the tv shot, which makes it look like the all black tyre from Tom is ahead. And there's the distortion of the tv camera, which causes the closer rider to be ahead, when they are exactly aligned. You can check this by copying the photo in GIMP or Inkscape and draw 2 squares at the start and ending of the finish line: It swerves to the left. If you can watch the clip on this page, with the actual AGR finishfotographer, you'll see it's not a scam: nos.nl/artikel/2377417-fotofinish-operator-amstel-gold-race-twijfelt-niet-je-ziet-dat-pidcock-te-laat-is.html

      Peter SlegersPeter Slegers16 dagen geleden
    • Van Aert is Belgian not dutch

      Martijn SchilsMartijn Schils16 dagen geleden
  • Piddocks was robbed that’s all there is to it

    Adrian ButcherAdrian Butcher16 dagen geleden
  • Surely the guys and gals are racing to the black line , not a camera line somewhere else ?

    Neil RushworthNeil Rushworth16 dagen geleden
  • Brits doing their usual to big up their lads.... Yawn!

    Keith O'SheaKeith O'Shea16 dagen geleden
  • As a photographer, this Amstel finish photo does not look correct to me. The camera was either displaced to the left hand side, or slightly out of angle to the left (so not looking straight ahead at a 90-degree angle). Maybe it took a hit and rotated slightly to the left and therefore gave an unfair advantage to Wout, the rider most in the back. I really wonder where and how was this camera attached and positioned?

    16 dagen geleden
  • JOINT Winner. UCI should introduce a rule change. There ought to be a 10cm WHITE finishing line on the road at the finish line. As long as any wheel touches it before the first one leaves it, the two are considered joint winners. (Just like in Tennis, the white line has a certain thickness. If the ball lands on any part of the line, it is still called "in". In Road cycling, after 200km of riding, the second guy needs to be beaten by at least 10cm. It is too unreasonable to deprive him of a win if he was just 10cm behind. Make this a rule. Whoever's wheel touches the white line before the first wheel fully left the white line, both will be declared winners. Why not. Why separate them. He is too close to be called second. Only fair for him to be declared JOINT WINNER.

    BlueMarbleToday VincentBlueMarbleToday Vincent16 dagen geleden
  • I don't care I just can't wait to watch Paris Roubaix

    supersonicwingssupersonicwings16 dagen geleden
  • The Ineos and the Manager of PIdcock must sue that Corrupt Judge, it was clear that TOM won

    Efren Ochoa JaysimanEfren Ochoa Jaysiman17 dagen geleden
  • Love GCN but van Aert won, the end, move on

    Anomander RakeAnomander Rake17 dagen geleden
  • Pidcock, Van Aert, Van Der Poel.... three cyclocross racers. How can that be?

    ABCdWABCdW17 dagen geleden
  • I havent the opportunity to watch the race last weekend, and I was constantly hoping that nobody on youtube would spoil me the result... thank you GCN...

    G CG C17 dagen geleden
  • However... However... However...

    Unexpected ItemUnexpected Item17 dagen geleden
  • a top cam view can be considered.

    sApHrz Music POVsApHrz Music POV17 dagen geleden
  • Disappointed Tom Pidcock didn’t win but I am loving the aggressive way Ineos is racing this season.

    UrbanJungleUrbanJungle17 dagen geleden
  • Have you (@gcn) thought about posting race highlights to the GCN+ App/website in the same way the F1 channel does on their NLworld? Many of us don’t have the many hours to watch a race, but would love a visual recap of say 5-10 minutes. This of course no disrespect to Dan/this production. I feel both can easily coexist the same way F1 does their recap shows aside from their highlight shows. Cheers!

    STANDARD HSTANDARD H17 dagen geleden
    • @Matthias Wuest I’ll check into that. Thanks! I think F1 does a wonderful job for sure.

      STANDARD HSTANDARD H16 dagen geleden
    • As far as I can tell they do post highlights, but they might still be territory restricted. If you go to the race in question and then click on "highlights / extras" there should be both short and long form highlights for most races.

      Matthias WuestMatthias Wuest16 dagen geleden
  • Surely some sort of pressure pad or lazer line or something could be used alongside cameras?

    david heathfielddavid heathfield17 dagen geleden
    • @Geoff King Didn't they say it was the equivalent of 2 pixels away from the actual line?

      81caasi81caasi16 dagen geleden
    • Photo finish is a tried and tested method. It is not "a photo" as such but a series of images of a very narrow line (which is why the bikes and riders appear to be distorted). The whole debate here is where the camera was positioned as evidence suggests it was not on or even that close to the finish line

      Geoff KingGeoff King16 dagen geleden
  • Well, this was the final straw. Can't stream ANY of the big races. No flech wallone, no liege bastogne liege and I can't even get the app to cast the first stage of the tour of the alps, nor the final stage of the tour of Turkey, but all of gcn's media mysteriously works perfectly. I can't believe I paid, even half price, for this. I was hoodwinked. It's shit.

    J PJ P17 dagen geleden
    • @81caasi yep, updated, in the states. Geolocked on all the good races. I can stream a lot of stuff on the app, but a lot of the time I can't get the app to cast to my TV. But, ALL the gcn programming works flawlessly.

      J PJ P16 dagen geleden
    • What's your location? Is your phone's system updated?

      81caasi81caasi16 dagen geleden
  • An overhead camera would solve this problem, hopefully😂

    Syde SarmientoSyde Sarmiento17 dagen geleden
  • Can you add a breakdown of the show with minutes please :)

    Betta Babe PilipinasBetta Babe Pilipinas17 dagen geleden
  • it's not just cycling. try rowing! the cameras are placed on land far far away from the boats, there is no line in the water, and on tv the computer generated line is taken between two control boats on the water that bob all over the place.

    Jay RbJay Rb17 dagen geleden
    • Rio 2016 Men's Singles Finals. Closest I've ever seen! And there's no way to perfectly align at the start so it definitely feels arbitrary

      Matthias WuestMatthias Wuest16 dagen geleden
  • Instead of blocking UCI cyclocross races perhaps a genius at UCI could figure out a laser beam method for determining who crosses the finish line first......

    M+MsM+Ms17 dagen geleden
    • Photo finish is entirely suitable. Any method fails if you put the detection in the wrong place

      Geoff KingGeoff King16 dagen geleden
  • I wonder why there isn't some sort of laser trip wire linked into the camera system. Just talking out my rear here, but if you know the frame rate of the camera and you know the exact time it's turned on you can calculate the exact time that the winning rider crosses the "line." The laser will tell you the exact time it was "tripped" so you can use that time, assuming the clocks on both are synchronized to tell, based on the camera, who crossed the line first. Again, just spitballing here, but we definitely have the technology...

    Jake DavidsonJake Davidson17 dagen geleden
  • I call BS on that computer generated line. God knows how much parallax was happening on that shot and where the actual line was or whether the riders themselves are aware of it. Pidcock has beaten VA fair and square

    Just MeJust Me17 dagen geleden
  • Piggy won

    not reallynot really17 dagen geleden
  • It would be nice to hear from the actual time keepers from these races rather than have to speculate about position of camera etc.

    themrtimmyboythemrtimmyboy17 dagen geleden
    • There's a video on nos nl : Fotofinish-operator Amstel Gold Race twijfelt niet: 'Je ziet dat Pidcock te laat is' You can see Tom stopped pedalling 1½ billboard before the finish, which slows him down, while Wout kept on stomping. The actual finish photo shows a 4 pixel difference. It also makes clear that Tom's tyre is all black, while Wout's is black on the rim, light in the middle and has only a small black road surface that you cannot easily see with the naked eye or a tv camera.

      Peter SlegersPeter Slegers16 dagen geleden
  • Thanks for the recap Dan! A great bunch of races lately

    Ian StewartIan Stewart17 dagen geleden
  • Instead of taking a photograph, why don't they put a pressure-sensitive finishing line across the road. Whichever rider's bike is the first to apply downward pressure on it is the winner. No confusion. Just make sure you don't do a wheelie over the line.

    rotrot27rotrot2717 dagen geleden
    • Thats exactly what VVA did... (the wheelie)

      lolzold4lolzold417 dagen geleden
  • In the women's race, the official photo 4:31 is after the tv camera 4:26 (demi vollering's hand has left the bar in the official, still on the bar in the tv). So the official camera is on just before the black line over the white bar, whereas on the tv shot, they just reached the edge of the white bar. Ruth Winder's higher speed allowed her to just "inch" ahead in that split millisecond difference.

    nildex34nildex3417 dagen geleden
    • The TV camera used a fisheye lens as well. You can see the background horizontal line of road/barriers is curved. So to estimate position, you'd have to draw a fan-shaped array of lines, rather than parallel ones

      doc_hassdoc_hass12 dagen geleden
  • photo finish in cycling needs some upgrade

    farmboy judefarmboy jude17 dagen geleden
  • Lame tactics by ELB, they should have worked together and both would likely have been on the podium!

    NojikuzusNojikuzus17 dagen geleden
  • It was basically a tie when we're talking millimeters

    NojikuzusNojikuzus17 dagen geleden
  • Pidcock won, he crossed :THE Line" first. the finishing line is the one marked on the road, NOT some random other invisible line in front or behind depending upon who set it up.

    Haydn BarkerHaydn Barker17 dagen geleden
    • Bingo! Exact sentiments

      Just MeJust Me17 dagen geleden
  • Imaginary finish line should be placed exactly where the actual, visible to riders, is. They can shift it, the imaginary line, to the actual any time, even now or tomorrow. Coloring it with bright color is possible too and as easy as telling nonsense about blending with tire colors.

    LisaPetLisaPet17 dagen geleden
  • Commerce demanded a winner. The sporting gods on the other hand consider that race a draw.

    This is how the truth diesThis is how the truth dies17 dagen geleden
  • Was interesting that the photo finish operator was interviewed and asked, why the photo finish background is not red like the banner colour behind the line. He simply answered that he didn't know why it wasn't red haha!

    Sam HockingSam Hocking17 dagen geleden
    • UCI are comical mate haha

      im Incim Inc16 dagen geleden
    • I can think of several reasons, though none of them can be checked without the exact originial setup, which now is already gone. We can't trust any image we've got due ti possible distortion/deception due to placement, angle, ... Only a picture on the end of the line would show it for certain (unlikely anyone did this).

      Archangel17Archangel1717 dagen geleden
  • Your coverage of the Amstel women’s race to put it bluntly sucked. I know you’re only showing us what you’re given but every women’s race you cover like this you should be apologizing and giving us contact info of who we can contact to tell them they suck. I support GCN in part because I want to support women’s racing and unfortunately you’re still not doing it well enough. 20km of racing and half of that time taken up by by letting us know of the great racing we already missed.

    Brian GangelhoffBrian Gangelhoff17 dagen geleden
  • In the non-technical AG finishing photo, perspective comes into play too. Because the riders were over the other side of the road from where the photo was taken it favours Pidcock from that long perspective. But if taken from the left side of the road where the riders were it would favour Van Aert. But being much closer we would get a better view as less perspective would come into play. Although I agree. Nothing between them!

    switesswites17 dagen geleden
  • this year’s racing has been superb - men’s, women’s, one day, stages.... fantastic stuff

    J RJ R17 dagen geleden
    • I miss Peter Sagan :'(

      naimasnaimas14 dagen geleden
    • Spring classic this year is superb but still waiting for paris rubaix

      CYCLIST JKCYCLIST JK17 dagen geleden
  • Make the finish line on the road white. Put the camera on it. FFS.

    mettler54mettler5417 dagen geleden
  • So the finish line is a white broad line with a Black narrow line in the middle, The Camera can't differentiate between a tyre and the line if they set it up on the black line. Okay am I being stupid or wouldn't it make sense to flip the colours and have the White line as the narrow finish line with a Black (or another colour) as the surrounding broader base for it?

    Blake AntcliffBlake Antcliff17 dagen geleden
    • @Holly Sykes No the Camera could be set up on the white Finish Line and the Camera could differentiate between the Black Tyres and the White line, whereas at the moment it has to be set backwards or forwards of the narrow black line so it can differentiate the tyre on the white broad line instead of the Black wheel on a Black line.

      Blake AntcliffBlake Antcliff9 dagen geleden
    • So what change would that make? The photo finish camera would be placed just after the actual finish in stead of just before.

      Holly SykesHolly Sykes10 dagen geleden
  • where are the uci legal positions by matt stevens?

    CBMaster2CBMaster217 dagen geleden
  • Van Aert Also was running tan walled tires and his rim may be what some might be mistaking as the front of the tire. It was tight but looks definitive enough :-)

    MMMM17 dagen geleden
  • Here's a question for a GCN poll: If Pidcock (a Brit) had been declared the winner, would GCN have spent so much time investigating his finish? :D

    CrazyDiamondCrazyDiamond17 dagen geleden
    • Calm down there , if you get them too worked up they might need to take 15 or 20 salbutamol puffs (which is totally normal apparently)

      Billy BBilly B12 dagen geleden
  • 4/1000 of a second difference at Amstel gold? At 30mph that's 2.1inches and that's one pixel! Didn't realize they were that big

    Steven WallisSteven Wallis17 dagen geleden
    • I think the 4/1000 is from the transponder, not worked out from the photo finish position. It must be wrong or should be 4/10000 because at 2.1" ahead of Pidcock it would be far more visible on the photo finish imo.

      Sam HockingSam Hocking17 dagen geleden
  • It seems to me that if thee riders are aiming to nail a sprint to an imaginary line that they cannot see or have any real chance of actually knowing where it is, then the idea of a photo finish is kind of silly. The line on the road should be absolute and the position of the camera capturing the crossing of that line also needs to be absolute or why bother and just call it a tie!!

    mike burtonmike burton17 dagen geleden
    • We're the UCI, one finish line isn't ambiguous enough, we need a real one and one that can be placed somewhere else invisible to everyone, just in case we need it!

      Sam HockingSam Hocking17 dagen geleden
  • You’re mistaken photofinishcamera with a tv-camera placed on or near the line. It’s ALWAYS the photofinishcamera that counts

    Don JohnsonDon Johnson17 dagen geleden
    • @SentireAeris And this is why the whole system is unfair.

      RL@VDRL@VD10 dagen geleden
    • I would argue it's the separation at the line that counts. That's the line the rider's are racing for, and that's why the photo-finish camera has to be so close to it

      SentireAerisSentireAeris16 dagen geleden
  • The photo that shows Pidcock’s wheel in front of Van Aert’s is no 100% correct because if you look carefully the line is not completely straight

    Mikel OtaoleaMikel Otaolea17 dagen geleden
  • Jay Vine for Tour De France !!

    Ben HainesBen Haines17 dagen geleden
  • I would be careful in trusting the side-on view too much; it usually shows the closer rider artificially ahead.

    Rahul KumarRahul Kumar17 dagen geleden
  • I hope that the caption contest photo for this weeks GCN show is a pic of Matt Stephens showing riders how to be “aero”. 🤣

    Nathan StuyvesantNathan Stuyvesant17 dagen geleden
  • So this is TOTALLY idiotic - Pidcock quite clearly won! The camera is before the finish line! WTF? Why aren't INEOS up in arm about this???

    itsIANWOODitsIANWOOD17 dagen geleden
  • I am thinking something that many would find unacceptable- what is wrong with a tie? I mean if a few thousandths of a second is all that separates two good riders, my helmet is off to the both of them. Sorry.

    Mark MorenoMark Moreno17 dagen geleden
  • Love that Pidcock is entering the debates with Van Aert and VDP. I'm happy with the Van Aert win, but it will make future races all the more exciting!

    Steven LasatSteven Lasat17 dagen geleden
  • Had a read about the finish line camera from your link. I could be wrong but if the camera is only slightly off vertical because it has a vertical slit aperture the software generated red finish line would not be at the correct angle there for not accurate. eg The photo would be slightly skewed while the generated red finish line would be vertical therefor one rider would look closer to the line than they actually were

    barry hamblybarry hambly17 dagen geleden
    • It is unlikely that this is the problem as within the camera there are aids to make the set up correct. The most likely explanation is that the camera was put in the wrong place, presumably to get a white background, with the operators thinking that there would not be consequences

      Geoff KingGeoff King16 dagen geleden
  • Congrats jumbo visma and Van Aert. Stop urself u brits always making noise. And i am not dutch or belgium if u think so.. No debate what so ever. The best man won. 👍

    Alex ØAlex Ø17 dagen geleden
  • Have you seen the drooping propellers caused by the rolling shutter? That very well might be the reason why the conventional photos favour the closer rider, as cameras with the rolling shutter capture them a smidge later, placing them a bit further ahead on the photo than they actually were.

    Albertas AgejevasAlbertas Agejevas17 dagen geleden