When DJI says: 'BLOW OUR MINDS' | Ronin RS2

19 nov. 2020
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  • Had a BLAST making this project! Special thanks to Christoph Benfey for his help! Be sure to follow him (dudes a BEAST! Links in Description) - For best experience: Watch in 4K and pump some good speakers! Let's go!

    Peter McKinnonPeter McKinnon2 maanden geleden
    • hi sir peter mckinnon , I'm a mobile videographer from the Philippines . merry christmas.

    • The transition of size of gimbal is awesome 😂😂. I like Peter running through the woods!! The music has slight similarity with music from movie The Greatest Showman. Awesome content man. I recently watched this video 👍👏👏

    • Well, I think you did it. INCREDIBLE. Great job.

      Renée BoleyRenée Boley2 maanden geleden
    • It's not dji that blows my mind. It's YOU!!!

      Yi ChengYi Cheng2 maanden geleden
    • Masquerade... I am very sad and disappointed in you young people. Right now Canada needs patriots more then ever …

      Maria CyouMaria Cyou2 maanden geleden
  • Super cool 👍🏻

    Selphy Selphy.ChanSelphy Selphy.Chan2 dagen geleden
  • This was my first time seeing one of your epic edits... my god man that was absolutely mind blowing. I added myself to your millions of subscribers. Can’t wait to see more!

    50 & Fabulous50 & Fabulous2 dagen geleden
  • Quick question fellow creators ...is this shot at 120fps and what could be the timeline that he use, like 24p or what ?! Speed rampping is so confusing :P

    c. krgnc. krgn5 dagen geleden
  • Don't forget $0.00 budget !

    Rusi RusevRusi Rusev6 dagen geleden
  • DJI is the only Chinese thing that is truly mind blowing

    VOLT GAMINGVOLT GAMING12 dagen geleden
  • wow

    Dan BizDan Biz14 dagen geleden
  • WOW!!!

    Peter FritzPeter Fritz15 dagen geleden
  • The match cuts are insane bro

    Photovideo PhilePhotovideo Phile16 dagen geleden
  • isn't this the place Chris took pics of the Porsche?

    MSKDMSKD16 dagen geleden
  • Goosebumps.

    Nicola SmillieNicola Smillie21 dag geleden
  • I don’t think I blinked watching this masterpiece!!!

    Key RenKey Ren24 dagen geleden
  • Ouch ouch ouch! Great vid Pete and the whole crew👊

    Mukisa ElijahMukisa Elijah24 dagen geleden
  • Master.

    erick deevoerick deevo25 dagen geleden
  • WTF did you guys just do?

    Paulo Mateus GuerraPaulo Mateus Guerra29 dagen geleden
  • What is the name of that song? Or songs? I can just feel the hype

    Brian DavisBrian DavisMaand geleden
  • Hi Peter. I have 1 question. I have sony a7r iv and also tight on budget since this camera had brought my pocket. Please help me choose between these 2 lenses, 1# sony E 18 - 135 F 3.5 - 5.6 OSS all in one zoom vs 2# Sony G 24 - 105 F4 OSS ??

    Jahan ZebJahan ZebMaand geleden
  • Smooth transition. This is dope. This is masterpiece

    idahadiidahadiMaand geleden
  • Winter is coming!

    Capte-moi Ça!Capte-moi Ça!Maand geleden
  • Dude. Just, Dude!

    David SheleyDavid SheleyMaand geleden
  • One of your best videos of 2020. Amazing stuff. 4k with a 5.1 surrond system puts you on edge of your seat.

    Sergio RosaSergio RosaMaand geleden
  • have you worked on a movie before?

    dennie karuwadennie karuwaMaand geleden
  • This movie is really mind blowing and looks really good. Amazing, thanks for sharing

    Arctic North AdventuresArctic North AdventuresMaand geleden
  • You ever watch something so good you consider just deleting your channel lmao 😭

    Jules MarianiJules MarianiMaand geleden
  • Epic!

    Rosen Hristov Photos&RetouchRosen Hristov Photos&RetouchMaand geleden
  • I hundred percent believe that Peter is the creator of B-roll!!

    Rupesh PatelRupesh PatelMaand geleden
  • WOW!!! My mind was definitely blown. I'm subscribing to your channel!

    DroneEnvyDroneEnvyMaand geleden
  • Now that is called a masterpiece......watching this video 14th time😅

    Piyush RajPiyush RajMaand geleden
  • Sick work man!

    Martin ManuelMartin ManuelMaand geleden
  • Im not a videographer but i feel like I want to buy a gimbal to test my creative juices! 😱

    VoodoochillVoodoochillMaand geleden
  • What a time to be subscribed

    juan2free4juan2free4Maand geleden
  • Super video !

    Ahmed BAhmed BMaand geleden
  • Hmm yeah pretty decent vid. The shot where you pulled it up on the DIY wirecam was dope.

    Lars HiddingLars HiddingMaand geleden
  • That was absolutely fantastic!

    Ravil SayfullinRavil SayfullinMaand geleden
  • Talent.

    Kyia TruongKyia TruongMaand geleden
  • You never cease to amaze me Pete

    Kyle FradkinKyle FradkinMaand geleden
  • You know it's PM when there's a sense of humor in an action video :D I love it PM. 2020 style!

    Godfrey AcademiaGodfrey AcademiaMaand geleden
  • These are some amazing tricks and dances leave a like if you think this is like 2000IQ 👇

    The Lucie And Landon SHOWThe Lucie And Landon SHOWMaand geleden
  • We love the dedication and effort you put into your projects! You always post such intriguing content!!

    The HiveThe HiveMaand geleden
  • Thank you so much for such an absolutely awesome video.

    KermitKermitMaand geleden
  • That bmx skid near the end is so clean. Whole video is just pumped up awesomeness and I want a DJI Ronin!!!!!!!!

    Noel McCartanNoel McCartanMaand geleden
  • I would like to know what you use to control the DJI with your phone. Thank you in advance

    Jonathan LalrinfelaJonathan LalrinfelaMaand geleden
  • I didn't even blinked for 3min 15 seconds. 🤯

    Ankit SinhaAnkit SinhaMaand geleden
  • Took your advice, slapped on the headphones, hit the 4k. Blew my mind out the back of my head. The sickest! Thank you for this. So inspired!! Sending love from little PEI!

    dalocalchefdalocalchefMaand geleden
  • This is the best one yet!! Amazing🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Photography with JacobPhotography with JacobMaand geleden
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  • Background Score Ryan Taubert : Earthquake

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  • is that bboy onton

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  • I've watched this so many times and it still amazes me!!

    Meen PrajapatiMeen PrajapatiMaand geleden
  • DAMN. Peter I have never doubted you, you’re the NLworld GOAT imo but damn! That’s the most incredible 3 minutes I’ve watched

    James WalkingtonJames WalkingtonMaand geleden
  • wow its like a movie

    marites kimmarites kimMaand geleden
  • wow its amazing show

    marites kimmarites kimMaand geleden

    Ralph Mayhew PhotographyRalph Mayhew PhotographyMaand geleden
  • I would like to make one of my wedding photos "POP" so I can make a canvas for my wife for Christmas, cand you help me !!!

    Robert WilsonRobert WilsonMaand geleden
  • This is arguably one of the best videos I have seen on NLworld! Amazing. So great you got Levi on the project as well.

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  • I don't know if this is a dumb question or not, but what is the secret for shooting the fire spinner in low light? I too am a Fire Knife Dancer and just have trouble getting good videos of it.

    SupraAbstractSupraAbstractMaand geleden
  • Okay this was SICK!!!

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  • "ok, what do teens nowadays like? I know: BMX, Parkour, Breakdance.. and let there be FIRE!" :D

    J|L|NJ|L|NMaand geleden
  • Hey Pete, so I've been struggling to get a good camera and was wondering if you had any to give away. 🤞

    Wampana HoseaWampana HoseaMaand geleden

    Megan GasslerMegan GasslerMaand geleden
  • I know I rarely comment to your vids but... MAN ALL THE SHOTS ARE DOPE!!! SICK B-Roll my GUY!!! 👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Congrats to you Peter and to rest guys!!! Amazing 🤩🤩🤩

    FiMuGaFiMuGaMaand geleden
  • Watch my vfx😑 on my channel

    Naveed BasapurNaveed BasapurMaand geleden
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    Kartikay SinghKartikay SinghMaand geleden
  • Blew my mind. Can't get over the fact the quality is 2160p 4K. DAMN SON. Absolutely Loved it.

    Avi GujarAvi GujarMaand geleden
  • انا احب المحتوى التقني وكذالك عندي معلومات وخبره بسيطه في الأجهزه الاكترونيه وحاب استفيد وافيد غيري واتعب على محتواي عشان في ناس صج محتاجه بعض البرامج المدفوعه وماعندها امكانيات تشتريها ووفرها مجانا وكذالك مشاكل الالعاب وانظمة الكمبيوتر والجوال وكل شي يختص في الااجهزه الااكترونيه بقد ماقدر لست مجبر تشترك بقناتي اذا ماحبيت محتواي واذا حبيت محتواي وحاب تتدعمني فجزاك الله خير ويعطيك الف عافيه على وقتك

    كي1تك / k1Techكي1تك / k1TechMaand geleden
  • Crazyyyyy

    Just RainaJust RainaMaand geleden
  • Peter, can you show me how to do this with my DJI mini 2? .. joking.. loved this, especially the shots from above and running through the forest. Props to everyone involved.

    Terry DivyakTerry DivyakMaand geleden
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    Petr KrenzelokPetr KrenzelokMaand geleden
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    adsbyjo2adsbyjo2Maand geleden
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