What's inside a Mystery Amazon Returns Box?

14 nov. 2020
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We Found Apple AirPods inside this Amazon Returns box!
We have contacted all the winners. thanks again!
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  • You don't want the HDHomeRun, I'll give you a few dollars for it!!!!!!!

    skendelskendel3 uur geleden
  • Homerun's are awesome for cord cutters, its a DVR

    Phil BucklerPhil Buckler5 uur geleden
  • Kid is growing u can telll

    Aorus PC RiGAorus PC RiGDag geleden
  • Your little guy is wearing a kenyan wrist band

    Bobby KingzBobby Kingz2 dagen geleden
  • How many of the air pods actually worked?

    dannyk9260dannyk92602 dagen geleden
  • Wait, so they got two AirPods at first then said they give some away in backpacks and some just a a giveaway. How did they know they will get more AirPods? I think they definetly looked inside

    Angelica KwakAngelica Kwak2 dagen geleden
  • 3:38 with beard 3:40 without beard I think😁😁

    Dr.M HusainDr.M Husain3 dagen geleden
  • I am a huge fan

    Tamra HuberTamra Huber3 dagen geleden
  • imagen watching this with the telephone then do it...

    Lily SentnerLily Sentner4 dagen geleden
  • The magnet sheets are used in electronics repair, for example, imagine that you take apart a phone and there you have some little screws, then when you unscrew them you can stick them to the magnet sheet and even group individual types of screws together, it's very useful I assure you.

    KrystianosikKrystianosik5 dagen geleden
  • Wtf is IYKYK?

    bobbycone2bobbycone25 dagen geleden
  • Now I know why you said you were giving away air pods in the coin star video.

    bobbycone2bobbycone25 dagen geleden
  • Different title : Unboxing AirPods 😂

    Mr MouffinMr Mouffin5 dagen geleden
  • you are so wrong about the homerun! My cable bill is $0

    NathanNathan5 dagen geleden
  • Now I buy go buy Amazon return box

    Gold RealGamerGold RealGamer5 dagen geleden
  • What happened to the good videos of y’all cutting stuff open

    Austin Lester12Austin Lester126 dagen geleden
  • What's inside the what's inside backpack

    Official plushyOfficial plushy6 dagen geleden
  • Omg you guys are bad at this lol so many of these are not a bust lol

    Tech MD YoutubeTech MD Youtube7 dagen geleden
  • *I remember Lincoln 6 years ago.*

    TwisstedToastTwisstedToast7 dagen geleden
  • Huh You Big Lying about the Merch Lmaooooooooo My Son

    Bob ProBob Pro7 dagen geleden
  • 7:03 haha

    George AabouGeorge Aabou7 dagen geleden
  • Give me that antenna thing

    sooryankcsooryankc7 dagen geleden
  • Very cool, first time here. Those ink cartridges can be sold for good money. Some of those are super expensive. I go to a place called ‘Dirt Cheap’ and they sell Amazon / Sams Returns for 5 days and the price each day go’s down as such... $7-$5-$3-$2-$1

  • The last video I watch from this was cutting up a iPhone 12 on this CHANNEL

    Amber ClarkAmber Clark9 dagen geleden
  • No Online Dating

    Amber ClarkAmber Clark9 dagen geleden
  • You are so nice to your subs, cos people reallly want 3rd hand used airpods... Dweebs

    BrianZefBrianZef9 dagen geleden
  • Lincoln must be really popular at school

    ViexrceViexrce9 dagen geleden
  • You can use the phone for a mic

    Paul BoyerPaul Boyer10 dagen geleden
  • Your son has entered puberty stage... In one video I saw he was quite small than now his vocal has also changed

    Punamchand YensembamPunamchand Yensembam11 dagen geleden
  • do more mystery Amazon return boxes

    Samuel CastroSamuel Castro11 dagen geleden
  • Can I please have the buds because I have a Samsung

    Keegan RobertsKeegan Roberts11 dagen geleden
  • How do you go about buying these..?!

    Michael LauzonMichael Lauzon13 dagen geleden
  • Do that

    mohamed fasilmohamed fasil15 dagen geleden
  • Wait what happened to Lincoln

    Gacha club MeeGacha club Mee15 dagen geleden
  • I last watched a video of yours like 4 years ago, you both have changed so much

    Jake F1 MBJake F1 MB15 dagen geleden
  • Who’s here from TikTok?

    BarsaaBarsaa16 dagen geleden
  • Well I haven't watched him for years he all grown up 😯

    RaptorPlaysYTRaptorPlaysYT16 dagen geleden
  • Fun fact: this video was posted on my birthday 🎂

    Irene Is coolIrene Is cool16 dagen geleden
  • Airpods Mulu bosen

    anka asyaranka asyar16 dagen geleden

    JamesJames17 dagen geleden
  • Can I have those magnet sheets?(my email-“hardikraoladoo@gmail.com”)

    Anvi RaoAnvi Rao17 dagen geleden

    London ShemoLondon Shemo17 dagen geleden
  • Do

    jaba2600jaba260017 dagen geleden
  • Can you give me a phone for my study I won't have any phone. My family can't afford it

    SONUSONU19 dagen geleden
  • How do you buy a return box if you see this pls comment and tell me

    Poke KyPoke Ky19 dagen geleden
  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Marnes JoubertMarnes Joubert19 dagen geleden
  • A Love hoor canel

    Marnes JoubertMarnes Joubert19 dagen geleden
  • 4 years ago you looked so diffrent omggggggg

    Abby blanchardAbby blanchard19 dagen geleden
  • Omg.omg the kid but he was....was....this small 👌🏾 What! Man he grown so much and my guy has a beard

    Ranbuntciousbeam GAMINGRanbuntciousbeam GAMING20 dagen geleden
  • When I saw the giant calculator, it reminded me of one day during math, my friend had a giant calculator and broke it. Everyone was devastated

    Sarah RandazzoSarah Randazzo20 dagen geleden
  • We don't have the mouse for it......... 🙄😑🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

    tkburn1439tkburn143921 dag geleden
  • Do whats inside a calculator

    Mohammad FaizanMohammad Faizan21 dag geleden
  • Lincoln’s getting so old I remember Lincoln 3 years ago Keep it up boys

    MALEAH CYRMALEAH CYR21 dag geleden
  • Well now I know how to get alot of airpods just get a 700 dollar Amazon return box

    Christopher SungChristopher Sung22 dagen geleden
  • How does one bid on one of these boxes?

    Ansa PectoralisAnsa Pectoralis22 dagen geleden
  • Why does the dad kinda look like Ryan Reynolds???? Just me??

    GG PlantGG Plant22 dagen geleden
  • Lmao the Bluetooth dongle it makes a pc that doesn’t have Bluetooth have it pml

    Harry RoeHarry Roe23 dagen geleden
  • Anybody know where to buy these boxes? I’d like to make a profit off of this

    Skully the salty OneSkully the salty One24 dagen geleden

    TankoTanko25 dagen geleden
  • I just found this channel again and seeing Lincoln grow up is so weird

    Saif-Allah NadeemSaif-Allah Nadeem25 dagen geleden
  • i work at a liquidation store in tulsa oklahoma and we buy big 50 pallet trucks from amazon and we got like 100 pair of airpods one time but they were all reported stolen so they didn’t work

    Deez NutsDeez Nuts26 dagen geleden
  • Can you explain why you have a winged eagle title belt cut in half?

    Scott SScott S26 dagen geleden
    • After further examination that's a Bret Hart signature series title cut in half

      Scott SScott S26 dagen geleden
  • Geeezzz the wee man really grew up

    Cameron MacleanCameron Maclean26 dagen geleden
  • I’m a crafter. I’d love those magnetic sheets, please!!

    stampinmoestampinmoe27 dagen geleden
    • Ohhh those transparency sheets too!!!! 😍

      stampinmoestampinmoe27 dagen geleden
  • Well if you still have a pair of those earpods left I can use one. 😏

    Shahab aliShahab ali27 dagen geleden
  • That huge calculator runs over $90 usually too. Businesses use them

    Rathika RamadossRathika Ramadoss27 dagen geleden
  • AirPods must be crappy if everyone sends them back!

    Joe PelanconiJoe Pelanconi28 dagen geleden
  • I recently started working at an Amazon return facility. Cool to see where some of the stuff that gets processed through there ends up. I’ve only come across like 2 pairs of AirPods since I’ve been there tho so no idea how you just ended up with so many

    Woody HendersonWoody Henderson28 dagen geleden
  • I have airpods

    peterpeter28 dagen geleden
  • Is he the only boy in the lightsaber video one being darthvader

    Obi Wan KenobiObi Wan Kenobi28 dagen geleden
  • He grew so much I remember the first time watching him Yall cut open bath toys and a snake rattle he was so young

    KermitKermit29 dagen geleden
  • The kid d is not a kid... I FEEL OLD

    GayartmonsterGayartmonster29 dagen geleden
  • Where do i go to get said return boxes?

    Philly BluntzPhilly BluntzMaand geleden
  • Where do you buy these?

    Quayle ManQuayle ManMaand geleden
  • Overhead projectors were the best, I’m 23 so I was transitioned from those to “smart boards” during my elementary days

    RileyisBakedRileyisBakedMaand geleden
  • I wish I had a pair of air pods

    Joey FernandesJoey FernandesMaand geleden
  • My uncle works at belkin

    LILGUBR PlaysLILGUBR PlaysMaand geleden
  • Can I have all the stuff that was a bust???

    GaryGaryMaand geleden
  • Watch with that controller it could have a joystick drift problem or some buttons might not register

    713. Karma713. KarmaMaand geleden
  • Hes too old 😭

    Mr UngratefulMr UngratefulMaand geleden
  • Soooooo how good are AirPods?

    James LJames LMaand geleden
  • the bluetooth dongle would have worked. turns a computer that doesn't have bluetooth into a computer with bluetooth via the usb port

    18dubz18dubzMaand geleden
  • 1:09 god no that is for a custom pc to have acess to bluetooth...

    _A Steven Lozano_A Steven LozanoMaand geleden
  • What’s the page where they bought it??

    Quique RoviraQuique RoviraMaand geleden
  • Not to be internet troll but it's bad when I have to lower the volume because you both keep screaming annoyingly! Please don't do that anymore. God video content though.

    ERERMaand geleden
  • He’s getting ugly

    Julian AyalaJulian AyalaMaand geleden
  • dumb

    Andrej DrameAndrej DrameMaand geleden
  • Finally he isn’t a squeak

    TheMythicWaffleTheMythicWaffleMaand geleden
  • All this tells me is that people don't like apple airpods. price vs soundquality i guess

    ChristianChristianMaand geleden
  • Yes please :D !

    Sasan MottaghipourSasan MottaghipourMaand geleden
  • brooo, 2016 days.. ong!

    BvtlerBvtlerMaand geleden
  • Can someone please comment back a link?? I really want to get one now lmao

    Tyler ReyesTyler ReyesMaand geleden
  • Friendly reminder that people buy new Airpods from Amazon, swap them for counterfeit ones and then just return them :)

    Mike GonzalezMike GonzalezMaand geleden
  • We have the new Xbox to but the other new won my dad sold

    Ali StoweAli StoweMaand geleden
  • Oh my goodness

    Daniel ChastainDaniel ChastainMaand geleden
  • notices it’s been a yr since i watched u

    Jabebus GamingJabebus GamingMaand geleden
  • Me a 10 year old not ganna get nothin

    Rotate Throttle RBLXRotate Throttle RBLXMaand geleden
  • Imagine getting AirPods when you have a Samsung or the Samsung buds when you have a iPhone

    Jack Jack ProductionsJack Jack ProductionsMaand geleden
  • Where can i bought these Amazon boxes? Please send me link with this Electronics box

    RomčaRomčaMaand geleden
  • Yesss a series.

    Benjamin MBenjamin MMaand geleden