What Is At The Centre Of A Pearl?

1 mrt. 2021
140 832 Weergaven

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This clip is from QI Series E, Episode 6, 'Everything, Etc' with Stephen Fry, Alan Davies, Clive Anderson, Jeremy Clarkson and Vic Reeves.

  • I missread the title and I thought it said "pear". So I answered "seeds?" Are the seeds located in the center of gravity of a pearl?

    André BenitesAndré Benites7 dagen geleden
  • #bringbacksandyoutro

    BumpkinBumpkin24 dagen geleden
  • The Moon! But, WHICH moon?

    Mark LandgrafMark Landgraf25 dagen geleden
  • Air?

    Walrus AssociationWalrus AssociationMaand geleden
  • As a deaf man, I am offended that this clip does not have CC. Fuck you. *Goes all snowflake professional victim and starts a riot in his own backyard burning his The Wiggles Boxer Shorts.*

    Matthew HarveyMatthew HarveyMaand geleden
  • sand

    Kevin Owen BurressKevin Owen BurressMaand geleden
  • "The pearls are normally sarcophagi of nematode worms". Other than at an Oxbridge seminar, where could one find such statement?

    GIJ GIJGIJ GIJMaand geleden
  • you can eat pearl oyster meat

    AlAlMaand geleden
  • >the the Oops.

    LoneKharnivoreLoneKharnivoreMaand geleden
  • ffs, fix the aspect ratio

    Maisie SummersMaisie SummersMaand geleden
  • "What might you find at the centre of a pearl?" Alan; "An oyster"

    the tessellaterthe tessellaterMaand geleden
  • What happened to Sandi telling to “come on,pick something”?

    rodolfo floresrodolfo floresMaand geleden
  • Clarkson really belongs on this show

    yaicob.comyaicob.comMaand geleden
    • He's a lousy guest.

      charles harpercharles harperMaand geleden
  • Bring back Fry. Sandi is like new Top Gear

    Hamish SpencerHamish SpencerMaand geleden
  • Every time I see Vic Reeves on anything, I am reminded how Bob Mortimore is the funny and talented one.

    medievalistmedievalistMaand geleden
    • @Bitchute is better than NLworld Ooh sounds fantastically bad, will check it out. Bob is amazing - he is hysterical on 'Would I Lie To You'. Fuck knows how he ended up working with Reeves, who has never told a good joke on a panel show yet, let alone crafted a whole story of them like Mortimore does.

      medievalistmedievalistMaand geleden
    • Ever see Reeves attempting to be funny in Gordon Ramsay's restaurant?? Its was bloody embarassing and Ramasy made him look a fool. I love it. I love Bob, cant stand Reeves

      Bitchute is better than YoutubeBitchute is better than YoutubeMaand geleden
  • Two “the”s in the thumbnail :)

    Peruvian Tree ProductionsPeruvian Tree ProductionsMaand geleden
  • Not the only time Jeremy put his foot in it, obviously.

    William PearsonWilliam PearsonMaand geleden
  • I guess the pearls I've found in oysters I've eaten aren't pearls? They weren't round, more cigar shaped.

    Bill GriggBill GriggMaand geleden
  • I love QI but damn Clarkson is an annoying prick.

    Mayank ShrivastavaMayank ShrivastavaMaand geleden
  • HOLD ON, NOW!!! I've had an edible oyster WITH A PEARL IN IT. It was the size of a BB. I have the rare, rare opportunity to correct Steven Fry. :D The world is coming to an end, kids.

    Brian MBrian MMaand geleden
  • what is this ending?

    George BlandGeorge BlandMaand geleden
    • Better.

      Christopher ClarkChristopher ClarkMaand geleden
  • Good try, Mrs Clarkson. Better luck next time.

    1969Kismet1969KismetMaand geleden
  • It is incorrect that pearling oysters are inedible. I cannot think why SF suggests we do not eat them - the record for pearl meat is around US$500/kg.

    SaschaSaschaMaand geleden
    • I think it's more a matter of common understanding. We all have an idea of what is meant by "pearl" and what is meant by oyster (When it comes to food, anyway). The common understanding of the pearl does not include the pearls created by oysters commonly served as food, and the pearling oyster (As in, where the commonly understood pearl comes from) is not what is thought of with regards to "food" oysters.

      Leo CroftLeo Croft29 dagen geleden
  • I thought the pearl was the little man in the boat

    DJ_CodNubDJ_CodNubMaand geleden
  • Oh if only ALL wives would follow the example set by Clarkston's wife...

    Steve RossSteve RossMaand geleden
  • Lol they changed the outro!

    TimTimMaand geleden
  • Nematode Worm Sarcophogi is my new band name.

    Danny GriecoDanny GriecoMaand geleden
    • I was thinking "Conserve of Nematode Worm Sarcophagi" as a prog rock Pearl Jam cover band

      Mercenary PenMercenary Pen24 dagen geleden
  • But... but how large was the largest pearl...

    Syed Abdul RahmanSyed Abdul RahmanMaand geleden
  • A noise annoys an oyster, But a noisy noise annoys an oyster more. When the West Wind whistles through the whiskers of a shrimp, The poor old oyster feels a trifle limp. He'll murder mussels if the seaweed rustles or the cockle croaks a chorus on the shore, But a noise annoys an oyster, And a noisy noise annoys an oyster more! (sung by Denis Norden on "My Music") (song by R.P. Weston and Bert Lee, 1921)

    JimFC GreggJimFC GreggMaand geleden
  • The the double THE in the the thumbnail irritates me, but not quite enough to initiate the the formation of a pearl. Also: the.

    Elli PElli PMaand geleden
    • The the. ... Pearl!

      grmpfgrmpfMaand geleden
  • "Why, thank you, darling, for the beautiful string of pearls." "Actually, it's a linear arrangement of nematode worm sarcophagi..." You're such a romantic, Mr Fry.

    jimjimmyjames59jimjimmyjames59Maand geleden
  • Ffs Jezza, I wanted to know how big the biggest pearl was

    N PN PMaand geleden
  • I love this show. I hate clive. movin' on...

    Like BotLike BotMaand geleden
  • Too many "the's" in the thumbnail.

    GuanoLadGuanoLadMaand geleden
  • A string.

    r0bw00dr0bw00dMaand geleden
  • An ear

    ColonelColonelMaand geleden
  • My grandad found a pearl in a bottled oyster here in Queensland. It was a teardrop shape and more of a grey and black, because that's the colour of the local oyster shells.

    Falcon PowerfulFalcon PowerfulMaand geleden
  • Lol "the the" is my favourite typo.

    RomanRomanMaand geleden
  • Whu would u stick ur foot in that

    Empire Joshvir262Empire Joshvir262Maand geleden
  • Isn’t all oysters edible?

    Kasper KjærsgaardKasper KjærsgaardMaand geleden
  • Poor Clarkson. Getting stuck in a velvety soft, rather comfortable part of a local during his vacation, when he puts his parts in them after his wife buggers off.

    Norbert CsehNorbert CsehMaand geleden
    • Was that when she divorced him?

      WhiteCamryWhiteCamryMaand geleden
  • "The world's largest Pearl was found in what animal?" A KRAYT DRAGON!

    VegladeXVegladeXMaand geleden
    • WRONG WORLD!!! *Hears Jeremy Clarkson go on about getting his boot stuck in a Krayt Dragon's bum*

      Brian MBrian MMaand geleden
    • An even larger Pearl wandered off once beyond the Shield Wall.

      Zoltán PósfaiZoltán PósfaiMaand geleden
    • Ah, those happy days on Tatooine!

      SierraRomeoRomeoSierraRomeoRomeoMaand geleden
  • Her love for Pink Diamond! Like if you get that.

    Buc ReviewerBuc ReviewerMaand geleden
  • In fairness, Jeremy, if I were your wife then i'd have buggered off too.

    KlaxonCowKlaxonCowMaand geleden
  • Jeremy ❤️❤️❤️

    Nyasha ChifambaNyasha ChifambaMaand geleden
  • What Is At The Centre Of A Pearl? 1917pm 1/3/21 my peyrls my peyrls... as the dame exclaimed...

  • not true edible mussels have pearls. Also pearl oyster flesh is eaten

    Stewart CStewart CMaand geleden
  • I miss the end clip :'l

    TekniTekniMaand geleden
  • Does this technically make an oyster a mausoleum for a worm?

    GentlemanPenguinGentlemanPenguinMaand geleden
  • I love the new outro!

    Kirks KaraokeKirks KaraokeMaand geleden
    • Still have to see fucken Sandy after every video .. why ?

      okeycokey2000okeycokey2000Maand geleden
    • I agree. The old outro stressed me out against Sandy, by proxy, which is an unfair attribution to her.

      Andric CaldorAndric CaldorMaand geleden
    • I always go awww when I can't hum along to the tune

      Theo HerculesTheo HerculesMaand geleden
    • @Natalie I'd click on another video just to avoid that part. Now I actually enjoy looking for another clip

      Jon BlackJon BlackMaand geleden
    • Same. The old one used to stress me out :')

      NatalieNatalieMaand geleden
  • Apparently this QI is wrong on both counts. Pearls DO form in the edible type of oyster, and they have been found while dining at an eating establishment. 15 years after this aired in the U.K., a pearl was found by a diner in New York. So, while rare on both counts, both still occur. (the show implied that none of the stories of people finding pearls in their oysters could have been true, because those type of oyster don't form pearls, but did they even research this, seeing as though it is a simple matter to disprove that edible oysters don't form pearls when they do, and they went ahead with this as a fact)

    hepchaoshepchaosMaand geleden
    • @hepchaos It was what you wrote!

      SierraRomeoRomeoSierraRomeoRomeoMaand geleden
    • @SierraRomeoRomeo - That one line wasn't the essence of what I wrote.

      hepchaoshepchaosMaand geleden
    • @hepchaos "15 years after this aired in the U.K., a pearl was found"

      SierraRomeoRomeoSierraRomeoRomeoMaand geleden
    • @SierraRomeoRomeo -No. What I wrote was they went with unfounded information that they easily could have researched , but apparently didn't. So, it was known at the time. Sorry if my writing skills are not up to par so it could be better comprehended.

      hepchaoshepchaosMaand geleden
    • So it wasn't known of at the time of recording, and they have acknowledged the "half-life" of facts!

      SierraRomeoRomeoSierraRomeoRomeoMaand geleden
  • yay it's back to the good outro! also I didn't know that about pearls.

    ratholinratholinMaand geleden
  • We get pearls i our edible oysters in the US PNW...

    B uppyB uppyMaand geleden
  • Well that's wrong , 7 years ago eating oysters in a Whitby pub l broke my tooth on a pearl , so there you go your wrong , l still have the pearl 😜🤣👍

    mikerphonemikerphoneMaand geleden
    • @ChrisC I was about to say, anyone who's eaten a lot of oysters has found a few crumby black pearls.

      William HowellWilliam HowellMaand geleden
    • They got the facts a little sideways. All kinds of mollusks make pearls, as Stephen noted, but the sort of fine pearls they use for jewelry come from only one genus of oyster, Pinctada, from the family Pteriidae or "feather oysters". Most oysters you get served in restaurants are from family Ostreidae, or "true oysters". They indeed make pearls, but they're of no commercial value. So yes, you get to keep the pearl if you find one, but it's not really costing the restaurant anything.

      ChrisCChrisCMaand geleden
  • "That's the stupidest thing I've ever done!" Cut to Stephen Fry's I-strongly-doubt-that expression. You can actually see him swallowing it away. 1:36 for the full 5 seconds...

    Roel VinckensRoel VinckensMaand geleden
    • @DomWeasel Thanks very much for answering.

      mycheckouttimemycheckouttime8 dagen geleden
    • @mycheckouttime Can't remember if it was Moab Is My Washpot or the Fry Chronicles.

      DomWeaselDomWeasel8 dagen geleden
    • @DomWeasel Could you tell me which book that was in? Not asking because I want you to verify, I'm just curious.

      mycheckouttimemycheckouttime8 dagen geleden
    • @We are all born mad Which point don't you get?

      Trollop 7Trollop 715 dagen geleden
    • @Trollop 7 Prejudice based on what? It's two old white men from "western" countries. I don't get this point.

      We are all born madWe are all born mad15 dagen geleden
  • And here was I was using an oyster for travelling on buses

    Kishore ShenoyKishore ShenoyMaand geleden
  • YES another outro. I was getting so annoyed with Sandi saying: " well come on, please pick something!"

    sjimmie007sjimmie007Maand geleden
    • ​@Hopsta Welcome to the internet.

      sjimmie007sjimmie007Maand geleden
    • I find it odd that you would not stop the video if you don't like Sandy saying "well come on, please pick something", I think you were just having a sook for the sake of it.

      HopstaHopstaMaand geleden
    • Maybe she's using our very slight irritation to negotiate a higher salary.? She IS worth it.

      Matt NachazelMatt NachazelMaand geleden
    • Me too. It was a bit annoying in my opinion

      Jon BlackJon BlackMaand geleden
    • I'm glad the sound was a bit different or I wouldn't have hung around long enough to see it.

      Andrew MorrisAndrew MorrisMaand geleden
  • I knew the outro was different!

    Connor BeynonConnor BeynonMaand geleden
  • Aniseed 😉

    Hari PriyaHari PriyaMaand geleden
  • The trauma of killing you lover

    JordanJordanMaand geleden
  • My aunt Pearl? Gin.

    New MessageNew MessageMaand geleden
  • I have found tiny pearls in oysters I dug myself, and are eaten often in the us

    Justin EaddyJustin EaddyMaand geleden
  • You have to admire Alan for getting things so wrong that nobody can even predict where he's going to go with it.

    James HillJames HillMaand geleden
    • I was half expecting him to go off on a long winded monologue about there being a tiny oyster inside the pearl. And then a tiny pearl inside that oyster. And then a tiny oyster inside that pearl. And so on....

      phil wilsonphil wilsonMaand geleden
    • Then stephen starts explaining what's inside seeded pearls and it seems to be it IS oyster. Alan should have gotten the point.

      ratholinratholinMaand geleden
  • "A clam's got him. Now's my chance!"

    TheRealMirCatTheRealMirCatMaand geleden
  • Thanks for the Pearl of wisdom

    Lucas JonesLucas JonesMaand geleden
  • The middle of a pearl is the letter a.

    The GhostwriterThe GhostwriterMaand geleden
    • Five letters so the middle of a pearl should be right in the middle of r and l.

      It is me .It is me .Maand geleden
    • @Sam I am I assume they're including the space as a character

      Amy LaneAmy LaneMaand geleden
    • @/ - - / Sorry son, it still doesn’t work adding the letter a to the phrase...

      Sam I amSam I amMaand geleden
    • @/ - - / I'm just waiting for whoever gets the buzzer.

      The GhostwriterThe GhostwriterMaand geleden
    • Shouldn't it be the letter e, since that is the middle character in 'a pearl'?

      / — — // — — /Maand geleden