What Happened to the Largest Animal to Ever Fly?

22 mrt. 2021
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Writing: Steven Rix
Editing: Jack Stevens

  • Hey man, Airbus 8380 is not the largest commercial plain ever built. The real largest plain is AN-225-Mriya. It's kinda shame to not know such a basic facts in aviation ^_^ (And yes, it is in operation today) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonov_An-225_Mriya

    Oleksandr ChervinskyiOleksandr Chervinskyi3 uur geleden
  • Another great video! You and your material just keeps getting better and better and there’s always something more I learn or extra that sinks in when rewatching old vids so keep it up, don’t change your humbleness

  • Has anyone done calculation on such a big animal if it could even fly? Or was the earth smaller in mass by the time time this animal was alive?

    ChromeChrome10 uur geleden
  • Horrifying

    Mūn ManMūn Man13 uur geleden
  • Everything you said about the Queztylocoatlus is just guesswork... It’s too ancient and there’s no decent remaining evidence.

    Go away I have comments to makeGo away I have comments to make15 uur geleden
  • I believed in center of gravity until I saw this 😐😐

    Kinglsayer GamingKinglsayer Gaming21 uur geleden
  • Paleontologists, NOT archaeologists, study ancient, fossil animals.

    theeddoriantheeddorianDag geleden
  • “The giant teratron is the largest flying bird ever” Sad argentavis noises

    LlumaLlumaDag geleden
  • WTF? The first 5 minutes is on planes & air ships.

    moody rickmoody rickDag geleden
  • humans may be physically inferior but maybe we spent all that energy working on our brains :p

    Inappropriated BurritoInappropriated BurritoDag geleden
  • cool tiger stripes on that thing

    archtrollarchtrollDag geleden
  • It's funny how most of you think that big whole is the eyes cavity but NOPE it's a nasal cavity

    jeff_ the_killerjeff_ the_killer2 dagen geleden
  • if it wasn't a bird what is it?

    Gloves for socksGloves for socks2 dagen geleden
  • 0:43 So that's why dragons dont exist

    PseudoTenshiPseudoTenshi3 dagen geleden
  • Nice vid but why can’t you say Pterosaur? 😂 The P is silent, it’s pronounced Terasaur 👍

    James HudsonJames Hudson3 dagen geleden
  • Archeologists don't study dinosaurs or prehistoric animals. You mean paleontologist.

    minodragonminodragon3 dagen geleden
  • I’m surprised the Nazis didn’t name the largest flying object “the Goering”.

    FlakeTillmanFlakeTillman3 dagen geleden
  • “Fire and flying have never been a great combo” tell that to NASA mate

    Isaac StevensonIsaac Stevenson3 dagen geleden
  • The largest flying animal is quetzalcoatlus. Sad ornithoceirus noises.

    WarLord 529WarLord 5293 dagen geleden
  • So albatros sleeps while flying and stay in the air during 6 years ??

    Jean BarqueJean Barque3 dagen geleden
  • What i took of this is that a t-rex was smaller than i thought

    Montse O´sMontse O´s4 dagen geleden
  • He forgot the flying squirrels and flying fish.

    MrFirehouse22MrFirehouse224 dagen geleden
  • He (God) really can do things like that, and He does even more than that!

    Double BarrelDouble Barrel4 dagen geleden
  • That means that it has a full fossilized record of its past even though it had no past.

    Double BarrelDouble Barrel4 dagen geleden
  • Insects are no older than all other animals. When the earth was created by God it was created as a mature planet not an infant.

    Double BarrelDouble Barrel4 dagen geleden
  • Actual topic starts at @4:01😏😏

    Arun ChakravarthyArun Chakravarthy6 dagen geleden
  • Bruh, hows America letting hitler hold a world record that doesn't require mass genocide?

    Nathan GagerNathan Gager6 dagen geleden
  • 10:00 If that was alive today human's would be able to ride it like flying horses.

    Lord DrakkonLord Drakkon6 dagen geleden
  • Guys, how many narcotics do I need for it

    Angel AguilarAngel Aguilar6 dagen geleden
  • soooo its a dragon

    Mario BazalduaMario Bazaldua7 dagen geleden
  • i actually knew this because of ark

    Mario BazalduaMario Bazaldua7 dagen geleden
  • This guy is my man crush his fucking MUSTASHSHHSGSHHSHHSHSHSHHSHSH AND HES SMART

    Ivan GonzalesIvan Gonzales7 dagen geleden
  • "Mammals... the dumbasses of evolutionary flight school" I'm dying 🤣😜😂

    Jeffrey BakerJeffrey Baker7 dagen geleden
  • 80mph ? My quetzal feels like going 2mph :D whish they made flyer speed lvl up a must setting to all servers... XD

    MalfurionxtcMalfurionxtc8 dagen geleden
  • I thought they weren’t really sure that thing actually flew.

    III IIIIII III8 dagen geleden
  • What if they're sea creatures...

    Iwe NaeemIwe Naeem10 dagen geleden
  • Wouldn't Auckland to New York be faster to fly East instead of West?

    Drew BrownDrew Brown11 dagen geleden
  • I don't know dude maybe if we were born with wings it would have been a little different

    bigrub tocoolbigrub tocool11 dagen geleden
  • That'd be a shitty day

    M'aiq The LiarM'aiq The Liar11 dagen geleden
  • 15:46 Did you meant paleontologists instead of archaeologists?

    Manuel Arturo IzquierdoManuel Arturo Izquierdo12 dagen geleden
  • "Fire and flying have never been a good combination" Hot air balloons: "sad noises"

    No nameNo name13 dagen geleden
  • I never noticed the swastikas on the Hindenberg

    Idiot NostalgiaIdiot Nostalgia13 dagen geleden
  • 3:46

    Sorry, I don't existSorry, I don't exist14 dagen geleden
  • Thoughty2 just discovered about real life Rodan

    Fernando MazzoFernando Mazzo14 dagen geleden
  • the P in pterosaur is supposed to be silent....

    Mathew AabergMathew Aaberg15 dagen geleden
  • a question i have about so many animals back then: how did they not die? many of them had a massive amount of body to keep maintained and tiny heads with long and very narrow mouths, which wont be able to fit a lot of foof into at once. not to mention that i wonder how something with wings that small would fly. i guess its an issue we have with dinos that people in the olden days had with exotic animals (which is why many paintings of those and of sharks etc look nothing like they actually do)

    luggi luluggi lu15 dagen geleden
  • I click the link to learn about Quetzalcoatlus. Nine minutes in and I'm still learning every fact about anything and everything that flew except a friggin Quetzalcoatlus.

    Patriarcus RexPatriarcus Rex15 dagen geleden
  • Ark players: it’s free real estate

    MCK AnimationsMCK Animations15 dagen geleden
  • nah man there is now way... how are they supposed to gain enough speed for takeoff? never did that thing fly

    Dominic EusemannDominic Eusemann15 dagen geleden
  • Is that the skull of a tropeognathus?

    Leo NedrejordLeo Nedrejord15 dagen geleden
  • Dude don’t forget when you find one of those things you gotta really pin it down and jam your ponytail in there...then you own it.

    Red PandaRed Panda15 dagen geleden
  • Is there any evidence it was flying around with its neck extended like in the videos? Or could it be that it had folding neck like herons have.

    avv001avv00116 dagen geleden
  • My only question about the Quetza is. Can you ride it?

    Francis JonesFrancis Jones16 dagen geleden
  • Wait until some dipshit clones one and it gets out into nature and the aviation industry has to start worrying about these things. Obviously one wouldn’t be a problem but two of opposite gender could be catastrophic 😳

    Sergei GlimisSergei Glimis16 dagen geleden
  • They found these fossils and boom dragons

    Sergei GlimisSergei Glimis16 dagen geleden
  • "The largest flying bird is the wandering albatross." * *angry California Condor noises* *

    Bryan ReavisBryan Reavis16 dagen geleden
  • Im going to make a channel called Forty2 and have my intro be "Heyyy Thoughty2 here"

    Tzar NickTzar Nick17 dagen geleden
    • Noooooo don’t hurt our brains like this 🤣😂😂😂😂

      Kryss S. RN-BSNKryss S. RN-BSN12 dagen geleden
  • "Oh, the huge manatee!" Fixed that for 'ya

    mccanlessdesignmccanlessdesign17 dagen geleden
  • I thought the P was silent in Pterasaur, not the T.

    DragiblastDragiblast17 dagen geleden
  • You forgot dragons :P

    Sebastijan VuzemSebastijan Vuzem17 dagen geleden
  • Might have been the largest flying insect but there was a centipede that was much much larger

    joshualenigerjoshualeniger17 dagen geleden
  • "Hey, 42 here".

    Sir. Come SizedSir. Come Sized17 dagen geleden
  • Ok, so bats might have been the last to fly. But they are incredibly successful, and comprise 20% of all mammalian species.

    Ken ShackletonKen Shackleton17 dagen geleden
  • Squirrels will gain flight one day.

    Nocturnal RecluseNocturnal Recluse17 dagen geleden
  • See, they dont want airships around which could fly over antartica and discover the truth fl@TURFFFF

    Sandman BeachesSandman Beaches17 dagen geleden
  • Eh why the hell is the subtitle translate to Japanese

    Boi !Boi !17 dagen geleden
  • i like the video, the thumbnail however is depicting some kind of ornithocheiromorph and even for an azdarchid like quetzalcoatlus would have been too big.

    SpinonychusSpinonychus17 dagen geleden
  • These flying creatures would be great for riding.

    Chi Pa PaChi Pa Pa17 dagen geleden
  • 1. The largest bird to have existed was Pelagornis, with a wingspan of 24 feet. Argentavis was just a tad shorter by only a foot. 2. Quetzalcoatlus was only 300 lbs. 3. It's pronounced "tear-o-sore". 4. Paleontologists search for ancient animals. Archaeologists do people. 5. The scavenger idea was disposed over a couple decades ago. Due to the gape in it's jaw and beak shape, it was not suited to take the role of Malibu storks and vultures. Also, it wasn't a black skimmer, it's body was not able to take on the forces that skim feeding would've required. Also, this method wasn't proposed for Quetzalcoatlus, that was an old idea for Thalassodromeus. Instead, Quetzalcoatlus was likely a wader like a heron or shoebill - plucking smaller prey in it's jaws from the ground. Turns out it was more like a giraffe than just in size - it and it's relatives had long, strong limbs that would've enabled them to move like an ungulate. 6. Rodents didn't exist in the Age of Dinosaurs.

    Deadpool3EDeadpool3E17 dagen geleden
  • What Happened to the Largest Animal to Ever Fly? minus the 15:46 of bull crap explaining its quite simple they died out but it was a covered up by the nazis they shot them out of the sky to make all those nice black leather jackets the higher ups usually wear it adds to the evil look

    Kegan CampbellKegan Campbell17 dagen geleden
  • Do you come from the North West UK, perhaps East Manchester?

    Rookh KshatriyaRookh Kshatriya18 dagen geleden
  • Unsubscribed

    jboulet07jboulet0718 dagen geleden
  • 2 minutes in and not a peep about the "Largest animal" that caught my attention, I have seen the Hindenburg story a hundred times. Disappointed with this one.

    jboulet07jboulet0718 dagen geleden
  • Brilliant stuff

    Roland CrosdaleRoland Crosdale18 dagen geleden
  • 15:25 The largest ANIMAL to ever live wasen't an airplane... Who would have ever guessed!

    FullMetal AtheistFullMetal Atheist18 dagen geleden
  • Get to the point already

    Lord BerusLord Berus19 dagen geleden
  • I just Googled what you said about it with the height being taller than a Tyrannosaurus Rex and I just Googled it says the Tyrannosaurus Rex stood about 20 feet giraffes stand 17ft so if the bird stood the same height as a giraffe then no it's not taller than a Tyrannosaurus Rex Google it

    Michael LutcherMichael Lutcher19 dagen geleden
  • Didn't most people survive ok this is about 3 times now stop saying what I say after I say it im just confused on how

    Ethan ForsythEthan Forsyth19 dagen geleden
  • Slap a platform saddle on that

    BadMonkeyBadMonkey19 dagen geleden
  • too bad the dating of these animals are only a theory just like evolution.

    randomguyodst46randomguyodst4619 dagen geleden
  • Fire and air can be good like Madagascar

    Daily Confusing factsDaily Confusing facts19 dagen geleden
  • Segue lvl 9000

    Mnemonic HotpocketMnemonic Hotpocket19 dagen geleden
  • "Quetzalcoatlus northropi was the largest", yeah... no, it wasn't. Quetzalcoatlus had a wingspan estimated at around 10-11 m, this was slightly smaller than the estimate for Hatzegopteryx which was 10-12 m and still smaller than that of Arambourgiania which was 12-13 m (however this last one is more unclear). So rather than saying one of them was the largest you should've mentioned all three since all had comparable wingspans and all of them are estimates, not exact measures.

    Alin AlexandruAlin Alexandru19 dagen geleden
  • "fire and flying have never been a great combo" tell that to the hot air balloons

    WalkerWalker19 dagen geleden
  • One wonders how the Aztecs learned about Big Q.

    Aaron MurphyAaron Murphy19 dagen geleden
  • Am I the only one who new this from ark survival

    That THINGThat THING19 dagen geleden
  • when you realise that the largest flying animal has the same name as your waifu

    cute slime girl fancute slime girl fan19 dagen geleden
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    Onuah EmmaOnuah Emma19 dagen geleden
    • @Alin Alexandru They wouldn't do it if it didn't make them money.

      Jammie!Jammie!18 dagen geleden
    • @Jammie! I know what they are, I've seen these kinds of comments before, though this is the first time I see a full fake discussion, but tbh I doubt anyone is going to fall for their comments.

      Alin AlexandruAlin Alexandru18 dagen geleden
    • @Alin Alexandru They are pretending to be 'beneficiaries' of some money making scheme to scam people of money. They are essentially engineering a comment feed to create a sense of 'validity' and 'trust' in a quick money scheme to get either the gullible or financially desperate to fall into their trap. So yes, you may as well report it if you want to.

      Jammie!Jammie!18 dagen geleden
    • @Jammie! I kinda want to but I'm really not sure if I should report this. It just looks like the bots are having the time of their life discussing this Mrs Esther.

      Alin AlexandruAlin Alexandru18 dagen geleden
    • @Alin Alexandru yes.

      Jammie!Jammie!18 dagen geleden
  • But could I put a saddle on it and ride it?

    Ice 13Ice 1319 dagen geleden
  • A “perosaur”?

    F TF T19 dagen geleden
  • Video starts at 9:12

    ThebiguglyalienThebiguglyalien20 dagen geleden
  • Again Thoughty2, you have delivered another excellent article with no inherent corporate spin or mainstream media false facts. You are to be congratulated for your wholesome presentation of historical facts. Another interesting fact is that you contribute to the human-kind during their short few years that we as homo-sapiens have become the world's most destructive species. Again we, the species are all not destructive; that's where corporations come into the argument. No matter how despicable a pursuit for high profits engagement may be, corporations as themselves deliver nothing of benefit to humankind.

    William BWilliam B20 dagen geleden
  • Avatar

    Abdoul rahimAbdoul rahim20 dagen geleden
  • the Hindenburg made 62successful flights before it exploded. meaning it was much safer than the Titanic. 62out of 63 is much better than 0 for 1

    Steve SwanglerSteve Swangler20 dagen geleden
  • why are there so many ball commercials for you videos? :0

    ken brisbyken brisby20 dagen geleden
  • 9minute build up

    Mentally TiredMentally Tired20 dagen geleden
  • Wow... “Its Real Skull”

    Sigurd OlsenSigurd Olsen20 dagen geleden
  • Great video, except the 300,000,000 million years quote. LOL

    Steve JankowskiSteve Jankowski20 dagen geleden
  • Kind of ironic that Hitler took the swastika which was originally the lucky cross or the crooked cross and used it as a symbol of evil

    Damion ScarberryDamion Scarberry20 dagen geleden
  • I have played most of the ancient games and I'm sure the dragon is the largest flying animal.

    Khalid AnsariKhalid Ansari20 dagen geleden