What Happened to America's Electronics Stores?

31 mrt. 2021
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  • I don't recall a time that I went, probably no more than 10 at 2 stores in Houston, that I was not annoyed by the group of people behind the counter with no regard for my wait much less the 1 to 3 actually working a cash register. The almost acted as though I was an inconvenience to them. Add to that, the paranoid scrutiny as I enter and exit the store. On the floor, it was pretty much vacant of employees. They seemed to gather near registers registers and preoccupied with each other or some less than apparent task more than customers. Micro Center, EPO, and other stores for me!

    Gary RebeGary RebeMinuut geleden
  • I hate Fry’s.

    justagirlsd3000justagirlsd300019 minuten geleden
  • I worked for Radio Shack from 1979 to 1991. I worked in almost every mall in my city at some point. A whole generation IS missing out on an important part of culture. Actually interacting with product before buying it, getting clothing advice from store staff, eating what was often surprisingly good mall food, being able to make a day of browsing a new mall. Several of my friends even met the girls they later married at malls. Letting malls and mall culture die will be seen as a major step in the fall of our civilization.

    Geoff AllanGeoff Allan51 minuut geleden
  • The world is turning into the one in Ray Bradbury's "The Pedestrian"

    valcaronvalcaronUur geleden
  • Big box stores and online shopping have virtually wiped out electronics stores. The primary exception is Micro Center that is located near colleges and universities. Best Buy box stores are on their way out because it's all throw away or cloud software products. When Radio Shack went from selling quality electronics and parts and equipment to cheap import flashy things they went bye bye.

    Kevin BKevin BUur geleden
  • I used to get 3D printing filament at the Fry's here in Indy. It was a great place to go, the prices were better than online and they always had different material and color types avaliable. After Covid the shelves started to go empty, it was clear they were gearing up for the closing before they announced it. I could also find odd video game accessories that you wouldn't find at Gamestop or Walmart. When I was a kid I would GBA and DS games there too. Man, I'm gonna miss em.

    anameof somesortanameof somesort2 uur geleden
  • They have all gone in the uk Maplin Electronics closed 2 years ago I can remember back in 80s Tandy Stores (Radio Shack) in the uk and they went in the 90s and pc world have reduced it's stores so are they next ? It is a specialized market and some over expanded the number of stores and over diversified into selling other items like drones and mobile phones but it did not work

    Peter WalkerPeter Walker2 uur geleden
  • They probably didn't allow photographs because of the threat of people casing the place and stealing expensive electronics.

    NickBush24NickBush243 uur geleden
  • it's impressive how almost all the devices of this catalog have been replaced with just one smartphone

    Alex AlekosAlex Alekos3 uur geleden
  • They were looted because a Drug addict overdosed

    SWFL FishingSWFL Fishing3 uur geleden
  • Forum 303 was my childhood mall. Many birthday parties I had in the 80s at their arcade: Yesterdays (at least I think it was called Yesterdays). The movie theater there had a free summer kids movie program that I remember fondly too.

    Jermy JohnsonJermy Johnson5 uur geleden
  • I too really miss them days going out walking shopping hunting down items and ur video tells the truth of their demise .nice video

    TRANS AM 79TRANS AM 795 uur geleden
  • That Radio Shack flip through sure made the point.

    stampscapesstampscapes6 uur geleden
  • I miss the 80s and 90s.

    Nya StclairNya Stclair6 uur geleden
  • hurts every time he says "who needs that?" :(((((

    AbusAbus6 uur geleden
  • So if I wait like 35 years I can afford the OLED Tv displays lol

    Servant Status MinistriesServant Status Ministries6 uur geleden
  • I think you missed one of my mall favorites-Victora's Secret. Don't believe they are still around, or maybe they are getting ready to be booted. A mall without one of these can't be called a mall. The purpose of today's malls is to give pretty, young things a place to show off their beauty and outfits that almost cover their bodies. Gee, I love going to the mall.

    OutletOutlet6 uur geleden
  • Electronics Boutique still exists in Canada as "EB Games" and we have "The Source" which is the company that replaced Radioshack and the stores are very similar. Toysrus also still exists here and we have Sunrise Records in most malls.

    Connor J. FinlaysonConnor J. Finlayson6 uur geleden
  • People here in south Georgia still use land lines in there homes along with smartphones they carry with them. Also Sears is still in business selling appliances, like dish washers and washing machines etc. So we don't need to assume everyone stop using them. 🤪😐

    Garrett YarbroughGarrett Yarbrough7 uur geleden
  • I really miss Radio Shack which was Tandy’s here in UK, as a kid I used to Save up my Pocket Money to buy as much as I could afford in Tandy’s think first thing I bought was an Airband Radio and electronics 200 in one kit and Radio Scanner with UK Radio Scanning Directory, electronics kit helped me learn electronics, and I used to buy all my electronic components and electronic booklets from Tandy’s and Radio Shack batteries, I loved Tandy’s so much that when our family went to USA for a Holiday my first thought after recovering from jet lag, was where is the Nearest Radio Shack except my parents wouldn’t let me go to one, when I was older I even tried to get a Job at Tandy’s except it was that time when they went out of business at least here in UK then I used to Shop at Maplins for my electronics till they also went out of business here in UK, I used to love a Science Fiction action drama show here in UK called BUGS that used to have gadgets some made up but some of props come from things I remember seeing in Tandy’s catalogues and in one episode of Bugs Season 4 Girl Power they were hiding name of shop but I could tell it was Tandy’s in that episode girl who is electronics genius is being chased and hides Artefact inside a Speaker in Tandy store with a transmitter so can trace signal and in that episode there supposed to be to much rf interference so they go around electronics shop switching off every electronics device on display. Bugs UK TV series episode where Radio Shack/Tandy makes a brief appearance 28:00 and 38:17 etc: nlworld.info/key/video/wKKVmanQhqR4i4Q

    Carl DurrellCarl Durrell7 uur geleden
    • Also love in Film Short Circuit 2 which I used to have on VHS tape and I wore out as I used to watch it so much the scene where Johnny 5 is dying and asks for help to fix him and he says how with what and the cool looking Robot which I still think, looks up at Radio Shack sign.

      Carl DurrellCarl Durrell6 uur geleden
  • I remember going to a TILT in the aurora mall, in Colorado.

    DJ NumonicDJ Numonic7 uur geleden
  • I don't know what's sader, the loss of electronic stores or that poor fish.

    Brent BielBrent Biel8 uur geleden
  • I remember some of those stores, I think you're off the mark on the smart phone though.. that might be true in the last 10 years but most of those stores was in bad shape or long gone before the smart phone ever was even thought of. Same thing happen to arcades.. you can see some of them around still around but they've had to morph into bars and restaurants mostly.. kids now do not know what they're missing hanging out at the arcade on the weekend.. as much as we've gained with the internet we've also lost some things. Remember before everyone had the internet and you'd wait each month for that print magazine to come.. and you'd read about the news games coming out? I use to sub to gamepro.. they're long gone. now games come out almost hourly and information is a google search away which is great in a way but it also makes everything less significant.. the bar to excitement is so high now.. nothing is special. Incredible universe was pretty bad ass but I can tell you why they went out of business at least in part, their prices was quite high. I loved compusa selection and prices was usually decent but their CS was right up there with the BMV/DMV, god help you if you had a problem with something.

    opisexopisex8 uur geleden
  • IMO, there are plenty of electronics to go around still, but most of these big stores were too slow to adapt and too bad at online marketing to remain relevant. There's no way the US could support the sheet number of electronics stores that used to exist, but there are enough of us that would like to buy physical goods (post-covid), that places that currently have ZERO stores like this could support 1 or 2 *well-stocked* superstores. Case in point, plenty of us in Florida have been practically begging Microcenter to build a store here ever since CompUSA went out of business (poor business practices there - stores were always empty and marketing was terrible).

    Nick CharlesNick Charles8 uur geleden
  • Interesting, thanks!

    Евгений ФедоровскийЕвгений Федоровский8 uur geleden
  • Egghead Softare, Gateway Computer Stores, Best Buy, CompUSA, Circuit City, SunCoast, Radio Shack's best part in the 90s was the electronics projects or parts. Small hobby stores that sold everything too, I'm sure any were chains. Most of these places died because Walmart, Sams Club, Costco etc started to sell electronics /more/. Also Things like Egghead Software became NewEgg and started selling online. Radioshack and Toys R US had horrible horrible business practices and didnt double down into their niches. Microcenter has and I drive 5 hours+ round trip to visit many times a year and spend TONS there.

    hypercube33hypercube339 uur geleden
  • Yes, the culture of shopping - the process of shopping - is gone, and it went back a lot farther than the 1980s. Let's try, uh, the 80s or the 1980s BC. There is more to shopping than owning things. What will replace it? Who knows. Education is long since also shattered (classes are dumbed down and expectations are low - we have a Senator who doesn't know the three branches of government - Tommy Tuberville, whose qualifications for office are zilch - Republican of course). College is unaffordable and of doubtful value from similar dumb-down. Politics is chaos, rancor, and stupidity. Soon people will go begging for jobs. Mine is in India and has been for years. This is what comes of greed.

    UltrametricUltrametric9 uur geleden
  • Think of this: The people who worked in all those stores are now doing NLworld videos; like you?

    Steve HSteve H9 uur geleden
  • RE security - the 1980s saw an enormous surge in assholery in the USA. My own experience of it was at the Atlanta Airport. For years I had been parking my motorcycle at the end of runway 27 to watch the big jets. Suddenly I was no longer allowed to do this, and was treated very rudely and threatened. The idea of the for-profit prison was born and there were financial incentives for keeping them stocked, so police activity and brutality surged. I later understood this as a concomitant of the surge in authoritarianism that came with Reagan and a Republican Congress. That got worse and worse and culminated with the Capitol insurrection of Jan. 6th this year. Jury is out if it is too late to reverse this trend. Cops now feel perfectly justified in shooting anyone who looks at them sideways, or even murdering them on the street in full view of the public. Glad to see you again, hope your house ordeal is improving.

    UltrametricUltrametric9 uur geleden
  • None of these people know what they are talking about. The Frys family is secretive. They obviously were using the company for some reason to keep a lot of realestate. Nobody knows what for. I worked there and all this blah blah blah about how the business operates is bullshit. It worked. They were selling plenty product years ago when I was working there even though the management sucked. it really had no bearing on any of this.

    wiselink marquewiselink marque10 uur geleden
  • Let's go to the mall, today 🎶

    Dina HerreraDina Herrera10 uur geleden
  • I used to love going to tech stores, and I still did. However I stopped going to them much more recently. Why? Because their stock was crap. The stores were old. Everything was dingy. Its still my preferred method of shopping for tech stuff because I get to hold it in my hand, see the size, form factor, imagine the use, feel the weight, judge the quality etc. But nothing kills that quicker than going to see what motherboards or graphics cards they have and seeing jack-all on the shelves. Or half of the packages are damaged return items. Or the stores are in disrepair with leaking roofs. THATS what killed it. A failure to upkeep with the times and their stores. Thats why bestbuy is still going. they don't even offer that good of stuff. In fact, I never once chose them over frys. But what they do offer is items in stock, and a clean updated store.

    T_ CT_ C10 uur geleden
  • Real reason was cause there was a fear of theft. People could film or take pictures of the products and probably try to identify stuff to steal later. Least that was what I was told in Glendal when a security gaurd dragged me out years ago when I was doing photos for a girl I liked. Apparently part of that fear was also being a Latino with a camera that cost more than some of the merchandise in said mall.

    Maverick_EagleMaverick_Eagle10 uur geleden
  • we just gonna gloss over that this dude threw a live fish in a blockbuster video return? XD thats pretty funny, not gonna lie

    T_ CT_ C11 uur geleden
  • 10:51 actually me and my dad installed CB radios in our trucks about a year ago, they are so convenient. Instead of frequently dialing whiling driving or staying on speaker phone, I just pick up the microphone, say my CB handle and who I’m talking too and just say what I need. Then he can quickly pick it up and reply, so convenient! If we want to know how traffic is or how many lanes are closed up ahead we can go to channel 19 and ask the truckers. Not to mention if we broke down and our cell phones were dead or we had no cell signal we could call for help.

    JBBrickmanJBBrickman11 uur geleden
  • They're killing America... but you're not allowed to talk about "them" on NLworld.

    SpaceOrbisonSpaceOrbison12 uur geleden
  • I tell my kids about the latest car cassette radio I had back then, and they look at me as if I had three heads. "What's a cassette, they ask?" :(

    TemubaTemuba12 uur geleden
  • Man the memories I'm 50 and from Baltimore and there were 2 Best stores we went to.Funny part is I got computer stuff and also my first 30-30 hunting rifle from Best.They had everything. Hahaha

    Gregory CoxGregory Cox12 uur geleden
  • I remember going to CompUSA when I was stationed in El Paso TX way back in the early 90's and blowing a lot of my cash on stuff I didn't even need 😊 Every time I went there (every Sunday) there was something I HAD to have.

    Uncle Mike's Retro & GamingUncle Mike's Retro & Gaming13 uur geleden
  • 14:22 I miss store shopping, too.

    Effay GigiotyEffay Gigioty13 uur geleden
  • very interesting video. and Best Buy, how do you survive?

    Darien ChibaDarien Chiba14 uur geleden
  • I just can't get into purchasing digital music or movies. I've probably bought about 5 songs digitally. No movies. Can't get over the feeling that if it's not in my hand, I don't really have it

    JamiesCryin1JamiesCryin115 uur geleden
  • The stones song start me up really brings back memories of when 100 megs of ram was a lot.

    Terrie WieseTerrie Wiese15 uur geleden
  • My dad went to a mall in the early to mid 80s he said that he loved the stores in the 80s than today

    Kenzie HouKenzie Hou15 uur geleden
  • We still have a micro center over here in minnesota and it's still booming

    blake rocksblake rocks15 uur geleden
  • Greed

    Harry and Heather FieldsHarry and Heather Fields15 uur geleden
  • Imternet shopping happened.

    FIFTH KINDFIFTH KIND15 uur geleden
  • I used to work in Tandys at a Sydney mall in early 90's and I know the seasonal change in layout was very secretive because it always went with the sales campaign and that's what they were protecting.

    SrekwahSrekwah15 uur geleden
  • I live in the Arlington area... just the other day I was thinking about how long it's been since I was at the Parks Mall. Now I know why! I did love the Fry's, broke my heart when I went back to visit last year!

    markpwebbmarkpwebb16 uur geleden
  • The computer buying. Killed. The malls

    r sprocketsr sprockets16 uur geleden
  • I look at malls/shopping centers today and I see almost nothing that would appeal to young men. Other than food, 95% of the mall near where I live is for women or rich people. Gone are the arcades, game stores, book stores, music stores, sporting goods, electronics stores, Spencer's Gifts. Even a lot of the movie theaters have disappeared.

    Norwegian BlueNorwegian Blue16 uur geleden
  • I worked for Radio Shack in Tarboro NC in the early 90s, the discrete component section was known as the cooty zone because most sales people stayed out of that area. They didn't know a resistor from a diode.

    David MoranDavid Moran16 uur geleden
  • Excellent points, Bestbuy and Microcenter are still hanging in the Mall scene is seriously in question with the shootings and the pandemic. I don’t think women will ever allow someone with a cellphone to shoot their wedding, but that goes under professional uses. Good topic keep up the good work.

    sid vicioussid vicious17 uur geleden
  • That backdrop :-(

    robbyxp1robbyxp117 uur geleden
  • Very well done! I was a teenager in the 1960's and began my interest in electronics with Lafayette Radio and Allied Electronics. I have been familiar with most of the stores you mentioned in the video with the exception of those that were local in Texas. We have come so far so fast in my lifetime! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

    Arthur MowryArthur Mowry17 uur geleden
  • I bought my first anime VHS from Suncoast lol

    Dell HonneDell Honne17 uur geleden
  • Now you have Apple store and Samsung stores.......

    rohit khannarohit khanna18 uur geleden
  • Without even watching this video, I can answer that question in 3 words..... RIGHT TO REPAIR. It’s just evil and really environmentally unfriendly.

    Jon NaughtonJon Naughton19 uur geleden
  • Americas electronic stores made tons of $$$ charging beyond top dollar so yea they went the way of the dinosaur

    Evan SimsEvan Sims19 uur geleden
  • I learned so much by going to Fry’s electronics.... There indeed was a culture and it was good for the soul.

    CasmigeCasmige20 uur geleden
  • I got an 52" LCD TV about a decade ago. max resolution is 1080P. It cost me $2,000 (Canadian prices) I can get a bigger one that is a smart TV with 4K resolution now for like $500.

    shohmyohshohmyoh21 uur geleden
  • Online shopping is a joke! If they have what you’re looking for it’s nearly impossible to write the exact description in the search box to display what you’re searching for. If you find a live person to describe it to they don’t have any skill in entering it in either. They only want to enter it in and then they say no, we don’t have that. At least in a brick and mortar the person stocking the shelves might remember putting it on the shelf. Online doesn’t have the specs to determine if it’s worth buying.

    kevin stonerockkevin stonerock21 uur geleden
  • I worked for the Federated Group in the 80's no mention in his video, but it was there....

    caroline felixcaroline felix21 uur geleden
  • RIP Service Merchandise, Radio Shack, Comp USA, and Fry's.

    Cody MarshallCody Marshall22 uur geleden
  • I wonder how Best Buy has managed to outlast everyone? Reckon they are on the verge of demise as well?

    Jason SutterfieldJason Sutterfield22 uur geleden
  • Choice is the enemy of corporate monopoly. For choice, you need different companies, products, and stores. Monopoly says we don't need choice. We pay the price, the only price, for the only options. Company win. You lose. Totalitarian state. The End.

    KuessemirKuessemir23 uur geleden
  • FYI, if you miss the whole electronics 'touchy-feely' shopping experience, wait until the CCP Virus is done with and fly over to Metro Tokyo area in Japan and head into the HUGE Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara and HUGE BIC Camera in Shinjuku. Or stateside, you could head to New York and visit B&H Photo Video Store.

    First LastFirst Last23 uur geleden
  • I too am saddened that the tactile experience of shopping for new tech has gone by the wayside. As a teen growing up in the late 70's and early 80's, I had literally dozens of stores to choose from. Catalog showrooms such as Service Merchandise were typically my go to for the latest games for my Sears Tele-games and later on the Colecovision. I do count myself fortunate that we have a Best Buy store less than 30 minutes away, so if I want to go and experience the latest tech, I can still do that. Thank you for the trip down memory lane. Keep up the great work!!

    Kevin PatrickKevin PatrickDag geleden
  • Armatron was awesome! You want sugar in your coffee? No problem!

    Jami NovaJami NovaDag geleden
  • Holy crap, we had that cell phone! I also used the catalog as my Christmas list. I Loved this video, brought back great memories but it made me feel old! 😭

    JT AdamsJT AdamsDag geleden
  • 9:13 Ah, back when people had a sense of humor.

    Bren _Bren _Dag geleden
  • Man, you've skipped #3 and gone directly to #4. eBay & Amazon, that's not Online Shopping. Online Shopping has information about its products. eBay & Amazon are Chinese competition - Online without product information & maybe not even products, just the test for wishful market.

    Weldon YoungWeldon YoungDag geleden
  • Two Fry's in Orange County, two in San Diego 0 in Inland Empire the area that was growing by leaps and bounds.

    jim carsonjim carsonDag geleden
  • Imagine how many jobs got wiped out, too.

    John LawsonJohn LawsonDag geleden
  • The suncoast at my childhood mall is now a forever 21 and the service merchandise by me has been vacant for almost 20 years

    Anthony BaranAnthony BaranDag geleden
  • Not gonna lie I’m a kid but most of that stuff in the catalog looked really cool. Even though I wasn’t born in the 70s or 80s, I grew up around a lot of older tech because my brother and sisters were into that kind of stuff, so to me, those things have a lot of cool factor.

  • GME We like the stonk.

    good lightgood lightDag geleden
  • It was the prices. More specifically deals and product displays. Stores would use the knowledge of their local competition to beat deals, watch trends and know what they could reliably mark up. People were in fact paid to travel to competitors and document their stores over time.

    Ari LunariumAri LunariumDag geleden
  • This was an Excellent Analysis video of what happened. I do miss ALL the things that you mentioned. Yes, even the Zilog Z80 processor for theTrash 80! 😂

    Chris GuarinoChris GuarinoDag geleden
  • This is a great video and it took me back in time. I was left with a hole in my heart for things and times that meant so much in the past. I remember driving 3 hours to Denver with my dad to buy a VCR in the early 80's. It was sad to see Radio Shack go out of business a few years ago after buying so many things there over the decades.

    1965ace1965aceDag geleden
  • It was a get together place for nerds , don’t forget. Used to shoot the breeze there for hours. Miss that .

    Rey TorresRey TorresDag geleden
  • Alternate title: How electronics ruined electronic stores.

    Timothy ChapmanTimothy ChapmanDag geleden
  • We still have Electronics Boutique (renamed to EB Games) and Toys R Us here in Canada.

    zero604zero604Dag geleden
  • I was a kid in the 90s and I remember the dying echos of the 80s shopping experience. It was mostly dead by 2005.

    Astrid FornhoffAstrid FornhoffDag geleden
  • This video makes me sad 😥 I always go into charity shops i see somthing old I think wouldn't it be cool to do this or that then I think what's the point when smartphone or modem computer can do better yeah smartphones are great thing get watch things play games talk to my friends but back then people used get really excited over little things when there found out there friend got color tv 📺 all used come around and was amazed by what they where seeing but nowadays you can tell me something or show me somthing new I will not be amazed at all because seen it all with watching tech videos but show me something old witch you always do it amazeds me because think wow they really had that back in the day love watching these videos because i learn so much about forgotten old technology in someways I think it better as I like to have more then one thing then having something that does it all in one just like old hifi sack system so cool seeing it all sacked up looking retro and stylish with fancy graphics EQ now people have phone and bluetooth speaker

    sam. 64evosam. 64evoDag geleden
  • The sweeping changes one sees on their own lives is incredible. And it does not seem like things are slowing down. We live in incredible times.

    Arthur KineardArthur KineardDag geleden
  • I always tell my kids this story about the demise of Sharper Image. When I was a teen, my nerdy friends and I went to a local Sharper Image excited to geek out over the endless array of gadgets. It was a magnet for young, inquisitive minds like ours. However, our curiosity was cut short by one of the employees who told us to leave. We of course did, but my friends and I swore we would never go to that store again. It was only a few years later I was old enough with enough disposable income to now afford to shop at a place like Sharper Image. But I never reneged on my promise. Moral of the story: don't bite the hand that feeds you. I wasn't sad to see Sharper Image close.

    Bill ClintonBill ClintonDag geleden
  • Thanks for the trip back to my childhood. Never considered that a smartphone basically replaces an entire Radio Shack catalog from the '80s. It is interesting that Best Buy endured the pandemic, but not Fry's. I think it had a lot to do with them not catching up with the times and providing a solid online experience. Also to note, Sam Goody and Suncoast Video were part of the Musicland corporation. They dabbled in a large box store called Media Play in the 90's (which I worked at for a while). It combined music, books, video, and software under one roof. It's sad that online shopping has killed box stores. To my family it was an event to go to the mall or go shopping for an afternoon and hit up our favorite stores like Toys 'R Us and Service Merchandise. How can we forget Good Guys?

    chadwpalmchadwpalmDag geleden
  • The smart phone is one of the most amazing devices. It became everything we use to dream about in Sci Fi worlds. In fact it became all of them combined and MORE. Truly astounding..... I FUCKING HATE THEM.

    Jip JacksonJip JacksonDag geleden
  • I’m in Dallas, Tx. We lost a lot of them.

    eddye royaleddye royalDag geleden
  • I think the closest you can get to a similar feel would be a hardware store. I just had to visit one to pick of an extension cord and was tempted to wander to find other things to think of possible projects.

    OrderOfGamersOrderOfGamersDag geleden
  • Ritz Camera sold digital cameras. I think the camera phone killed off the franchise more than digital in and of it self.

    Mal MortMal MortDag geleden
  • To be fair its strange even now if someone goes into a store and is filming everything..I know the reasons where I worked was because it made other customer feel uncomfortable, but whatever their reason they really don't need one since it's private property. It's that's old saying of "because I said so"

    Mal MortMal MortDag geleden
  • Suncoast and EB are the reason a lot of people learned how to sail the high seas. Everything was so overpriced. It was so rare that I ever walked out of those stores with anything. I miss the old school mall experience (Tilt was always awesome), but good riddance to Suncoast and EB.

    duberdurmduberdurmDag geleden
  • There is still MicroCenter.

    Jose de Los AngelesJose de Los AngelesDag geleden
  • Strange finding someone in my area. My 3rd job ever was that Fry's in the thumbnail. I remember it being packed when I was little and now its barren.

    RelaxRelaxDag geleden
  • CompUSA went under because their buisness services division would discount things extremely low.. RIP

    toohightocomplytoohightocomplyDag geleden
  • The adventure of technology in the old days was more fun. Always looking for the next thing. Now you just download an App play with it then move on the the next app. Do you remember Layfette Electronics they had really good stereo receivers in the day.

    vonfragyouvonfragyouDag geleden
  • Ha! I remember Electronic Discount Sales. If I ever needed something for an older machine, that's where I went.

    Michael AguilarMichael AguilarDag geleden
  • Dang that new studio hit me so hard, it looks really good!

    Dyl AppleDyl AppleDag geleden