What babysitting in middle school was like...

22 feb. 2021
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Lars babysits a couple of babies and brings over his girlfriend of 2 days.
Starring: @Trevor Wallace @cer spence @Blake Rosier @Ryan The Leader @dgafbella (insta)
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  • If this comment get exactly 420 replies I'll get everyone Axe Body Spray.....

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    • It got more

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    • who tf broke it

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    • I need some axe body spray please

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    • Shit! Well get me a new sitter at least!

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    • Ya'll fucked it up

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  • NLworldrs are too good. I could watch a movie and be like no way that person 14 they're look like they're 12 or 13 cos of there looks and behaviour . but then I watch this and I'm like wtf she is so much older than him she's like 17 or 18 and the kids 14 then my mind finally go's oh fuck wait that's Trevor Wallace not a 14 yr old

    Kolby FKolby FUur geleden
  • Googoo gaaagaaa -what baby spence said you gave him a permanent disfigurement now wheres my heart at

    Bloody PeetBloody Peet3 uur geleden
  • “You gave him a permanent disfigurement and now he’s gonna grow up with an extra large insecurity that’s gonna effect the course of his life moving forward” -Not So Smart Yet Seems So Compared To The Rest Baby Boi

    Joguel RodriguezJoguel Rodriguez3 uur geleden

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  • Sescribe Cherdleys I like it sescribe sescribe sescribe

    Brandon CotaBrandon Cota4 uur geleden
  • I just wanna know how you figured out you could do that baby voice 😂

    Courtney YCourtney Y4 uur geleden
  • How tf are you so good at a toddler voice? 😂👽🤖🤠

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  • I feel so attacked.

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  • Bech 5:07

    shiz ballshiz ball6 uur geleden
  • 5:47 who the fuck is ↖that guy

    Matt S.Matt S.6 uur geleden
  • 3:49 older siblings do this al the time

    Matt GarciaMatt Garcia7 uur geleden
  • The ginger lmao

    Slurp sauce CapleSlurp sauce Caple7 uur geleden
  • The kids I babysat were never this docile

    Nathan DyckNathan Dyck7 uur geleden
  • whys the baby got a mustache

    killerkiller7 uur geleden
  • Frick cocomelon

    Archan VayaArchan Vaya7 uur geleden
  • This is to funny 😄

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  • 3 cases of covid were contracted and transfered today jk who gives a fuck

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  • I'm going to tell my kids that the painting on the wall is Dave Chappelle.

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  • Do the math. Cause I can't. XD

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  • You are the best guys

    Marwane Ait OuaichaMarwane Ait Ouaicha9 uur geleden
  • I tried explaining why I found the BECH thing so funny to my friend who hadn't seen this video or any videos from this channel and he was beyond confused

    William WhiteWilliam White10 uur geleden
  • What the fuck happened to you fellas

    dead badgerdead badger11 uur geleden
  • Disfigurement is the state of having one's appearance deeply and persistently harmed medically, such as from a disease, birth defect, or wound.

    School SchoolSchool School11 uur geleden
  • 14 year olds really be like that. “I’m a cheerleader I can’t deal with this” lmao 😂

    Swole SenzuSwole Senzu13 uur geleden
  • Legend says the baby still says *Apple*

  • This one will always have a place in my heart

    Nicholas CahillNicholas Cahill14 uur geleden
  • I wonder what your parents are thinking about you guys right now....

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  • this is amazing

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  • Blake is killing me... I cant handle his commitment to the bit. He is too good!

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  • I'm Rick James bitch!

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  • Is this the live action version of Rugrats?

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  • You really bleeped idiot

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  • I got really fucking drunk last night. Smoked a bunch of dope til five in the morning. Ended up passing out in the sewer pipe cause it's kind of cramped back here and my back's a little sore. Anyways, slept there, had a pretty good sleep, but I still had to get up early this morning cause I got responsibles now. Growed up, I got kids. A lot of people say you can't smoke dope and get drunk when you have kids but that's not true. You can. But you still gotta get up in the morning. That's being responsible.

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  • oh shit.. Lars is back...

    Saiful sKiNoSaiful sKiNo16 uur geleden
  • I Love How He Actually Censors Idiot In Subtitles, Perfect

    Suzan KhanSuzan Khan17 uur geleden
  • “My family broke” I felt that

    BT - 7274BT - 727418 uur geleden
  • trevor killed it in this

    Jonah SJonah S19 uur geleden
  • What the fuck did I just watch haha😆

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  • I completely forgot about that kid in kindergarten that would chew on his collar until his whole shirt was soaked in salvia

    stentorstentor20 uur geleden
  • Imagine if he actually took a shit for the video, that would have been insane

    William SandersWilliam Sanders20 uur geleden
  • Bro, idk what it is but this grown men acting as toddlers makes me feel so disturbed.

    Connor GregoryConnor Gregory21 uur geleden
  • "I cant do this anymore" "Did you just break rule number 1"

    SSJAangSSJAang22 uur geleden
  • These are so cringe to watch 🥴

    AusRs -AusRs -23 uur geleden
  • This is funny and disturbing all at the same time.

    Viva La RosaViva La Rosa23 uur geleden
  • Video duration - 6 mins Actual duration - 10 mins to pause for reading.

    Eightbit n0p3Eightbit n0p3Dag geleden
  • This is me when I babysit, without the girlfriend part

    ChanTheDudeChanTheDudeDag geleden
  • me walking into a household of fortnite players

    Nico GiovannoniNico GiovannoniDag geleden
  • bro freshman act like this at school in BROAD. FUCKING. DAYLIGHT. FRESHMAN BE WILDIN SHITS CRAZY

    je suis fudgemanje suis fudgemanDag geleden
  • The ginger baby is a tad moist get him a box fan

    Gio MotykaGio MotykaDag geleden
  • ...

    Michael TianMichael TianDag geleden
  • I’m still breat feeding too.

    Kyle SmithKyle SmithDag geleden
  • Yo how much pot did you guys smoke

    Sebastian MoscosoSebastian MoscosoDag geleden
  • This is so accurate.

    Toxik Nao88Toxik Nao88Dag geleden
  • Trevor does look 14 tbh, when you hitting puberty mate?

    Kyle CravenKyle CravenDag geleden
  • Bella's insta is just🔥

    Tanmay SinghalTanmay SinghalDag geleden
  • “ *im a cheerleader* ”

    JettaroniJettaroniDag geleden
  • I’m very confused as to how old the kids are supposed to be.

    Sam FrashSam FrashDag geleden
  • Does anyone know were he got the lv pillow

    Leo VargasLeo VargasDag geleden
  • “I don’t watch tv, I have a girlfriend. I just watch her.”

    Nikki KruppNikki KruppDag geleden
  • lol title says middle school but i started my sophmore year at 14 years old lmao. anyone else graduate high school at 17 years old?

    Reidlos808Reidlos808Dag geleden
  • Please release the outtakes for this lmao PLEASE!!!

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  • bro these captions and descriptions move too fast. wtf.

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  • Please stop making videos

    Justin WoodruffJustin WoodruffDag geleden
  • This was a social experiment. The results... May be shocking.

    Will LuptonWill LuptonDag geleden
  • As an elementary school teacher and child psychology specialist... the behavior of these kids is spot on for specific age ranges. Everyone should get an Oscar based on these performances.

    Jeremy ShaverJeremy ShaverDag geleden
  • The character breaking moment made me cry. He just came out to LA to be a star 😢👶

    Miguel RodriguezMiguel RodriguezDag geleden
  • Random guess but i think shes a cheerleader

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    • @Assassincamey Gaming excuse me sir

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    • No way man

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    • she mad cute

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    • @ratedpending (please don't sue me) good idea

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    • you sure? imma ask gunder just to check

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  • This is me all they way

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  • Still breat feeding -captions

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  • Blake breaking character has to be one of the funniest fuckin things I've witnessed in a minute

    Ryan BiggsRyan BiggsDag geleden
  • Most middle schoolers: babysitting Me: being babysat

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  • blake's 3rd wall break ruined me

    ItsJoKeZItsJoKeZDag geleden
  • Rugrats looks different here 😂

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  • ngl but Ryan was the one with poor baby acting skills

    Diego ?Diego ?Dag geleden
  • 0:17 "bech"

    Diego ?Diego ?Dag geleden
  • That was all the way in my mouth Thats what she said

    General RoyGeneral RoyDag geleden
  • beh

    Wiktor MaciochWiktor MaciochDag geleden
  • a long rant I don’t wanna type out but if you type it out in the comments I will heart it

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  • Your next video should be about PC gamers and how they spout their PC specs at every opportunity.

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  • too bad they didn't play pewdiepie's cocomelon intro

    Camilo CastillonCamilo CastillonDag geleden
  • everyones trying not to laugh

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  • 4:25 imagine if half of L.A had this realization.

    MnchBeatsMnchBeatsDag geleden
  • “I’m a cheerleader.” 👁👄👁

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  • 5:47 found footage of a ghost

    The Demon DwellerThe Demon DwellerDag geleden
  • Where did you find these talented kids?

    The SwansonThe SwansonDag geleden
  • U gave him a permanent displeasurement now hes honna grow up with an extra large insecurity and its gonna affect his course of life moving forward Is the rant the kid talked about when the other ones nose was taken so now u give me heart as promised

    Stisti01Stisti01Dag geleden
  • I cheked at 0.25 speed the names and chester still breat and yes breat it says breat feeds

    Stisti01Stisti01Dag geleden
  • Breaking character at 5:11 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Engagment

    Manega ki nhiManega ki nhiDag geleden
  • 5:11 painful

    dek094dek094Dag geleden
  • Cherdleys Baby Voice hits different

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  • The fact you and your whole friend group aren’t like insanely fucking big on NLworld yet is a sin to everything good in the universe

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  • BECH

    Eyecone MoreEyecone More2 dagen geleden
  • "NO NOT LIKE THAT, it has to be your idea" I've definitely heard that as a kid 🤣

    Trenton FengelTrenton Fengel2 dagen geleden
    • Shit, I've SAID that

      Char StevensChar Stevens2 uur geleden
  • God dammit i hella laughed my ass off 😂

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  • Googoogaagaa

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  • Never stop adding quick texts! Makes the video last longer when I constantly rewind 😂

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  • I think this is fake they don't look 2

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