WHAT A FIGHT!!! Shannon Briggs vs Frans Botha Full Highlight | HD

9 jan. 2021
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  • Tremendous fight

    Bobcat 843Bobcat 8434 uur geleden
  • tuyệt vời... OK...

    tư võtư võ12 uur geleden
  • Botha was a limited fighter. But made Briggs look like an amateur in this fight.

    Pressy CabreraPressy CabreraDag geleden
  • A heavyweight fight, that looked like a lightweight fight, all that punching and action. Amazing.

    David JuddDavid JuddDag geleden
  • Botha won this matchup. He got robbed.

    Working ManWorking ManDag geleden
  • Rockem Sockem Robots!

    Corey JohnsonCorey Johnson2 dagen geleden
  • botha, is a helluva fighter, RESPECT

    Rosendo BongatoRosendo Bongato2 dagen geleden
  • Geez. Back-alley brawl. Tough, tough guys.

    Michael H.Michael H.3 dagen geleden
  • And Mark Breland and Eddie Mustafa Mohammed a couple blocks away with World B Free and Rolando Blackmon.

    Donny CavallacciDonny Cavallacci3 dagen geleden
  • Say what you want about tough neighborhoods. Mike Tyson Riddick Bowe and Shannon Brigs grew up on same BLOCK in Brownsville Brooklyn. Hard place.

    Donny CavallacciDonny Cavallacci3 dagen geleden
  • Briggs ate more straight rights from klitchko

    liamardo007liamardo0074 dagen geleden
  • A real fight 😎 well done to both of them

    David StallardDavid Stallard4 dagen geleden
  • amazing fight both of them ...classic🔥🔥👍👍

    Juni ArthaJuni Artha4 dagen geleden
  • Botha deez nuts

    Nathan_Nathan_5 dagen geleden

    Rommel GonzalesRommel Gonzales5 dagen geleden
  • Awesome fight

    Juan ReyesJuan Reyes6 dagen geleden
  • Just shows you how hard Lennox could wallop. These two were eating right hands from each other all night. When Lewis hit either of them he put them to sleep. Brilliant fight though.

    Squirter McGuirterSquirter McGuirter7 dagen geleden
    • Lewis underrated

      Hubert HarmonHubert HarmonDag geleden
    • 100%!

      Scott ClarkeScott Clarke5 dagen geleden
  • Botha throws an overhand right Briggs blocks it with his face

    donner party of 1donner party of 17 dagen geleden
  • Let's go champ let's go champ Jajajaja

    Atlantic EagleAtlantic Eagle8 dagen geleden
  • Hell of a fight

    John QJohn Q8 dagen geleden
  • Ooooooohhhhhhh

    EmanueleEmanuele8 dagen geleden
  • The south african was cheated out of this fight he clearly won.

    glynn carlseglynn carlse8 dagen geleden
  • South Africans tend to be hard as hell

    francisjtukfrancisjtuk8 dagen geleden
  • Greatest fight ever

    Kirby ChamKirby Cham9 dagen geleden
  • Don't see slugfests like that nowadays

    Michael ReedMichael Reed9 dagen geleden
  • Mother of God Botha was made from Granite!!

    Kenneth HewishKenneth Hewish10 dagen geleden
  • In boxing one man; "wearing white trunks" - other man; "wearing white & red trunks" outside the ring . . . one man is a *Black* man & the other man is a *White* man - Damn it!

    TAROTAITAROTAI11 dagen geleden
  • Shannon Briggs one of the greatest heavyweight contenders of all time.

    Javi RuizJavi Ruiz12 dagen geleden

    drumtumdrumtum12 dagen geleden
  • Botha ir good

    Jaime AugustoJaime Augusto12 dagen geleden
  • he was white !!

    c2drc2dr12 dagen geleden
  • botha beat briggs

    aten ashramaten ashram13 dagen geleden
  • They earned that draw.. Hopefully no brain damage though..

    Libs SuckLibs Suck13 dagen geleden
  • Бота молодец! Настоящий бык! Шенон как всегда много говорил и в конце здулся

    Сергей БабенкоСергей Бабенко13 dagen geleden
  • Lets go champ

    LeonardoLeonardo13 dagen geleden
  • ¿¿¡¡!??

    Ernesto E. Chavez T.Ernesto E. Chavez T.13 dagen geleden
  • По сути ни тот ни другой про защиту не думал. За это мы и любим бокс

    Big BombardierBig Bombardier13 dagen geleden
  • What a meat grinder!!!

    Ironeyes4440Ironeyes444014 dagen geleden
  • Great fight. Hats off to both fighters

    KeVKeV15 dagen geleden
  • I always thought Rocky films were too far fetched until I watched this..!

    WINGMASTER JimmyWINGMASTER Jimmy15 dagen geleden
  • Gladiators

    Alex FeltonAlex Felton15 dagen geleden
  • Wow. War! Great battle. Both winners imo.

    Rubin TurnerRubin Turner15 dagen geleden
  • 2:32 did Shannon just slide his booger out?

    Alexander Gabriel AlquezaAlexander Gabriel Alqueza15 dagen geleden
  • perfect fight.

    Tommynr28Tommynr2815 dagen geleden
  • Spectacular match performed by these two men!

    Chenn LinChenn Lin15 dagen geleden
  • Briggs showed a helluva beard. Botha heckuva heart. A classic.

    Billy BudBilly Bud15 dagen geleden
  • These two heavyweights DID BANG OUT! Fans got their money's worth with this bout.

    Tracey ScottTracey Scott16 dagen geleden
  • Brigs 🤔💩💩💩💩👇🖕🖕🖕👎👎👎👎

    Kam HaddKam Hadd16 dagen geleden
  • Brains mashed potato’s

    jimmy goldingjimmy golding17 dagen geleden
  • Two Big Punchers taking and giving real fight no running and ducking no talking straight getting to it

    Boe PaynePillBoe PaynePill17 dagen geleden
  • What a fight!

    John BartonJohn Barton17 dagen geleden
  • When was this?

    T KT K18 dagen geleden
  • man that was a tough fight.

    MrMrwilson11MrMrwilson1118 dagen geleden
  • У Боты удары мощные и посмотрите сколько Шеннон Бригс принял на свою тупую голову этих мощных крюков и стоит, это не в коем случае не стойкость духа и воли - это анаболические стероиды делаю свою работу!!!

    Максимальный ЭнергетичныйМаксимальный Энергетичный18 dagen geleden
  • Шеннон Бригс всегда очень много принимал ударов на себя, разве это хороший боец, когда голову подставляет под удар. Вышел на бой с Ленногсом Льюисом и сразу глубокий накаут.

    Максимальный ЭнергетичныйМаксимальный Энергетичный18 dagen geleden
  • Бота мужик!!!!! Дрался со всеми самыми сильными!!!! Достойный боец и его проигрыши это всегда зрелищные бои. Шенон Бриггс ничего особенного не достиг. Выигрывал в основном бойцов второго эшелона. Очень в Шенноне много стероидов и поэтому он не падал!!!!!

    Максимальный ЭнергетичныйМаксимальный Энергетичный18 dagen geleden
  • Ini baru tinju enak Di tonton saling jual beli pukulan bukan saling rangkulan bravo buat kedua petinju ini keereeen

    Avirendra SafwanAvirendra Safwan18 dagen geleden
  • Humans have heart; some make the heart work too hard: let's go have a beer!

    Ed CarrEd Carr18 dagen geleden
  • not bad for a south african 3rd world country/we have some bigger guys here that plays rugby/runs 100 metre in 11 seconds/send the boxing scouts here.

    Noor MajietNoor Majiet19 dagen geleden
  • Would of liked to of seen Tommy Morrison fight Botha

    Osborn Lab FarmOsborn Lab Farm19 dagen geleden
  • BS

    Dirk plantDirk plant19 dagen geleden
  • Прекрасный бой. Боксёры класса супер. Вот как надо биться. Пример молодежи.

    Аманжол БулатАманжол Булат19 dagen geleden
  • Botha

    mehdi aittikmehdi aittik19 dagen geleden
  • Botha was robbed he won that fight

    Joe KaneJoe Kane20 dagen geleden
  • I loved briggs as a fighter but sadly he had no defense

    paul frehleypaul frehley20 dagen geleden
  • It looks like the judges got this one right and it was a hard fight until the end,very good,Emmett aka Emilio***

    Emmett North JrEmmett North Jr20 dagen geleden
  • Exciting bout. Fair result

    Koksing LauKoksing Lau20 dagen geleden
  • Shannon tha cannon whatever more like shannon tha bb gun

    Edward BoyerEdward Boyer21 dag geleden
  • You're going down champ...

    Lord von ManorLord von Manor21 dag geleden
  • To be engaging like that takes some serious mental toughness.

    Sam JumpSam Jump21 dag geleden
  • Waoww I didnt see this match before now Im satisfied

    HakeroHakero21 dag geleden
  • Whoah man wot a tear up briggs was lucky from what i could see in the highlights..... Botha man hard as a coffin nail lol!!

    Anson CritchlowAnson Critchlow21 dag geleden
  • Rigged Botha won

    david leggdavid legg21 dag geleden
  • Botha clearly won this fight

    Glenn TimmonsGlenn Timmons21 dag geleden
  • That was an all out war right there

    tractor man TPtractor man TP22 dagen geleden
  • That was good boxing both sides

    Efrem LeeEfrem Lee22 dagen geleden
  • The Briggs Botha fight was 1 of the best of fights in the past both were very good in style and skills on offense kinda like Gotti ward Too bad the klichsgo bothers ruined both of these great fighters and seat at the table of champions

    k a r l sutton Sk a r l sutton S22 dagen geleden
  • Briggs sure could soak up punches...a very underrated fighter .both warriors

    stephen packstephen pack22 dagen geleden
  • Serious leather flying!!!

    Claude JacksonClaude Jackson22 dagen geleden
  • What’s up champ..

    Ernest DionsonErnest Dionson23 dagen geleden
  • I think I'll stay in school

  • shanon briggs is a catcher of punch that landed on him 😁😁😁😁😁💪💪💪💪💪👊👊👊👊👊✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

    elnivnorbx blasticelnivnorbx blastic23 dagen geleden
  • Ini mantep jg pak bos jual beli pukulan,,,bacot nya botha berisik bnr

    ome barrackome barrack23 dagen geleden
  • Briggs have no chance

    Mario AndrikopoulosMario Andrikopoulos23 dagen geleden
  • Damn what a fight !

    Super StraightSuper Straight24 dagen geleden
  • Oh how I loathe Bobby C

    brad armstrongbrad armstrong24 dagen geleden
  • Briggs' face can take a punch...

    CL WilCL Wil24 dagen geleden
  • briggs is mister beton face .

    isko buisko bu24 dagen geleden
  • Briggs was an underrrated boxer obsessed with “let’s go champ”Klitchko. He could have. Even so much more

    FAKE NEWSFAKE NEWS24 dagen geleden
  • I gotta say they both ate some punches.I thought Botha won though.

    Tim HintonTim Hinton25 dagen geleden
  • Super great fight thank you.

    steliyan ssteliyan s25 dagen geleden
  • Botha won this fight.

    Steven WalkerSteven Walker25 dagen geleden
  • I like how briggs throws his punches

    azertu2u2azertu2u225 dagen geleden
  • Briggs can take some punches lol. That was a good fight

    YOYOYOYO25 dagen geleden
  • I could just smell the leather burning watching this fight

    Mr GrandiMr Grandi25 dagen geleden
  • Fair result. Briggs cleaner, Botha more.

    Craig RossCraig Ross26 dagen geleden
  • Briggs is a fantastic boxer. Botha is one of those guys you'd have to hit him over the head with a sledgehammer for two weeks and give him a good sanding down to subdue him.

    Craig RossCraig Ross26 dagen geleden
    • 🤣😂😆

      ova lē fia pokoova lē fia poko24 dagen geleden

    Bless MoneyBless Money26 dagen geleden
  • Would have like to see briggs vs tyson

    Jae BarnoJae Barno26 dagen geleden
  • Shannon Brix is like much professionel Jamaican Tourist Guy.

    Game OverGame Over27 dagen geleden