15 apr. 2021
3 995 688 Weergaven

We broke yet another WORLD RECORD... the most amount elims in a single duos game! 88 Elims... the equivalent of two 20 bombs each in the comeback LTM! We hope you enjoy!
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  • your cracked

    Outbreak PlayzOutbreak Playz18 minuten geleden
  • you guys are the best twin fortnite plays i know

    Dora LokietekDora Lokietek4 uur geleden
  • ops I wasn't 15 it was 00:15

    Tibor VekonyTibor Vekony9 uur geleden
  • I saw them floating at 15:00 I exposed him

    Tibor VekonyTibor Vekony10 uur geleden
  • I know this is irrelevant but i just ate the best orange! 😂

    Just a ordinary eggJust a ordinary egg21 uur geleden
  • bro wtf this record

    Maximiliano TrigoMaximiliano Trigo22 uur geleden
  • The willing hockey essentially squeal because rail previously cure beside a tight politician. blushing, phobic downtown

    Lucia Rodríguez CuñaLucia Rodríguez CuñaDag geleden
  • They both got 44 kills aye

    MossieMossieDag geleden
  • This is faked watch the amount of people in the game as they get kills it’s totally fake

    Calum CrowleyCalum CrowleyDag geleden
  • Well then they bothers like together and plays fortnite

    Mark Gonzalez JrMark Gonzalez JrDag geleden
  • I sniped them with no scope I sniped them with no scope I sniped them with no scope I sniped them with no scope i sniped them with no scope

    Punts with hamwrts !Punts with hamwrts !2 dagen geleden
  • Can someone please tell me the name of the first song in the game

    Punts with hamwrts !Punts with hamwrts !2 dagen geleden
  • I somehow got 67 kills but in this ltm but I was solo duoing

    Punts with hamwrts !Punts with hamwrts !2 dagen geleden
  • all the dislikes are from people that got 87 kills

    LLL_TITANLLL_TITAN2 dagen geleden
  • i rill lic

    Lenny StaddonLenny Staddon2 dagen geleden
  • Green sniper=u are cursed

    Cai LuisCai Luis2 dagen geleden
  • wait lever actions in season 6?

    Circutbreaker GamingCircutbreaker Gaming3 dagen geleden
  • U guys r insane

    hp_highpirs clanhp_highpirs clan3 dagen geleden
  • Fo T I know

    Deacesa MathisDeacesa Mathis3 dagen geleden
  • Eis que você cai em parque agradavel no dia do lançamento do neymar

    Gabriel Games1603Gabriel Games16033 dagen geleden
  • when im 10 year old i got my highest kill in season 4 my highest kill is 27

    Jay DisongloJay Disonglo3 dagen geleden
  • Fun fact: FaZe sway holds the solo kill record

    Tavey GamesYTTavey GamesYT3 dagen geleden
  • the record is 110

    Julian AlbisuJulian Albisu4 dagen geleden
  • My friend got 95 kils in one game it was i team rumble

    ninakor82ninakor824 dagen geleden
  • how did u get the mandalorian pickaxe

    Aidan ClearyAidan Cleary4 dagen geleden
  • ikr if I get 10 I am like ¨OMG I HAVE 10 KILLS OMG OMG OMG!!!!¨


    Marcus Elijah ManalastasMarcus Elijah Manalastas4 dagen geleden
  • Das ist so gggggeeeeeeiiiiiiiilllllll

    Mustafa ShehoMustafa Sheho4 dagen geleden
  • They both said :two 38 at the same time!🤣

    pearlzqpro gamingpearlzqpro gaming5 dagen geleden
  • they had 5 lives

    Josh FearnsideJosh Fearnside5 dagen geleden
  • Tvvf,

    Alessandra CinellaAlessandra Cinella5 dagen geleden
  • Jesse kan i add ju and jordan

    Bjørn Olav AmundsenBjørn Olav Amundsen5 dagen geleden
  • GG

    Juliene AguilarJuliene Aguilar5 dagen geleden
  • 😑🥴💀👻💩🤡👺🤑🤠😈👿👹🤕🤒😷🤧🤮😪😵🤐🥴🤢🤤😴🥱😲😮😬🙄😯😦😧😑😐😶🤥🤫😥😓🤗🤔🤭😰😨😱🥶🥵😠😡🤬🤯😳😤😭😢🥺😩🙁☹️😣😖😫😕😟😔😞😒😎🥸🤩🥳😏🤓🧐🤨🤪😜😙😚😋😛😝😗😘🥰😍😌😊😇🙂🙃😉☺️🥲🤣😂😅😀😃😄😁😆🥺😜🌝😗😋🥰😌😍😗😘😊😇🙂🙃😉😃😀😅🥲☺️😄😁😆🤣🌝🌹😂😭🥺😜

    AboF lahAboF lah5 dagen geleden
  • when jordan killed the soccer skin you can see code x2twins

    Rafael MallariRafael Mallari5 dagen geleden

    Nifty CaribouNifty Caribou6 dagen geleden
  • Hi

    PugloPuglo6 dagen geleden
  • what the name is ltm???

    GabrosGabros6 dagen geleden
    • ooh its on descreption

      GabrosGabros6 dagen geleden
  • 7:42 that squeak tho

    GigaFrozzerGigaFrozzer6 dagen geleden
  • Yo yo yo I love you s vids I wanna have you added my epic is nativeqBo6 and I suck and I wanna get better at the game 😨😔😇

    Tyler NelsonTyler Nelson6 dagen geleden
  • U need an icon skin

    ZeroTheHero GamesAndMoreZeroTheHero GamesAndMore6 dagen geleden
  • I have the most solo wins at over 50

    E. DawgE. Dawg6 dagen geleden
  • sheesh

    EzvaEzva6 dagen geleden
  • My kills per game; 4 Their kills; 509273

    Emily GoodknechtEmily Goodknecht7 dagen geleden
  • nice

    nate irwinnate irwin7 dagen geleden
  • This was very entertaining 👍🏾

    VILE JEVONVILE JEVON7 dagen geleden
  • My highest solo kill game was 17

    Peanut ArmyPeanut Army7 dagen geleden
  • fortnite is not gay fortnite is mega gay

    GZUZGZUZ7 dagen geleden
  • OMG U BEAT FaZe SWAY’s kill record it’s 69

    Kiki_Boy0304Kiki_Boy03047 dagen geleden
  • I love the x2 twins videos so much

    Nope HeheNope Hehe7 dagen geleden
  • this is cap bc in duos u cant redeploy or get chug splash or respawn

    Caleb McGhinCaleb McGhin8 dagen geleden
  • oi neiq,cnwrehuyuwyeueyrv fb bmshhf rkdr açii jfkjg ioo mame mmmwae3i eybjkkl\jd8wdsa

  • Sup X2Twins, i would like that you can add me in Fortnite. My YT Channel is my Fortnite name/user.

    Atlant StjepanAtlant Stjepan8 dagen geleden
  • They are basically the same player

    Harlow JettHarlow Jett8 dagen geleden
  • Bro what is that outro song? I need the name

    TyroneThaDeveloperTyroneThaDeveloper8 dagen geleden
  • Jesse: I sniped him without a scope Jordan: ...

    Yoyo ThingzYoyo Thingz8 dagen geleden
  • Yo Jordan Jesse ur dog water if ur so good 2v1 me vs you both

    Natalie FarrellNatalie Farrell9 dagen geleden
  • Imagine cheating

    T3n D0br3jT3n D0br3j9 dagen geleden
  • X2 twins : 88kills Me and my girlfriend arguing about taking each others kills 😂

    Matt / PlexehFTPMatt / PlexehFTP9 dagen geleden
  • yo uu and jesse r goated for life

    Jaxson MonticueJaxson Monticue9 dagen geleden
  • :friend they suck :me aw heck. You did not say that

    Airoixxox AirouzAiroixxox Airouz9 dagen geleden
  • This dude killed 80% of the lobby!

    WaterBellWaterBell9 dagen geleden
  • the best players

    Jacob HillmanJacob Hillman9 dagen geleden
  • omg you are the best 🔥

    Flufy_btwFlufy_btw10 dagen geleden
  • Y'all are the best NLworldrs

    Amb er SmithAmb er Smith10 dagen geleden
  • Sheeesh

    Melanie playz :DMelanie playz :D10 dagen geleden
  • aimbot user cough cough

    JamesMCTVJamesMCTV10 dagen geleden
  • its so sad in the outro when they fall...

    Qxzzfy -Qxzzfy -10 dagen geleden
  • Jonsey, DEAD! Aura, DEAD! GUY IN A TREE!!!!! The meme speaks for itself

    Anson DeVinneyAnson DeVinney10 dagen geleden
  • pq les top descend pas il reste a 35

    ÑoXý ツÑoXý ツ10 dagen geleden
  • 88 elimms HAW ◑﹏◐

    mitc0580 mitc0580mitc0580 mitc058011 dagen geleden
  • The fact that they both said "dying" at the same exact time is hilarious

    Layla MLayla M11 dagen geleden
  • bro i think you have in a duo or arena or custom match 88kills xd

    TrexisTrexis11 dagen geleden
  • 7:39 renagade raider

    Baby Ready For SacrificeBaby Ready For Sacrifice11 dagen geleden
  • Thats custom match

    HunterEliteHunterElite11 dagen geleden
  • I got 32 solo duos

    Maze_AdamMaze_Adam12 dagen geleden
  • I wish I can be that good as them

    Finley CleaverFinley Cleaver12 dagen geleden
  • Desde

    KODIAKKODIAK12 dagen geleden
  • The master of snipes without scopes

    TodoXAquaTodoXAqua12 dagen geleden
  • Sweats

    Unfunny MemesUnfunny Memes12 dagen geleden
  • Yea whit soft aim

    ninja blackninja black12 dagen geleden
  • This basically cheating

    Truffle playzTruffle playz13 dagen geleden
  • They all ways make the impossible possible

    Golden slash567Golden slash56713 dagen geleden
  • You guys are my favorite NLworldrs

    Frances TyndallFrances Tyndall13 dagen geleden
  • How are they using those guns but they are from last season and the map is season 6

    Layla MooreLayla Moore14 dagen geleden
  • I did 89 kill with my friend :)

    Itzz FrrankyItzz Frranky14 dagen geleden
  • Nicht echt

    Nicolai WittichNicolai Wittich14 dagen geleden
  • Them: dieing

    Panda vlogerPanda vloger14 dagen geleden
    • Me:ginx

      Panda vlogerPanda vloger14 dagen geleden
  • bruh they usin that softaim soo good but i can still see it :/

    Alex 25kAlex 25k14 dagen geleden
  • Do they se comments if you ask this question like

    Adam AbusaleemAdam Abusaleem15 dagen geleden
  • when you drink G fuel once:

    KenoKeno15 dagen geleden
  • I like how Jordan doesn’t stop speaking

    Mugaaz-Mugaaz-15 dagen geleden
  • so good

    Trudy EganTrudy Egan15 dagen geleden
  • i got 100 klis

    Trudy EganTrudy Egan15 dagen geleden
  • Y'all did not get 88 elims this I team rumble you bums

    UnknownUchihaUnknownUchiha15 dagen geleden
  • And it was 90 kills not 88 you liars

    Sama SaqerSama Saqer16 dagen geleden
  • And its only because you had 5 lifes if you didnt you were dead no problems

    Sama SaqerSama Saqer16 dagen geleden
  • Clickbait video not clickbait for my commt i swear its clickbait

    Sama SaqerSama Saqer16 dagen geleden
  • inpo silvel

    ForcadoForcado16 dagen geleden
  • F

    Nel RuheNel Ruhe16 dagen geleden