We Had A Bad Day At The Farm Tiktok: dairycarrie

13 mrt. 2021
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We Had A Bad Day At The Farm
Credit: dairycarrie (tiktok)
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  • Or just don’t drink cows milk. There’s healthier alternatives. Cows milk is growth formula. Adults don’t need that. But using it to bake is totally fine 😜🤤 🍰

    Izzy DivineIzzy Divine45 minuten geleden
  • I know it smells bad af in there

    hater of godhater of god4 uur geleden
  • We know wherever they’re dumping that milk is gonna stink

    Avery SadlerAvery Sadler5 uur geleden
  • Imagine still stealing and drinking calf milk instead of switching to plant based milk which is better for your body and the environment, couldn't be me.

    Salty CalfSalty Calf12 uur geleden
  • Milk can lead to osteoporosis

    Trevion BedfordTrevion Bedford13 uur geleden

    MywtfvidsMywtfvids13 uur geleden
  • That’s a Phatt oof my dude.

    N1CKNAM3N1CKNAM314 uur geleden
  • Why does your milk look SOOOO much thicker, yummy and wholesome than what we buy in stores?? The milk going down the drain looks 100x better than the most expensive brands available in stores. Obviously there’s a procedure between the udder and the store, but DANG! I’m wanna seek out a farm to MY table like the old days.

    Olivia PierceOlivia Pierce14 uur geleden
  • I’m dead y’all think cows are milked to death 💀

    Ajax JAMMAZAjax JAMMAZ14 uur geleden
  • What a waste! This is a big reason why I dont drink milk anymore

    Taylor BorgmanTaylor Borgman14 uur geleden
  • Fun fact: oats don’t do antibiotics 👍🏼

    Emmie HelsmoEmmie Helsmo15 uur geleden
  • I am proud that mli dont like milk anymore i just drink out milk

    jluke meetjluke meet15 uur geleden
  • Damn those poor cows sat there with bleeding infected udders getting milked for nothing now

    Hunter -Hunter -16 uur geleden
  • Isn’t there an alternative to dumping it? Putting it in animal feed or fertiliser?

    Jack CapricornJack Capricorn16 uur geleden
  • Just stop drinking milk ☺️

    HolaSoyGrelHolaSoyGrel17 uur geleden
  • Yes just a full circle of bullshit like the Church's so who knows

    A MarkA Mark17 uur geleden
  • 🥺🥺🥺 I do thEse tests all the time cause I work for a Cheese Factory and have a goat farm myself. This feeling is PAINFULL

    Marianne HodelMarianne Hodel17 uur geleden
  • Yea that sucks, I made the same mistake when I was a farm hand.

    Jesse VallieJesse Vallie18 uur geleden
  • I remember 2 years ago it happened on my farm as well

    Master oogwayMaster oogway18 uur geleden
  • That’s why I drink almond milk

    Daniel ADaniel A18 uur geleden
  • "No crying over spilt milk."

    daxter8792daxter879218 uur geleden
  • Im a Leading receiver for dairy farmers of America and when he gets to our processing facility we also tested again three times and even if one of those test come back positive we retest three again to be a very tedious job and then on top of that we must retain one sample for every truck that comes through and hold that sample for at least 30 days with the lot number on it so there’s ever an issue can be retested allow the drivers like drivers like Bynum Tendo forget to put the lot locks on the top of the truck and the bottom receiving another thing we do too so we test every truck the nozzle and the rim before processing any of the milk this month a hard month for us a lot of cows milk is coming in with blood in it and it’s common for April

  • God, I miss fresh, straight from the farm milk. There’s a place by New Hope I think, a bit west of there anyways, went there maybe 2-3 times as a kid with my parents 🐄❤️ chocolate tasted the best

    Michael EngelmannMichael Engelmann19 uur geleden
  • I feel like u have to clean out the hoses after each use 5 times just to be safe

    Michael EngelmannMichael Engelmann19 uur geleden
  • Lesson: Don't drink cow milk kids

    AnhedoniacAnhedoniac20 uur geleden
  • Yup bought a milk truck once... not a good day 😂

    Chris KtcChris Ktc22 uur geleden
  • Save me a few gallons

    Ervxc !Ervxc !22 uur geleden
  • Fun fact we humans arent suppose to drink cow milk

    Purple BananaPurple Banana22 uur geleden
  • That’s not true not every franchise follows it’s rules which sucks cause Rich people who buy these franchise don’t care and pay to hide it.

    B AriesB Aries23 uur geleden
  • When your lactose and tolerant

    I Really like BeesI Really like Bees23 uur geleden
  • Fun fact: humans aren’t supposed to drink cow milk or milk in general after infancy

    Mitchell LeggMitchell Legg23 uur geleden
  • And we put our trust into these people, all shams for a dollar bill.

    Jaden HightowerJaden HightowerDag geleden
  • That's too bad..surely there's a better use for it than down the drain..like for animal food/supplements or something..

    Claire BearClaire BearDag geleden
  • Here’s something they don’t tell you about milk. We shouldnt be drinking it anyways.

    msgmademefatmsgmademefatDag geleden
  • This was heart breaking to watch-

    Ashley PrenticeAshley PrenticeDag geleden
  • I don't drink milk and you're not keeping families safe. You're killing them with that garbage you call Milk. It has no nutritional value.

    Wayne JohnsonWayne JohnsonDag geleden
  • why can’t it have antibiotics?

    AlexAlexDag geleden
  • It's not so sad, don't cry over spilled milk.

    Hol UpHol UpDag geleden
  • Stfu

    Jordan S.Jordan S.Dag geleden
  • Why don't they just water the plants with it?

    12202 1220212202 12202Dag geleden
  • We shouldn’t even be drinking cows milk...you see deers drinking out of wolves milk or cattle drinking out of cats titties? It’s been proven that cows milk is not made for humans. Drink your mommas breast Milk as a kid and grow up y’all. Stop drinking cows milk. Let the cow babies have their milk.

    Vika LevinVika LevinDag geleden
  • Milk is for baby cows. Stop drinking it

    Michael CampbellMichael CampbellDag geleden
  • Preciate it

    Pure 2KPure 2KDag geleden
  • Imagine drinking Cows milk in 2021.. 🤮 Coconut milk, Almond milk and Oat milk.

    KaiKaiDag geleden
  • Your integrity is admirable.

    Corey DoerrCorey DoerrDag geleden
  • Are the chocolate milk cows the same

    Andrew WillardAndrew WillardDag geleden
  • At times like these, everyone cries over spilled milk...

    Noah McK GrayNoah McK GrayDag geleden
  • Still ain't drinking it. Regardless if you did or did not taint the milk or hurt the cow. Almond milk is where it's at, and I make my own.

    Subconscious CatalystSubconscious CatalystDag geleden
  • "Keep your family safe" lmao, y'all just looking out for your wallet.

    Kyle HicksonKyle HicksonDag geleden
    • If only you would look up the cost of running a farm. For the cost of equipment and work they do they don't make a lot of money.

      Thy StaffThy Staff18 uur geleden
  • Fun fact from someone who toured a family friends Dairy farm. Dairy farmers keep heifers (female cows) pregnant CONSTANTLY and rip their babies away from them and put them in little huts outside on leashes like abandoned baby puppies. Rows and rows of them while they cry and try to suck on humans fingers trying to get any milk they can as baby calves are constantly suckling when they are with their mothers. (They do bottle feed these calves but mostly try to get them grain feeding as quickly as possible). Sad. This milk just being dumped is absolute insanity and inhumane.

    Shay ErwinShay ErwinDag geleden
  • thank u

    mail ladymail ladyDag geleden
  • Definitely appreciate your honesty... I hauled milk from the farmers for a bit

    DieselmanDieselmanDag geleden
  • Well if cows milk was left for baby cows wouldn’t be much of a problem

    MakeupInActionMakeupInActionDag geleden
  • ive actually never seen a study done that says antibiotics in milk or anythin is bad for you. only heard people say it.

    ford channellford channellDag geleden
  • i don’t drink milk anymore only almond milk. dairy makes me extremely gassy cheese is no better. none the less i love farmers and i honestly wouldn’t mind being one. one with a lot of cool tech and farm gadgets. i may get into gardening who knows?

    Itachi UchihaItachi UchihaDag geleden

    Pinsch RunnerPinsch RunnerDag geleden
  • Would you be able to collect the milk and use it for like plants?

    Me_BinceMe_BinceDag geleden
  • Damn high standard, i wish i was born in 1st world country

    RamaRamaDag geleden
  • Oat Milk s

    Naruto KunNaruto KunDag geleden
  • Meanwhile I'm here eating my milk with a spoon

    Adrian SantoAdrian SantoDag geleden
  • So what now... you want a medal for not poisining me? I dont get the point this is standard procedure

    Genesis TVGenesis TVDag geleden
  • You can use that milk to feed baby cows 😭😂 that’s what they do all time in most dairies

    Cristian MartinCristian MartinDag geleden
  • I wonder how many times you over look it and ship it anyway

    Manny CazaresManny CazaresDag geleden
    • If you dump it at the farm usually nothing happens other than the loss of milk but if you send it out (at least in Iowa) you can lose your licensing to sell the milk and need to go through a ton of work to be reinstated

      CaptTelus HCaptTelus H4 uur geleden
    • The ability to speak does not make you intelligent

      ItsMeMNMXDItsMeMNMXDDag geleden
  • Ah yes! The cruel dairy industry!

    PaulaPaulaDag geleden
  • I didn’t know that sheese

    CrimsonCrimsonDag geleden
  • I don’t drink milk and I never plan to ever again

    Aiden BaldwinAiden Baldwin2 dagen geleden
  • Exactly why I try to keep my wife lactating because who the hell drinks milk from a cow? Might aswell drink it from monkeys while your at it oh wait they fight back 🤣

    Crow CarreonCrow Carreon2 dagen geleden
  • Milk is shit for your health, weakens your bones and courses cancer

    alkis alkisalkis alkis2 dagen geleden
  • Wheres a good place in missouri for raw milk?

    J BarnellJ Barnell2 dagen geleden
  • oh. sad. 😂😂😂 dozy people

    ZxnsahZxnsah2 dagen geleden
  • so you tortured cows by forcibly impregnating them (borderline rape) and then acted irresponsibly and threw away what you gained from their suffering? the dairy industry makes me sick.

    shinyshiny2 dagen geleden
  • PSA; it’s abnormal for people to use growth hormones in farm animals. Most animals bread got meat are breed to naturally mature quickly.

    Qs-iiQs-ii2 dagen geleden
  • ...i mean ill take a little antibiotics milk i can use it i have a tooth infection rn

    Judd JohnsonJudd Johnson2 dagen geleden
  • What a waste 👎

    Michael MyersMichael Myers2 dagen geleden
  • All those cows getting raped to death only to watch their milk pour down the drain

    TruthHurts 18TruthHurts 182 dagen geleden
  • You dump it😬 why dont you donate it to dog pounds

    George SebastianGeorge Sebastian2 dagen geleden
  • Why is it bad to have antibiotics in it?

    Life ZapLife Zap2 dagen geleden
  • Most tested industry ? And yet in the USA they use growth hormones (rBGH) on cows which is horrible for the cows! It is banned in many countries including Canada, EU, Japan, Australia , New Zealand ...

    SophieTheFrenchySophieTheFrenchy2 dagen geleden
  • karma 👍

    NetvorNetvor2 dagen geleden
  • All that milk should've gone to feed calfs. Instead, the calfs were most likely shot in the head. If not, then tortured in a dark shed and sold as veil instead. Calfs are the rightful innocent owners of that milk that was poured away.

    007 bobby007 bobby2 dagen geleden
  • Why can't they make cheese out of it? Gorgonzola kind. From my understanding the fungus is basically the same as penicillin. "Penicillium roqueforti is a common saprotrophic fungus in the genus Penicillium. The fungus has been a constituent of Roquefort, Stilton, Danish blue, Cabrales, Gorgonzola, and other blue cheeses. ... Other blue cheeses are made with Penicillium glaucum."

    身赤身赤2 dagen geleden
  • Or you could sell it off and no one would know the difference

    AndyAndy2 dagen geleden
  • easy solution to this problem: drink plant milk instead

    ka tanka tan2 dagen geleden
  • Farmers are the most important jobs in the world. I don’t want to go out and hunt deer everyday, you know.

    Josh KanyindaJosh Kanyinda2 dagen geleden
  • Yea how about almond milk or oat milk / juice for those who are gonna cry about it...Go vegan

    ProsperingProspering2 dagen geleden
  • Another positive for switching to oat milk.

    Rafee ShahinRafee Shahin2 dagen geleden
  • Are we sure that that Milk is completely useless? Can't it be made into fertilizer or smthn?

    Jordan LinconJordan Lincon2 dagen geleden
  • Fart

    Mark Daryl VeliliaMark Daryl Velilia2 dagen geleden
  • We should not even be drinking milk! No other animals on earth drink milk after nursing! It's a con put on by the dairy farmers!

    Real Gs Dont DieReal Gs Dont Die2 dagen geleden
  • You’re not keeping us safe if you made the fuck up to begin with don’t be giving yourself props that you setup da fuck do ya job right and we won’t have to be kept safe from you’re dirty milk lol dirty milk parts a joke sorta

    AuthenticAuthentic2 dagen geleden
  • Plant based milk >>>>>>>>

    777 Ysl777 Ysl2 dagen geleden
  • Fun fact: you're not a baby cow, bro

    Shardstapo RotmgShardstapo Rotmg2 dagen geleden
  • Drink oat milk

    Alayna RobisonAlayna Robison2 dagen geleden
  • But you’re allowed to have blood in milk

    Devin BuckinghamDevin Buckingham2 dagen geleden
  • Thanks workers for the milk

    Javier ChicasJavier Chicas2 dagen geleden
  • Now I know thank you for all that your do for your community and ones surrounding

    Mason DavisMason Davis2 dagen geleden
  • This is why you shouldn’t drink milk anyway. Oat milk for life. Better for your body and better for the planet.

    Willbyrd55Willbyrd552 dagen geleden
  • What an obnoxious format

    ד דָּוִד דָּוִ2 dagen geleden
  • Great now all the milk that was for the babies that the cow mothers got because they were impregnated is thrown away. The dairy industry is soo fucked. Milk is not for humans, it's for babies. Y'all not toddlers anymore, STOP.

    Pale KittyPale Kitty2 dagen geleden
  • Thank you to all the family farms across the country. I hope we eventually get more of a foothold in the battle to prop you up over big corporate ag and all the evil side businesses they have their tentacles in.

    Chris N.Chris N.2 dagen geleden