ONE Championship: FISTS OF FURY II | Full Event

5 mrt. 2021
359 177 Weergaven

ONE Championship is back with another night of martial arts actions on Friday, 5 March, as ONE: FISTS OF FURY II airs right here on NLworld at 8:30 p.m. Singapore time (some regions excluded).
In the main event, Iranian superstar Amir Aliakbari makes his highly-anticipated ONE Championship debut against South Korean knockout artist Kang Ji Won!
They are joined on this electrifying card by Brazilian powerhouse Alexandre Machado, undefeated Russian juggernaut Anatoly Malykhin, Japanese warrior Ryogo Takahashi, Chinese slugger Tang Kai, and more!
Check out the full card below, and make sure you tune in!
Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts
Amir Aliakbari vs. Kang Ji Won
Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts
Alexandre Machado vs. Anatoly Malykhin
Featherweight Mixed Martial Arts
Ryogo Takahashi vs. Tang Kai
Featherweight Mixed Martial Arts
Yoshiki Nakahara vs. Ruslan Emilbek Uulu
Bantamweight Muay Thai
Han Zi Hao vs. Adam Noi
Bantamweight Mixed Martial Arts
Mark Fairtex Abelardo vs. Emilio Urrutia
#ONEFistsOfFury2 #ONEChampionship

  • Announcer: Winner by Unanimous Decision from Blllllll-Red corner. 😂

    Well DoneWell Done5 dagen geleden
  • امیر علی اکبری فقط حریفشو دست کم گرفت وگرنه راحت میزدش😑

    indoraptor Shadowindoraptor Shadow23 dagen geleden
  • کره ای قبل از بازی گفته بود مشتهای امیر ضعیفه. امیر هم به همین سادگی فریب خورد و از نقطه قوت خودش یعنی کشتی استفاده نکرد و فقط مشت زد که تو قافلگیری یه مشت بد خورد و داور هم فرصت نداد و خلاصه باخت ولی براش تجربه شد که دیگه سبک خودشو تغییر نده. مهدی برقی که حریف تمرینی امیر هست تو بازی قبلی همین کره ای رو حسابی زد ولی اونم سی ثانیه مونده به آخر بازی همینجوری تخمی باخت.

    chemical shaman ۱۰۳۱۳chemical shaman ۱۰۳۱۳Maand geleden
  • ajajajjajajajajjaja+

    perfect momentperfect momentMaand geleden
  • sleep aajajajjaajaaa

    perfect momentperfect momentMaand geleden
  • ajajajajajajajaja

    perfect momentperfect momentMaand geleden
  • Толя на позитиве)! Ждем замеса с Алиакбари. А Канг может и на встречку насадить, бесстрашный парень.

    Владимир ГудманВладимир ГудманMaand geleden
  • ali losser......

    aku basengaku basengMaand geleden
  • امیر علی اکبر ی

    IM hazaraIM hazaraMaand geleden
  • Amir jon har ki khaye khore akhond shod aghebatesham koni shod

    max powermax powerMaand geleden
  • well done Mark...God Bless all the Filipino fighters...

    Romel BlancoRomel BlancoMaand geleden
  • Kang is impressive, he is the Kung Fu Panda of MMA: he doesn't look scary but he is so powerful 🔥

    Bryan Dalle StelleBryan Dalle StelleMaand geleden
  • 57:45 🇰🇬👍

    UFC TimeUFC TimeMaand geleden
  • 🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬

    UFC TimeUFC TimeMaand geleden
  • امیر علی بد ریدی

    Mehdi HatamiMehdi HatamiMaand geleden
  • شومبولییم😂🥶

    ارمین مختاریارمین مختاریMaand geleden
  • Kang dropped him like a fat fly. Dude gets knocked out and still complains.

    SteelheadSteelheadMaand geleden
  • One of the best events I've seen,evrey fight good standup,the Thai boxing fight was good to,thank you one championship for keeping us entertained through lockdown,❤️

    Joseph MillsJoseph MillsMaand geleden
  • What a sourpuss. 2:05:03

    Space90 ShowSpace90 ShowMaand geleden
  • Abelardo got a well designed elbow striking...congratz kabayan

    Nilo PanganibanNilo PanganibanMaand geleden
  • Ё Руслан ийгилик Эми

    Sadyr BerikovSadyr BerikovMaand geleden
  • great card good job one championship

    Jemal DernawiJemal DernawiMaand geleden
  • The reff Muhammad done a great job on that first fight stop that was an epic tomahawk he put his whole body in that one. That was some super heavy hands in the last fight pretty much a 4 punch fight what a land from KANG 💪👊 great fights all round thanks for the spectacular show ONECHAMPIONSHIP and all the FIGHTERS

  • 최고입니다 멋진 ko 대한민국 헤비급 인재가탄생 했어요 👍😍

    허규허규Maand geleden
  • 강지원선수 축하해요 역시 한방!!!!!오졌타

    jamesjamesMaand geleden
  • چرا قبول نمی کنی شکستن را مثل آن افتادی زمین دیگه ان هم بی هوش

    Mehdi SafdariMehdi SafdariMaand geleden
  • چقدر تو مبارز بی خودی استی اشغال نصف تو بود از بس مغرور و اشغالی

    Mehdi SafdariMehdi SafdariMaand geleden
  • Another early stop

    Dale MiddletonDale MiddletonMaand geleden
  • امیر جان تو بردی واقعا ولی تجربه دار شدی

    Irani azadIrani azadMaand geleden
  • Thats an early stop to that fight poor ref

    Dale MiddletonDale MiddletonMaand geleden

    Cristopher DomerCristopher DomerMaand geleden
  • 1:55:30 مسابقه امیر علی

    PooriaPooriaMaand geleden
  • Mark Fairtex Abelardo wins by Emilio Urrutia with a strong hard fightconzept and " strate on ", in Round 2! Respect and Congratulation! ;) Whats going on with " Adam Noi ", by " Han Zi Hau "??? Did he have a frog stuck in his throat or what was wrong? Respect and Congratulation " Han Zi Hau ", for Victory ;) A very cool " Nakahara " and BOOOMMM ;) The Money comes to you, Champ ;) Congratulation ;) TANG wins by the hard Takahashi ;) WOW Congratulation vor Victory and my RESPECT ;) Malykhin Vs Machado was a " Pussyfight " in boring Groundclinch not Championship like! WOW " KANGJI WON " WINS BY AMIR ALIAKBARI WHAT A GREAT SENSATION ;) CONGRATULATION AND MY BIGGEST RESPECT FROM GERMANY ;) BUT GUYS " RODTANG " LOOSE WITH " TENSHIN NASUKAWA " BY JAPAN AND " RIZIN " ! HE MUST WIN BY A SECOND REVANGE FIGHT AND WE MUST SEE THIS MMA SPORTS- ENTERTAINMENT MAYBE IN " ONE CHAMPIONSHIP! ;)

    spirit-earth-communityspirit-earth-communityMaand geleden
  • Chingon evento 👍🏻

    Luis OntiverosLuis OntiverosMaand geleden
  • Apart from the first fight where the red did a superstar job to stop the fight I feel as though with the rest of the fights the refs were very quick to stop the fights and not give the grounded fighter a chance to recover

    Ollie RawlesOllie RawlesMaand geleden
  • mark is back👍

    Romeo PerezRomeo PerezMaand geleden

    Strawberry MuffinStrawberry MuffinMaand geleden
  • amazing event as usual... thank you one championship.

    devon gannesdevon gannesMaand geleden
  • Good job on the ref to the first fight!

    Cradle_NCradle_NMaand geleden
  • Referee Muhammad Sulaiman,great job too!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    jiezlriojiezlrioMaand geleden
  • ELBOWLARDO!!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    jiezlriojiezlrioMaand geleden
  • Yes of course just because of the hate against Iran, you guys never can win against Iran fair without help of the referees in any sport, disgusting mixing politic with sport! Where in MMA you saw a match ending immediately after a knock out, normally the opponent jumps on the other guy and try to finish him and then the referee interrupts!

    Samy MohadesSamy MohadesMaand geleden
  • Whew!!!what a knockout finish by mark abelardo!!keep improving and you will reach the top.i am happy for you kabayan.

    Ismael LoyolaIsmael LoyolaMaand geleden
  • I like the referee Muhammad fast moved to stop the punch

    Quang LuQuang LuMaand geleden
  • All knock out stops were early by referees, this is MMA. Let them bit at least 3,4 punch before stop

    ash Jash JMaand geleden
  • امیر رو بازی سوار بود کره ای همش فرار میکرد ضربات دو هم امیر علی اکبری میزد یهو چی شد نقش زمین شد اخه😑😑

    borhanborhanMaand geleden
  • Каждый спорт по своему - интересен и опасен.

    Владимир ГрушецкийВладимир ГрушецкийMaand geleden
  • Вот,зрелищный, опасный и травмирующий вид спорта. Не менее опасный ,чем 🏑 хоккей!

    Владимир ГрушецкийВладимир ГрушецкийMaand geleden
  • Толя лучший!

    Svyat IschuckSvyat IschuckMaand geleden
  • بازی علی کاو بندی شوده بود، قیمت سنگین بود، مثل این که.. بابا چینیها پاستوریزه هستن واسه ما

    Morteza SoleymaniMorteza SoleymaniMaand geleden
  • Elbowlardooooo.....First win pinoy!

    henz panhenz panMaand geleden
  • I won't be watching One Championship again ,these knockout decisions are pathetic.

    bradley rogersbradley rogersMaand geleden
    • @Samy Mohades I think the fact that One Championship is based in East Asia effects a lot of the decisions. I think they feel inferior and need to have their own organisation so they can manipulate the results in their favour. The other fights in this night also had very quick KO decisions, it seems in One Championship any knockdown is a win , UFC lets it go on until their is a definitive win ,1 Champ is a bit of a sissy setup and too easily rigged. Many fighters in UFC have been knocked down and gone on to win or fight on for some time before a real TKO or KO has resulted..

      bradley rogersbradley rogersMaand geleden
    • Me too, it’s just because politics and hate against Iran and you see this behavior of the referees in all sports against Iran!!!

      Samy MohadesSamy MohadesMaand geleden
  • pay all referee why they fast to stop the fight especially the main event?savage

    reven cawareven cawaMaand geleden
  • Rich Franklin’s hair though 💇‍♂️

    Kyle WKyle WMaand geleden
  • Great fights!

    philip wallinphilip wallinMaand geleden
  • شومبولیسم

    قاطی پاتیقاطی پاتیMaand geleden
  • kang is fantastic!!!! WOW~~~

    김쭌김쭌Maand geleden
  • الدزايري مسكين خسر مع واحد ميد إن تشاينا.

    Abdou JidabAbdou JidabMaand geleden
    • @genilson reda ههههههه

      Abdou JidabAbdou JidabMaand geleden
    • باينا فيك مروكي

      genilson redagenilson redaMaand geleden
  • adam noı hakemin yüzünden kaybetti,yere düştüklerinde avantaj adam daydı,hakem burda hemen araya girip ayağa kaldırdı ikisini,bu hakem geri zekalı galiba nakahara maçında yerdeki oyuncuyu sakatlıyacaktı .

  • داروی شق درد فقط شمبولیسیم

    Soheyb ZarehSoheyb ZarehMaand geleden
  • سلامتی جق هایی که به خاطر تلاش های روز افزون شومبولیسیم بوده

    Soheyb ZarehSoheyb ZarehMaand geleden
  • عشق فقط شمبولیسم

    Soheyb ZarehSoheyb ZarehMaand geleden
  • شمبولیسم

    Soheyb ZarehSoheyb ZarehMaand geleden
  • سلامتی حاج علی

    Soheyb ZarehSoheyb ZarehMaand geleden
  • Руслан жөн жерден утулуп калдың, биринчи раунтута осторжнорок урушсаң болмок, эмкиде жеңиш күтөбүз 👍🇰🇬

    Shotokan SNShotokan SNMaand geleden
  • شمبولیسسسسسم

    Soheyb ZarehSoheyb ZarehMaand geleden
  • Hello World

    Philippe Guy DENDEPhilippe Guy DENDEMaand geleden
  • Mark did make a good job. This kind of smash is owesome... well done 👈

    max manmax manMaand geleden
  • چقه شخمی باختی واقعا😐خیلی غرور برت داشته بود چ تو برنامه مدیری چ قبل ترش. این شوک خوبی میتونه باشه به امید خدا

    Mohammadreza SanasiriMohammadreza SanasiriMaand geleden
  • Малыхин молорик это Спартак!!!

    Валерий ФирфиловВалерий ФирфиловMaand geleden
  • First fight 💪👊👊👊👏👏👏 elbow is real!! brutal!

    bogz kiebogz kieMaand geleden
  • شومبولیسمممم❤😂

    Ali PiroujAli PiroujMaand geleden
  • Ok thans

    Siavash MahdizadehSiavash MahdizadehMaand geleden
  • امیرعلی اکبری خیلی تخمی باخت، خودش باخت خودشو قبول نداشت، حیف شد

    Behnam DaxBehnam DaxMaand geleden
    • @Morteza Soleymani چی 🙄

      Behnam DaxBehnam DaxMaand geleden
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣افرین ماخاسیتماس

      Morteza SoleymaniMorteza SoleymaniMaand geleden
  • This is the result when ONE FC signs nobodayssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss like always

  • missed the live stream of this event

  • Darn, real time I thought albarado was knockdown!

    Kahru MaroKahru MaroMaand geleden
  • Кузбасс рулит !!!

    Антон ИваноффАнтон ИваноффMaand geleden
  • @2:08:15 LOL! You should show more of this clips!

    Hul 헐Hul 헐Maand geleden
  • Now, I baptized you Elbowbarado!

    Kahru MaroKahru MaroMaand geleden
  • Thank you to ONE Championship and Singapore for all the nice entertainment in these hard times...Love from Denmark

    Henrik JørgensenHenrik JørgensenMaand geleden
  • الان برای چی باخت؟

    Amirhossein KhandestaniAmirhossein KhandestaniMaand geleden
  • they stopped some fight a little to early imo

    jesus jesusonjesus jesusonMaand geleden
  • شمبولیسم عشقه👑👑👑👑👑

    amir jahanbinamir jahanbinMaand geleden
  • Han zi hao control the fight

    Med XMed XMaand geleden
  • بتزی بعدی میبره

    امیر آرمندامیر آرمندMaand geleden
  • LOL...dont underestimate your opponent dude...aliakbari 😜😜😜

    GoDasma TVGoDasma TVMaand geleden
    • @Samy Mohades if aliakbari is shia then i dont care about him

      HIGH FIVEHIGH FIVEMaand geleden
    • @Samy Mohades lol! Your the ignorant one! Why dont you just make your own MMA company there in Iran and while your at it, be the referee in every single fight. That way, you dont have to stop the fight even if one of the fighter is already dead for all i care!

      GAMEOVERGAMEOVERMaand geleden
    • @GAMEOVER LMAO already cleared your comment with my first comment you ignorant 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

      Samy MohadesSamy MohadesMaand geleden
    • @Samy Mohades lol! What happened to sportsmanship? The guy was obviously out when he got hit. You can watch it in slow mo all day all night. That is what he got for underestimating his opponent. He ate one punch and folded. Lol! All talk and no bite! Serves him right for looking past his current opponent and bad mouthing the champ Brandon Vera.

      GAMEOVERGAMEOVERMaand geleden
    • @Sleepyhead kang couldn’t see his front so badly injured he was, he didn’t even go directly after Amir when the KO happened, which is usual! This was a scam!

      Samy MohadesSamy MohadesMaand geleden
  • بد ساکر 🤞🏿😅

    Hooman tatalityHooman tatalityMaand geleden
  • گنتماخین اخیری شهادت دی

    Ahmad JangjooAhmad JangjooMaand geleden
  • Persian wolf 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷king world

    Iranian bodybuildingIranian bodybuildingMaand geleden
  • چینیه خیلی شانسی برد علی اکبری اشتباه کرد راحت میزدش

    Mahan AaMahan AaMaand geleden
  • Since no one is talking about the first fight , I'm gonna say I am impressed by Abelardo. BRUTAL ELBOW and beautiful leg kicks.

    Joshua Eric SantosJoshua Eric SantosMaand geleden
    • @ash J no, it just takes a fighter to be unable to defend himself which blatantly he couldnt have

      GranjaciaGranjaciaMaand geleden
    • @ash J cant u see he cant defend himself if the ref did not stop it. let him fight another day not dis able him.

      rodolf lumrodolf lumMaand geleden
    • @irvin cid So better watch chest🤣MMA needs 4,5 clear punch to stop for knock out, not just 1 punch

      ash Jash JMaand geleden
    • @Granjacia thats the 1st thing i thought at the stoppage. insanely sharp, fast! he is de MVP of that match

      Weet ik even niet meerWeet ik even niet meerMaand geleden
    • @ash J thats how to take care the fighters, safety first at sports

      irvin cidirvin cidMaand geleden
  • Referee! you done a great job

    Dumrongsak NokbunjongDumrongsak NokbunjongMaand geleden
    • @Samy Mohades شما ایرانی ها تو هرچیزی تعصب دارید وقتی تو یه چیز میبازید حاضر نیستید قبول کنید حتی شده اگه چشماتون رو بزور با نخ و سوزن بدوزید ولی واقعیت رو نبینید

      Safura MoriSafura MoriMaand geleden
    • @Samy Mohades استاد ولق علی اکبری ناک اوت شد کلا گاردش رو از دس داد این یعنی حریفش میتونست کلا قیافه اکبری رو تغییر بده و داور هم به خاطر نگه نداشتن مسابقه قطعا از شغلش کنار زده میشد

      Safura MoriSafura MoriMaand geleden
    • Yes of course just because of the hate against Iran, you guys never can win against Iran fair without help of the referees in any sport, disgusting Mixing politic with sport! Where in MMA you saw a match ending immediately after a knock out, normally the opponent jumps on the other guy and try to finish him and then the referee interrupts!

      Samy MohadesSamy MohadesMaand geleden
  • Beautiful art work

    Camera Shy PHCamera Shy PHMaand geleden
  • ناکاوت شد 😂😂😂😂

    Fawad MuhammadiFawad MuhammadiMaand geleden
    • ناکود 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Morteza SoleymaniMorteza SoleymaniMaand geleden
  • دمشگرم قهرمان کشورمون . Well done to both fighter 💪❤👍

    Javid JalaliJavid JalaliMaand geleden
  • Aliakbari is a very sore looser, unsportsman like conduct. He clearly got KO, shame poor baby and well done Kang you took some big shots but only needed to reply with one. Great job

    Peter BlackburnPeter BlackburnMaand geleden
    • Yes of course just because of the hate against Iran, you guys never can win against Iran fair without help of the referees in any sport, disgusting mixing politic with sport! Where in MMA you saw a match ending immediately after a knock out, normally the opponent jumps on the other guy and try to finish him and then the referee interrupts!

      Samy MohadesSamy MohadesMaand geleden
    • Aliakbari No estuvo de acuerdo q el referi detuviera la pelea

      José del Carmen Benito leonJosé del Carmen Benito leonMaand geleden
  • اووووه.چی شد حیف شد . امیر در هر حال سلطانه

    Arash KhosraviArash KhosraviMaand geleden
    • ناکود شود بابا حالم گرفته شود😡😡😡

      Morteza SoleymaniMorteza SoleymaniMaand geleden
  • the reason that there is so many ko s is because the ref steps in tooo early

    Jaq GellieJaq GellieMaand geleden
    • I would have to disagree, some organizations let their athlete's take to much damage after clearly being knockout

      Peter BlackburnPeter BlackburnMaand geleden
  • شومبولیسم 🤟😅😅

    Presiank KingPresiank KingMaand geleden