Warzone is About To Change Forever.. 😨

20 feb. 2021
679 659 Weergaven

Warzone is About To Change Forever.. 😨
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  • Now we all know it was just a fucking boat

    whoweiswhoweis2 dagen geleden
  • I will say is time to put the perks up in warzone also why the weapons and not the perks

    borricuaboy_0589borricuaboy_05898 dagen geleden
  • Earl Mountain KKona

    mokusmormotamokusmormota9 dagen geleden
  • Wtfff yoooooo March 11th my 27th Bday Let’s gooooooo

    TSM MsftsTSM Msfts9 dagen geleden
  • I wish nick knew more about the storyline of cod. Would be cool to hear his input.

    SyG KRAZIESyG KRAZIE10 dagen geleden
  • LIKE THE VIDEO please

    the play list yuhthe play list yuh10 dagen geleden
  • Dome from mw3 or Resistance from mw3 to wz

    BOT LeeviBOT Leevi10 dagen geleden
  • 329

    Alexander MartinezAlexander Martinez10 dagen geleden
  • da faq wrong with yo neck bro

    Ethan GeorgeEthan George10 dagen geleden
  • Someone please tell me his M16 class, i need to try that shit

    WeThePeople018WeThePeople01810 dagen geleden
  • Looks like the boat will just be added to the map.. the docks have an area where the boat will stay

    WeThePeople018WeThePeople01810 dagen geleden
  • That gun seems like a little faster fire rate but less damage than the black ops aug

    Rely VhoKRely VhoK10 dagen geleden
  • Love to see terminal map put into verdansk

    dean dillondean dillon10 dagen geleden

    Scootaloo 2.0Scootaloo 2.011 dagen geleden
  • Mw2 afgain

    xSplenD1DxSplenD1D11 dagen geleden
  • Yo nick

    brian fordbrian ford11 dagen geleden
  • Great comms brother intense

    Robert DunnRobert Dunn11 dagen geleden
  • Im here coz husk call this guy a dogsh*t! And im laughing coz it's true 💯😆😂🤣

    Poncho PalitoPoncho Palito11 dagen geleden
  • Does your whole squad hear one guys death comms? I have no idea as I dont play this. I just love nick. All the dead say "I love you Nick" lololol

    scoobtoober29scoobtoober2911 dagen geleden
  • I'm so confused I'm not getting his notis but I'm getting them from ppl with 100 subs and I'm not subbed wtf!!

    Weston WoodWeston Wood11 dagen geleden
  • Add me Guys!! Have some clean videos! Funny ones too!!! Love u guys and stay blessed

    Yomommahchokez-psnYomommahchokez-psn11 dagen geleden
  • Clean kills bro!!

    Yomommahchokez-psnYomommahchokez-psn11 dagen geleden
  • Y’all should drop in on the rebirth island map. It’s kinda fire.

    Southernboy _VlogZSouthernboy _VlogZ11 dagen geleden
  • Nicky mercs is my dad

    Kentucky Boys445Kentucky Boys44511 dagen geleden
  • I hate the way sypher hops on cod and acts like a fortnite kid like wtaf it’s cringey

    Dylan OconnellDylan Oconnell11 dagen geleden
  • didn't he quit warzone a couple of days ago? wtf

    Albert PanagopoulosAlbert Panagopoulos11 dagen geleden
  • Yo nic big fan love your vids

    Gavin ShearinGavin Shearin11 dagen geleden
  • عطيني حليب 😂😂😂😂

    NawafNawaf11 dagen geleden
  • Not nuke town nuke city

    cloudsycloudsy12 dagen geleden
  • the boat gonna come in by port and park and they gonna flood the spillway i think

    ButterBeersButterBeers12 dagen geleden
  • I want Overgrown back!!!!!

    Justin ReedJustin Reed12 dagen geleden
  • what if they add Nukeown like at the top right of the map and they only spawn gold chests.?

    Erick DiazErick Diaz12 dagen geleden
  • All modern warefare 2 maps

    Eddie GEddie G12 dagen geleden
  • Hbu you lend me that m16 class 🤨

    soup ahotfiresoup ahotfire12 dagen geleden
  • But mercs, are you going to change your man diapers? Waaaah bruh....waaaaaaah

    BIGHEADBIGHEAD12 dagen geleden
  • I personally want to keep verdansk and have a new map and bring back the old school voting system...but I havent really been playing BR I'm hooked on resurgence because it's a great balance between BR and multiplayer I would like another big map and another small map or 2 iknow that asking a lot for a free game but this is just wishful thinking

    Don GuapoDon Guapo12 dagen geleden
  • calling it, water is going to go down the drains all over verdansk from the ocean and the boat will dock in port.

    Ryan TewksburyRyan Tewksbury12 dagen geleden
  • 6:38 me seeing the quick shadow pass by screaming at Nick like he can hear me🤣🤣

    King LightyKing Lighty12 dagen geleden
  • Summit, Nuketown, Raid, & Crash

    Ryan HillRyan Hill12 dagen geleden
  • S

    Mason LindseyMason Lindsey12 dagen geleden
  • 6:37 should have seen him

    Samuel BarreraSamuel Barrera12 dagen geleden
  • Lol I'm a mod for Joe's stream, he was so fucking ecstatic to be in this lobby. Wholesome content. GG Nickymercs

    Tom PostTom Post12 dagen geleden
  • wall hack haha

    Gian Vincenzo JaictinGian Vincenzo Jaictin12 dagen geleden
  • Here's a problem the map is stale and it needs a overhaul

    Kyle LittleKyle Little12 dagen geleden
  • Terminal . End of story

    landan saturdaylandan saturday12 dagen geleden
  • Is storage town going to be gone?

    Toxicity IzxyToxicity Izxy12 dagen geleden
  • Overgrown! OG map

    Heath PalmerHeath Palmer12 dagen geleden
  • I think i ran into you nick mercs on warzone. Yo clan tag is BFAM right? N you wear the roze skin right?

    James FaysonJames Fayson12 dagen geleden
  • Firerange would be fire 🔥

    Wayne BrownWayne Brown12 dagen geleden

    Mike Dubs721Mike Dubs72112 dagen geleden
  • So many kids in his lobby....

    Carlton MensahCarlton Mensah12 dagen geleden
  • Nick that sequence in Storage was lit. Well done.

    77crock7777crock7712 dagen geleden

    PURE TacoPURE Taco12 dagen geleden
  • Urinal mountains lol

    77crock7777crock7712 dagen geleden
  • If it's in Russia then I think they should add Nuketown from bo4 because it was based I'm Russia was it not and the right side of the map were the barb wire always was we could play in Nuketown and see what is on the outside for once

    SneekNDestroy420SneekNDestroy42012 dagen geleden
  • 6:45 still meta lol

    im just shortim just short12 dagen geleden
  • in my opinion they should add a nightvision glasses with night mode who so agree drop a like

    Vyber Taimur GamingVyber Taimur Gaming12 dagen geleden
  • Village dome or mission. C.O.D MW3 is the g.o.a.t🤷

    Brian DempseyBrian Dempsey12 dagen geleden
  • so what is the m16 loadout???

    Gijs RentenaarGijs Rentenaar12 dagen geleden
  • Idk i still like the AUG more.

    Joshua TurnerJoshua Turner12 dagen geleden
  • New POIs: Look at this new cloud and lightning... Me: Gets shot while trying to look at lightning in the clouds

    Bryse HarrisBryse Harris12 dagen geleden
  • Great ending dudes! Great game!

    Trevor SaulterTrevor Saulter12 dagen geleden
  • Something cool is if it they add zombies

    Maria SolisMaria Solis12 dagen geleden
  • I had a weird glitch the other day playing warzone. It looked like my screen was cutting out and a nuke was about to drop.

    Alec SearsAlec Sears12 dagen geleden
  • Fast forward to March 11th, “ok we’re going to have to wait just a little bit longer guys”

    luis macedoluis macedo12 dagen geleden
  • nick said the n-word (14:44)

  • High Rise from MW2 on top of a big skyscraper would be awesome

    Christian MoosleitnerChristian Moosleitner12 dagen geleden
  • Skidrow

    thedonali1thedonali112 dagen geleden
  • I would add hijacked from bo2. My favorite map ever and I don't know why.

    Ballistic_FDBallistic_FD12 dagen geleden
  • Raven is lazy af. 10 bucks say they do some lazy ass update like add the boat from another map that we have already played. Do something dumb like break the damn(really original). And make another underground hole no one wants to go in.

    HeadHead12 dagen geleden
  • Isnt the ural mountains in cold war dirty bomb?

    Chris CarterChris Carter12 dagen geleden
  • Aye nick can you put close captions on

    D watson vidsD watson vids12 dagen geleden

    K.J GAMERK.J GAMER12 dagen geleden
  • just because you said please!!! lol i liked the video

    Paul HouwenPaul Houwen12 dagen geleden
  • Honestly as soon as the gulags changed I will be happy

    Nathan DenisNathan Denis12 dagen geleden
  • The mountainous skirt supply compete because shark immunophenotypically harass amid a alert dog. rough, hungry celsius

    Robert LinRobert Lin12 dagen geleden
  • I’m legally blind 😂😂

    heathcllff whyheathcllff why12 dagen geleden
  • Timmy: give me the kiss, Give me the milk!!!!!!

    Matthew MoodyMatthew Moody12 dagen geleden
  • cluster literally follow me i run 20mile a way n that shit still gets me. cluster aimbot is real

    Chris HaberlingChris Haberling12 dagen geleden
  • Standoff would be a great map simply cause its standoff

    Dylan MercierDylan Mercier12 dagen geleden
  • Lmao..its not even fair..especially when they drop in constantly chasing you

    GiaNt_TaLOnGiaNt_TaLOn12 dagen geleden
  • I feel like they will make a huge change too verdansk and then when the new 2021 cod comes out, they will do a new map with the new game.

    WarMo05e5WarMo05e512 dagen geleden
  • Replace airport with terminal

    YaboyjardYaboyjard12 dagen geleden
  • The highfalutin edward psychologically appear because cactus classically fill including a likeable brandy. fuzzy , combative glue

    Sneakz N' HeatSneakz N' Heat12 dagen geleden
  • Bro what headset is that

    Ash barmarAsh barmar12 dagen geleden
  • Hurtgen or Pavlov in COD1 were epic maps! Pure sniping maps!

    J WoodJ Wood12 dagen geleden
  • It seems like nick slow peeks hella corners n lives to drop 20-30 bombs every game. Man I slow peek the very first corner as soon as I drop n I die wtf 🤣🤣🤣

    acKILLesacKILLes12 dagen geleden
  • 5:50

    ツvBOOTEDツvBOOTED12 dagen geleden
  • I really hope they don’t fuck Warzone up this is the only game I play

    Respect MysticRespect Mystic12 dagen geleden
  • Activision needs to put in double secondaries

    W7cked Chr7st7anW7cked Chr7st7an12 dagen geleden
  • NO. Damn I thought this was a video about balancing the gun damage. Yeah nvm still meta trash.

    Raymond JimenezRaymond Jimenez12 dagen geleden
  • Terminal from MW2 should have been the airport we currently have in Verdansk....

    Harry LHarry L12 dagen geleden
  • His beard is uneven in the start lmao

    Owen LarrabeeOwen Larrabee12 dagen geleden
    • It's the shadow of the mic

      WeThePeople018WeThePeople01810 dagen geleden
  • I don´t know about the new map. But they should do it especially since they started cold war, an Verdansk is in Ukraine. They should put more base into the cold war set now. Correct me if i am wrong but i think it would be great if they did that. This way it would have the full game working along together.

    WRK SquishWRK Squish12 dagen geleden
  • I hate to be the one to say it nick... but your in need of a chiropractor 🤣

    Justin MaccartneyJustin Maccartney12 dagen geleden
  • I’m telling you there is a thunder storm on the edge of the map I think the map is going to flood in part of the map and that’s why there are boats in the trailer

    Colton CoryColton Cory12 dagen geleden
  • last time y’all wanted a new map everyone wanted the old one back 😂

    Nicholas FantinNicholas Fantin12 dagen geleden
  • The please!!!!🙏🏾💯💯💯💪🏾💪🏾

    Jonathan CarrollJonathan Carroll12 dagen geleden
  • LIKE THE VIDEO please

    Ethan FromeEthan Frome12 dagen geleden
  • Ural mountains is the new zombies map not the warzone one

    HeisenberdyHeisenberdy12 dagen geleden