Warmest Tent on Earth - Pitching in the Siberian Arctic Winter - Ненецкая палатка чум

10 feb. 2021
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The Nenet reindeer herders need to move their tent every few days throughout most of the year. Every time they migrate they must pack the whole tent away, drag it across the tundra on sledges, and erect it again in a fresh place, sometimes in temperatures of minus thirty degrees. Survival depends on working together as a team.
After staying in the wooded taiga for two months they start to migrate north following the ancient paths of migrating reindeer (caribou). In four months they will travel up to 1200km and must pack and move every three to five days to keep up with their herd. They must reach their summer quarters before the snows melt and flood great rivers with icy waters too cold and deep for the calves, born along the way, to cross.
Behind the tent an invisible line extends out into the tundra. It is called the sawei line, and a woman cannot cross it. It will bring bad luck to the tent. It was hard for them to explain exactly why, it is much stronger than a superstition and is connected to the spirit pole that stands at the back of the tent. This pole is sacred and a woman cannot cross underneath it either, and only a shaman may sit in this holy place. The origins of this are a little lost, there may be practical reasons, for example the back of the tent is traditionally where the men work, often together, so they have to be able to move about freely, but there are often two families in a single tent, so maybe one day the women just agreed territories to stop tripping over each other. Maybe it has such a mundane origin, or maybe there are real spirits that come up to the tent from behind and would bring harm to any women caught in the wrong place. If several tents pitch together, their lines must not cross either, so they tend to camp in a straight line to avoid this.
In answer to the many questions - on personal hygiene, everyone washes using a bowl of soap and hot water, just like most of our grandparents did before everyone had pipes and taps. There is no toilet in the tent as some have suggested, they find a spot a few hundred metres away. They are not pitching on a lake but a small mound where the snow blows a little thinner, Gas companies have been in the area and gave away snowmobiles as part of land access negotiations. Also sometimes there are competitions with them as prizes, sometimes they sell a load of reindeer and buy one. Most families now have at least one but the reindeer are still used a lot. Yes, they use a sled to go to town, or trading posts to buy groceries.

I wanted to catch the entire process, but have edited it down a little from the 40-45 minutes it takes to get from the open snows to a warm cosy home.
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  • Got to love how they pull sleds.....with snowmobiles

    InsideOutside UpsideDownInsideOutside UpsideDown55 seconden geleden
  • Wow thank you for this just stumbled upon video at 9:48 pm at night. It’s so interesting how other people live and culture

    Melissa EkpemuMelissa Ekpemu5 minuten geleden
  • Amazing video. I just found the Wikipedia page on the Nenet people and will study it. What is the wood that they most use for their tent poles? Why can the women not cross that certain line? What is the status of women with respect to men? Is there any formal schooling? What is their average life expectancy? Do they always live with 2 families in 1 tent (and no, I couldn't do that)? Do they have any medical care that they can source when needed? What do they mostly eat - I imagine their diet rich in meat and fish? Why do they move every 4 days? Is it because the reindeer need new grazing grounds? Is that interval the same in summer as in winter? How do they make their clothing? Do the women give birth in these tents? Etc.

    Elisabeth KostersElisabeth Kosters33 minuten geleden
  • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚🇧🇷

    Asta SchumacherAsta SchumacherUur geleden
  • I am curious, Why do they move?

    mg180ytmg180yt2 uur geleden
  • tell us about where the music comes from

    MICHAEL MMICHAEL M3 uur geleden
  • do you have a version without the music? Id like to hear what they are doing/saying. the music is irritating.

    hokiangateroroahokiangateroroa5 uur geleden
    • Sorry, I do, but instead you get the sound of my drone constantly buzzing so you cannot hear what anyone is saying. Best thing is to look at our content and find the first video I put up. It is not the same footage but you might prefer it.

      Nomad ArchitectureNomad Architecture5 uur geleden
  • ❤️❤️

    IkaIka6 uur geleden
  • Hats off to these people. I could never live like this I would die in one day.

    Ruhh ruhhRuhh ruhh6 uur geleden
  • For somebody living in a big city this is romantic and awesome but you are going to get bored after few days

    jalal rumijalal rumi7 uur geleden
  • If I had the skills these people have be lovely to say goodbye to cruel world and live self sufficient

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  • oops, I should have watched the whole video.

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  • can't be that warm if the bottom and top are open, cold air will flood in due to the chimney effect.

    martin carrollmartin carroll8 uur geleden
  • I in no way wish to belittle their way of life. It is harsh , and yet simple. I find myself strangely envious of them. Thousands of miles away the rest of the human race is doing all that it can to end this existence of theirs through our use of fossil fuels and more, much more. We will never get the chance to say sorry, but sorry we should be. We are just tenants on this planet of ours and the lease will be up soon. Believe . It is already happening. Nothing lasts forever.

    Alan BallAlan Ball8 uur geleden
  • Moving every 4 days? I have a piano! No way I could do this. I did have to poop outside once in -28F in upper MN. 40MPH gusts. That was a shaky experience. Mad respect for living like they do.

    Charlie GivilanczCharlie Givilancz10 uur geleden
  • Why they move every four days?

    M LaddM Ladd12 uur geleden
  • 문명사회와 상당히 멀어서 신선한 빵을 그리 좋아하는것을 본적이 있네요. 대단한 민족이네요. 영하로만 떨어져도 진짜 추운데

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  • Very hard Life

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  • Why do they need to move every 4 days and why do men need to stay outside till they see smoke

    Teddi755 OGTeddi755 OG13 uur geleden
    • They are moving to follow the herd of reindeer that migrate. The smoke is like a good luck tradition, but also keeps the men out of the way while the women make everything cosy.

      Nomad ArchitectureNomad Architecture5 uur geleden
  • I would love the experience of staying in one of them

    Teddi755 OGTeddi755 OG14 uur geleden
  • Kids look so cute aww

    Teddi755 OGTeddi755 OG14 uur geleden
  • I'm a so called civilised westerner I am in awe of their skills Jealous of their simple but complex life And aware i could not do it Respect

    David InmanDavid Inman15 uur geleden
  • Did these people benefit in any way from the money youtube provided for the views and ads?

    EDO DJROYALEDO DJROYAL17 uur geleden
  • It was amazing to watch them put up their tents. I have a lot of respect for them and their culture. 2 families in one tent and over here we want to get away from each other.

    jorge fernandezjorge fernandez18 uur geleden
  • I have seen people spending hours putting up futuristic tents with lightweight materials,we have so much to learn from these people!

    Alan MussonAlan Musson19 uur geleden
  • Last of the real, hearty people. 99.9999% of the people on earth would be dead in a couple of days exposed to these elements and no survival skills while these people flourish doing what comes first nature to them. Incredible people living as God intended....in nature. Bless them all and their harmony.

    Paul CollinsworthPaul Collinsworth19 uur geleden
  • It looks like it would be warm and comfortable

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  • Amazing. Where's the outhouse? By the time they finish they are exhausted and have to sleep for three days. Then start over.

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  • Healthy people forever 🍺🇲🇽👍

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  • What a graceful community, these people are mentally and bodily strong.

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  • Personas de gran corazón, saludos desde EL PASO TX. 🇺🇸

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    Luceat LuxLuceat Lux23 uur geleden
  • So Women layout the gear and interior. The man construct the frame. and the dogs lay-around like they own the place. Nothing has changed in 5000yrs

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  • Home sweet home. It's all we know.

    RelativeEarthRelativeEarth23 uur geleden
  • Admiro mucho y tengo un gran respeto x la gente q deja lujos x vivir así .un abrazo desde Uruguay

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  • good job

    NATUR COM 83NATUR COM 83Dag geleden
  • This is the way it was in the beginning ... this is the way it will be in the end.

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  • And they do this every four days? What a life.

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    Tusiab MouaTusiab MouaDag geleden
  • All this work without talking and shouting to each other at all????? In perfect harmony and cooperation!!! My god, how useless we are? If this was going in my country (Greece) the sound of talking and argueing with each other all the time, as well as the kids voices and noise while playing, would be so lound you couldn't hear anything else, at all!!! I give my greatest respect to these people and their little community rules and behavior!!!

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  • If civilization collapsed tomorrow, people like these would certainly survive and thrive.

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  • They do not need vaccines, mouth cap and quarantine. It would wipe them from the face of the earth.

    GripGripDag geleden
    • (we do not need them either, but this is another story)

      GripGripDag geleden

    Lucas PingretLucas PingretDag geleden
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  • La increíble capacidad del ser humano en ambientes extremos y lo mas hermoso es que ellos conservan su cultura y dignidad.

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    Kahanis - Golden BytesKahanis - Golden Bytes2 dagen geleden
    • @Nomad Architecture Thanks for that....will watch the first video too...

      Kahanis - Golden BytesKahanis - Golden Bytes2 dagen geleden
    • They are migrating with their herds. If you take a look at my first video on the channel page you will see a bit more of the background.

      Nomad ArchitectureNomad Architecture2 dagen geleden
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