VTubers Have Invaded Minecraft's 2b2t

3 apr. 2021
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Today on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, we uncover why a giant obsidian portrait of the VTuber Usada Pekora has suddenly appeared, and find out who was responsible.
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  • Watchmen: "The OWO is the largest handmade structure on 2b2t!" Usada Pekora: "Hold my carrots..."

    FitMCFitMC19 dagen geleden
    • @Draglox NANI

      Guanchen FangGuanchen Fang6 dagen geleden
    • This is big-peko

      Name FamilyName Family13 dagen geleden
    • Don’t wanna be offensive but Vtuber incursion war anyone?

      Thaddaeus WongThaddaeus Wong14 dagen geleden
    • OWO

      Dragon Slayer5959Dragon Slayer595916 dagen geleden
    • great

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  • I felt like I just watched something inspiring.

    Why you mad bro'?Why you mad bro'?Uur geleden
  • *me while watching this video: HA↑ HA↓ HA↑ HA↓*

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  • Weebs are going to be incredibes right now....

    K H A T EK H A T E3 uur geleden

    SansSans4 uur geleden
  • just leave our godesses on 2b2t

    Kirito03060304gaming lolKirito03060304gaming lol8 uur geleden
  • if 2b2t was a anime:

    Nikolas PiwonskiNikolas Piwonski8 uur geleden
  • Petition to make a society specifically for driving the vtubers out of 2b2t, we can name it TFRA aka, The Face Reveal Army

    Springtrap CrafterSpringtrap Crafter9 uur geleden
  • Ah yes *OSU*

    Magnai TserenMagnai Tseren10 uur geleden
    • OWU*

      Magnai TserenMagnai Tseren10 uur geleden
  • Holy crap this can be a good story

    Bill CipherBill Cipher11 uur geleden
  • YOUR BALD!?!?

    Sir Paul AlexanderSir Paul Alexander12 uur geleden
  • At the end, the traitor woof suffered the fate of the bed experience requiem

    ArmandoArmando12 uur geleden
  • woof took the L and lose

    FullOfNoodleFullOfNoodle14 uur geleden
  • AH↓HA↑HA↓HA↑

    dahman mcdahman mc15 uur geleden
  • Wait a minute is that the battleship Yamato?

    The retarded HistorianThe retarded Historian17 uur geleden
  • This is mind blowing.

    The Rabbit You Want To RaiseThe Rabbit You Want To Raise17 uur geleden
  • i genuinely almost shed a tear at the end

    Ice CreamIce Cream21 uur geleden
  • nice vid

    Zeid ElayyanZeid Elayyan21 uur geleden
  • peko↗️peko↘️peko↗️peko↘️

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  • I want to watch a full length documentary of this story

    not a serial killernot a serial killerDag geleden
  • I hope it doesn't get destroyed

    not a serial killernot a serial killerDag geleden
  • man, how i wished i witnessed it with my own eyes... sucks to be poor

    Peeze RimPeeze RimDag geleden
  • Them: Build a Usada Pekora Me: Now! Build a Great Wall of Rush--

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  • Is that Yakuza music I'm hearing in the background?

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  • Demolish it

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  • In the distance, a harsh shrieking is heard: AH↓HA↑HA↑HA↑HA↑

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  • Yakuza music, good taste my dude

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  • This title seems like it was AI generated.

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  • Peko peko peko

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  • kill them alll

  • I think this calls for war...

    Like, give me adderall manLike, give me adderall manDag geleden
  • Ha↑Ha↓Ha↑Ha↓Ha↑Ha↓

  • Crusade time?

    neRDyoneneRDyoneDag geleden
  • usada pekora actually needs to be banned in 2b2t forever she and her army should be banned in minecraft now the OWO obsidian statue was the best :( im so shamed on Pekora. that manmade structure should be griefed

    • Your a child...focus on studying... I rather have the one build who doesn't force their members to get obsidian... I have a feeling you don't know what owo means anyway...

      Jon NJon N12 uur geleden
  • 6:06 O shit, another Sho

    ShoツShoツDag geleden
  • the first ad that you see, it is a japan youtuber

    James Finley Addison Kristianto 1313072James Finley Addison Kristianto 1313072Dag geleden
  • Just wait till they create the rest of hololive gen 3 after all there already was a rushia one it wasnt even man made there is a flat area there i think wait i said flat tell my children i love them-

    SCP-049SCP-049Dag geleden
  • This video has so many reference I recognized: Yamatosen=Yamato battleship Anarchism Some anime references: Evangelion, Gundam, etc.

    Some guy who likes staying at homeSome guy who likes staying at homeDag geleden
  • They should have asked for help. Help of a certain anarchist if you know what I mean 🐷

    Some guy who likes staying at homeSome guy who likes staying at homeDag geleden
  • I swear if Pekora joins the server, every nihongun member will protect her with their lives. Well thats to be expected anyway.

    Lee Hong JinLee Hong JinDag geleden
  • Watchmen : OwO Japanese Army : "and I took that personally."

    NAME 30NAME 30Dag geleden
  • i really can't believe people will slack off then proceed to grief but then again i've seen the exact shit ppl did in apex ranked

    BelphimusBelphimusDag geleden
  • This gone make the game different as heck

    Omarion XemonOmarion XemonDag geleden
  • Plot twist: one of them was actually pekora

  • Scary how nothing can escape from Vtubers

  • Soon we vtubers community will conquer the internet !!!

    NoxeusNoxeusDag geleden
  • Coughs I hate V Tubers

    Rusting FungiRusting FungiDag geleden
    • i miss the part where thats our problem

      Toxic KidToxic KidDag geleden
  • Bro watch out the Japanese will do the Manking again.

    HorambergHorambergDag geleden
  • This is just comedy at this point

    HorambergHorambergDag geleden
  • Anime and vtubers taking over 2b2t

    IvanIvanDag geleden
  • 2:27 lol it's just like they're using Hakenkruis as their symbol!

    Wáng Mendu bĭbigoWáng Mendu bĭbigoDag geleden
  • Not even the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft is safe from our Supreme Leader Usada Pekora

    KGBKGBDag geleden
  • As they should

    Liam MahanLiam MahanDag geleden
  • Anime was a mistake:/

    Lance FancypantsLance Fancypants2 dagen geleden
    • its not, you are

      Toxic KidToxic KidDag geleden
  • Ey yo Japanese army can I join!?

    King 117King 1172 dagen geleden
  • Pekora the most chaotic comedian! my most favorite vtuber.

    Elite MorronElite Morron2 dagen geleden
  • Woof got what he deserves

    Tyler MTyler M2 dagen geleden
  • it only took him 0:12 to say it

    Kavai AnimuKavai Animu2 dagen geleden
  • Alright boys, we got ourselves some fresh meat.

    JusticeJustice2 dagen geleden
  • I waited 2 weeks cause I couldn't believe this

    AntAnt2 dagen geleden
  • New history: Hololive invasion

    Rangga Danuarta KRangga Danuarta K2 dagen geleden
    • Lets gooooo lets start The VIII incursion

      Leyry WilsonLeyry WilsonDag geleden
  • P E K O

    Grass KusaGrass Kusa2 dagen geleden
  • They could make an entire anime out of this history

    Andre LuizAndre Luiz2 dagen geleden
  • I **REALLY** dislike what 2b2t turned to. Look at what they've endured. All because a traitor decided to help the WEEBS! I HATE this! 2b2t was never supposed to be like this, ALL BECAUSE OF A WAR CRIMINAL NAMED USADA PEKORA!

    sayajoojsayajooj2 dagen geleden
  • Oh God... The war criminal is inevitable!

    CharaChara2 dagen geleden
  • Plz tell me plz the name of the textures packs shaders he uses plz tell me plz plz plz luvvia 😃😃

    Sagida SyedSagida Syed2 dagen geleden
  • Plz tell me plz the name of the textures packs shaders he uses plz tell me plz plz plz luvvia 😃😃

    Sagida SyedSagida Syed2 dagen geleden
  • Plz tell me plz the name of the textures packs shaders he uses plz tell me plz plz plz luvvia 😃😃

    Sagida SyedSagida Syed2 dagen geleden
  • Plz tell me the name of the textures packs shaders he uses plz tell me plz plz plz plz plz plz plz luvvia 😃😃😃

    Sagida SyedSagida Syed2 dagen geleden
  • Plz tell me plz tell me the name of the textures packs and shaders he uses plz tell me plz plz plz plz plz plz luvvia 😃😃😃

    Sagida SyedSagida Syed2 dagen geleden
  • 2b2t has entered the Edo Period

    Juan RamonJuan Ramon2 dagen geleden
  • This could literally be a movie

    Busmann _Busmann _2 dagen geleden
  • I love how the new 2B2T records are going to practically shit post

    SnowySnowy2 dagen geleden
  • It's like r/place 2.0

    Piotr SitkowskiPiotr Sitkowski2 dagen geleden
  • If fit starts wearing sunglasses, he will be 2b2t's Master Roshi.

    Vanguarded_Heart 117Vanguarded_Heart 1172 dagen geleden
  • The power of the rabbit hole

    Joseph PutinJoseph Putin2 dagen geleden
  • @FitMC owo is pronounced oh woah not ahwoo

    julian kimjulian kim2 dagen geleden
  • im here to appreciate that they made a round onion on near the top of their battleship

    hellnickyablehellnickyable2 dagen geleden
  • look tomar its you

    Dank_SoulsDank_Souls2 dagen geleden
  • The only thing that will survive is the truth of this world. Righteous actions born of truth shall never be destroyed. My friends may have perished, but their actions and wills have not been destroyed. They handed this obsidian to me. So, are your actions born of truth, or are they merely superficial, born of evil? We're about to find out. Can you avoid destruction, Woof?

    EmFiEmFi2 dagen geleden
  • R.I.P. Woof You will not be missed

    Ezeqiel RamirezEzeqiel Ramirez2 dagen geleden
  • Vtubers will save the world Probs

    Meka MaidMeka Maid2 dagen geleden
  • sounds like an anime plot...

    TeardropsTeardrops2 dagen geleden
  • People are slowing pulling them into the rabbit hole

    Kuriksss sKuriksss s2 dagen geleden
  • peko peko

    avid weiss and orie spammeravid weiss and orie spammer2 dagen geleden
  • Props for the Yakuza like a dragon music.

    Scott JeffersonScott Jefferson2 dagen geleden
  • Japan : Volunteers US - Slave Labor

    yee boyyee boy2 dagen geleden
    • The obsidian wall lmao

      Leyry WilsonLeyry WilsonDag geleden
  • 1:21 that's gotta be my favorite line in the entire world

    PhrogPhrog2 dagen geleden
  • How to pronounce owo. oh woe. woe is like hoe but with a w,

    MinionsBeGamingMinionsBeGaming2 dagen geleden
  • 2b2t World War 8: The Japanese Attack

    MinecraftGamerKiorusu 420MinecraftGamerKiorusu 4202 dagen geleden
  • personally I like the onion watching over the ship...

    Martin MikešMartin Mikeš2 dagen geleden
  • Now this, this puts a smile on my degenerate face.

    Edmonto NineEdmonto Nine2 dagen geleden
  • who?

    fake fake Jakefake fake Jake2 dagen geleden
  • took 'em long enough

    dragontyrondragontyron3 dagen geleden
  • Who wants to grief it

    Nothing hereNothing here3 dagen geleden
  • She's heard of it. And now, not even the term anarchy is safe.

    Gerom LarayosGerom Larayos3 dagen geleden
  • The War of The Worlds

    AngryEgg EggyAngryEgg Eggy3 dagen geleden
  • Look I don’t feel like hacking in Minecraft but if I can get rid of anime then I’ll do it

    Round boi ProductionsRound boi Productions3 dagen geleden
  • Using a celebration as a ruse to lure in a rival and take them out is the most dramatically Japanese thing I can imagine.

    Brian HopeBrian Hope3 dagen geleden
  • Now this is the documentary I'd listen all day

    EARREC JEARREC J3 dagen geleden