Volvo autumn 2011

18 nov. 2011
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Volvo 142, 1968 modell, B18 engine, M40 gear box. Recorded in Andebu and Larvik in Vestfold county, Norway. Cameras used: Canon Legria HF s11 with wideconverter X0,7 and GoPro.

  • rururruur eep

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  • Super!

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  • What's the name of this song in beginning?

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  • I do like moments at fireplace,...its time to think,..or drink,..its same

    Georgi AndonovGeorgi Andonov11 dagen geleden
  • 👍🏼

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  • This Volvo 142 IS very god,Apetor you Have very god car

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  • I don't know what she's saying in the song, but i would like to know what the song is called, sounds classic

  • кто из 2020?

    ProtagonistProtagonistMaand geleden
  • norway is full of happiness

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  • I'm bingewatching your vids mate

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  • XD negev to król cs

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  • dags att ragga runt!

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    • Ja😃

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  • 01-12-2020

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  • Like to Volvohost from Adolf Hitler

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  • You make me want to buy a Volvo

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    • Cool:D

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  • ...very nice: again and again. Will love it until my bitter end.

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  • Cool video! What is the name of the song that was played at the beginning?

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  • Have you ever had any ticks?

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  • Vintage Apetor. Who's watching in 2020? :D

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    • 2021 moyherfuvk3r

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    • AAAHHH

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  • Отлично!!!

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  • Been making films a long time!

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    • Yes😃

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  • No drinking?

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  • We love you from Hungary Apetor 💪

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  • I'm 10 years old and a car enthusiast who doesn't like Volvo,but this one is one of the nicest ones I ever seen +Norway is really beautiful

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  • 9 years ago but he looks the exact same in 2020 LMAO

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  • 2020 anyone?

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  • Beautiful Volvo. Do you still have it?

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  • He’s a true legend in my eyes. He came to the planet just to grace us with his talents dude.

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  • omg are you don't fear you fall down??

    Csongor BajzáthCsongor Bajzáth3 maanden geleden
    • *at 2:00

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    • No😃

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  • listen to: Let the Weed Bun, when you watch this XD

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  • AdrenalinoMan!!)

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  • Volvo dream car👍

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  • I love how his sweater matches the cars seat pattern 0:17

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  • what is music? 0:00 1:27

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  • masterpiece of all kind

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  • That song would fit all your videos. Carefree and fun

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    • what is the name of the song?

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  • apetor Drit3 Volvo Auto

    Georgijs MolcanovsGeorgijs Molcanovs6 maanden geleden
    • In norwegian Drit means Shit😃

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  • Wonderfull nature in Norway 🌿🌿🌲 I think i want to go there 👍❤

    Freedom for menFreedom for men6 maanden geleden
  • 2020?

    Clash With DomaClash With Doma7 maanden geleden
  • Best cars! Too much fun!

    HighColoradoHighColorado7 maanden geleden
  • ...a very, very nice video. I especially love the effect, when you ride over the pipe that you are floated out in the "next" second. Thank you for making me laugh, again. Best regards.

    René MontignyRené Montigny7 maanden geleden
  • The Theme Song Is The Reason Why I Came Here What Is It?

    AxdiQxattroAxdiQxattro7 maanden geleden
    • what is the title?

      Mi WiMi Wi2 maanden geleden
  • :D

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  • we do not regret the likes for this wonderful person

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  • 1:36 :D

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  • Epic apetor!

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  • Made my day...

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  • Är du sugen på att sälja bilen?

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  • Привет из 2020 !

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  • Time flies when you are having fun :)

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  • Watching in 2020, eep eep :)

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  • A Must See Apetor Classic !

    Rupert MigtauRupert Migtau10 maanden geleden
  • Saab was better ;p

    dzikiwazx8dzikiwazx810 maanden geleden
    • @apetor 9000 with b234? cmon ;)

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    • No;)

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  • крутой чел! Мне нравиццо! AHUENNA!!

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  • Who's watching this in 2020? 😁

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    • WHO FUCKING CARES YOU FUCKING IDIOT! Stop posting this kinda stupid comments. Just enjoy Dr. Norway in his Volvo!

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  • young Apetor :) greatings from Poland io io io aaaaaaa

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  • oh fuck yeah!

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  • youth

    Nikolay SergeevNikolay Sergeev10 maanden geleden
  • Na zdrowie

    bocian 88bocian 8810 maanden geleden
  • I loled so hard when you came out of the pipe! xD

    Jakob blöJakob blö10 maanden geleden
  • Well preserved classic auto, gratz@!

    Ragna RokRagna Rok10 maanden geleden
  • Volvo is the best car!

    ha haha ha10 maanden geleden
  • Wielbicieli Volvo pozdrawia wielbiciela Volvo ;)

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  • Так кайфовать от жизни - настоящее счастье!

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    • Я ему завидую

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  • Собрался на прогулку, но понял что чего то не хватает...... Тоочно, нужно вмазать на дорожку)))

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  • Those Times will not back

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  • Ahh

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  • Wspolczuje,w taka zime jak w tym roku pewnie mu za goraco :) You making me want to go to the forest :)

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  • А где водка? Закодировали демоны

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  • I guessed that fake Vodka can be plain water...

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  • this volvo is really really really nice

    Simple passagerSimple passagerJaar geleden
  • Why did I get recommended this?

    Hamim Al FardinHamim Al FardinJaar geleden
  • 0:38 - does it say VEGAN STENCH? I don't know Swedish.

    Wooden PoleWooden PoleJaar geleden
    • Road closed in Norwegian,

      TheJønsbergTheJønsberg11 maanden geleden
  • 1:15 wait i have forgotten the most important thing

    Pauli MankerPauli MankerJaar geleden
  • Why is this in my recomended? I cant even speak german

    Johorean PersonJohorean PersonJaar geleden
    • I don’t speak German in the video.

      apetorapetorJaar geleden
  • you are lover of volvo ?

    Stefan PopovicStefan PopovicJaar geleden
    • Yes

      apetorapetorJaar geleden
  • I love your Volvo 142. I have a 1983 Volvo 244. It's hard to come across a 140. But I've got a 1974 Mercedes 240d w115 too.

    Jacob Belcher 35Jacob Belcher 35Jaar geleden
  • DL242!!!...Awesome!!

    Rippin Around EverywhereRippin Around EverywhereJaar geleden
    • 142...oops

      Rippin Around EverywhereRippin Around EverywhereJaar geleden
  • Does this Volvo still go? :) Very nice car.

    Ovidijus S.Ovidijus S.Jaar geleden
    • Yes. Thanks:)

      apetorapetorJaar geleden
  • A car ,almost,from heaven

    Amilcar ValençaAmilcar ValençaJaar geleden
  • VOLVO...

    Radiodjungli 909Radiodjungli 909Jaar geleden
  • i love your car!

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  • ✔ Volvo ✔ Ip ip ✔ Wódka ✔ Aaaaaaaaaargh ✔ Cold water GREAT APETOR'S FILM

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    • Popieram 🦌

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  • why you drink vodka

    MRSkylight GamesMRSkylight GamesJaar geleden
  • GREAT video ! Nice angles, danger, alcohol, and a never ending artistic, wordless story. Well done.

    william wiltrackwilliam wiltrackJaar geleden
    • Thank you very much!

      apetorapetorJaar geleden
  • Norvey Sweeden Finland the best countryes in the world. ❤🍺🍺🍺

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    • @apetor And Iceland 🇮🇸

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    • @apetor Yeah !

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    • and Denmark😃

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  • 1968, perfect car consevation...hoowoo!!

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  • свяжись со мной,пообщаемся

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  • Awesome, loved it! Volvo 4 life!

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    • Thanks, yes😃

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  • 555

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  • Super👍

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  • Omg you had 60 k subs when i subscribed to you nice Volvo btw

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    • Thanks

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  • This looks like northern Minnesota USA. Even the old Volvo fits in!

    Jeffrey GilbertJeffrey GilbertJaar geleden
  • Awsome car!!!

    Kevin BeldenKevin BeldenJaar geleden
  • Nice and quick

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  • You are de volvo

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  • Алкаш

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  • Kiedyś to było kurła !! Pozdrawiam 2019

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  • Norway = Volvo country

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  • Schönes Video und der Volvo 👍🏻🤪🍺Grüße von Nico

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