Virat Kohli & Team India have discovered an inner fight in 2nd Test: Vaughan

15 feb. 2021
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Ashwin’s brilliant ton boosts India’s chances as England are left with a mountain to climb. Harsha Bhogle & Michael Vaughan summarise Day 3 on #CricbuzzChatter
#INDvENG #ViratKohli #Ashwin #Axar
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  • We all know Vaughan's temperament with Vaseline (VVS) and Jelly Beans (Zak) incidents.....he needs attention with some nonsensical comments and slowly taking place of Geoff Boycott to become irrelevant .Do not know why Harsha is giving him so much of respect he does not deserve.....

    ni nani na5 dagen geleden
  • Looks on vaughan's face suggests he smelled someone's behind. Most likely Kohli's.🤣🤣🤣

    bina ramanibina ramani9 dagen geleden
  • Virat should wear only helmet while batting

    Chandrasekar SChandrasekar S10 dagen geleden
  • We are not adamant ... Dats wat shows .. gawaskar passed it to Sachin n same was passed on . . To kohli n Rohit ... Always a cry baby

    duke86incduke86inc11 dagen geleden
  • Got egg on the face

    duke86incduke86inc11 dagen geleden
  • If jadeja, ashwin, axar, hardik, washi sundar, shardul thakur and/or bhuvaneshwar kumar are playing together India could have quality batting all the way down to 10 or 11. Each of these bowlers is capable of batting long innings or scoring centuries from lower order. When you consider the top 6 (gill, rohit, pujara, kohli, pant, ajinkya) are already the best top 6 in the world, that gives our batting an incredible depth especially at home. I think the following team is perfectly capable of taking 20 wickets in Indian conditions (like the pitch in Chennai): gill, rohit, pujara, kohli, pant, ajinkya, hardik, jadeja, axar, ashwin, bhuvi Do you disagree?

    Jayakrishnan NairJayakrishnan Nair11 dagen geleden
  • Ab bolo koi virat bekar captain hai. Virat is the best captain U mental persons say- ( when india lose ,virat is worst captain) (When india win, players did well) Do u like to cricticse kohli

    Nilesh AgarwalNilesh Agarwal11 dagen geleden
  • Ab bolo koi virat bekar captain hai. Virat is the best captain U mental persons say- ( when india lose ,virat is worst captain) (When india win, players did well) Do u like to cricticse kohli

    Nilesh AgarwalNilesh Agarwal11 dagen geleden
  • Well done team India and Kohli with ashwin

    sridharan.c Chakravarthysridharan.c Chakravarthy12 dagen geleden
  • Micheal Vaughan the cricketer being consistent was a treat but that consistency in his words are gruelling..... He goes over the same thing again and again and again ...... God!.... That juggernaut would excuse itself from his dictionary for awhile now😁😁😁

    sathish ramsathish ram12 dagen geleden
  • Still England has won more number of test than India 47-30.. It will take time and more number of series that we play with our favourite country srilanka to get past that..

    Cool ReviewsCool Reviews12 dagen geleden
  • Everytime ashwin performs well these days, Tim paine: ab underground hone ka samay aa gaya hai 😀

    Sunil TompeSunil Tompe12 dagen geleden
  • Ahh, how we all love these biased and utterly overrated experts(?!) like Vaughan are made to fall on their face by our team India.

    chetan pandurkarchetan pandurkar12 dagen geleden
  • England just had a huge win over India in first test and what is the fuss now ?

    KanakasKanakas12 dagen geleden
  • Umpiring so ban . ICC should take action against 3rd umpire and field umpire Sharma.

    Deepak NagralaDeepak Nagrala12 dagen geleden
  • Michal Vaughan is overtated and a hypocrite

    gggggggg12 dagen geleden
  • Vaughn seems to be wrong 100% of the time. He was wrong on Ind vs Aus and he is wrong on Ind vs Eng. Some expert !

    thirdman1228thirdman122812 dagen geleden
  • Ashwin always does home work, which obviously comes from the willingness to compete regardless of the position one is in.

    mysore mysoremysore mysore12 dagen geleden
  • No inner fight only winning the toss.

    Mathew JacobMathew Jacob12 dagen geleden
  • Imagine Rahul Dravid playing on this pitch representing current team, how much he would have belted? The wall theory!!

    Leo CharlesLeo Charles12 dagen geleden
  • Grass eaters always complain about dust bowls !!!

    Babu BsBabu Bs12 dagen geleden
  • Harsha bhogle chutia hain

    deuxetmachinadeuxetmachina12 dagen geleden
  • How does England expect to win when they drop their three best bowlers

    Sewnaraine RamadhinSewnaraine Ramadhin12 dagen geleden
  • I think spinners to bowl at a good pace and post 50 till 80 over the ball does not do much.Trick is to survive till 50, do not know if f eng can do that

    Abhishek MishraAbhishek Mishra12 dagen geleden
  • Spinweb cornered Englishman ..RAVI proved His skills he is one of the Best spinner in the World cricket .. so many injury.. despite he proved he is the class ... No Excuses sir it is show Time ...!! Watch him Properly.

    balaji sundaram balajibalaji sundaram balaji12 dagen geleden
  • It’s a pity Cricbuzz has settled for someone like Vaughan - Nasser Hussain has a far better cricketing brain!

    Straight BatStraight Bat12 dagen geleden
  • Kohli spirit of cricket arguing with a umpire , not walk when getting bowled. I’m starting to fill sorry for Tim pain

    Craig DicksCraig Dicks12 dagen geleden
  • I like how some Indians are calling micheal Vaughn racist. Still waiting for s.c.g result in Australia .

    Craig DicksCraig Dicks12 dagen geleden
    • Vaughan’s comments are usually imperialistic - we invented the game, this is how we play it, anything else and it isn’t acceptable to us. Sadly, he isn’t the only one - you can add Mark Waugh to that clique. Anything you find outside your comfort zone is frowned upon. Sorry, but nobody owns cricket; it’s global.

      Straight BatStraight Bat12 dagen geleden
  • In place of rory burns...jason roy can be tried...

    niranjan kumarniranjan kumar12 dagen geleden
  • Dude we are just leveling the series ..two more to go so relax please be grounded....infact England next to bat twomorow.. what if root ,stokes,Pope,foakes,lawrence ,Ali show their magic like ashwin and rohit....!!!

    niranjan kumarniranjan kumar12 dagen geleden
  • Both teams play under the same rules and conditions. If one plays better, realise you weren’t good enough on the day and make an attempt to learn from the opposition. Blaming alien conditions as not being conducive is similar to a poor traveller who complains of the overseas cuisine not being the same as mum’s cooking. Fact is you can’t stop travelling as cricket is global. Alternative is to grow up.

    Straight BatStraight Bat12 dagen geleden
  • Ashwin man of the match

    Baldeep BirakBaldeep Birak12 dagen geleden
  • Such hypocrisy. When india tours england they give grassy , green pitches and no one complains . Instead india is accused for faulty technique . When india prepares dry dusty tracks then they blame the pitches rather than the poor lack of skill set from the touring teams.😏 Its only fair to say that "we live in a society where honor is a distinct memory". 👈👈

    Akhil kumar SankhlaAkhil kumar Sankhla12 dagen geleden
  • Winging always...he is.finding hard

    Dharmesh KothariDharmesh Kothari12 dagen geleden
  • I love susrita Pal

    loll pplloll ppl12 dagen geleden
  • Tim Paine just smashed his TV set.

    Saffron MaverickSaffron Maverick12 dagen geleden
  • Michael Vaughan is a cartoon .He tweets and then embarrassed but again do the same and again same story.Difficult to believe the shamelessness.harsha is also licking his shoes like slave

    Rajesh RikhiRajesh Rikhi12 dagen geleden
  • Harsha why you discuss with Vaughan when he conveyed that pitch not payble, when two indian player score more than 100? He is not nutural person

    Ashish ShahAshish Shah12 dagen geleden
  • Vaugh is a hypocrite

    Gunjan LahiriGunjan Lahiri12 dagen geleden
  • How many times will Vaughan use "IN THIS CONDITIONS".I don't recall Indians ever using this phrase in 2/3 day greentop wickets in England .

    Ritesh ShrivastavaRitesh Shrivastava12 dagen geleden
  • Harsha bhogle's metaphors are getting cringier and cringier.

    Sidharth ByjuSidharth Byju12 dagen geleden
  • Vaughan, England don't know how to play pitch like?

    Prem SinghPrem Singh12 dagen geleden
  • Hey cricbuzz,, please dismiss your contract with Michael vaughan. He is talking shit about cricket n approaching towards to make it a game for hypocrites...

    Arup SarkerArup Sarker12 dagen geleden
  • More than anyone Mr Sanjay Manjrekar crying that it is bad pitch. Ash shut his mouth with his 💯

    VickramVickram12 dagen geleden
  • Michael Vaughan such a delight to hear you fantastic

    Ravi SRavi S12 dagen geleden
  • Joe root really lucky guy,

    Akash DattaAkash Datta12 dagen geleden
  • This guys is as good as an analyst as he was the odi player USELESS. cricbuzz get better analyst this guy is shit literally has verbal diarrhoea

    aravind kamaraj Rajendranaravind kamaraj Rajendran12 dagen geleden
  • Did he just say that Ashwin was having troubles with captains coz he “probably questions “ ? How do you come to a platform like this and start making up stories based on your dream and nothing else ? For god sake please stop having this lunatic Vaughan on show .

    Karthik JKarthik J12 dagen geleden
  • Harsha got disconnected in between, and Michael did so well to just keep it going. Lol, wow. Like nothing happened. So professional..

    mrgyanimrgyani12 dagen geleden
  • brilliant brilliant decision by ground umpire not giving joe root out. axar patel is round arm and left armer. the angle was immense coming around the wicket and ball did not straighten up--arm ball. so it has come from the curve. And that is not given out in india. the ground umpire cared a hoot akin to how sharma was interpreted as playing a shot when his pad was thrust. he was hit on the off-stump with more outside off than plumb. but they would have raised the finger anywhere in the world. but it is a spinning track and hence not given bluntly in india. the ball was hitting off and middle rather than middle and leg. for left armer-arm ball to have any chance of lbw, it has to hit him on off and crash to later middle and leg--more like pitch on off and hit middle. so still umpire call. it is hard to pitch inside off and hit inside middle leg from that wide angle! that was a tremendous decision. so only goof remains from third umpire who did not check the edge of rahane after the ball had hit the pads. otherwise they have done ok.

    king_has_no_cloths kulking_has_no_cloths kul12 dagen geleden
  • series more likely 2-2. each test has its own story. what happens in 3rd test is anybodys guess. there was no anderson and butler. folks performing on home-ground is nothing new. ashwin did well as there was no pressure on him. india already had a huge lead.

    king_has_no_cloths kulking_has_no_cloths kul12 dagen geleden
  • Audio sucks, its his voice that attacks everyone. This is very unintresting

    Pura KoyangPura Koyang12 dagen geleden
  • Nothing to debate about pitch after seeing virat and ashwin play spin which worked good for them on thier own style one got to the pitch of a ball and played spin other took aggressive style by attacking which is also the best form of defense, likewise England batsman should find a way to play spin it is as simple as that.... Hope everyone should complain about a pitch is when there is no result after 5 days of test match on a pitch or if a test match ends in 2 days..... See the first match of last Australia tour where match was finished on day 3 what will you say about that pitch, is this pitch is good or bad both teams struggle to score runs and matched in just 3rd day....

    Senthil KumarSenthil Kumar12 dagen geleden
  • To prove astrology of Michael Vaughan is what Indian Cricketers motto. In Austrology of 4-0 whitewash was failed and in this match astrology of pitch was proven wrong by Virat and Ashwin.

    Rajendra NaikRajendra Naik12 dagen geleden
  • When a team playing well suddenly crumbles everyone starts assuming. Come on they're human

    Pranav SharmaPranav Sharma12 dagen geleden
  • This channel is worst.. no clarity in video and worst audio..

    vijaya sekhar Mekalavijaya sekhar Mekala12 dagen geleden
  • England is lead by ECB not their captain. The selectors decide how they should play

    Pranav SharmaPranav Sharma12 dagen geleden
  • Dada/Sourav is there to support Ashwin and after become president he immediately appreciated Ashwin via tweet even if Kholi and Ravi kept him out during one running series. Ashwin is a champion.

    Anindya PandaAnindya Panda12 dagen geleden
  • Was Harsha trolling Vaughan in this video? He starts off with the pitch right away. Then does this. "Did you also notice Micheal? Virat Kohli was whistling to the crowd. Its a throwback from CSK. Whistle Podu." And then... goes offline for a while. Vaughan had to painfully go on lauding India and Ashwin until Harsha comes back. Finally, Vaughan talks about the pink ball test and Harsha replies "Oh we won't go that far today, Let's talk about tomorrow." This Man packs sarcasm underneath that 'Pranaam bhabhi ji' smile. Waaoow!!

    Prem sumanth PulukuriPrem sumanth Pulukuri12 dagen geleden
  • English players:its to much spinning pitch...pitch is bad...bla bla bla... No 8th batsman of india:scored 100..🤣 Dear English stop giving excuse..

    we_are_ Venomwe_are_ Venom12 dagen geleden
  • Wow there is 9 day break till the next test. There was no need to rest Anderson as he would have had 9 days off anyway.

    Hasan RamzanHasan Ramzan12 dagen geleden
  • Ashwin is a engineering graduate in Information Technology. No wonder his playing style is so calculative.

    Srinivas PrashantSrinivas Prashant12 dagen geleden
  • The pitch is not that bad, if you can see off those difficult balls that will happen you can score as Kohli and Ashwin showed.

    Hasan RamzanHasan Ramzan12 dagen geleden
  • Bad pitch ha ??? An indian spinner whacks u around n hits a century ... so pitch turned good for the period he was batting n switched back to being a devil right ????

    maverickonsmaverickons12 dagen geleden
  • turn track😂😂 cant bat here😂

    Pranav PilankarPranav Pilankar12 dagen geleden
  • Ash got 99 problems but the pitch ain't one

    abbb282abbb28212 dagen geleden
  • We love better harsha s narration...

    Bala RBala R12 dagen geleden
  • Lmao what a save from Michael when harsha connection went out , brilliant

    Couch PotatoeCouch Potatoe12 dagen geleden
  • Mike Vaughan: Indian no7 scored a ton, India scored almost more than half of what eng scored on day 2 . The match has gone in day 4 , will you still criticize the pitch ? I hope eng takes this match to day 5.

    grey Greygrey Grey12 dagen geleden
  • Happy Birthday foakesy

    Harsha PagaHarsha Paga12 dagen geleden
  • This is Ashwin's fifth century in tests. And it is notable that mostly he gets to bat in the lower order only, and as such, the chances for jis running up some good scores always are there, but when he hits centuries, and he has 5 of them, it amply proves his batting strengths and usefulness to the team as an allrounder, though he is still mainly recognised by analysts as a bowler who can also bat and get some good scores.

    Nataraj KailasamNataraj Kailasam12 dagen geleden
  • Ashwin demonstrated that he had the required skillsets to play on a rank turner.Further proof of skillset was provided by Virat Kohli.

    Nataraj KailasamNataraj Kailasam12 dagen geleden
  • Important inning for Lawrence because johny is coming

    Himanshu ParmarHimanshu Parmar12 dagen geleden
  • No.8 scored 100 off 130 balls, clearly it’s not an unplayable pitch!

    unevenestfallunevenestfall12 dagen geleden
  • Michael Vaughan : grapes are sours

    mohd abdul aleemmohd abdul aleem12 dagen geleden
  • Abe highlight dala kro..faltu chiz mat dala kro

    Subhash RawatSubhash Rawat12 dagen geleden
  • Keen to know what Michael Vaughan says today. I think he should not forget when India visits England , england make wickets which are tailor made for english bowlers as those pitches assist seamers . Moreover India has shown how to play in such tough conditions and made 286 in third innings . So, there should not be any excuses coming I hope now by English media as England batted poorly in their first innings

    Amit KaliaAmit Kalia12 dagen geleden
  • Ashwin the Engineer playing cricket.

    prayaga mahati kaushikprayaga mahati kaushik12 dagen geleden
  • Why harsha didn't ask him about the pitch crying he is doing?

    The TruthThe Truth12 dagen geleden
  • Take a shot every time Michael Vaughan says juggernaut

    Aditya LandgeAditya Landge12 dagen geleden
  • *_Michał Vaughan to Shane Warne- Ham bhi pele gaye the, tum bhi pele jaoge 😂😂😂_*

    देवव्रत भीष्मदेवव्रत भीष्म12 dagen geleden
  • HARSHA/MICHAEL, Despite lot of criticism over Pitch conditions, how INDIA piled up 286 Runs on a very difficult condition. Both Virat & Aswin had under no trouble whatsoever....

    Sam BhasSam Bhas12 dagen geleden
  • If Ashwin had bat on higher order he would achieve high scales

    Rajan ShankarRajan Shankar12 dagen geleden
  • Michael von tu hai kon🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Joseph BasumataryJoseph Basumatary12 dagen geleden
  • Bhogle aaj toomhara umpireing per gyaan nahin aaya Root was same as Rohit was yesterday .Manjrekar ne koi galti nahin ki thi toojhe expose kar ke .

    Rajesh SinghRajesh Singh12 dagen geleden
  • 9 wckts + century Ashwin, Man of the match

    Ananda RajAnanda Raj12 dagen geleden
  • Kohli is the bad boy of Indian cricket. Not a deserving captain by any standards.

    Dheeraj BhatiaDheeraj Bhatia12 dagen geleden
  • hloo. eng. skipper plzz chew your own words 😂😂😊

    Vinayak KhannaVinayak Khanna12 dagen geleden
  • There is proverb in Kannada. If they win, they will tell we came to dance if they fail they land/pitch is sloggy, Very nice.. still Eng has 2 days.. are u telling ur weak on Indian spinners... Nothing I'll until last ball...

    VivekVivek12 dagen geleden
  • I think scoring on a beach is much tougher as compare to the tiles....

    yogesh pratap singhyogesh pratap singh12 dagen geleden
  • Nice chat and discussion. Well said by Mike

    Manju NathManju Nath12 dagen geleden
  • Love each one of u😊😊 watching this video....... Its a game, we must enjoy it😊😊

    Math's LemmaMath's Lemma12 dagen geleden
  • Why are all Englishmen hypocrits. They just can't get over the fact that they used to rule us once !

    Chup Bey!Chup Bey!12 dagen geleden
  • Ind got best all-rounders first set is ravichandran ashwin and jadeja& second set of all-rounders are washington sundar and axar patel

    Vighnajit bharathiVighnajit bharathi12 dagen geleden
  • What is waughan's jubinal

    hitesh bulanihitesh bulani12 dagen geleden
  • Dear Mr. Vaughan, could you please unblock me on twitter? I really have no idea what I did to get myself blocked

    Krutik PandyaKrutik Pandya12 dagen geleden
  • Video quality is poor

    sangameswaran ssangameswaran s12 dagen geleden
  • Michael juggernaut Vaughan

    nn mmnn mm12 dagen geleden
  • Vaughan crying inside🤣🤣

    Arjit SinhaArjit Sinha12 dagen geleden
  • Now complain about pitch

    Babu BsBabu Bs12 dagen geleden