VIKINGS Final Season - Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video

2 dec. 2020
4 538 017 Weergaven

Ragnarök: Twilight of the Gods. No one escapes their fate.
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About Vikings:
Vikings follows the adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok the greatest hero of his age. The series tells the sagas of Ragnar's band of Viking brothers and his family, as he rises to become King of the Viking tribes. As well as being a fearless warrior, Ragnar embodies the Norse traditions of devotion to the gods, legend has it that he was a direct descendant of Odin, the god of war and warriors.
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VIKINGS Final Season - Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video
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  • does anyone knows the name of the last song??? plz i cant find it

    Dávid DubrovčákDávid Dubrovčák8 uur geleden
  • Netflix is nothing for me after I learned that the seventh sezon of Vikings will not published on it.

    Sena benSena ben9 uur geleden
  • The best season after ragner left the show... Such an epic finale...i could feel the same magic when ragner was the epicenter of the show...i could finally say now that this is a better show then game of thrones.. And yes ubba floki is right... You look like ragner❤️❤️😍😍

    Sohail ShafiSohail Shafi14 uur geleden
  • Guys do you know if I can watch the last season in Europe? Or is only available in USA ?

    Kos KalfKos Kalf15 uur geleden
  • I still hope that Ragnar is the one holding the sword.

    Tuna TunaTuna Tuna16 uur geleden
  • You still claim to be Vikings, Then act like Vikings, Come with me, Be like the Gods, And reach for Valhalla!

    Jango DoubleCrosserJango DoubleCrosser17 uur geleden
  • Vikings: Season 6 Part A Trailer: I am boring Season 6 Part B Trailer: Well I am intersting😅

    Top 10Top 1020 uur geleden
  • Me upon seeing this in an ad: *POLYTOPIA.*

    Heinkel He 177 GreifHeinkel He 177 GreifDag geleden
  • The final season episode 10 to20 very foolish and notbeutiful and very crazy ...😈😈👺👹👺

    Sahel GoomehSahel Goomeh2 dagen geleden
  • ingrid is worst character in season 6

    mehul bhatimehul bhati2 dagen geleden
  • Yeah this part of the season really proves that this show's hayday died with Ragnar. The series since then has been "how long can we milk this & name drop Ragnar".

    Rrrahh JRrrahh J2 dagen geleden
  • it was so bad, worse than game of thrones - why did ivar just had to die like for no freaking reason and Ubbe stayed with the savages where he miraculously finds Floki who somehow teleported from Iceland to the US? There as no Valhalla scene or reunion with Ragnar , no final battle or anything , this was complete and utter rubbish

    Lord AlgammoNLord AlgammoN2 dagen geleden
  • Why I'm not getting it on Amazon Prime?

    Sourjyo DeepSourjyo Deep2 dagen geleden
  • Ivar: "I'm afraid". Hvitserk: "Don't worry. I won't tell anyone". 😭😭😭

    BAn0nYm0u5BAn0nYm0u52 dagen geleden
  • What is the bgm of this trailer

    SomasekharSomasekhar2 dagen geleden
  • The final season was terrible. Horrible conclusion to such a great series. What a disappointment.

    Justin Wilson, Esq.Justin Wilson, Esq.3 dagen geleden
    • +100

      GoNzAi GaMeGoNzAi GaMe2 dagen geleden
  • Spoiler: They killed ubba, ivar, and Harold all in the same season... lmao thats crazy

    BDG4everBDG4ever3 dagen geleden
    • Ubbe didnt die

      It's KiIt's Ki2 dagen geleden
  • will it come in netflix or not?

    Prashant ThapaPrashant Thapa3 dagen geleden
  • Take it from 45 year female history professor, real Norse(Vikings) would be DISGUSTED by you and this series, no less than Ian Flemming and the usurped by black lesbian feminist misandrist. YOu are first generation of boys now raised ashamed at masculinity, feminized, effeminate. Grow up, fight back. Don't be lemmings, be the wolf, the eagle, Viking sagas even mention lions(yes there were lions even in Briton at times). Real Vikings would be as disgusted with you just as Ian Flemming would be what happened to 007 usurped by a feminist lesbian black woman misandrist instead. Hollywood has done no better, but if you want closer to historical fact, "Beowulf" of course, The two Icelandic Sagas (zero female warriors, leaders or queens), 'the 13th Warrior', Crichton, 'Gods and Kings' Harrison, Colleen McCullough, even "Vikings" Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Earnest Borgnine NOT this feminist bs. We women are and were vital in our own feminine value roles no shame not being man. Nor did we disrespect but honor our sons and men instead. Grow up, fight back. Cancel Vikings and all like it.

    Jamie JonesJamie Jones4 dagen geleden
  • Prime video tiene en norteamerica vikingos??

    Erick VasquezErick Vasquez4 dagen geleden
  • i dont like it

    Michel RamosMichel Ramos4 dagen geleden
  • Song anyone???

    Undying EmbersUndying Embers4 dagen geleden
  • Love you.

    Ortiz SteveOrtiz Steve4 dagen geleden
  • There should be a series of every Kingdom, Imagine The Rus attacking constantinople

    Mr. Tonka BeanMr. Tonka Bean4 dagen geleden
  • Where am I supposed to watch it if I have Prime but is not available on my country...

    Manuela QuirozManuela Quiroz4 dagen geleden
  • King harold finally the king of Ketagat and the Norway

    Lovely CreaturesLovely Creatures4 dagen geleden
  • when final season start someone know tnx

    viktor vanyovviktor vanyov4 dagen geleden
  • Is it bad that I still frequently rewatch this trailer even after watching the season?

    Kyle SteynKyle Steyn5 dagen geleden
  • show de bola !!!!!!

    Leonardo assisLeonardo assis5 dagen geleden
  • Bad season bad ending

    Ezzaddin AlshammariEzzaddin Alshammari5 dagen geleden

  • its badass cant wait to see it , i cant find it my prime vedio

    Tarun PatidarTarun Patidar5 dagen geleden
  • Is ragnar returned in this season?

    bLADE rUNNERbLADE rUNNER5 dagen geleden
    • @M24 LEGEND thanks buddy

      bLADE rUNNERbLADE rUNNER4 dagen geleden
    • No but floki returns

      M24 LEGENDM24 LEGEND4 dagen geleden
  • Can anyone tell me if this is Season 7 or Season 6? Cause it’s still not available for me on prime...

    Roel van WijkRoel van Wijk5 dagen geleden
  • Were can i see it, i living in Norway 🇳🇴

    Alik MessiAlik Messi5 dagen geleden
  • Anyone tell me when this last session will be released??????

    Suraj ChhetriSuraj Chhetri5 dagen geleden
  • But this season isn’t on Amazon prime video

    Suraj KatochSuraj Katoch6 dagen geleden
  • For a viking death is bliss🔥

    Kishan KunwarKishan Kunwar6 dagen geleden
  • I was so excited but then I was quickly disappointed with the writers every season great episodes the last ones sucks so bad like I just can't believe the way things ended so sad and disappointed

    star sparklesstar sparkles6 dagen geleden
  • stopped the vikings Covit-19.

    Göktuğ CaymazGöktuğ Caymaz6 dagen geleden
  • Please tell me the song from 0:57

    Journal lifeJournal life6 dagen geleden
  • I declare myself a fan of the series, however, the end was completely disappointing !!!!! Without a reason, Aivar died and lost !!!! In general, the last episodes should have had wars, it would have been a disaster for Aivar to conquer everything as a king and return to Ketgat victorious !!!! Now let them kill him there and so he would go down in history as he should ... on the contrary, Bjorn's death was incredibly leading and more courageous !!!! Too bad ...

    ananias xananias x6 dagen geleden
  • When in Amazon in french??!!pleaaaaase...

    Regis PoliRegis Poli6 dagen geleden
  • Am unable to find Vikings on prime I have Amazon subscription my location India, Kindly help

    Srinivasa Aditya MulaSrinivasa Aditya Mula6 dagen geleden
    • It's on Netflix not in prime

      VishaŁ KumaŘVishaŁ KumaŘ6 dagen geleden
  • Does anybody know where I can watch season 7 all episode ? It ain’t on Amazon or Netflix either

    • There's no season 7. It's continuation of s6

      GrayFace • 19 years agoGrayFace • 19 years ago6 dagen geleden
  • Is that season 7??

    MohammedMohammed6 dagen geleden
    • No Season 6 last 10 eps

      Zx GodZx God3 dagen geleden
  • When will it be avaible for, The Netherlands?

    Geert HeemskerkGeert Heemskerk6 dagen geleden

    Renjith ThekkeveedanRenjith Thekkeveedan6 dagen geleden
  • When can it be on the Netflix?

    Philip仔Philip仔6 dagen geleden
  • Were you in a hurry to finish this series none of the events make sense only scrambling all the way to the end you could end it better 💔

    Dahou WickDahou Wick6 dagen geleden
  • Where release in india

    Datta MoreDatta More6 dagen geleden

    SapphireSapphire7 dagen geleden
    • Yes same brother in india too same issue am facing

      Srinivasa Aditya MulaSrinivasa Aditya Mula6 dagen geleden

      SapphireSapphire7 dagen geleden
  • Is it released ?

    chiranjiv singhchiranjiv singh7 dagen geleden
    • yes

      busebuse7 dagen geleden
  • Do any one know that ending music??

    B U C K Y GGB U C K Y GG7 dagen geleden
    • Same question

      Adnan Mashrur SadadAdnan Mashrur Sadad12 uur geleden
  • When is it going to be available on NETFLIX in Italy? I can't wait to see the new episodes 🔥 🔥 🔥

    Mohammed HaymourMohammed Haymour7 dagen geleden
    • Okey👍

      Joshua Herrera-LauridsenJoshua Herrera-Lauridsen5 dagen geleden
    • @Joshua Herrera-Lauridsen I think it's already available on prime video

      Mohammed HaymourMohammed Haymour5 dagen geleden
    • So when do the new episode come?

      Joshua Herrera-LauridsenJoshua Herrera-Lauridsen5 dagen geleden
    • Ah Okey tank you

      Joshua Herrera-LauridsenJoshua Herrera-Lauridsen5 dagen geleden
    • Ah Okey tank you

      Joshua Herrera-LauridsenJoshua Herrera-Lauridsen5 dagen geleden
  • Just amazing I loved this tv series too much ❣️❣️❣️

    Robin Ahmed RehanRobin Ahmed Rehan7 dagen geleden
  • Ivar reminds me of the Night king with his blue eyes and the snowy background on the battle field

    Vallerina FernandesVallerina Fernandes7 dagen geleden
  • this show is what game of thrones could never be

    RoseRose8 dagen geleden
  • Anyone knows the OST at the end ?

    Yazan AL MarzouqiYazan AL Marzouqi8 dagen geleden
  • *Not available in your country* - common Amazon. Why are you showing the trailer for the season, as if it was available on your streaming service? Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

    Oliver PedersenOliver Pedersen8 dagen geleden
    • Dear thop tv download you go and chorom browse oky

      Nishant MahawarNishant Mahawar7 dagen geleden
  • Na minha orime não tem

    KLZIN777 FL4KLZIN777 FL48 dagen geleden
  • bjorn is our jon snow

    Urdu Aesthetic OfficialUrdu Aesthetic Official8 dagen geleden

  • Nice trailer, I watched it 2 month ago, couldn't wait to see it on prime video, finally the 30th December.. Oh wait the 8 January nothing on prime, I watched the season on illegal platforms, thanks to tease us for them

    qfg ergqfg erg8 dagen geleden
  • It's available on Amazon prime video India?

    Tripti MojumderTripti Mojumder8 dagen geleden
  • Plss watch KGF 2 Teaser 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    harshith raphaelharshith raphael8 dagen geleden
  • Is season 6 final?

    Dharam palDharam pal8 dagen geleden
    • Yes

      Qverty92Qverty928 dagen geleden
  • Whats the name of the last song ?

    nxckotxnesalnxckotxnesal8 dagen geleden
  • Does anyone know the name of the last part of the soundrack of this trailer? The choir part i mean

    Cesare RocchiCesare Rocchi8 dagen geleden
  • Ivar, You are already famous. You should brave, fearless and committed. And stand behind Bjorn.

    Hafsa UmmerHafsa Ummer8 dagen geleden
  • Better than GOT.

    Jamal BashirJamal Bashir9 dagen geleden
  • Anyone now 2:10 song name ???❤️

    B U C K Y GGB U C K Y GG9 dagen geleden
  • I needed more of this, more adventures, more stories. This is by far my favorite series. can’t believe it’s over!!! 😔

    dianelis masso sanchezdianelis masso sanchez9 dagen geleden
  • dudes is this worth watching?

    Galactic BeastGalactic Beast9 dagen geleden
    • Yes bro for me is the best tv show ever

      Hasta La Vista BabyHasta La Vista Baby8 dagen geleden
  • If u think this was better than Got then smash the like button.

    Mani ravandiMani ravandi9 dagen geleden
  • This last season Made me so cry😭 First Lagertha's Dead 🥺 after Bjorn Dead 😭 Even,Ivor's dead also made me so cry😭 I'll miss this Vikings Series🖤🥺

    Abrar Ahmed SaiFAbrar Ahmed SaiF9 dagen geleden
  • La sexta temporada completa es una mierda

    David HarrisDavid Harris9 dagen geleden
  • Wait it is on amazon now?? Great...

    Ma.Ma.9 dagen geleden
  • Expectations 💯💯🔥😍

    Sidharth JyothiSidharth Jyothi9 dagen geleden
  • Efsane Bir Film♥️

    Gaziantep VineGaziantep Vine9 dagen geleden
  • Can anyone tell me which God does Floki believe at last ?? 🤔🤔🤔

    Bina KalaiBina Kalai9 dagen geleden
    • None I guess. He eventually became more like a philosophic thinker.

      Qverty92Qverty928 dagen geleden
  • Skal my friends,skal❤️

    mamud hasanmamud hasan9 dagen geleden
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    Lydia EliasLydia Elias9 dagen geleden
  • Self Aclaimed God Ivar The Boneless😂😂😂

    Kwasi DwamenaKwasi Dwamena9 dagen geleden
  • The Last season of Vikings was nothing but a disappiontment.

    Farhan HaiderFarhan Haider9 dagen geleden
    • Well, I thought it was satisfying.

      i am invinciblei am invincible8 dagen geleden
  • Is this seazon 7?

    BlessTheWeedBlessTheWeed9 dagen geleden
  • Netflix ta kado ayi hoi ha sari series 😂😂

    Jasdeep GrewalJasdeep Grewal9 dagen geleden
  • Ragnar is dead,lagertha is dead,Bjorn is dead, Ivar is also dead....

    Shubham BhattShubham Bhatt10 dagen geleden
  • Great series. Bravo. Nice job to the cast crew and writers. Ill be buying the box set... unlike g.o.t.

    siralf1979siralf197910 dagen geleden
  • When will this be in france ?

    RehanRehan10 dagen geleden
  • I can't found this series in prime why?

  • So actually the last season part 2 felt amazing. Even without all the heroes like Bjorn, Ragnar obviously, Lagertha, there were so many magnificent moments, the story was interesting and performance was very good. I´m talking about Part 2 right now. Do you guys think the same or I´m I the only one who thinks this was not GOT finale, but a pretty good ending? Saying this as a guy who has seen all the seasons twice and is also a Last Kingdom fan.

    Khal StrosoKhal Stroso10 dagen geleden
  • By chance someone know the song at 2:10

    Ali Ken KayaAli Ken Kaya10 dagen geleden
  • This season is also available in netflix fron jan 2020

  • When?

    Salah_eldin AhmedSalah_eldin Ahmed10 dagen geleden
  • It sucks that you have to get stacktv wish it was actually on prime

    energy_FREAK 219energy_FREAK 21910 dagen geleden
  • Is it netflix yet

    محمد آل دعبلمحمد آل دعبل10 dagen geleden