Video filmed 2010, uploaded 2020

30 aug. 2020
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The ice skating scenes are filmed and edited in 2010, uploaded to youtube in 2020.
Filmed in Sandefjord, Norway.
I uploaded the video to Vimeo in 2010:
The 2010-video is shot with Canon Legria HF S11. Resolution 720p.
Intro from 2020 shot with Canon Legria HF G50.
700K Sept 28, thank you.

  • 666 dislikes

    morguemorgueUur geleden
  • Why breaky the ice though

    Maddux SmithMaddux Smith2 uur geleden
    • @apetor ahh thank you

      Maddux SmithMaddux Smith58 minuten geleden
    • For showing you the material, you saw different kinds of ice.

      apetorapetorUur geleden
  • 00:24 maybe you should've left this part in 2010

    Harvind GrewalHarvind Grewal10 uur geleden
  • 2b2t

    NikiWin testNikiWin test10 uur geleden
  • 11 years, still doing the same thing, erp erp

    Tyler FirepineTyler Firepine13 uur geleden
    • I don’t know if that’s a good thing😂

      apetorapetor10 uur geleden
  • What the hell just happened??

    mikef1570mikef157016 uur geleden
  • Tell me one reason why I shouldn't be up at 2am watching this.

    Nils BergmanNils Bergman18 uur geleden
    • Can’t see any reason.

      apetorapetor14 uur geleden
  • Visiting Norway is on my bucket list now. Right after Sweden and autzwich

    Rickle PickRickle Pick18 uur geleden
  • Can somebody help that dude? He obviously tried to kill himself right there.

    Locke Da'bossLocke Da'boss19 uur geleden
  • The amount of patience and dedication to wait 10 years is amazing

    Amish ChalikondaAmish Chalikonda21 uur geleden
  • did you survive?

    FufuboiFufuboi23 uur geleden
  • well... nice i guess

    AsfaltS1AsfaltS1Dag geleden
  • He has a saw to break the ice

    Numero UnoNumero UnoDag geleden
  • indian man slindin in ya dm's 0:25

    ImTheRealSteveImTheRealSteveDag geleden
  • i watched this

    zuhnzuhnDag geleden
    • Verified Andy comment.

      John DoeJohn Doe16 uur geleden
    • i also watched this

      rin kagerin kage16 uur geleden
  • hey whats up people in 2030. you reall forgot about me? wow insensitive. look at my acc

    ObamaObamaDag geleden
  • How did you upscale the original footage to such quality? Very good work.

    Balderino KripperinoBalderino KripperinoDag geleden
    • I haven’t upscaled anything. I don’t even have the original file. I uploaded the video to Vimeo in December 2010. In 2020 I downloaded the video from Vimeo, added the intro and uploaded to youtube. Vimeo link: The 2010-video is shot with Canon Legria HF S11.

      apetorapetorDag geleden
  • My favourite NLworldr by far! This man helps me connect with my inner happiness without saying a word. I would happily pay for a trip to Norway just to shake this man's hand and have a shot of vodka with him. An absolute legend!

    Antix TaktixAntix Taktix2 dagen geleden
  • global warming is a bitch!

    J McJ Mc2 dagen geleden
  • ah the good days

    evergreen2yevergreen2y2 dagen geleden
  • 0:25 Pink Guy aka Joji seen this video coming and took his opportunity. Later he had to quit because he knew that this vid gonna show up in 2020 and blame him for stealing content.

    DiviteDivite3 dagen geleden
  • Great to see you enjoying the outdoors :) looks like a lot of fun!

    Zane ツZane ツ3 dagen geleden
    • It is:))

      apetorapetorDag geleden
  • 0:50 I can detect a little moment of panic when he realized the ice cracked

    Dakin RealDakin Real3 dagen geleden
  • I thought the video had an actual point other than being filmed in 2010 and released a decade later... What's the deal then? For viewers it's the same as watching a video released in 2010. From the ice cutting I almost thought it's a means to raise awareness on climate change lmao

    Hunor MagyarHunor Magyar4 dagen geleden
    • Sorry, no point. Nothing about climate change.

      apetorapetor4 dagen geleden
  • Why did I expect that this video would be black and white?

    CarlCarl4 dagen geleden
    • @Dean Martin Thank you!

      apetorapetor3 dagen geleden
    • @apetor I love this video, very cool.

      Dean MartinDean Martin3 dagen geleden
    • Because you are very young.

      apetorapetor4 dagen geleden
  • I thought this vid was gonna predict covid or some shit but instead a drunk man ice skating not disappointed either way

    CassiusCassius4 dagen geleden
    • And I am very glad you were not disappointed.

      apetorapetorDag geleden
    • I was not drinking in the 2010-video😃

      apetorapetor4 dagen geleden
  • 2010 was such a simple time...

    Tropical sergeantTropical sergeant4 dagen geleden
  • the more things change the more they stay the same

    Hazel HeatherHazel Heather5 dagen geleden
  • Tell me your Russian without telling me your Russian: 0:12

    AidsシAidsシ5 dagen geleden
  • what

    Jam HamJam Ham6 dagen geleden
  • His eyes look photoshoped.

    HW veteranHW veteran6 dagen geleden
  • You resembel Joe Rogan

    Boriss VassiljevBoriss Vassiljev6 dagen geleden
  • 2:01 what the fuck are you doing

    Adrian EckhoffAdrian Eckhoff6 dagen geleden
  • Pov: an F 82 is spraying with its m3s at an Me 264 0:43

    e 621e 6217 dagen geleden
  • Wtf is this video? xD

    Zocker EnteZocker Ente7 dagen geleden
  • Good idea

    Altas_enzoAltas_enzo7 dagen geleden
  • omg wow it's so cool. And in one comment it says that apetor doesn't really know English but he speak very well :D

    Eda Nur SarliEda Nur Sarli8 dagen geleden
  • Why exactly am i watching this...

    MrJaldalMrJaldal8 dagen geleden
    • @apetor Must be, i would not even know what to type in to find this stuff xD

      MrJaldalMrJaldal8 dagen geleden
    • Recommended?

      apetorapetor8 dagen geleden
  • smart

    DanielDaniel8 dagen geleden
  • Apetor is amazing

    MarkusMarkus8 dagen geleden
  • I never knew Mance Rayder loved vodka so much

    TomdunnTomdunn8 dagen geleden
  • 0:36 Wait is this his... (;-;).

    Merdan YalcinMerdan Yalcin8 dagen geleden
  • You are destroying lake with that hammer 🔨 :P

    FleszFlesz9 dagen geleden
  • What a video

    Rage monster05Rage monster0510 dagen geleden
  • wtf? Who would have guessed autism was the same in 2010

    Taylor JosephTaylor Joseph10 dagen geleden
  • Vad är roligare att åka. Hockeyskridskor eller långfärdsskridskor?

    djxearodjxearo10 dagen geleden
    • Långfärdsskridskor.

      apetorapetor10 dagen geleden
  • Kan du forstå dansk

    NRG william og NRG FrederikNRG william og NRG Frederik11 dagen geleden
    • Ja, jeg er jo norsk

      apetorapetor11 dagen geleden
  • ale piździ

    Wujcio WariatuńcioWujcio Wariatuńcio11 dagen geleden
    • hejo z Podlasia

      Wujcio WariatuńcioWujcio Wariatuńcio11 dagen geleden
  • Lol

    The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wiseThe Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise11 dagen geleden
  • Drug head

    Heather CrainHeather Crain12 dagen geleden
  • I can talk Norway 🇳🇴

    Edelbiev KarimEdelbiev Karim12 dagen geleden
    • Jævlig bra🙏🏽

      apetorapetor12 dagen geleden
  • 0:44 Titan is seen.(Only Aot fans will understand

    IlijaIlija12 dagen geleden
  • Nerp nerp nerp

    john smithjohn smith12 dagen geleden
  • Mmm eepeep

    Shelley vogelShelley vogel12 dagen geleden
  • but..... why

    The RoboDummyThe RoboDummy13 dagen geleden
  • fuck i love him

    Rich NelsonRich Nelson14 dagen geleden
  • I watch your videos while I trip acid

    Jojo PhillipsJojo Phillips14 dagen geleden
    • Also I love you ❤️

      Jojo PhillipsJojo Phillips14 dagen geleden
  • When the viking wasnt an insane viking

    Banana JonesBanana Jones14 dagen geleden
  • Is he greman

    anri dedelsanri dedels15 dagen geleden
    • I am norwegian.

      apetorapetorDag geleden
  • wow im danish

    the cool guythe cool guy15 dagen geleden
    • Cool

      apetorapetorDag geleden
  • Young apetor!!

    Go be the VoiceGo be the Voice15 dagen geleden
  • See you again in 6 Years Bois

    Reaper 100Reaper 10016 dagen geleden
  • Bra video

    Brammis YoutubeBrammis Youtube16 dagen geleden
    • @apetor varsågod, jag kommer från Sverige

      Brammis YoutubeBrammis YoutubeDag geleden
    • Takk

      apetorapetorDag geleden
  • Take a little extra time with your videos so you can put half a tablespoon of *_The Last Dab_* in your vodka.

    Zone StomperZone Stomper16 dagen geleden
  • är e brau der ute

    Manne EdvardssonManne Edvardsson17 dagen geleden
    • Ja

      apetorapetor17 dagen geleden
  • Nå snakker du norsk

    noobtube ytnoobtube yt17 dagen geleden
  • This video has the 2010 vibe we all wanted in 2010 like fr i still want this vibe rn

    f0kef0ke17 dagen geleden
  • omg

    Yağız Semih KoçYağız Semih Koç17 dagen geleden
  • Hey, I have news from the future, its pain and people can be dumb

    Zomiberush12Zomiberush1217 dagen geleden
  • i expected him to say noice after that sip of alcohol in the beginning

    Exotic ButtersExotic Butters17 dagen geleden
  • ahh the good times

    Laurynas ŽemaitisLaurynas Žemaitis17 dagen geleden
  • is it me or... there is littery 999,999 veiews bruh

    ProjectScytheProjectScythe18 dagen geleden
    • Cool

      apetorapetor17 dagen geleden
  • Get your "here before 1 million views" ticket

    Strong DreamStrong Dream18 dagen geleden
  • why do you always drink vodka

    Jonas FNJonas FN18 dagen geleden
    • Simply because I like to drink vodka. I started doing it already when noone watched.

      apetorapetor18 dagen geleden
  • finally i can understand

    Halvor DanielsenHalvor Danielsen18 dagen geleden
  • has not aged a day.

    Filip MacFilip Mac18 dagen geleden
  • You look 10 years younger

    JonaenDKJonaenDK18 dagen geleden
    • Yes

      apetorapetorDag geleden
    • @apetor wow you replied

      JonaenDKJonaenDK18 dagen geleden
    • Yes.

      apetorapetor18 dagen geleden
  • How to get 1Mil view on youtube? Film a video, wait 10 years and upload it

    Rábai Balázs SANELRábai Balázs SANEL19 dagen geleden
  • u gonna fix your beer problem

    Dropshort JrDropshort Jr19 dagen geleden
  • nais

    LinksVibesLinksVibes19 dagen geleden
  • First time I’ve heard this man say anything other than *sips* AHHHH

    Stu MusicStu Music20 dagen geleden
  • Jag kommer från Sverige

    cha_spelar oltnercha_spelar oltner20 dagen geleden
    • Kult

      apetorapetorDag geleden
  • Finnish axe there! Good choice!

    Pipsa PossuPipsa Possu22 dagen geleden
    • Yes😃

      apetorapetorDag geleden
  • iwow

    Ashley WardAshley Ward22 dagen geleden
  • I was amazed by that the things you have done for more than 10 years are almost same.

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  • So ww2 footage is: recorded on 1939-1945 uploaded on (date from the 2007 upwards)

    Luis Marcial Vergara DiazLuis Marcial Vergara DiazMaand geleden
  • Nothing changed

    MonkeMonkeMaand geleden
  • I was born on that year

    Nubex _proNubex _proMaand geleden
  • Не знаю зачем я смотрю етого дурака?

    Сергей ХрипкоСергей ХрипкоMaand geleden
  • ип ип!

    Сергей КитаевСергей КитаевMaand geleden
  • Я бл что один тут русский

    Давид ДавидДавид ДавидMaand geleden
  • give us a subscription thank you

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  • Good quality content since 2010. Real legend right here guys subscribe!

    Riddle FFSRiddle FFSMaand geleden
    • Thanks!

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  • idol

    kasiakasiaMaand geleden
  • Was there an actual point in putting holes in the ice, or was it just a fun thing?

    Micah BadgettMicah BadgettMaand geleden
    • @apetor ok thanks

      Micah BadgettMicah BadgettMaand geleden
    • Playing with the material and showing ice thickness to the viewers, which was about zero at the moment.

      apetorapetorMaand geleden
  • Why is this recommended so late

    NotifyNotifyMaand geleden
    • It was also recommended when it was new. NLworlds algorithms does not only recommend new videos. I see in the comment fields that it’s a common misunderstanding that recommendations should be on new videos. This was not ment spesific for your comment. Your comment was nice, thanks for watching.

      apetorapetorMaand geleden
  • Bruh just wait A second and think, in 2010 skyrim was made. And now think how much time is 10 years.

    Kobrowy WojownikKobrowy WojownikMaand geleden
  • when you have bad internet and uploading is long

    LesiokLesiokMaand geleden
  • Stop filming

    Arek KozielArek KozielMaand geleden
  • Love it! Very intense video! good job!

    Rob NaluRob NaluMaand geleden