VAN BUILD: Our Hidden Bathroom & Shower Setup

22 feb. 2021
132 481 Weergaven

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In this weeks van build episode we finally answer your most asked question - what are you doing about your bathroom and shower?
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Hi, we are Stephen, Jess and little Hunter, a travelling family currently building a Sprinter van into their tiny home on wheels to travel around Australia.

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    Flying The NestFlying The Nest6 dagen geleden
    • Early

      SG6149D productionSG6149D production6 dagen geleden
    • EARLY

      SG5997D PRODUCTIONSSG5997D PRODUCTIONS6 dagen geleden
    • hunter is the cutest baby ever

      1yorknewable1yorknewable6 dagen geleden
  • I really like how you have done it all I can't wait to see it all together

    Charlotte WilliamsCharlotte Williams14 uur geleden
  • Stephen your hair is getting more big and curly, looks amazing 👌😍

    Eleanor SlawsonEleanor SlawsonDag geleden
  • What's the name of the public toilet app? I'm also from WA and never heard of it

    NatNatDag geleden
  • Anyone else scared for them being too young with a child and living in a van ?

  • Loved the opening “sound and light show,” how fun! As always entertaining and informative. We’re all enamored with Hunter, watching her grow and watching you parent her has been a joy filled journey.

    Dianna430 MDianna430 M2 dagen geleden
  • Strange to think someone’s home is one hotwire from being lost

    SunnexSunnex2 dagen geleden
  • Are you going to come to tassie or not?

    • When you come down you should go to Myers it’s an amazing fish and chip place and you can get amazing ice cream but only get the smallest size cause it’s still really big

    • Sure am!

      Flying The NestFlying The Nest2 dagen geleden
  • Watching you're videos are the best part of my day!!❤️😍💜😘❤️😍💜😘

    Alcira OrdonezAlcira Ordonez2 dagen geleden
  • What’re your guys’ job to make a living and gettting to travel to Africa, ect.???

    vinimesevinimese3 dagen geleden
  • I love baby hunter this van looks amazing great job 🥰

    Shahn FShahn F3 dagen geleden
  • I love the music more than the van story lol

    Aushra ShivitskisAushra Shivitskis3 dagen geleden
  • Ok... a few thoughts... 1. Pairing the electrical/lights reveal to Tchaikovsky is AMAZING!! 😂 2. Jess - your Paddle Pop shirt is the best thing you’ve ever worn! I want one! 3. Hunter is the best

    Bec GrinceriBec Grinceri3 dagen geleden
    • Hehe thanks Bec!!!!

      Flying The NestFlying The Nest3 dagen geleden
  • Love this video can't wait to see the finished build its going to be epic !!!

    Hayley CannonHayley Cannon3 dagen geleden
  • Cabinet handles in a van/camper are a recipe for disaster. The space is small and the van is rocky when moving so you're just inviting an accident. You either hit your hips on the handles of base cabinets or hit your head on the handles of upper cabinets. Push-to-open is better and looks nicer.

    Silverback GorrillaSilverback Gorrilla3 dagen geleden
  • Hello!!! Nice!!! 😍❤🤘👊

    Victor LuiVictor Lui3 dagen geleden
  • I just found footage from the 80s of mum bathing me and little bro in the van sink on our road trip up to Expo 88 on the Aussie east coast!

    Rings Great AdventureRings Great Adventure3 dagen geleden
  • I tried the Dometic Cassette Toilet, but it was too small, too low, and too much effort to maintain, dump, clean, etc. So I purchased a Laveo Dry-Flush toilet. Check out the Laveo in your research. Best of luck.

    Erik BlairErik Blair3 dagen geleden
  • i am seriously obsessed w baby hunter

    Kiana PerezKiana Perez4 dagen geleden
  • I. Ant even with hunter she is just way too. Cute

    Ella BellaElla Bella4 dagen geleden
  • I realy like your videos and l love you so much 5his is my 5th time that lm watching this video

    Imra VejseloskaImra Vejseloska4 dagen geleden
  • when u r coming to Pakistan ?

    Shami -Shami -4 dagen geleden
  • I used to eat the sand too. Don't know what went on in my mind back then.

    NightCrawllerNightCrawller4 dagen geleden
  • I had to pause straight away to make this comment, the switching on of the lights sequence is fantastic, well done Steven. Now to watch the rest.

    sue cameronsue cameron4 dagen geleden
  • Composting toilet. And I've been surprised by the number of people who won't pee in the woods as well..

    Mel H.Mel H.4 dagen geleden
  • Winter is coming... in the Southern Hemisphere... and it's getting hotter and hotter in the North🙂

    Nordlys SørlysNordlys Sørlys4 dagen geleden
  • 14K more to go for 1M subs❤️

    Nordlys SørlysNordlys Sørlys4 dagen geleden
  • Love the classical music!🤍

    Eva NikolaidouEva Nikolaidou4 dagen geleden
  • i love it

    mallory Creaseymallory Creasey5 dagen geleden
  • Just thought I'd say the editing on this video is awsome

    drago_CRdrago_CR5 dagen geleden
  • So y’all take a shower outside and while naked??? When people are looking????

    Minerva GoveaMinerva Govea5 dagen geleden
    • Oh ok I can’t believe you replied i love you so much ❤️

      Minerva GoveaMinerva Govea4 dagen geleden
    • We have a plan for that ... will Share in future episodes 💙

      Flying The NestFlying The Nest4 dagen geleden
  • I’m getting so excited for you guys! We have a very old conversion, but I can’t wait to get back out in the world with ours. It’s looking like it might be the May for us 👏👏👏😁✌️💕

    susan dibblesusan dibble5 dagen geleden
  • I found this channel on my recommendation and I'm glad NLworld recommended it I can't wait for the results!💜💜

    C h l o e F r e s c h IC h l o e F r e s c h I5 dagen geleden
  • Hi the beach you went to looks amazing. What beach is it.

    Elizabeth OrrElizabeth Orr5 dagen geleden
  • Which music is it that starts at 1:17?

    CineoCineo5 dagen geleden
  • Stephen needs a haircut. Lol.

    Linda JonesLinda Jones5 dagen geleden
    • Hahaha yep he got one on the weekend 💙

      Flying The NestFlying The Nest5 dagen geleden
  • you should paint the van

    Lexi RichterLexi Richter5 dagen geleden
  • Great progress on the van & love the lights Thank you for bringing us all on that renovation journey with you Very enjoyable Love your vlogs Hunter is getting so big & always so cute 🥰 Beautiful beach 🏖 Love to you all from Anne & David (Dublin) 😘

    Anne EltonAnne Elton5 dagen geleden
  • Hey! Where's your travel cot from? I'm looking into buying one for our almost 5 month old baby boy Jake 😊. And yours looks pretty handy! Greetings from The Netherlands.

    Sharon CoolenSharon Coolen5 dagen geleden
    • @Flying The Nest Thanks!!

      Sharon CoolenSharon Coolen4 dagen geleden
    • It’s from baby Bjorn it’s soooo good

      Flying The NestFlying The Nest5 dagen geleden
  • Red wire in red hole and black wire in black😂😂😂😂 ohh my goshh!! Being an electrical engineer, all I wanna say ' Well done Steve '.

    Lupus SpaceLupus Space5 dagen geleden
  • The editing on this video 🔥❤️

    Tanvi WaghrayTanvi Waghray5 dagen geleden
  • Where is the bed?

    Randah SharafRandah Sharaf5 dagen geleden
    • Still busy building it 💙

      Flying The NestFlying The Nest5 dagen geleden
  • Great work guys it's looking amazing 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿👍

    wobblebox adventureswobblebox adventures5 dagen geleden
  • OMG a new Video on my Birthday. Yay😀😀

    Ginny WeasleyGinny Weasley5 dagen geleden
  • Does hunter have a life jacket for trips on the sup?

    David BallDavid Ball5 dagen geleden
  • I know you guys are friendly with Kara & Nate, I hope they are watching this series of 'van builds' and taking note, Nate is a little bit lethal when it comes to gas & electricity!

    Sean PassantSean Passant5 dagen geleden
  • The Instagram could be Cooper WA (wah) van. Said fast enough sounds like cooper the fan. I am however sad it’s not Couper the Van

    taz kempftaz kempf5 dagen geleden
  • What are you guys going to do if you need to pee in the middle of the night? :D The van is lokking awesome. When you went to pick out the cabinet knobs I was so sure you were going to pick brass. I was so wrong. :D It is looking smashing good. :)

    LinneaLinnea5 dagen geleden
  • Babies love doing BWA BWA BWA BWA.... 😂 Those are some of the best memories i have with my sister.

    Iyam_ nanduIyam_ nandu5 dagen geleden
  • What is cooper van I didn't get it

    tamanna dhakertamanna dhaker5 dagen geleden
  • I love this channel and i just found it yesterday

    SunnexSunnex5 dagen geleden
  • Have been watching you guys from Maldives 🇲🇻 ever since I saw the Maldives vlog♥️🥰

    Hassan IrushadHassan Irushad5 dagen geleden
  • I want to eat that baby she is so cute Allah bless her

    Fatmazahra KelFatmazahra Kel5 dagen geleden
  • I love how andy wrote andy on the bottom of his drill like woody from toy story😁😍

    Alecia DawnAlecia Dawn5 dagen geleden
  • Allso Hunter is SOOOOO CUTE !!

    Lucy LloydLucy Lloyd5 dagen geleden
  • LOOKING good guys!! xx I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

    Lucy LloydLucy Lloyd5 dagen geleden
  • I love the fold away bath. I would suggest you get a waterproof cover for Hunters seat, with it being so close to the sink. Just an easy slip on so the leather doesn't get wrecked. Other wise it's looking great.

    brclynbrclyn5 dagen geleden
  • Whoever edited this deserves an award. 👏👏👏

    Kalina MayKalina May5 dagen geleden
  • we love your post on youtube form susan and steve here invercargill nz good to see you and family too keep up the good work and be safe

    stephen john luscombestephen john luscombe5 dagen geleden
  • Cutie Hunter! 😍 I love your Cooper Van. There are lots of progress. Yieee! Will wait how you will build your bed. ❤

    Rochelle UbaubRochelle Ubaub5 dagen geleden
  • Oh my gosh your music choices are amazing. and I love how excited you look turning the lights on! She definitely would be too small for a bunk bed. You'll have to put up some kind of netting like they have on trampolines so she doesn't fall out of it.

    Melissa T.Melissa T.5 dagen geleden
  • Love your videos 🇨🇦❤️🤗.

    Annie PowellAnnie Powell5 dagen geleden
  • : )

    Ross AdamthwaiteRoss Adamthwaite5 dagen geleden
  • You could always put a net from the ceiling by hunters bed as a safety net. Could also come in handy for when she's not a sleep 'cause than you can store some of her toys and stuff there. Oh and if you had like 73 comments on this matter, just ignore this one. I havn't read all of them as you may have understood already. Love watching your channel!

    ZirieZirie5 dagen geleden
    • Such a good idea 💙

      Flying The NestFlying The Nest5 dagen geleden
  • Love you bebe hunter 😻😻💞💞

    Savan SalatSavan Salat5 dagen geleden
  • Hi! So my name is Jordyn Davis and this might sound funny but I actually know Paul and Bec. My parents have been friends with Paul and Bec for as long as I can remember. My dad is actually from Perth and moved to Canada where we now live. I have four other siblings Jack, Macy, me, Ash, Marlee and my moms name is Mandy Davis. My mom told me about some friends Paul and Bec had that were building a van and my goal after high school is to build a van and travel but I had already found you guys before then. I thought it was super cool that you knew Paul and Bec as well so I went back to your old videos with Paul and Bec. Say hi to Paul and Bec from the Davis family for me. Love your videos!!

    Jordyn DavisJordyn Davis5 dagen geleden
    • @Bec Grinceri Definitely! Hope we can see you guys soon!

      Jordyn DavisJordyn Davis5 dagen geleden
    • Hey Jordy!! 👋🏼 Tell your Mum & Dad you all need to come up to Kitimat and visit us!! We miss you!! ❤️

      Bec GrinceriBec Grinceri5 dagen geleden
  • Just Loving the Valentine colours you have chosen for Cooper; so amazing and will make him pop when you ride him down the road for the first time with Stephen at the helm... Granddaddo xx

    Daddo ValentineDaddo Valentine5 dagen geleden
  • Andy is handy!!!

    Heidi HarrellHeidi Harrell5 dagen geleden
  • Love your videos! Hunter is sooo cute ☺️ how long do you think Hunter will be able to sleep in her bed?

    Samantha DarlandSamantha Darland5 dagen geleden
  • Good idea reconfiguring the safe so that you can out your laptops down in there normally. We have to put our laptop into our safe at an angle, and it's hard not to scratch it on the way in and out.

    Bucket List TravellersBucket List Travellers6 dagen geleden
  • Andy: “hello” Me: “HIIIIIIIIIIIl” 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

    Victoria IvyVictoria Ivy6 dagen geleden
  • Lovely video just wondering if we see a video of your canda friend daughter who visiting doing her lap year thanks

    Meloney BarnettMeloney Barnett6 dagen geleden
  • Love the music you picked!

    Rick MastalkaRick Mastalka6 dagen geleden
  • Andy is THE MAN!!! Just look at how y’all have become “constructiony”!! So excited for you guys!! And, of course, baby Hunter is precious 😍❤️😍❤️ Love y’all from SC USA!!

    lisa tlisa t6 dagen geleden
  • Hey, where was the baby pop up bath from? We're doing similar and converting a van and have a baby on the way. So its great seeing whats worth thinking about, such as lights on separate switches. Thanks and really enjoying the content.

    Richard Le BasRichard Le Bas6 dagen geleden
    • @Flying The Nest thank you very much!! Plus, it's a girl also! Looking forward to our trips as a new family. We're in Melbourne, so if you're journeys take you over this way, feel free to reach out and would be great to meet you all (especially Hunter) 😍

      Richard Le BasRichard Le Bas6 dagen geleden
    • The bath is from stokke! Ahh that’s SO exciting 💙💙

      Flying The NestFlying The Nest6 dagen geleden
  • As a Canadian, hearing them call electricians "sparkies" cracked me up 😂❤️ why is Aussie lingo so much cooler

    xxSugarzxxxxSugarzxx6 dagen geleden
    • @Flying The Nest I definitely hear those with an aussie in the household!

      Jordyn DavisJordyn Davis5 dagen geleden
    • Of course haha! And brickie for bricklayer or tradie for tradesman

      Flying The NestFlying The Nest6 dagen geleden
  • When Andy says 'hullo' ahahah reminds me of mr bean lol I died

    Reuben LennonReuben Lennon6 dagen geleden
  • I love how Andy is teaching and guiding Stephen through the process

    Katrina AugostinKatrina Augostin6 dagen geleden
    • Andy is the best!!!

      Flying The NestFlying The Nest6 dagen geleden
  • How heavy will your van get? You also have a limit of currently registered vehicles with 3.5 tons?

    Franziska BaerFranziska Baer6 dagen geleden
  • Lovely you included some classical music from my home country Austria. :)

    Ulli MoserUlli Moser6 dagen geleden
  • So there’s like Toilet were you pull it out of the drawer and I thought that was pretty cool, just a idea

    Ava WargonAva Wargon6 dagen geleden
  • Not an oversimplification of the electrical system for me. I found that really helpful! Thank you.

    Lori Page HallLori Page Hall6 dagen geleden
  • Make sure when you’re showering outside to use shampoo and soap that won’t harm the environment!

    Leandra GoytizoloLeandra Goytizolo6 dagen geleden
    • Yes 💙💙

      Flying The NestFlying The Nest6 dagen geleden
  • i love the music when the lights go on thats such a good song

    Emily FrumkerEmily Frumker6 dagen geleden
  • A van build video which I actually enjoy! Keep in going guys you rock!

    On Tour With DridgersOn Tour With Dridgers6 dagen geleden
  • Looks so good.. can’t wait to see it finished. Lucky you all no covid cases US are still terrible..

    Kim MurphyKim Murphy6 dagen geleden
  • Do you ever get scared of sharks

    Isla LennockIsla Lennock6 dagen geleden
  • 🇿🇦♥️♥️💝

    Stephanie VegterStephanie Vegter6 dagen geleden
  • The editing on this was a+! I especially loved the music with the lights!

    Chad CloeteChad Cloete6 dagen geleden
  • So satisfying seeing the light sequence!!

    Elaine DElaine D6 dagen geleden
  • I have been checking NLworld fa past 4 days just to see if u uploaded anything 😭😭😭🥺

    ayesha sabaayesha saba6 dagen geleden
  • Okay you don’t want a toilet in your van ..... but what happens when you want the loo in the middle of the night when you are far away from public toilets....or ‘ off grid’.... anyway great build ... best of luck

    Gill KaramaniGill Karamani6 dagen geleden
  • Looks fantastic so far

    gill owensgill owens6 dagen geleden
    • Thank you 💙💙💙

      Flying The NestFlying The Nest6 dagen geleden
  • Baby hunter 😭 too cute ❤

    Anonymous PHAnonymous PH6 dagen geleden
  • That little hunter laying on the beach is soooo adorable!!!! Especially when she looked up at you said what sounded like "no" lol! My mom used to do that bop bop thing on my mouth too when I was a baby lol especially when crying lol The van is coming along so well! Good job guys! Are you going to put a tile back splash by the sink to stop wall damage at all?

    ladymc 2021ladymc 20216 dagen geleden
    • @Flying The Nest Awwww wonderful! Can't wait to see it! This van thing is really coming together and I can see how excited you guys are and that is awesome!!!

      ladymc 2021ladymc 20216 dagen geleden
    • Yes we’ve made the splash back just haven’t installed it yet 💙

      Flying The NestFlying The Nest6 dagen geleden
  • It’s so nice to see it coming together! Seems like you guys are learning SO MUCH about building vans! Must be a cool experience!

    justellejustelle6 dagen geleden
  • Cooper the Van looks absolutely amazing Andy a Great helper 😜 aww Bless Hunter loves makes noises with your hands so cute 🥰 Stay safe

    Gwyneth Glas-BrownGwyneth Glas-Brown6 dagen geleden
  • I’ll put money on you’ll just end up bathing hunter on the kitchen sink 😆

    Soapie SoapSoapie Soap6 dagen geleden
  • Hi güya in turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷❤🤍❤

    Sudenaz YılmazSudenaz Yılmaz6 dagen geleden
  • I love the bathtub for Hunter

    Meghan PhillipsMeghan Phillips6 dagen geleden