Vaccine Game Show - SNL

3 apr. 2021
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A doctor (Daniel Kaluuya) challenges his unvaccinated family members (Kenan Thompson, Chris Redd, Ego Nwodim, Punkie Johnson) to answer some questions correctly on a game show.
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  • They're dirty for this, clowning us. Smh. Why the hell are they targeting us? Go peddle this shit to Arabs, Asians, Hispanics, etc. I will NEVER trust this government.

    C FosterC Foster22 minuten geleden
  • Host: Why don't you trust white people? Cousin: Tuskegee Host: Ok that's a valid reason

    Jamaul DardenJamaul Darden42 minuten geleden
  • A black doctor? Race traitor! Race traitor!

    jadenovajadenovaUur geleden
  • Bro they are me

    Alejandro BarronAlejandro Barron2 uur geleden
  • Covid jeopardy w Fouchi as guest host. Catagies include, " what was I saying?"

    J. GaulkeJ. Gaulke3 uur geleden
  • is this real or fake? do black people really think like this?

    dot jaidot jai3 uur geleden
  • Hey I understand getting a laugh out of a very serious subject matter and this skit is a little funny but everything that they're doing has a real narrative to it f*** that vaccine, and never ever trust a Caucasian especially a capitalist and racist one

    Ismail DavisIsmail Davis4 uur geleden
  • They literally can't pay us to take that shit. We are good!!

    Fiyah Fly oOOoFiyah Fly oOOo4 uur geleden
  • Daniel Kaluuya is so fine Omgoodness😭😭😭

    Alisia JamersonAlisia Jamerson10 uur geleden
  • 1619... Covid-19; Nano-Bots; 5G, and Vaccination-Pass Ports gives me the hee-be gee-bies! I'm waiting for them to attach the Stimulus Payments to taking the "Shot!" Am I ALLOWED to scribe these word in the above order, under the 1st Amendment??

    New InformationNew Information14 uur geleden
  • Naw im good bro... Yo blacks for trump.. All lives matter. MAGA gang gang.

    RestorationistsRestorationists14 uur geleden
  • Antithesis of Halfwits which was done years ago. These contestants are portrayed as very smart

    Pars LoenPars Loen21 uur geleden
  • Normally SNL misses for me when they do sketches with all the black cast in one sketch. Often the writing is very very very very very very racist. However, in this case this was a well done sketch. Very true; overheard, and had these very same conversations with my family.

    Askia E. DrewAskia E. Drew22 uur geleden
  • Am I the only one who wanted to say..... Well if you got the vaccine, you safe at G ma’s party.....? Like make it make since. If the “vaccine” protects you, then you should have been at the cookout. Not fooling me. I am calling bullshit. Anyways. Funny skit.

    Elecia StewartElecia Stewart23 uur geleden
  • Are they making fun of us on the cool

    S CrowS CrowDag geleden
  • and they just halted the J&J untested gene therapy for causing blood clots XD

    YiffoxYiffoxDag geleden
  • I got the sense that most of the audience had no idea what was meant by answer "Tuskegee". Sad.

    Cynthia Rejoyce LindseyCynthia Rejoyce LindseyDag geleden
  • " Whatever that mean " ?

    saturngradsaturngradDag geleden
  • Lmfao

    Ronnesha GreenRonnesha GreenDag geleden
  • imagine being butthurt by this LOL

    Joshua DayJoshua DayDag geleden
  • this is SO racially funny i can stop LMMFAO! like the family said to steve martin in the movie "The Jerk" when he left for the city; Lord loves a working man dont trust whitey see a doctor and get rid of it signed, white guy

    crashoppecrashoppeDag geleden
  • Reminds me of a time when stereotypes were embraced and everybody was made fun of! 😂

    Cr8zystarCr8zystarDag geleden
  • Am I the only one that can tell this was written by writers and why can't these black actors read between the lines 🤔 No pun intended

    wedongo ogawedongo ogaDag geleden

    D ShermD ShermDag geleden
  • Wow! Could they have for portrayed blacks any more ignorant? This is so racist. As if people can’t think for themselves?

    Sammy EllisSammy EllisDag geleden
  • (sarcastic eye roll) Bulling and shaming an entire race into what choices they should make with their own bodies is NOT something the government has been doing for many decades. MOST Black folks are not dumb and are very self aware. I can promise you they do not like being told what to do or how to think when it comes to their personal choices. Same can be said about anyone of any race really. If you want to take the vaccine that is your right just as NOT taking it is your right! NO ONE should be pressured or shamed into doing something that makes them uncomfortable or that they just personally do not want! The reason for saying yes or no does not matter, but I am sick of seeing them continue to mock the Black community.

    AmandaGeminiAmandaGeminiDag geleden
  • If you take the vaccine you'll turn into a Zombie......... or if don't take the vaccine, you'll turn into a Zombie, you can't trust the right, or the left..................

    KJV WarriorKJV WarriorDag geleden
  • Best SNL skit seen in a very long time . . Stopped watching it especially with them being part of the Lefts Propaganda

    gerald ecclestongerald ecclestonDag geleden
  • For the record, people did not GET syphilis in the Tuskegee experiments. They weren't told they already had it, and they weren't given free medical care at the end. It was unethical, but it wasn't what people think it was.

    darwinkilledgoddarwinkilledgodDag geleden
  • "you shouldn't be having parties......dork ass" LMAO!

    Mickey CMickey CDag geleden
  • of course his doctor girlfriend is white! LMAO!!!!

    Mickey CMickey CDag geleden
  • this is so funny I have to watch it again

    Mickey CMickey CDag geleden
  • Every decade snl makes an old style snl true humor skit, something that makes fun of life without regard for the stupid PC concerns..... See u in 10 years, snl back to making skits that are “authorized” by the powers at nbc.....I wonder how long this video will stay up in NLworld before they take it down.

    ognqskiognqskiDag geleden
  • Funniest skit in years!

    F TF TDag geleden
  • Daniel Kaluuya is sooo fine!!!!!!!!!!

    Leo PRIDELeo PRIDEDag geleden
  • WHAT DO YOU THINK? faucci, in 2005 fired Dr, John Fishbein for reports about the DANGERS of HIV vaccines. Fishbeins reports were confirmed true, he lost his job and the MAD SCIENTIST FAUCCI IS still in charge of the NIH, invested HEAVILY in maderna which holds 5 patients (check USPTO) for ALL the active ingredients (which CAN KILL) in ALL the vaccine manufacturers.please, please, please people wake up and stand up. faucci cannot be trusted which in turn means the government and media cannot be trusted. please, please, please people, research for yourself so you know its true and stand up and ACT against this madness, PLEASE.

    crashoppecrashoppeDag geleden
  • Minstrel show for Whitey. They use these African immigrants to laugh at the people who built this country.

    ledzep 369ledzep 369Dag geleden
  • WE understand the science. We’ll pass. 🇺🇸🏀💪🏾

    Dean burneyDean burneyDag geleden
  • Did high school kids write this? ffs

    Design RhythmDesign RhythmDag geleden
  • Why would anyone not want to be injected with an experimental gene therapy / delivery system for a human operating system, made by the same eugenicist profiteers who engineered the plandemic bioweapon? Especially when it doesn’t cure CONJOB19, it doesn’t stop transmission, it supposedly doesn’t eliminate the need for masks and social distancing, and is causing illnesses, injuries, infertility, and death. Make Fauci, Gates, and the other “Great Reset” technocrats happy, and take the slave jab / mark of the beast. The cytokine storm it causes when you get sick will help with their depopulation plans...

    Mark BalandMark Baland2 dagen geleden
  • Lmao!!!

    T ThomasT Thomas2 dagen geleden
  • No Comment.

    agoodgurl2kagoodgurl2k2 dagen geleden
  • I give Black people more credit than SNL.....After reading the comment, maybe I don't... still think TV, and Hollywood is real life. "Sounds like you need the vaccine" No sounds like you need to change your life style, there isn't a vax for everything, and White People don't trust the Government either, sorry SNL.

    TheFixIsIn 2020TheFixIsIn 20202 dagen geleden
  • Why do you need a vaccine for something that’s curable?

    MrKingVultureMrKingVulture2 dagen geleden
  • That’s so us😆

    CesarCesar2 dagen geleden
  • If you know the Powers that be are planning to depopulate humanity by a few billion by 2040 do you really believe they'll waste a pandemic and cure everyone? That means they have to come up with something else....what will that be nuclear war? They've worked very hard to induce this atmosphere to loose it. I don't trust the vaccine I believe it's a tool to supplement the COVID killing machine. COVID can only kill so many people they need something to help COVID clean up.

    COkeefe JonesCOkeefe Jones2 dagen geleden
  • 🤣😂🤣😂 So real!

    The Trucker Brotha, AAFE!The Trucker Brotha, AAFE!2 dagen geleden
  • Another Black Man here and lemme share my opinion: I ain't taking this EXPERIMENTAL emergency authorization drug. I'm gonna wait a minute thanks 👍

    DreamLegendaryDreamLegendary2 dagen geleden
  • U can't TRUST anyone when money & power is involved

  • 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • This surprises me when people voted it.

    Dreaming KLDDreaming KLD2 dagen geleden
  • This was hilarious. yeah...most people aren't taking a vaccine that does not cure/prevent infection. Medical breakthroughs have been remedial for decades now.

    She-is Yahs-WitnessShe-is Yahs-Witness2 dagen geleden
  • He was about 10% of the way towards getting someone to take it and then Sarah came in sent it back to 0%.

    MilkyWhiteMilkyWhite2 dagen geleden
  • 😭😭😭 The accuracy in this though

    atlsong byrdatlsong byrd2 dagen geleden
  • Still not FDA approved, lol

    Joshua ShookJoshua Shook2 dagen geleden
  • but none of these comedians were wearing their masks

    Susan ReynoldsSusan Reynolds2 dagen geleden
  • Any thing to get the Gods to accept the devils vaccine... wow even a comedy skit.

    rpf Prosrpf Pros2 dagen geleden
  • Johnson and Johnson gave people cancer Pfizer had the largest lawsuit in history for fraud bayer gave people AIDS MRNA is not like any other vaccine, it interacts with your DNA there have been no successful animal test with MRNA... Fauci pushed Azt during the so called AIDS epidemic ..AZT turned out to be deadly 8,000,000 people die from smoking each year yet it is not considered a pandemic.. good

    Lamar MyartLamar Myart2 dagen geleden
  • I thought making fun of black stereotypes on network TV ended for good in the 60s. But SNL has decided to lead the way to bring it back to the mainstream. So woke.

    Will JonesWill Jones2 dagen geleden
  • The biggest fraud in america history, how did he sell a million books, or even more, never heard of him. Fraud!

    Liz JonesLiz Jones2 dagen geleden
  • $20,000 racks?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?. - - Na, I’m good. - LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!

    Isaiah GillyardIsaiah Gillyard2 dagen geleden
  • 👍 I'm not taking it either.

    Charity FuzessyCharity Fuzessy2 dagen geleden
  • This is very 🧐 interesting! SNL is mocking an “ethnic group” for not taking the vaccine 💉! This from people people who would refuse to wear ⭐️ on their clothing and, but mocking them for it will get you.....#SHUTitDOWN‼️

    Victor de JungVictor de Jung2 dagen geleden
  • It's funny but at the same time sad.

    Dustin SimpsonDustin Simpson2 dagen geleden
    • @Isaiah Gillyard two parts. First the fact that the skepticism is warranted. Second the fact that in my opinion it feels to me like they are shaming those who do get the vaccine.

      Dustin SimpsonDustin Simpson2 dagen geleden
    • How?

      Isaiah GillyardIsaiah Gillyard2 dagen geleden
  • I'm taking mine between hell no and ahh ahh.

    Mtg MtgMtg Mtg3 dagen geleden
  • Crazy how they are using every means possible to get people to take this vaccine...

    Jonathan GrafJonathan Graf3 dagen geleden
  • Dead on accurate! LMAO!!!

    M MonroeM Monroe3 dagen geleden
  • It's just got Mad cow Disease in it Expert Cardiologist Issues Dire Warning: Experimental Vaccines are Ineffective and Could Cause Mad Cow Disease Dr. Richard Fleming, physicist-nuclear cardiologist, issued a dire warning that experimental covid vaccines are not effective, but could cause Mad Cow disease.

    Harvey Beeker the Grey SquirrelHarvey Beeker the Grey Squirrel3 dagen geleden
    • “I’m not anti-vax,” Fleming told War Room, Tuesday. “I’m just anti-bad medicine.” Fleming says the vaccine companies own data, from Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, all show their vaccines make zero difference in stopping covid. The Emergency Use Authorziation data “shows there is no difference.” “It’s just random chance,” he said. However, the risks are high. “In the animal model, they develop spongiform and Mad Cow disease,” Fleming said. “We also know 2 weeks afterwards they develop…what causes Alzheimer’s and neurological disorders.” Fleming warned the effects could take a year and half to show in humans. Fleming, who in the 1990s discovered inflammation causes cardiovascular disease, said man-made spike proteins in the vaccines also cause inflammation. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was pulled for its link to blood clots in women. The vaccines have “no statistically significant benefit,” Fleming said, but cause “inflammation and blood clotting, Lewy bodies [associated with dementia], Mad Cow disease, and nothing to benefit.” Fleming said the Biden regime should call for immediate reevaluation of “whether there’s any demonstrated efficacy” of the vaccines, “because there’s not.” “Secondly, what are the potential consequences of having already vaccinated a substantial number of individuals in this country?” Fleming said. Fleming also called for a full review of the people who were involved in coronavirus gain of function research. Dr. Anthony Fauci outsourced the National Institutes of Health gain of function research to the Wuhan Institute of Virology using taxpayer dollars.

      Harvey Beeker the Grey SquirrelHarvey Beeker the Grey Squirrel3 dagen geleden
  • Hol' up...the doctor won't go to family gatherings because his family isn't vaccinated?? Isn't he vaccinated?? If so... Make it make sense people!

    Cam4JessCam4Jess3 dagen geleden
  • Watch out Daniel... I hear colon cancer is stalking overrated actors who were in superhero movies.

    StillLogic PoliceStillLogic Police3 dagen geleden
  • SNL loves making fun of black folk when they're not doing what they're told.

    Pamela MartinPamela Martin3 dagen geleden
  • This could've been wayyyy funnier , they weren't trying before so guess same old

    CrankedEDHCrankedEDH3 dagen geleden
  • Are these comments fake? Who actually thought this was funny?

    Cory WestfiCory Westfi3 dagen geleden
    • I did

      Isaiah GillyardIsaiah Gillyard2 dagen geleden

    00 0000 003 dagen geleden
  • Man this is so political it should be call "Sunday Morning Right After Face The Nation Live" SMRAFTNL.

    Max WellMax Well3 dagen geleden
  • Yeah fuck that vaccine.

    Sarice LynnSarice Lynn3 dagen geleden
  • Trump: We got a Vaccine The Left: Boooooo we dont trust it Biden: Take the Vaccine The Right: Booo we don't trust it. Me: If I get Covid and kill people with it....does that make me a Vaccinator?

    RED MercuryRED Mercury3 dagen geleden
  • Lol 😂!!!!

    New Church of Philadelphia With DubsNew Church of Philadelphia With Dubs3 dagen geleden
  • I am a Christian too!!

    New Church of Philadelphia With DubsNew Church of Philadelphia With Dubs3 dagen geleden
  • We need a Maxine Vaccine.

    Oliver CrangleOliver Crangle3 dagen geleden
  • this is really sad-----people may ask why this was put on the air?-cause they are tryin to make these people and those who say no as stupid---also fucked up that they throwin in the message of you cant have BBQ's cause u not vaccinated----r they going to say people cant do ANYTHING without havin vax-that is a fucked up world that we dont want to go to--to be injected with experimental shit and have your life-or not and get tossed out of society(no job,no money-no food shopping-exc exc)--make no mistake-they are tryin to make it where u wont have a choice unless u want to get tossed out

    dumb things you seedumb things you see3 dagen geleden
  • This skit is accurate in so many ways. I'm a Christian who will absolutely not take the vaccine for any reason.

    No NameNo Name3 dagen geleden
    • First of all, being a christian has nothing to do with believing in science. Second of all, Why don't you trust the vaccine?

      NICNIC2 dagen geleden
  • If you black tellin other blacks to get the vaccine you a sellout Obama

    Mark EdwardsMark Edwards3 dagen geleden
  • I mean people as a whole do reject the vaccine, but I think the complaint is that black communities have less access to it, not that they wont take it. Am I missing something?

    Adam.M MAdam.M M3 dagen geleden
    • we aint taking that shit period.

      jeremy mcmillanjeremy mcmillan3 dagen geleden
  • How come you don't visit the family no more? None of you are vaccinated, yet! But he is? So. Does the vaccine work - or not?

    Dan DenverDan Denver3 dagen geleden
    • Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Isaiah GillyardIsaiah Gillyard2 dagen geleden
  • For 20k, I might do it! 🤔

    RayfieldARayfieldA3 dagen geleden
    • Na, I’m good.

      Isaiah GillyardIsaiah Gillyard2 dagen geleden
  • "Tuskegee happened a long time ago" [ended only 1970s]. (Slavery is to blame for much of todays problems) [ended 160 years ago] but the major problems since only began since 1970s "Great Society Act" leading to today's 70% single moms.

    Thot EvokahThot Evokah3 dagen geleden
  • I love Keenan as an older dude 🤣🤣🤣 It just suits him 😋

    Kathryn Di PietroKathryn Di Pietro3 dagen geleden
  • Even after the SNL dry-shaming jokes?" "Naw Im good" they trynna get the population down a few billion by 2040 they aint gonna waste this good pandemic. They need an excuse to put that death time bomb in your veins.

    COkeefe JonesCOkeefe Jones3 dagen geleden
  • I think the audience was kinda uncomfortable with this one

    Iga QIga Q4 dagen geleden
    • Because they took the vaccine

      Isaiah GillyardIsaiah Gillyard2 dagen geleden
  • Tuskegee was nothing when compared to what Dr. Eugene Saenger and the University of Cincinnati did to people who were black from 1960 to 1971. People who were black who went to the hospital for relief from cancer were injected with radioactive plutonium-239 and were studied as they died a miserable horrible death. Didn't Hitler do things like that. I wonder who choose Dr. Sanger the right to play god?

    justanotherguyjustanotherguy4 dagen geleden
  • I don't blame them ,the answer is nope

    Claudia JonesClaudia Jones4 dagen geleden
  • As a white person, I'm glad Tuskegee is getting talked about. I was ignorant for so long. If I'd heard an SNL skit in middle school that kept mentioning Tuskegee, I would have known decades earlier about our ugly history.

    L SL S4 dagen geleden
  • The funniest thing about this show is the fact they are catching heat for this by it’s fan base.

    J GetsCensoredJ GetsCensored4 dagen geleden
    • Funniest thing about this is it’s no different than my Christian GOP side of the family.

      monkeyarms11monkeyarms1120 uur geleden
    • That's why south park is so great

      GiddsGidds23 uur geleden
    • sign of successful comedy

      Occam's Shave CreamOccam's Shave Cream2 dagen geleden
    • it's off limits to make fun of stereotypes when the left doesn't like it.. . they'd dim the sun if they found out it make fun of them.

      6spdkeg6spdkeg2 dagen geleden
  • Covid vaccine=👎🏽

    TotallyAwwwesomeTotallyAwwwesome4 dagen geleden
    • explain why please

      NICNIC3 dagen geleden
  • Why did they skeeeep aneeemal testeengz? Ask yourself dad

    Rafael OrtizRafael Ortiz4 dagen geleden
  • It's funny how much they're stereotyping here without anyone batting an eye.. Smh. Jim Crow is alive and well I see.

    Ragnar MalcolmRagnar Malcolm4 dagen geleden
  • Why would you want to take an experimental vaccine? I'll let the human rats test it out first. Haha

    Ragnar MalcolmRagnar Malcolm4 dagen geleden
  • So snl and all the other ""comedians"" Jimmie kimmel etc etc... can talk about this and joke about it but no one else? NLworld is fucking dead.

    SWEXITSWEXIT4 dagen geleden
  • The sad thing is some people think this is news and not just bad comedy

    SWEXITSWEXIT4 dagen geleden