Upgrading the TERRIBLE cooler on the Dell XPS PC...

7 apr. 2021
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Dell sent over their higher-end CPU cooler for testing, I compare it to the Noctua NH-U9S.
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  • its a little sad to see how far dell has fallen. I have one of those basic bitch dell optiplex gaming build with its stock cooler my i7-4770 its maxes at 73 C

    My_4_brain_cellsMy_4_brain_cells2 uur geleden
  • How is your girlfriend so dumb about PC stuff? That feels like your fault some how...

    Patrick KilduffPatrick Kilduff3 uur geleden
  • "This isnt a gaming PC" Lol I'm in a discord and a bunch of gamers just bought this for gaming (or at least cannibalizing it for a gaming PC)

    RunnersShadeRunnersShade4 uur geleden
  • I dont want to buy the wrong cooler from eBay, can anyone give me a more specific description/search term, please? 🙈 Great and entertaining video!

    Patrick HeylandPatrick Heyland4 uur geleden
  • People,using Single channel ram hurts your performance.

    MichaelMichael11 uur geleden
  • I’m surprised they sent you the cooler They never did that for me, they just gave me back the difference back to me. I ended up buy a Chinese cpu cooler that worked for it.

    gamester1416gamester1416Dag geleden
  • I bought a Dell G5 5000 desktop awhile back , looks very similar to the internals on this one, and same issue with that tiny little stock cooler. I was actually hitting 95-101C when gaming at medium settings. After some research I was recommended the same Noctura NH-U9S shown in this video, and recommended to use M3x16mm screws to mount it (they fit correctly at 16mm, no need to dremel), and it installed perfectly. Now under heavy load I'm only reaching low 70C temperatures (73C specifically is the highest I've seen) which is an incredible difference compared to the ~99C-101C that I had previously seen. Though I should add that I also bought a couple 92mm Noctura case fans and a Y-split as well (both running on same header), replaced the stock exhaust fan in the rear and made room for an intake in the front (ended up just using cable ties in the front). Overall I'm now quite happy with the performance, especially at the price point. I bought the machine at a huge discount and at current parts prices it was actually significantly cheaper than if I had pieced it together part-by-part. That said it does suck that Dell uses so many proprietary parts, and while I don't really plan to upgrade much (instead will likely just buy an entire new system in ~5 years or so) it's concerning to imagine replacement scenarios. Typically over the ~5 year span that I use a system, I end up replacing the PSU at least once, sometimes twice, so hopefully it won't be too difficult to get my hands on a compatible PSU if and when the time comes (have not looked into this at all yet, just a topical concern) In summary I'll say that if you can get one of these Dell systems cheap enough (do your research and compare prices) and are willing to put in an additional ~$50-100 for an aftermarket heatsink/case fans, then it's not a bad way to go if the price is right.

    MortoxMortoxDag geleden
  • "Hello? Yes, I heard there was a loser-nitro-suckface edition of this system, but I don't see it listed anywhere on the site, how can I purchase this system?" "... oh, ...so it's actually a category and all of the systems listed on the page are within that category? ok I understand now, thank you!"

    GloriousEggrollGloriousEggrollDag geleden
  • Well shit, I voided my warranty. Pulled out the 4 mountings pins out of the case. I was impatient to get my noctua u12s mounted, just to find out its too big to get in the side panel :(

    Hakim BelhaouaneHakim BelhaouaneDag geleden
  • And this is also why Alienware systems are so crap now...

    Ken CreppinKen CreppinDag geleden
  • So what was the total final outlay for bringing it up to a reasonable spec.?

    markanne54markanne54Dag geleden
  • Dude, you are using your Dell wrong. You are not suppose to use Dell storage, RAM, Power Supply, GPU, or cooling. Just get that cool case, proprietary motherboard, and over priced CPU to make the ultimate sleeper computer. Trust me, after you replace all the aforementioned parts with premium versions you will have a fast and stable computer, and the best part is anyone that breaks into your place will leave it there. It is practically theft proof. BTW, when you change out the power supply, make sure you get one with a massive 12v rail since everything is exclusively 12v. You can get adapter cables for a standard power supply on eBay.

    John C. ReidJohn C. ReidDag geleden
  • They use the proprietary hardware and weld things in place for a simple reason - they don't want end users to maintain and upgrade their systems. They want the end user to buy a new system in two or three years when this one is no longer functioning well with more demanding applications. They want to be Apple, where people upgrade by buying whole new systems, but because PCs are made using modular parts, they do this by using proprietary parts and build techniques that make user upgrading more difficult. In other words, planned obsolescence. Also, Dell is a mass market business PC maker. Their "gaming pc's" (including Alienware) are just business machines with a "gamer" label slapped on and slightly more customization.

    G. MitchellG. MitchellDag geleden
  • Wait …. Once you cut the screws how do you use them to install the cooler I’ve been having this issue on an older xps 8700 for so long :( I got the screws that fit but can’t figure out how to use them. I only have a cooler master hyper 212 evo though. I’ve looked online and found a couple forums but still can’t figure it out and there’s not too much info on this on the internet unfortunately

    Jake SpievakJake Spievak2 dagen geleden
  • Would you recommend the Dell XPS, I was going to get the i5-10600k and the 3060ti?

    TechifyTechify2 dagen geleden
  • are u trying to say you couldn't found a shorter version of that screw at your local hardware store

    Tom CTom C2 dagen geleden
  • ...and again I'll build myself my next PC.

    Roberto VentiliiRoberto Ventilii2 dagen geleden
  • Why am i watching this. My 3600 stays under 80 celcius with the stock amd cooler. Cuz its interesting thats why.

    CGEIKON_FNCGEIKON_FN2 dagen geleden
  • Ha Ha! "Loser Nitro Suckface Edition"

    Johnny621Johnny6212 dagen geleden
  • Nobody really can circumvent the duration limitation for PL2 (boost duration). What other motherboard manufacturers do is just set the duration to infinity. This comes with additional challenges such as power delivery and its cooling, and the amount of performance you get (boosting is considered overclocking with no clock speeds being guaranteed). Dell, and the other big OEMs, stick to Intel guidelines which is fine. Until the CPUs became house fire generators and PL2 went from PL1 (base tdp) times 1.25 to PL2 being 200 watt plus. The only way to get the maximum performance is build it yourself or work with an system integrator that knows how parts behave and configures something that gets you the performance you want. This is going to cost significantly more than a prebuilt by an OEM though, but you can decide whether it worth the premium. Otherwise do what Dawid did, do some small upgrades to squeeze out some more performance.

    SteviesteefSteviesteef2 dagen geleden
  • i just priced up my pc i built on dells website. Ive got an rx6800xt, ryzen 5600x, 1tb m.2 + 1tb ssd, 2x 16gb 3600 ram. i shopped smart and managed to get all that in a case with MB, decent aircooler, some rgb case fans and a decent power supply for just under £1000. the lowest possible equivalent on their website is £1799, and that even skimps out ram (which is dells own crappy 16gb at 2933)... Why oh why would anyone buy their crap? I mean other than product availability like graphics cards etc, your just being ripped off...

    patrickww99patrickww992 dagen geleden
  • At this point I don't think Dell will ever change. They only react to high profile callouts on NLworld, but then only fix that person's problem while ignoring the general public. Really the PC community needs to reach out to Nvidia and AMD and push them to sell their products to companies that make more reliable PC's that listen to the their customers.

    RicecookaRicecooka2 dagen geleden
  • Hey

    Frosty 95Frosty 952 dagen geleden
  • The CPU throttled itself into Oblivion? That's a good game...

    Shannon RhoadsShannon Rhoads3 dagen geleden
  • oh you been down the rabbit hole too with dell. Lmfao.

    charles hallcharles hall3 dagen geleden
  • Try water cooling

    standing like a castlestanding like a castle3 dagen geleden
  • There is exactly ONE scenario where single channel RAM makes sense. And that is that you are on an absolute shoestring budget and need to cut every corner to make a PC happen. So you keep the second stick suspended as sort of an upgrade option. The problem is that right now, if you are on an extra tight budget you are simple screwed. RAM or not.

    CatrionaCatriona3 dagen geleden
  • i clicked the like button at the "dual channel" talk...2:18

  • Dawid, thanks for sharing your experience with Dell concerning what appeared to be an incorrect RAM card. My six year old Dell XPS8700 died about a month ago. Tried troubleshooting the easy fixes but none helped. Looked around for a PC with specs I wanted with quick ship. Settled on an XPS8940 i7 with 16GB RAM (2933MHz) and other upgrades. System shipped in 4 days but took FedEx 5 days to delivery. PC started up with no problems and I spent the next two weeks loading software and recovering data. Noticed Dell had a sale on RAM so I ordered another 16GB RAM this time 3200MHz because it was $10 less than the 2933MHz. Installed the new RAM and used Crucial's scan to make sure RAM was working. The scan indicated two RAM cards were installed. One 3200MHz (the new one) and one 2666MHz (the one shipped in the PC). Where did the 2666MHz come from? Dell shipped the wrong RAM. So that began the nightmare trying to get the RAM I paid for and the RAM that is shown on all the paperwork. Much as you reported I was bounced from Tech Support to Customer / Order support back to Tech Support and still do not have the issue resolved. Customer support said I could return the computer and they would ship a new one. Sure, I had spent about three weeks recovering from the XPS8700 that died. Was not going to return the XPS8940. Then Customer Support offered a $50 coupon so I could buy what was then $180 2933MHz RAM. After another week I chatted with Customer Support and they said I should get in touch with Tech Support which is similar to the handing off I saw when I first contacted Dell to resolve this issue. Bottom line is do not trust Dell. They apparently have little quality control and trying to resolve an issue is impossible. I would return the XPS8940 but after spending a month recovering from the failed XPS8700, I will keep the XPS8940 and will purchase another 16GB RAM 2933MHz from another company and when I next need a PC it will not be a Dell. Anyone considering purchasing from Dell, be prepared to get the runaround from them if you have a problem. Suggest you consider other manufacturers.

    Joe AmosJoe Amos3 dagen geleden
  • this is some good content - the dell saga earned you a sub from me.

    gamebuster800gamebuster8003 dagen geleden
  • Nice video, considering to buy a xps!

    memememememe3 dagen geleden
  • 42 dislikes really? You presented your evidence fairly, and explained that you were using a like-memory configuration (ordering issue). Following that declaration, you presented new results with that memory in static configuration 1080p. Minor room temperature fluctuations do not affect results much, since first two coolers would have reached thermal limit anyway under such load.

    Phil CPhil C3 dagen geleden
  • Now im curious, how do you find coolers that work with dell proprietary mounting and fan connectors? We have 2 Dell Optiplex 9020 towers in our computer class and i noticed the pins in the fan headers are slightly more spaced apart than normal fan headers.

    Jacob AllenJacob Allen3 dagen geleden
  • 11:18 could you not just get the m3x20mm screws instead?

    James YueJames Yue4 dagen geleden
  • My Ryzen 2600 sits at about 40-50 degrees under load with the stock AMD cooler. Why do companies still make bad stock cooling for any of their chips, even lower end ones?

    Barret PrivateerBarret Privateer4 dagen geleden
  • Great video. Here's my twist. When you have a DELL and don't want to void the warranty, don't ever open the case. Just let the thing burst in flames, put out the fire, and call DELL and have them ship you a new one. For this reason, I bought a five-year warranty.

    OutletOutlet4 dagen geleden
  • So they messed up again sent laptop memory no accident

    Dan CookDan Cook4 dagen geleden
  • People who says Dual Chanel makes no difference are the same people who claim the human eye is limited to 60fps.

    Richard WinstanleyRichard Winstanley4 dagen geleden
  • This guy is great at bitching about the work computer engineers and designers have done. Maybe he should set up his own computer company and clean up the market. Or maybe that just sounds like hard work...

    Deeptank TankDeeptank Tank4 dagen geleden
  • _Conclusion_ : Don't buy pre-builts from dodgy * insert crappy company name here *. *Simples.*

    ShaneyPo0ShaneyPo04 dagen geleden
  • i think you might have more videos then linus lol been watching your videos for a over a day just had a painful surgery trying to keep my mind off the pain thanks man your content is helping a lot

    Steven CharetteSteven Charette4 dagen geleden
  • *CPU hitting 150c* DELLq: no crash, no problem 4Head

    AbsurdDiveAbsurdDive5 dagen geleden
  • if it catches fire go into automatic power off and if the user is on Windows and on the Internet go into hibernation and go to sleep if there is more than one hard disk. 🤣

    James HadawayJames Hadaway5 dagen geleden
  • Thanks for the comparison, exactly what I need to know the difference between the Dell and Noctua heatsinks.

    zheng zhangzheng zhang5 dagen geleden
  • Great series of videos - i was never one to buy pre-builts, and I had always heard bad things about Dell support (LTT). I wasnt planning on buying dell, but ill def be telling people I know not to buy their xps desktops.

    HelnKellrFresh2DeafHelnKellrFresh2Deaf5 dagen geleden
  • I just cancelled precision desktop and got a 3900XT, NHD15, Asus ws Pro X570ACE, 32Gb ram , 1TB NVME SSD etc.. oh god.. the 79 is the max .. when prime98 for hours ..with ambient temperature 28.

    OpenSpeedTestOpenSpeedTest5 dagen geleden
  • I would just say buy shorter screws! This is the noctua cooler I have put on both my Son's and Daughters XPS. PS If Dell are reading this...It is NOT acceptable to put crappy coolers on quiet high-end systems. We didn't change ours for the cooling but the noise! The default stock ones are SOOOOOOO loud! Dell you must get constant hassle for these crappy coolers!

    Matthew BarrettMatthew Barrett5 dagen geleden
  • Put a heat sink on vrms,take old fan mount on front, use a y splitter join the 2 case fans.Works perfect.

    james wubboltjames wubbolt5 dagen geleden
  • Seriously companies are cheaping out on coolers, I purchased a budget/student/home laptop 7months ago, it also has poor cooling system.

    Swapnil BaraskarSwapnil Baraskar5 dagen geleden

    David MatthewmanDavid Matthewman5 dagen geleden
  • What's that accent he has ? :o

    Sarah L.Sarah L.5 dagen geleden
  • 4:50 Now what fruit-based computer brand does that remind me of?

    Tom PikeTom Pike5 dagen geleden
  • Remember when a Dell was one of the best systems you could get?

    escapenguinescapenguin5 dagen geleden
  • Why don’t you buy a cooler that has back mount Then you just treat the back mount pre-installed That’s how I did it, as a first time DIYer

    chaovochaovo5 dagen geleden
  • the amount of money spent on these systems for Dell to just cheap out on cooling is wack

    KidTiggah 47KidTiggah 475 dagen geleden
  • i actually bought this model and cancelled the order given that the cooler was so bad and they installed the wrong memory, since I also asked for dual channel 16gb. But what scared me off the most was how everyone complains online sooo much about their customer support compared to other companies... I didn't have to have to deal with that. Hopefully I made the right choice

    skate2spellgirlskate2spellgirl6 dagen geleden
  • 5:02 why does it show 100+ fps but the footage is so choppy?

    MrBrainFucker1079MrBrainFucker10796 dagen geleden
  • Yeah, they would not sell shorter screws. LoL

    Vito MuleVito Mule6 dagen geleden
  • did you return this crap after these videos..

    CLI SignCLI Sign6 dagen geleden
  • Googled Dell XPS and found this video ... glad I did.

    JanJan6 dagen geleden
  • dell putting a cooler meant for an i3 on an i7. says you need to the even more expensive computer to get the correct cooler.

    420jahlion420jahlion6 dagen geleden
  • OK, so you’re comparing apples to oranges. I’ve seen your previous video on this and you still haven’t mentioned that the Dell single stick is 2Rx8 registered udimm. The two sticks you’re comparing it to are NOT registered. Registered memory is always slower by design and usually found in workstations and servers where reliability is more important. Also, unless you are using the bigger Dell heatsink, putting in the Noctua cooler WILL void your warranty. Actually, every Dell product has a service tag on it which is tied to your shipped configuration such that if you send it back for warranty work you will be royally hassled if they open it up and see it’s now different. I wouldn’t buy anything from Dell for my personal use [business only]. Look how bad they’ve treated Alienware. It’s not much more than a logo now IMO.

    Joseph OlsenJoseph Olsen6 dagen geleden
  • 0:33 - So they advertise a COOLER that's adequate and expected, and then give a worse one forcing the CPU to thermal throttle.... and day you only get the better one... if you choose a "k" variant (unlocked for overclocking). DUDE. It's like $20 of material. Are they THAT stingy in merely providing a COOLER.... What the FUCK. You can buy a RETAIL cooler (that has markup) for like $30 shipped online that's comparable.... And they can't provide a reasonable one in a $1500 product?

    1337GameDev1337GameDev6 dagen geleden
  • Conclusion: Everyone, including AIBs, should just use Noctuas.

    Thai WinThai Win6 dagen geleden
  • Lol my 4800H in my laptop performs better in Cinebench R20.

    Brian MulrooneyBrian Mulrooney6 dagen geleden
  • I have an I 3 2120 dell with that same cooler.....

    Mememan7Mememan76 dagen geleden
  • If possible make a Premium Luxury Super Premium Ultra Dell Cooler vs S**k Face Dell Cooler vs Intel Stock Cooler

    Tarikul IslamTarikul Islam6 dagen geleden
  • The ordering "mistake" of the Dell ram made by Anna also happened to me. I definitely ordered (Dell) ram for a desktop and NOT a laptop, and they sent me ram for a laptop. I managed to send the laptop ram back and they sent me the appropriate desktop ram. However, it took several phone calls to Dell (in India I presume), whereby I had to cancel the first order and reorder the desktop ram. It took about a month to achieve a result and receive the desktop ram.

    White KnightWhite Knight6 dagen geleden
  • Third option, buy the noctua cooler and the right sized screws.

    dum boydum boy6 dagen geleden
  • 4:45 YES!! YES!!! Thank you Dawid! It tells why why a friggen core i9 8850 can be a BOTTLENECK running 4K GAMING. And why, after numerous calls with Dell tech support they finally sort of admitted that the cooling design is to blame and they can’t fix it. CPUs and GPUs these days have numerous safeguards in place to prevent them from killing themselves, which is why you could cool it with a friggin banana glued onto it and it probably wouldn’t crash. It doesn’t mean the cooling is sufficient if it doesn’t crash!!

    MadeInFinlandMadeInFinland6 dagen geleden
  • pushing 225W of power through this VRM sounds like a fire hazard to me... also the 500W power delivery with 18A lines you showed in the first vid is probably struggling under full load. does this thing have case fans? If not I think the stock cooler is a savety feature to limit power draw and therefore prevent the computer from disintegrating....

    Bronco JonesBronco Jones6 dagen geleden
  • Dell stick kind of sucks, thanks

    image.mkvimage.mkv7 dagen geleden
  • I hope Dell knows that I have never watched this youtuber before and watched his series of Dell issue videos because I was curious how his experience was. I wonder how many other potential customers are no longer interested in Dell because of this.

    josh pattersonjosh patterson7 dagen geleden
  • Dell.com yes graphic cards are good but your cooling is melting the pc itself aka ruining the pc

    Satama GftyfSatama Gftyf7 dagen geleden
  • You healed this computer.

    Bryan LBryan L7 dagen geleden
  • lol "acer nitro suckface edition"

    james simmonsjames simmons7 dagen geleden
  • Excellent video Dawid!

    J.W. GraysonJ.W. Grayson7 dagen geleden
  • VRM may need a down blast cooler, cant see any heat sinks on any of the power stuff.

    liaminwalesliaminwales7 dagen geleden
  • Especially for AMD systems, DUAL MEANS a lot !!!! Dawid is 200% wright.

    ShamejaisShamejais7 dagen geleden
  • While Dell is like: "We _loaned_ you a cooler. Why aren't you on your knees praising us?!?"

    DJ DopplerDJ Doppler7 dagen geleden
  • Main take away from this video, "Dude, I'm not getting a Dell"

    Dart MasterDart Master7 dagen geleden
  • If you’re getting a “deal” on the hw with the current prices why not just rip the components to another system/mobo to make all the headaches go away? Does the hw that comes in dell machines sw/hw locked to the OEM board?

    TriptisimTriptisim7 dagen geleden
    • The only thing worth pulling out of the system is the GPU and CPU, so at that point you paid 1500 for those 2 pieces of hardware, no longer a good deal. It is a "deal" BECAUSE it is a full system with that hardware included.

      Cassidy CantrellCassidy Cantrell4 dagen geleden
  • this man really hates this pc

    ServilServil7 dagen geleden
  • your videos always make me laugh keep up the good work man

    Safe DaveSafe Dave7 dagen geleden
  • Try LinPack it is really heavy, it will make cinebench look cool

    Tanishq bhaijiTanishq bhaiji7 dagen geleden
  • This video is not boring AT ALL. Thanks for the testing.

    Wilson ChanWilson Chan7 dagen geleden
  • I have an old Dell Xps, it doesn't even have a fan on the cpu cooler. But hey, it worked fine .

    BAF 1969BAF 19698 dagen geleden
  • I installed a Corsair liquid cooler into min and it ran fine since then

    Jazz AdJazz Ad8 dagen geleden
    • Didn't know there's space for that. Where do you place it and could you tell me what type Corsair it is ? I'm awaiting the newest i9-11900K version witch run even hotter.

      perothingperothing5 dagen geleden
  • I would say the morale of the story is NEVER buy a Dell.

    Bruce MortonBruce Morton8 dagen geleden
  • At long last, the saga has reached it's conclusion.

    DatachuDatachu8 dagen geleden
  • Wow what timing. I had my finger on the trigger for a Dell XPS, 3060-Ti before I saw this. Obviously building a PC is currently prohibitive with the worldwide shortage of GPUs, so pre-built it is. The PC I am looking at is "on sale" and with the upgrades and warranty I am looking at $2400 CAD: Added 1 TB SSD + 2TB HDD, 3 year warranty. Has 2x16GB memory and i7-10700 CPU (stock), so my question is: Since if I buy as is, they will most likely ship me with the garbage stock cooler, should I fork out the extra $100 for the next step up CPU (will it then come with the "premium" cooler?) Any advice is appreciated, thanks friends!

    MarcelMarcel8 dagen geleden
  • I been subbed since 30k

    Tinted IceTinted Ice8 dagen geleden
  • Another choice, don't buy a Dell...

    thebes1thebes18 dagen geleden
  • I have that better Dell cooler in my G5 5090, I've had the damned thing for over a year and just realized today that it was installed 90° off! The fan was facing the top of the case and not towards the back! I fixed it, but I definitely went on a rant on Facebook and Twitter, also facepalming myself for not catching it sooner. No wonder my temps in Conan Exiles were at 90°C! Now not even topping 60°C! GPU is still running at about 70°C Edit: yes I got my 16GB in dual channel!

    starrieeyes84starrieeyes848 dagen geleden
  • No private person with a brain, buy a Dell system in the first place ^^

    OGT GamingOGT Gaming8 dagen geleden
  • i've seen so many vid criticizing DELL's customer services/relation stupidity year after year, and they don't seem to change. i feel like why bother anymore.

    Ario WibisonoArio Wibisono8 dagen geleden
  • ah my msi codex s got a sucky cooler to but on the other hand its just 9.5cm wide and the side of the case is 40% open just above the cpu cooler max temps get to 75-77 degrees celcius so i guess thats ok for now :p

    voidlingvoidling8 dagen geleden
  • But if they improved the temperatures, the PC would last longer. Do you really think they want their products to last longer so you don't need to buy a new system in 1-2 years?

    MarcoPolo94MarcoPolo948 dagen geleden
  • Good video.

    No Name TitoNo Name Tito8 dagen geleden
  • Its unfortunate to see but Dell is not the only company that uses those super lame CPU coolers on their pre-builds. I have a Omen 25L (made by HP incase anyone didnt know lol) that came with a cooler that looked *exactly* like that one from Dell. Thankfully they did not have a weird proprietary attachment solution like the Dell.

    Stone CyferStone Cyfer8 dagen geleden