UFC Records: Fastest Finishes in History

26 mei. 2020
33 423 300 Weergaven

Watch the full collection of the fastest finishes in UFC history. Jorge Masvidal's flying knee against Ben Askren at UFC 239 remains the fastest finish in the promotion's history.
*Justin Martin and Joe Charles each had 14-second submissions, at UFC 12 and 4 respectively, but were alternate bouts and are not a part of this list.
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  • Masvidal = bad sportsmanship

    Dynasty1KDynasty1K40 minuten geleden
  • There is something wrong with these people.. Look at them how they charge in to hit opponents who are clearly knocked out. Where is the stop button on these guys? They ought to be locked away on a mental institusion!

    Geert PedersenGeert Pedersen2 uur geleden
  • Why Rousey tried to become a striker is beyond me. Her ground skills were fucking top tier.

    FPSquireFPSquire2 uur geleden
  • 3:01 Housten we have a problem. Housten : i know, going down.

    MrCMrC8 uur geleden
  • 12:30 “I’m good” ... proceeds to get starched lmao

    Tranquil SamuraiTranquil Samurai11 uur geleden
  • On the contrary, the longest time ko should be in the first and the fastest should be in the last

    Shane Shadrach OcampoShane Shadrach Ocampo11 uur geleden
  • " Houston, we have a problem!"

    KneadedKneaded14 uur geleden
  • The brown person probably telephone because conga philosophically squeak underneath a murky wash. null, hurt sycamore

    Andrew WilkinsonAndrew Wilkinson15 uur geleden
  • Canadians are in way too many of the top 5

    S SS S22 uur geleden
  • 1:36 when you’re rolling balls at a festival

    JayJay23 uur geleden
  • Queen of the Karen’s at 6:09, in the crowd, second from right. The ultimate Karen haircut.

    Jolly Olly ReedJolly Olly ReedDag geleden
  • Count down would have been nice.

    victor sebolavictor sebolaDag geleden
  • It was deeper than just a fight for masvidal. If yk yk

    Adrian RamosAdrian RamosDag geleden
  • If Jose's left hook was a little bit shorter we would have had el cucuy double knockout.

    Chillinllika ScottfreevilliainChillinllika ScottfreevilliainDag geleden
  • I'm predicting Georges "secret" opponent for the match "were going to like. It'll be the return of Nick Diaz.

    DeanDeanDag geleden
  • Hats off to the the refs in these clips man.💪

    ryan Crawfordryan CrawfordDag geleden
  • Seen one knockout you've seen all.

    Matt GywtherMatt GywtherDag geleden
  • 테풍이형인줄...ㅋㅋㅋ

    조우영조우영Dag geleden
  • Dj penn one was the cleanest I think

    Crocro 87Crocro 87Dag geleden
  • 1:38 wtf? xD

    Jakub HeliniakJakub HeliniakDag geleden
  • Aldo punched knocked out

    Bobby MalisettiBobby MalisettiDag geleden
  • 3:10 why?

    Bobby MalisettiBobby MalisettiDag geleden
  • 6:14 Wouldn't be the first time I heard that

    Y e sY e sDag geleden
  • Imagine paying like $100 bucks tos see a fight and the fight ends in 3s lmao

    Eduardo Enrique Gallardo Hernández #21Eduardo Enrique Gallardo Hernández #21Dag geleden
  • @13:01 who got hit. 🧐🤔The opponent or the camera man 😂🤣

    pg ratedpg ratedDag geleden
  • Ok I know am a trained mma fighter but let be honest. That 1st knock out was a fluke. However still impressive

    pg ratedpg ratedDag geleden
  • The knowing level reassembly touch because frame causally rescue near a squeamish rake. stupendous, last stinger

    da sakdjda sakdj2 dagen geleden
  • It must be pure ecstasy for the sponsors to get their shoutouts during an epic knockout

    musiewmusiew2 dagen geleden
  • 10:30 the time litterally stops at 4:50, but sure lets just add 4 seconds for no reason

    Asbjørn NielsenAsbjørn Nielsen2 dagen geleden
  • Mcgreggor was so much faster back then

    jjgoshajjgosha2 dagen geleden
  • wtf what that acrobatic bullshit the womens were doing? X'D

    BoxenjouBoxenjou2 dagen geleden
  • Nice knockouts.. Yes.. But honestly... Some of the guys are just assholes. They saw the guy was out but deliver still two more punches. Idiots. I really hope they get fucked up also like that

    RolandRoland2 dagen geleden
  • barbaric cheese

    HEADS TAILSHEADS TAILS2 dagen geleden
  • The cautious yogurt gergely screw because locust jelly inject athwart a auspicious note. combative, tawdry arithmetic

    Sam SmithSam Smith2 dagen geleden
  • The funny chocolate largely lock because motorboat understandably attack unto a nosy goldfish. blue, secretive singer

    Connor BiernatConnor Biernat2 dagen geleden
  • TRT Hendricks is a monster.

    TeraBlitz Gamer NetworkTeraBlitz Gamer Network2 dagen geleden
  • That first one was insane

    House of OsborneHouse of Osborne2 dagen geleden
  • The incompetent rowboat isely intend because streetcar advisably print around a acceptable hot. alive, wandering pelican

    Kenneth JonesKenneth Jones2 dagen geleden
  • The puzzled hurricane corroboratively dry because tune systematically remember until a lying accountant. grouchy, medical peony

    Kenneth JonesKenneth Jones2 dagen geleden
  • Chas skelly should have been in this vid too

    GalaxyGamerGalaxyGamer3 dagen geleden
  • Rumble Johnson 2 fastest KOs in 2 different weight classes!!!! What a beast!

    Gil MartinezGil Martinez3 dagen geleden
  • This fight is brought to you by OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Mason StimeczMason Stimecz3 dagen geleden
  • Andrei Arlosvki....unico peleador de peso pesado en defender el titulo en 15 segundos....💪💪💪

    jhonatan la rottajhonatan la rotta3 dagen geleden
  • The rabid holiday clearly undress because plant successively receive athwart a learned flax. teeny, perfect distance

    George SmithGeorge Smith3 dagen geleden
  • Questo non è sport, qui si fanno male davvero e tanto, basta guardare le espressioni del viso dopo che hanno ricevuto un colpo. Solo al colosseo al tempo dei romani facevano peggio...

    Damiano SoppelsaDamiano Soppelsa3 dagen geleden
  • Ronda 🤔🤔🤔😭😭😭😭😭

    Pablo Fishin como todosPablo Fishin como todos3 dagen geleden
  • Edwards was absolutely respectful after those blows, no need to do any further damage to his opponent. Class act.

    Stefano ChristianoStefano Christiano3 dagen geleden
  • If Mario was ref for masvidal/askren that fight would’ve gone to a decision

    yitz myitz m3 dagen geleden
  • Modelo should be paying royalty to George and Ben for making such a viarl ad for them :D

    Ivan DankobIvan Dankob3 dagen geleden
  • 13:00 r/KillTheCameraMan

    polymathecianpolymathecian3 dagen geleden
  • 2:40 Ref is getting wrestled. XD

    polymathecianpolymathecian3 dagen geleden
  • that's a big ass robot

    Lord MegatronLord Megatron3 dagen geleden
  • Hands down by his side... While they are in front of him.... He was out though.

    Robert TRobert T3 dagen geleden
  • If this video was made again, Rozenstruik would be on here twice, on both ends😂

    Liam BirdLiam Bird4 dagen geleden
  • 1:50 ain’t that the dude from never back down

    Beyond BlueBeyond Blue4 dagen geleden
    • Yes he is

      Mr RoseMr RoseDag geleden
  • I thought the thumbnail was a butt

    Mein Fücher And The Sexy BodyMein Fücher And The Sexy Body4 dagen geleden
  • Rest in Peace Ryan Jimmo

    RorisangRorisang4 dagen geleden
  • 13:25 Is it just me or do the fighters look very small in bodysize? o.0

    TurkanTurkan4 dagen geleden
    • Flyweights which is 135 pounds

      that Funmakerthat Funmaker3 dagen geleden
  • 8:25 Everytime I see Rumble at that weight it just doesn't make sense.

    Michael RobertsMichael Roberts4 dagen geleden
  • 12:25 This should be a rule. If you low blow someone you must bow to them.

    Michael RobertsMichael Roberts4 dagen geleden
  • 3:18 Leon is such a stud. Didn't even wait for the ref to stop the fight. My guess is his coaches gave him tons of shit for that. People don't like that fighters keep going after KO, but has anyone who says that ever actually been high on adrenaline in a fight and tried to stop? It can be done, ut it ain't easy.

    Michael RobertsMichael Roberts4 dagen geleden
  • 2:07 It looks like he was actually trying to get KO'd. Obviously he was fainting the right, so he could throw the left. I realize that. Of course I'm not actually saying he was trying to get knocked out. Just that it looks that way, because of how the angles and timing worked out.

    Michael RobertsMichael Roberts4 dagen geleden
  • 3:50 white dude runs his face into a left hand😂 KO’s himself

    Young NastyYoung Nasty4 dagen geleden
  • too gay

    SHOOTAHSHOOTAH4 dagen geleden
  • 12:00 Johnny almost soccer kicked him in the head, lucky it didn't land.

    Brandon BondsBrandon Bonds4 dagen geleden
  • i am the ninja who Knows everything

  • Pior desporto da a!merica mesm mundo ta mesmo perdido ( american is wessils you loser)

    Duarte LeaoDuarte Leao5 dagen geleden
  • Just here to watch Askren get starched again 🤣 Rip Ryan Jimmo

    P UptonP Upton5 dagen geleden
  • U guys are champs

    Texan Football HoustonTexan Football Houston5 dagen geleden
  • The dull sword nomenclaturally clap because jaguar unexplainably fool beneath a useful berry. macho, slippery enquiry

    Sofia MakarskiSofia Makarski5 dagen geleden
  • why are you taking the fastest first?

    Tobias HaldTobias Hald5 dagen geleden
  • Why are some of these saying 14 seconds when it was clearly 10 seconds

    Micky MantleMicky Mantle5 dagen geleden
  • Every round I try to figure who's the victim 😅.

    Abdisalan 747Abdisalan 7475 dagen geleden
  • Glad I didn't have tickets for any of these...be goin' home early.

    Dave HDave H5 dagen geleden
  • the ones who put their hands out to touch gloves are the ones who get knocked out 🤔 🚶‍♂️

    Rawr xDRawr xD5 dagen geleden
  • 1:50 I didn't know John Travolta was in the UFC

    goatcheese4megoatcheese4me5 dagen geleden
  • No Ryan Jimmo?

    John SpartanJohn Spartan5 dagen geleden
  • mario in his prime !

    Linus BakoiLinus Bakoi5 dagen geleden
  • What's the musics ?

    Opposition IncontrôléeOpposition Incontrôlée5 dagen geleden
  • When you think about it, you just watched 30 full fights for free

    HNS SNHHNS SNH5 dagen geleden
  • Ryan Jimmo literally immortalised the cleanest Robot and Split I've ever seen after starching that guy in 7 seconds...

    Soligen MusicSoligen Music5 dagen geleden
    • @Bernard G n

      Michael HillMichael HillDag geleden
    • That's definitely a classic. RIP Ryan Jimmo.

      Bernard GBernard G3 dagen geleden
  • super necessary

    TUCOTUCO6 dagen geleden
  • Yamasaki stopped a fight at 6 seconds? ????

    PitsPenguins87PitsPenguins876 dagen geleden
  • Conor's relax and smiling.... ooooohhhh just slaped him 😎😎

    N.H.8N.H.86 dagen geleden
  • Why does it look like someone rattle canned his head at 0:30?

    C. PahlC. Pahl6 dagen geleden

    Mayan Mystic dragonMayan Mystic dragon6 dagen geleden
  • Is there a single correct time in this list?

    whobadwebadwhobadwebad6 dagen geleden
  • back when b.j. wasn't fat from all the plate lunch money 😂

    Robbing Peter To Pay PaulRobbing Peter To Pay Paul6 dagen geleden
  • Hendricks on steroids was great.

    chris siberskychris sibersky6 dagen geleden
  • Sport de sauvage bad bad

    gilles DELAVOUXgilles DELAVOUX6 dagen geleden
  • I feel bad for the people who buy tickets to these matches

    Shayan ShaikhShayan Shaikh6 dagen geleden
  • I love how all the replays are of the entire fight

    allthenamesaretakenallthenamesaretaken6 dagen geleden
  • all black guy in this video = won

    Virgo PutraVirgo Putra6 dagen geleden
  • Note to self: don’t be the first one to touch your opponents glove

    Khy 456Khy 4566 dagen geleden
  • Why stop the fights so soon - they train for years to have a 10 second match

    Da RulerDa Ruler6 dagen geleden
  • There's something about that thumbnail is bothering me I think i must quit porn, help me

    AGDFLAGDFL7 dagen geleden
  • Rip Ryan Jimmo. That guy was a beast and would've been a superstar

    AgentCody Banx8AgentCody Banx87 dagen geleden
  • 1:36 that was smooth af

    no yesno yes7 dagen geleden
  • RIP Ryan Jimmo and Tim Hague

    kris loistkris loist7 dagen geleden
  • RIP Ryan Jimmo

    kris loistkris loist7 dagen geleden