UFC Fighters slam Jake Paul 's actions

22 apr. 2021
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UFC Fighters gives thoughts on what they think of Jake Paul and his KO win over Ben Askren at Triller Fight Club Boxing event
Uriah Hall, Anthony Smith and Chris Weidman.
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  • It's like mcdonalds, it's financially successful but it's bad for humanity

    MateoMateo2 uur geleden
  • Jake Paul won you turds.

    HH3 uur geleden
    • Askren was paid to lose 😂

      Wesley TilghmanWesley Tilghman2 uur geleden
  • Zoomers don't watch sports, they watch streamers. This is an example.

    RoyalMetalKnightsRoyalMetalKnights3 uur geleden
  • Ion like jake Paul but don’t act like he hasn’t called out Connor mcgregor so I can’t say he hasn’t tried to fight a real fighter

    Diego RamirezDiego Ramirez4 uur geleden
  • Pro fighters like these definitely deserve more respect than what jake Paul was throwing at them. They basically fight for life that’s why they’re so successful. Jake Paul just comes in all privileged and disrespectful and I agree with what they were saying on how he doesn’t deserve to even be in the same ring as those fighters.

    Cody StevensCody Stevens4 uur geleden
  • I used to think "well, these guys may be tougher and stronger than me, but I am way smarter." Now I realize that I am way weaker and way dumber than them. Shit. At least I'm smarter and stronger than Jake Paul

    J.EpsteinJ.Epstein4 uur geleden
  • If he wants to fight UFC fighters, then he should get into Octagon.

    Legend 7Legend 75 uur geleden
  • Smith is a classy guy. Well spoken, thoughtful and uplifting. I have mad respect for guys that can be complete SAVAGES, but also philosophers. Balance is everything.

    Rex ColubraRex Colubra6 uur geleden
  • Chris Weidman is such a legend

    FleeBissFleeBiss7 uur geleden
  • Hall sounded super salty.

    Greer FriedGreer Fried7 uur geleden
  • I try so hard not to hate people but Jake Paul is a clown show. He does too much.

    RejesusRejesus7 uur geleden
  • Fighting Jake Paul is like that show bully beat down and Jake is the bully

    Simba HanzSimba Hanz8 uur geleden
  • I wanna see jake step into the octagon where the big boys play see how his shit talk holds up lmaooo

    DeltaGamer34DeltaGamer348 uur geleden
  • The end of the day fighting for entertainment makes more money than fighting for sport. On top of that working hard as a fighter doesn’t make you rich. It just makes you a better fighter. Making smart moves and drawing attention to fights makes money💰

    The MagusThe Magus10 uur geleden
  • Should just change the title to “Democrat UFC Fighters slam Jake Paul”

    Okay M8Okay M810 uur geleden
  • The first guy sounds like Kanye if he was a decent person

    Feels Dank ManFeels Dank Man11 uur geleden
    • lmao kanye is a decent person

      Wesley TilghmanWesley Tilghman2 uur geleden
  • I want one of these guys to get booked for the next fight so bad

    JJ13 uur geleden
  • I wish they would put him in the ring with Uriah, I’d pay good money to see Uriah use that disgusting spin kick he used in TUF. That kick would probably take Jake’s fucking head off!

    Unrepentant SoulUnrepentant Soul13 uur geleden
    • Like he said hed do it only with his left hand since he doesn’t deserve the right. Would pay good money to see jake get humiliated by a real fighter!

      Julian GriffithsJulian Griffiths9 uur geleden
  • If Jake Paul wants the respect any training boxers have, he should fight his way up and stay in the same situation with professional boxers. By that I mean he should fight boxers with the same experience in their same prime. The thing is, Jake will not do this because it kills his purpose which is to see anybody happy that he's got what he deserved, a nice beating. And when that happen, his pride will shatter. Besides, the clout and money is what he's at for with the way he advertise himself. Don't reply here that Jake Paul would beat my ass. Keep your IQ higher than your ego.

    PaigePaige14 uur geleden
    • Jake Paul would beat the average person’s ass, and I should hope so, he had actual training as well as now having some “fighting experience” (we all know he’s fighting bums) so if he doesn’t beat your average guy he shouldn’t be boxing in the first place.

      ABC D MinusABC D Minus4 uur geleden
    • Jake would lose because hes just a money chasing rat, i agree with youre view but, he did not deserve to have the right to talk to askren like that. Hes a piece of shit that beeds to piss of and give these men there proper sports back

      Julian GriffithsJulian Griffiths9 uur geleden
  • That middle guy looks like bbh

    dragon lover 3000dragon lover 300014 uur geleden
    • @Julian Griffiths I'm 13. He picks a fight with me he'll be ARRESTED. *I HAVE ALL THE POWER* Lol

      dragon lover 3000dragon lover 30009 uur geleden
    • Talk shit he is a good fighter hahahahaha

      Julian GriffithsJulian Griffiths9 uur geleden
  • Should just change the title to : Democrat fighters

    Okay M8Okay M815 uur geleden
    • @Okay M8 Why does that matter? I really don’t care what political party they have, they’re right.

      ABC D MinusABC D Minus4 uur geleden
    • @Okay M8 What does they’re political views have anything to do with this though? These fighters beef with jake more out of their love for the sport than anything. While I don’t agree with all their takes of the situation. Do understand how jakes actions would anger them.

      RanceRance11 uur geleden
    • @Rance should change the title to “Democrat UFC fighters slam Jake Paul” since all the fighters doing the slamming are dems

      Okay M8Okay M812 uur geleden
    • Wait what how is anything they said political.

      RanceRance14 uur geleden

    Righteousness MauriceRighteousness Maurice16 uur geleden
  • Well truth is he knocked out a pretty known ufc fighter. Jake is a good boxer from what i've seen. Yeah its unfair compared to ufc fighters, but he is a trained fighter now too and he's using his fame to draw attention which is nice.

    ILGBILGB16 uur geleden
    • Good boxer ahahahahaha askren was legit known for not being able to box but if you put jake against him in a wrestling match jake would be dead

      Julian GriffithsJulian Griffiths9 uur geleden
    • “Good boxer” 😂😂😂😂

      Midget KingMidget King10 uur geleden
  • >he's humiliating real athletes >signs Multimillion dollar deal with the same promotions, clubs, and venues that helped Paul humiliate athletes 👌

    Willard FastoWillard Fasto17 uur geleden
    • Hes not thats what he wants us to believe, if he were to fight uriah or at least a fucking boxer, then hed lose in the first 3 secs he has nothing to beat these legends

      Julian GriffithsJulian Griffiths9 uur geleden
  • Jakes doing something smart and taking a serious health risk. The irony of these athletes talking down to him then saying they would participate in the events they themselves deem to be wrong, its smart and has absolutely nothing to do with them. They are just in their feelings coz they have to work hard for less money. But guess what ? Jakes filling seats and getting ppv buys. I dont even know who the first guy is. We are thinking naively about a great opportunity that doesnt affect the sport. These fights have always been around and it doesnt take away from the sport coz people still wanna see the greatest fighters perform. If anything, it just shows that theres more money to be made & the ufc is likely keeping most of it. IMO fighters need more money coz they put their health on the line and focus on a profession that lasts til their 40's max. Afterwards they have nothing to retire with... Thats on WME and Dana, not Jake Paul. You should stop shitting on the guy coz hes an idiot but its got nothing to do with us haha 😆💪❤✌

    zac3197zac319717 uur geleden
    • Clearly your one of them guys thats just here because he heard that his fav youtuber js fighting retired 30 year olds, the first guy is uriah hall on of the best fighters ever in ufc. So comparing a delusional fick like jake against a real athlete like uriah is stupid re educate yourself

      Julian GriffithsJulian Griffiths9 uur geleden
  • I love how much Jake Paul winds everyone up. What a boy. "JaKe cANt FIghT BecAuse hE IsnT A rEAl FighTer" Jake has a long background in wrestling from a young age. Who cares if he is a NLworldr. People change career path all the time. Neymar is a professional footballer but all I see is Neymar sponsoring and doing promos for Pokerstars. Well that's not allowed now is it. He isnt a Poker player. He should stick to football. The world is full of jealous clowns!

    TheRevolutionAwaitsTheRevolutionAwaits17 uur geleden
    • He isn’t actually a professional, most people are annoyed not because he’s making money, but because of the way he’s doing it, he’s using the name recognition from NLworld to beat up bums in the boxing ring, they’re also pissed because he’s not fighting strikers, the only real fighter he fought was Askren, who is a wrestler, not a boxer.

      ABC D MinusABC D Minus4 uur geleden
  • Joker had a 2021 sequel, its been retitled Jake Paul

    Winston The DinoWinston The Dino18 uur geleden

    Joseph McveyJoseph Mcvey18 uur geleden
    • 😭🤚 are you dumb or just a little kid who watches jake Paul

      Raven SponslerRaven Sponsler6 uur geleden
  • 💯💯💯💯

    gankgank19 uur geleden
  • Let's not forget that time he laughed at a corpse in the woods

    Jack BenimbleJack Benimble21 uur geleden
    • Didn't know he had a brother. Just remember the last name. Don't really give enough fucks to fact check though lol.

      Jack BenimbleJack Benimble6 uur geleden
    • Thats logan... his brother, search your facts mate. Still think theyre both pieces of shit

      Julian GriffithsJulian Griffiths9 uur geleden
  • Did he do the crimes which he is accused of? What evidence do they have against him?

    Brian KBrian K23 uur geleden
  • Life is not fair. Get over it

    Doesnt MatterDoesnt MatterDag geleden
  • NLworld is fUCC'N EVERYTHING UP....

    DEAD END420DEAD END420Dag geleden
  • lunatics

    Thunder FoxThunder FoxDag geleden
  • Calling out DC? One of the greatest heavyweight and light heavyweights ever. You’re just talking stupid now.

    Tina SpringerTina SpringerDag geleden
  • He isn't a "genius"

    Chick and ChockChick and ChockDag geleden
  • Love these guys. The Paul brothers are both puss!es & wouldn't last 7 seconds in a fight with these men because they would both be exposed as the frauds they are. That fight Paul vs Askren fight was absolutely fake Askren took a dive because that guy got hit way harder in every UFC fight he partook & he should be ashamed

    Stuart DamienStuart DamienDag geleden
  • Iver Sanction him please.

  • Anyone is allowed to set up a Fight and get paid for it..... What is the issue? A lot of people want to see them get knocked the fuck out!! Are they going to criticize the World Wrestling Entertainment as well?All I see is jealousy. I dont even like the Paul brothers but I wouldnt cry about them making Bank their way!!

    Once You Pop You Cant StopOnce You Pop You Cant StopDag geleden
    • They arent slamming him for making money. They're slaming him for disrespecting the sport.

      Mark GaskinMark GaskinDag geleden
  • Somebody just take Paul out for being a pathetic clown

    Juan KintanaJuan KintanaDag geleden
  • Jake Paul is not a fighter he is a circus.

    Backwoods Beast Adventures with JohnBackwoods Beast Adventures with JohnDag geleden
  • Honestly, I hate most celebrities because they always have something to say as if they're god and we should listen to them, but what's worse then celebrities are youtubers. Why? most of them don't have talent, but the reason they're making a lot of money is because 5 - 10 years olds watch that crap. I would be triggered if I was a ufc fighter and some youtuber is making more money then me because of 5 year olds.

    HaasFormulaOneFanHaasFormulaOneFanDag geleden
  • people talk about jake paul like they talk about doge coin

    Miklwow DMCMiklwow DMCDag geleden
  • Calling Jake Paul a fighter is like when my father in law called Golden Corral "a nice little steakhouse".

    Daniel LindsayDaniel LindsayDag geleden
  • the ufc is just a lot of punks who don’t have the discipline to be boxers. just a lot of posers.

    Bill A.Bill A.Dag geleden
  • Jake Paul only fights bums I think Ben took the dive for the money

    Im white And i love itIm white And i love itDag geleden
  • who is jake paul? i really don't know him

    Samuel AresSamuel AresDag geleden
  • Yeah but you all watched it an that’s all he wants so you know what that means.

    Dethlok719Dethlok719Dag geleden
  • I’m actually surprised none of these UFC guys have gotten fed up enough and asked jake to step into the octagon. seems cliche but truly different worlds..

    Tim DiserioTim DiserioDag geleden
  • Jake Paul vs CM Punk

    Silvio KusteraSilvio KusteraDag geleden
  • It sold out because so many people just want to see jake paul get his ass kicked. Please someone put this guy in his place 😫

    Amelia BurkeAmelia BurkeDag geleden
  • Soon Oxford dictionary will put the definition of joker as Jake Paul!

    Ash KothariAsh KothariDag geleden
  • I think jake Paul should just be left alone cus soon he's gunna get such a beating

    bitov evrytinbitov evrytinDag geleden
  • I send this from the beginning jake is no fighter put him in a ring with a real fighter he will get fuck like there no tomorrow end of fact he a joke but then again he a yank 😂😂😂

    St-lucifer-1996St-lucifer-1996Dag geleden
  • If you made a fight between Snoop Dogg and Brad Pitt it would sell over a million ppv. It's a popularity contest and a fight is worth watching because its 1 on 1, so your sales are coming from fans and haters more than anything. The thing these fighters are saying is, it doesn't represent what they do. It doesn't track for them because it's not a professional fight and JP's moves sort of threaten what they do and what they pour their heart and soul into every day. For these fighters, fighting is their livelihood and life. For Jake it's a joke. I'm not talking about his mindset, the dude is a NLworld bum who's earned all his money off of little kids views and merch purchases...I'm talking about the fight, it's a joke of a fight and always will be. He can't compete at a pro level successfully. Yes he KO'd a guy who's heart was already out of fighting, and who could never really stand up and box anyway, but any one of these dudes would merk him. Jake should just save his purse, make some smart investments, stop making videos for little kids to spend money on, and repent..cuz he's just pissin off the wrong people imo.

    Ryan DohertyRyan DohertyDag geleden
  • These guys sound like haters.

    Malter DwightMalter DwightDag geleden
  • Does UFC fighter have low IQ? Talking about him making him more popular.. Stop talking about him.. Im tired of seeing him everywhere

    Matt CMatt C2 dagen geleden
    • Then dont watch these videos, you clearly have a low iq saying “i dont like seeing him” when you legit read the title and thought, oh hey lets watch this. They dont have a low iq you have ksut shut up

      Julian GriffithsJulian Griffiths9 uur geleden
  • Bro, as much as I hate Jake, these guys shouldn't underestimate him. This much confidence is what got Ben to kiss the floor. That, and throwing the fight, of course.

    • Sorry but comparing uriah hall to jake paul is like comparing michael schumacher to the local karting star

      Julian GriffithsJulian Griffiths9 uur geleden
    • Say that ufc fighters face

      Gameboy DGameboy DDag geleden
  • Uriah Hall crushed it

    It iz ze youtubeIt iz ze youtube2 dagen geleden
  • I don't even watch sports or Jake Paul, and the amount of chaos one man can cause between hard workers and viewers is insane, even in this time and year.

    SnazzyDazzySnazzyDazzy2 dagen geleden
  • Uriah Hall vs Jake Paul make it happen

    A NonymousA Nonymous2 dagen geleden
    • Nah like he said he doesnt even deserve his right hand

      Julian GriffithsJulian Griffiths9 uur geleden
  • The real fighters speaking the truth about the Fighter Kardashian Jake Paul.

    Baily WagonerBaily Wagoner2 dagen geleden
    • Exactly!

      Julian GriffithsJulian Griffiths9 uur geleden
  • You got your teeth super glued in now or what. UFC's probably going to hand you your walking papers.

    George LowGeorge Low2 dagen geleden
    • You can't talk your way to the top big mouth.

      George LowGeorge Low2 dagen geleden
  • Give him a Diaz brother, show them a real fight and show if he wants money.

    Original JOriginal J2 dagen geleden
  • Fighting is not a sport. You African Americans need to stop.

    Venture VlogsVenture Vlogs2 dagen geleden
  • Jake Paul should fight Michael Jai White. Both are celebrities. Jake has interest in fighting, Jai White has been involved in martial arts for like 20 years. Fair fight.

    TheLyon301TheLyon3012 dagen geleden
  • Uriah Hall is a god damn savage 🤣

    Vincent MVincent M2 dagen geleden
  • i hate jake paul

    FrogFrog2 dagen geleden
  • So Jake is just going to ignore Uriah Hall calling him out.

    Olu AdichieOlu Adichie2 dagen geleden
  • You know why Jake Paul sells? Bcause Everyone wants to see how he got his asswhoop 😂

    Peter DrentPeter Drent2 dagen geleden
  • All these fkrs just hatin. Jake is laughing all the way to the bank.

    Aaron YanezAaron Yanez2 dagen geleden
    • Theyre spitting facts not hating, jake might be laughing now but not when heel get dropped with 3 teeth fallen out he worn be anymore

      Julian GriffithsJulian Griffiths9 uur geleden
  • Smith is a smart guy

    ElkElk2 dagen geleden
  • Ban Fake Jake PPV Parasite. We want our real sport back.

    barry gouldbarry gould2 dagen geleden
  • Note: Joe Parker and Andy Ruiz were knocked down and were knocked down and continued and both won. Ban Fake Jake PPV Parasite. We want our real sport back l.

    barry gouldbarry gould2 dagen geleden
  • Very smart individuals. Who yall think Jake Paul should fight next ?

    Brian LewisBrian Lewis2 dagen geleden
    • Jake doesnt deserve to fight with any of these champiosn

      Julian GriffithsJulian Griffiths9 uur geleden
  • i hate that they're even talking about this nobody!!!

    SuperSuperdude88SuperSuperdude882 dagen geleden
  • I believe everyone is chill because the releave all their stress beating the shit out of their rivals

    KiritsunaKiritsuna2 dagen geleden
  • You no your roll so don't disrespect the real fighter guys put there harts and sole in to there careares then some punk fight some no buddy don't forget who is real not jake paul

    Shane WheelerShane Wheeler2 dagen geleden
  • I see a bunch of jealous ass haters. I don't like jake but they are mad that they got in the wrong sport for money boxing is where the money is

    Austin LandrethAustin Landreth2 dagen geleden
    • No theyre not, conor mcgregor is the counter example of your argument, and btw these fighters went to mma to show there talent. Not to earn money and so called, “be talented”. Why would they be jealous of a nobody like jake

      Julian GriffithsJulian Griffiths9 uur geleden
  • They just speak facts however jake paul I fucking hate

    Charlie GudmundsonCharlie Gudmundson2 dagen geleden
  • masive respect for Anthony

    Redlihs_YTRedlihs_YT2 dagen geleden
  • They are so mad lol. U are just making him even bigger by talking about him.

    BradBrad2 dagen geleden
  • Uriah Hall is like Kevin Holland's chiller older brother. They're both super likeable.

    Flee WillyFlee Willy2 dagen geleden
  • Jake Paul can play 'The Game', but Jake Paul is not a fighter. He is a literal clown that can draw kids with money to the circus.

    TheCyanideSmokerTheCyanideSmoker2 dagen geleden
  • Is this from before or after Weidman's leg broke?

    DH1 REAL GAMINGDH1 REAL GAMING2 dagen geleden
  • He beat Ben Askren.. Knocked him cold.. If he is such a bum he shouldn’t be able to knock out former champions. And he did. So..?

    Bryan McNeilBryan McNeil2 dagen geleden
    • Do your research mate, ben askren was known to be a shit boxer. If it was an mma fight ben would have slapped him up. Ben was good at mma because of his wrestling talent not because of boxing. The only reason why jake accepted the fight was because hes a shit boxer.

      Julian GriffithsJulian Griffiths9 uur geleden
  • Jake Paul is a nasty, disrespectful person who never calls out real Boxers. As long as he keeps Boxing Wrestlers, Basketball players and others like that he will keep winning. As soon as he fights a real Boxer he will get destroyed.....He's a punk!

    Yaany AbdaliYaany Abdali2 dagen geleden
  • Good video to give him more money

    Brennan BristerBrennan Brister2 dagen geleden
  • "Im really about respect man" (Called Ben Askren a bum 5 seconds ago.

    Guga do Wagyu eye roundGuga do Wagyu eye round2 dagen geleden
  • All the blokes in the comments discussing this high school drama bullshit. Go make a family already. 🤡

    Ninth DivisionNinth Division2 dagen geleden
    • Yet youre still here watching it

      Julian GriffithsJulian Griffiths9 uur geleden
  • Jake has a great chance of knocking one of these guys out! He got a heavy hand that needs to be reckoned with.

    BigMerkGeeBigMerkGee2 dagen geleden
    • @BigMerkGee mate shut up, ahahahahah i didnt really take you serious first but now youve got me, you have never knocked some one out and if you have it was prob in a shitty bar fight or at your shit school

      Julian GriffithsJulian Griffiths51 minuut geleden
    • @Julian Griffiths I know what I'm talking about! Let him connect; and it's good night. I'm not a Jake fan but he can knock a man out as good as I can.

      BigMerkGeeBigMerkGee7 uur geleden
    • Uhm no he doesnt power isnt everything. If the fighter has good reflexes and defense jakes done. Just because hes strong doesnt mean hes good, jakes technique is crap and cannot be conpared to these “real” thletes

      Julian GriffithsJulian Griffiths9 uur geleden
  • Jake Paul should just stick to youtube

    Angry SandwichAngry Sandwich2 dagen geleden
  • It says more to the shattered ego's of those stepping into a ring, that they know nothing about. The kid is making money and a name for himself, without getting butt fucked by Dana White. Anyone saying anything bad about it, are bitter broke slobs.

    PrisonCipherPrisonCipher2 dagen geleden
  • The thing is jake Paul could make money doing anything

    Kurt ZoumaKurt Zouma2 dagen geleden
  • What i'll like to see is Drake Paul, go into the cage, and not the boxing ring, and challenge one of the UFC Fighters.

    T2NCET2NCE2 dagen geleden
  • Totally agree with them. JP has just jumped the line compared to better fighters. It's just money due to his fame. He will get destroyed in seconds.

    Christopher PooleChristopher Poole2 dagen geleden
  • 1:41 😂

    BrandoBrando2 dagen geleden
  • Ye

    Esports Radio LiveEsports Radio Live2 dagen geleden
  • I love this. I love how chill and matter of fact they are in verbally destroying this asshole.

    Elisabeth HawkeElisabeth Hawke2 dagen geleden