Twilight Princess was NOT the game I thought it was...

4 jun. 2020
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I did NOT think that a Zelda game could get this dark. WHAT WAS NINTENDO THINKING?? A first playthrough of Twilight Princess has me absolutely shocked.
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  • *PART 2: *** *PART 3: *** If you want to see the full length playthrough, they'll be uploaded on the second channel:

    PointCrowPointCrow5 maanden geleden
    • N

      CozyCozyMaand geleden
    • Listen to Hyrule Field at night... and tell me that singing voice isn't Malon's from Ocarina of Time on the N64. TP brings the feels.

      Nilly NushNilly Nush4 maanden geleden
    • Can you do more of these types of vids/stream highlights with other Zelda games like skyward sword or the wind waker

      Pea ManPea Man4 maanden geleden
    • if you think this game is dark, just wait 'till you play Majora's Mask. preferably not the 3DS version though.

      Jonathan FlanaganJonathan Flanagan4 maanden geleden
    • can you do a speedrun of super mario oddessey

      BigMacBigMac5 maanden geleden
  • I love how eric cried at the sight of a doggo. *It's so wholesome*

    Vicent ClubVicent ClubDag geleden
  • I love this game but I had to sell the WiiU because I “never” used it

    Maxmusquarty YTMaxmusquarty YTDag geleden
  • Sooo.. link is essentially a skinwalker in this game ?

    nick bnick b2 dagen geleden
  • Him: "So i dunno if the monkeys are gonna be a main theme... Me, who has played the game through: :}

    Hunter209Hunter2095 dagen geleden
  • 0:58 Everyone Who Saw The Triforce On Links Hand Knows What It Is

    Michal zurMichal zur5 dagen geleden
  • ok so, dont ask me why i put this pasrt of the video here, i just have to go sooo 38:28

    《Ryan Track channel》《Ryan Track channel》9 dagen geleden
  • He's dead... He's not dead

    Diego FolgueiraDiego Folgueira9 dagen geleden
  • Wolfy

  • This game really scared me when I was young

    William MidgleyWilliam Midgley10 dagen geleden
  • was that frog... molduga?

    Austins IslandAustins Island10 dagen geleden
  • 6:00 “on all levels except physical I am a wolf” It not just me feeling that yeah?

    MiniTeaAndSconesMiniTeaAndScones13 dagen geleden
  • This breaks my brain cuz i have played on the wii verision whitch is mirrored

    Xlox gamingXlox gaming14 dagen geleden
  • i love that chat is like YES GO TO ELDIN and then crow goes "next time on friday" i can only imagen what chat would have been saying

    Rich KeatonRich Keaton14 dagen geleden
  • the start of this game was saddening to me as a kid

    Zachary McKinleyZachary McKinley14 dagen geleden
  • Water temples suck because they are like lava temples but instead of dying upon contact with the liquid you are forced to swim back to the beginning yourself. Also they are really slow during underwater parts.

    Omegasutoraiki _Omegasutoraiki _15 dagen geleden
  • mmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaddddddddddddddddddddd

    Lincoln JohnLincoln John16 dagen geleden
  • Crow when link turns into a wolf: That was so gross and grotesque🤢🤮 Chat: OOH Doggie!!🥺😍

    Ryan Giancarlo Sutter CruzRyan Giancarlo Sutter Cruz16 dagen geleden
  • GOT DAMN THE BABY HAS A FIRE HAIRLINE😎🤯🤯🔥😱😤 Won’t forget about the eyebrows🔥🔥😎

    Ryan Giancarlo Sutter CruzRyan Giancarlo Sutter Cruz16 dagen geleden
  • 21:11 "creepy baby" lol i forgot about that character, twilight princess is my 2nd favorite zelda after botw

    dr3nch_g0ddr3nch_g0d17 dagen geleden
  • 42:20 Perfectly cut scream!

    Maxime LafrenièreMaxime Lafrenière18 dagen geleden
  • Things I don’t understand about the legend of Zelda series: - Why is Twilight Princess so freaky? - Why would Nintendo take away the ability to hold doggos? (Who in their right mind would inflict such cruelty?) - WHY THE HECK ARE WATER TEMPLES ALWAYS SO FREAKIN HARD?!?! - Why isn’t it called the legend of link?(he literally does all the work) - Why does Gannon never seem to want to die? (You defeat him in one game and he always comes back from the dead “unexpectedly” in the next) - (I could literally go on and on but I don’t have any more time to write much more so for now this list is ...To be continued...)

    BethanyBethany18 dagen geleden
    • Because zelda is the goddess incarnate

      No time for creative names just for gamesNo time for creative names just for games7 dagen geleden
  • twilight princess by far my most favorite zelda game

    MurlogMurlog18 dagen geleden
  • 9:08 Bruh this was my first Zelda game and I've never noticed that.

    SpeeDude 016SpeeDude 01619 dagen geleden
  • im lanayru

    plasma snekplasma snek20 dagen geleden
  • "'You smell the girl, don't you?' Whatever you're into, Link" -PointCrow, 2020

    Logan GilbertLogan Gilbert20 dagen geleden
  • Haha I was waiting for him to meet Ooccoo, if that's how it's spelled, disturbing little chicken with tits

    JJ R. BonesJJ R. Bones21 dag geleden
  • Twilight Princess AKA Creepy Furry Game

    Bombsurvivor5582Bombsurvivor558221 dag geleden
  • J

    Suppressed_PhoenixSuppressed_Phoenix22 dagen geleden
  • 8:52 Are you planning on turning Link into Zacian or Zamazenta?

    Dark FangDark Fang23 dagen geleden
  • Is it Twilight princes or Twilight princes hd?

    Satie Parisot FedhilaSatie Parisot Fedhila23 dagen geleden
    • He's playing Twilight Princess HD

      PokeMario2401PokeMario24018 dagen geleden
  • 46:40 how you attack the eye here reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus.

    Little HibiscusLittle Hibiscus23 dagen geleden
  • Also these temple designs are the shit, the divine beasts felt like tutorials compared to TP’s dungeons

    Dako BriggsDako Briggs24 dagen geleden
  • Best Zelda game hands down

    Dako BriggsDako Briggs24 dagen geleden
  • Kinda sad he didn't show the giant waterslide in the Water Temple, but still a great video!

    Rustic DebrisRustic Debris24 dagen geleden
  • why are all three goron elders so weird looking?

    flame the wolfflame the wolf24 dagen geleden
  • is this his first time playing twilight princess

    the_original_butterthe_original_butter25 dagen geleden
    • Yes

      PokeMario2401PokeMario24018 dagen geleden
  • crow: omg 10inches every dirty mind: that's what she said 2:40

    the_original_butterthe_original_butter25 dagen geleden
  • I don't know why this appeared in my reccomendations after so long but I'm glad it did

    TheRichmasterTheRichmaster25 dagen geleden
  • that fishing rod has scoliosis

    petpenpetpen25 dagen geleden
  • i think this weekend is Pointcrow binge Weekend

    KappiKappi26 dagen geleden

    Legendofthezora LegendofthezoraLegendofthezora Legendofthezora27 dagen geleden
  • bruh crows name is shane ???

    MilesMarioMilesMario27 dagen geleden
  • Ngl, the importance of a character in this game can basically be determined by how good they look. That’s why all the normal NPCs look kinda weird.

    [Insert Name][Insert Name]28 dagen geleden
  • My paralysis demon: pupilless Link returns

    SuperKirby64SuperKirby6428 dagen geleden
  • 6:00

    Ridglea McDanielRidglea McDanielMaand geleden
  • PointCrow skipped the part where the Bomb Shop owner tells of the death of the general store owner and ALSO skipped Lanayru's vision. Honestly, how could you?

    Diego YepesDiego YepesMaand geleden
  • This is my favorite zelda game. I love it for the nostalgia and the story. I ended up getting it on sale because I didn't have enough money for skyward sword. Best choice I have ever made.

    Deku MarioDeku MarioMaand geleden
  • 45:55 THis boss scared the ever living fuck out of me when I first saw it. this is what made me fear deep water that wasn't a pool

    Blackerton 94Blackerton 94Maand geleden
  • im gonna have fucking nightmares after this

    DropMeDropMeMaand geleden
  • I started watching this bc I miss twilight princess but I'm moving so I don't have time to replay it rn... But when I get to play it again since he edited out most of the dungeons/travelling I know I'm going to be pissed at how long everything takes lmao

    TaeNi SierraTaeNi SierraMaand geleden
  • “10 Inches 11 if I push it”

    Jelly BlobJelly BlobMaand geleden
  • “Easy” Seconds before “Fourth times the charm”

    SevenSevenMaand geleden
  • my son was watching this and he saw that you were using the ps4 controller and thought you were using the ps4 and he just jammed my twilight princess disc and broke it

    Adri AbiyantoAdri AbiyantoMaand geleden
  • bruh the part where he goes "the baby though " makes me feel so uncomfortable

  • My uncle beat this game

    Michell VovesMichell VovesMaand geleden
  • So did he cut the hero's shade from the video or did he just not encounter him

    Brendini GBrendini GMaand geleden
  • when you act like you havent played a zelda game so you can "guess" certain aspects of the game before they happen

    Meep WagonMeep WagonMaand geleden

    AboveAverageCat44AboveAverageCat44Maand geleden
  • Anyone else watching this again because they enjoyed it so much the first time?

    Aspen DespainAspen DespainMaand geleden
  • bro legit water dungeons are some of the best ones in the series

    BubonicCraigBubonicCraigMaand geleden
  • Not ending blow technic in any boss 1/10

    hanstermenhanstermenMaand geleden

    BubonicCraigBubonicCraigMaand geleden
  • Any reason he emulated it? He has a wii u to my knowledge as well as a capture card

    FlynnTheRedheadFlynnTheRedheadMaand geleden
  • where did you get the chest with the sword in it?

  • "Is there actually a water temple in Twilight Princess?" Technically the same one.

    chiffmonkeychiffmonkeyMaand geleden
    • @Peter Y It's literally the same location with a different name and puzzles. Like did you notice the Zora grave is the entrance to the Shadow Temple?

      chiffmonkeychiffmonkeyMaand geleden
    • No, there isn't a water temple. There's a Lakebed Temple. It's a lot better.

      Peter YPeter YMaand geleden
  • Is this the PointCrow: Twilight Princess dlc

    The midnight trainThe midnight trainMaand geleden
  • What the heck man? You skipped Epona!

    EquinerhaelEquinerhaelMaand geleden
  • why are the characters so cursed?

    aNnAbElLe GachaaNnAbElLe GachaMaand geleden
  • you can HEAR the sanity drain from his voice when he discovered the Ooccoo

    Lula StevensLula StevensMaand geleden
  • as a huge Twilight Princess fan, I love this. but im used to the wii version and it triggers me that everything is BACKWARDS

    An DAn DMaand geleden
  • I love your song on music piano🎶🐱‍👤

    Zane GrimshawZane GrimshawMaand geleden
  • Link Furry?

    AlphamonXIIAlphamonXIIMaand geleden
  • Wait no way, Dude it’s the ice age baby’s twin! No way!!

    Andrew DrainAndrew DrainMaand geleden
  • i loved this game so much but i didnt expect this to get that dark

    white was the impostorwhite was the impostorMaand geleden
  • N

    CozyCozyMaand geleden
  • Lol I was 5 when I got my wii and my first played game was twilight and I was really scared of it

    Just ARROWJust ARROWMaand geleden
  • pointcrow : that one gay zelda streamer

    prodMOFOprodMOFOMaand geleden
  • is a Oocco like a korok? it seems like it

    Natalie SmithNatalie SmithMaand geleden
  • i wasnt sure about getting twighlight princess but the fact that you can pick up dogs sold it!!!

    Natalie SmithNatalie SmithMaand geleden
  • "This game is so calming!" As link grossly transforms into wolf link

    AttthegreatAttthegreatMaand geleden
  • Seeing the chat go crazy on the "snek" and "noodle" when he meets Lanayru cracked me up XD

    SaveMeMoonSaveMeMoon2 maanden geleden
  • I remember when in my Zelda averse childhood (now I look back and think Jesus how did I not like Zelda?) I remember my brother playing this game and me watching over his shoulder thinking damn that looks fun

    PheonixPheonix2 maanden geleden
  • the missions to get the monkeys kinda reminds me of the trials in breath of the wild

    The DetectiveThe Detective2 maanden geleden
  • Twilight Princess is interesting. It's real slow and is pretty streamlined. But it was going for that edgy and somewhat spooky feel. Now, while I think Majora did the dark story better, Twilight Princess still knows it's mood and played into it well. I know nobody cares, I'm just talking lol

    Nate The GreatNate The Great2 maanden geleden
  • I remember playing this for the first time When it came out, I was like, 13, loved it so much it became my fav Zelda game til BOTW

    Emma Bath AndBeyondEmma Bath AndBeyond2 maanden geleden
  • "fighting with the iron boots is cheating" *Link f**king picks up and chucks the rolling goron over the edge*

    JeanPierreCSJeanPierreCS2 maanden geleden
  • I love twilight princess and I’m glad you played it

    Sosboy 2550Sosboy 25502 maanden geleden
  • I’ve passed this game 3 times finishing up all the side quests and I still want to play it all over again ♥️

    Paulette TriboletPaulette Tribolet2 maanden geleden
  • damm if the game is already creepy i will have nightmares reading the manga

    Miixer 2000Miixer 20002 maanden geleden
  • First time lol bc iv played this game tons of times. But I got the original version. For the Wii as well. And plenty other Zelda games.

    Matthew CopeMatthew Cope2 maanden geleden
  • The dogo

    Jesus MoralesJesus Morales2 maanden geleden
  • has anybody noticed that while he was beating the mayor in sumo he played it with an unconnected playstation controller?

    Seth BeukelmanSeth Beukelman2 maanden geleden
    • He was playing on emulator, so he decided to use a Playstation controller

      PokeMario2401PokeMario24012 maanden geleden
  • 1 like = 1 ruby for PointCrow 👇

    Gabriel JohnsonGabriel Johnson2 maanden geleden
  • This is my favorite Zelda game (even when BotW is out) and I know the ins and outs of it (specifically the wii version). I don't really know why people say it's "Really Dark."

    Hannah MaurerHannah Maurer2 maanden geleden
  • I kinda can't believe that you cut out the Dark Link cutscene, I really wanted to see your reaction to it lol

    SaprogeistSaprogeist2 maanden geleden
  • Zelda: ...The People Turned to spirits Me: CoLoRs WeAvE iNtO a SpIrE oF fLaMe

    LizTheDogeLizTheDoge2 maanden geleden
  • Does anyone else find it weird that in 2006 Nintendo turned Link into a werewolf, and a mere 2 years later Sega did the same thing to Sonic? Like, why?

    Rae PriteRae Prite2 maanden geleden
  • Fucked up watching this, because the Midna noise is my text notification sound.

    Ki KiKi Ki2 maanden geleden
  • Weird ass Zelda Game

    KirbsKirbs2 maanden geleden