Trip to Lake 8

22 aug. 2020
895 822 Weergaven

Camping scenes filmed at Tunhovd in Norway, August 7-8, 2020.
Filmed with Canon Legria HF G50, external microphone (Canon DM-100) and a tripod + Gopro Hero2. Edited in iMovie.

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    • @CFD_ Horizen You don't like people being idiots? How do you live with yourself man!? I think it's hard to see an idiot in the mirror when you hate them, right? :D

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  • Apetor I like you so much you make me feel better with your peace and nice videos thank you so much.

    Nefandus Malum MortiferNefandus Malum MortiferDag geleden
    • You are welcome.

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  • More weed less vodka

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  • Did you really lick the piss wall

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    • Yes👍🏽 Thank you for watching whole video.

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  • acaba neden her yeri yalıyosun?

  • Zz

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  • Türk olan yokmu olanlar +1 leyin

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  • Dein Deutsch ist ziemlich gut, @Apetor

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    • Dank schön

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  • Rollag @6:25? If so så har je bada der au 👍

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  • Thank you now I know how to say “Munch” the way it’s meant to be said

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  • incredible

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  • du er feit

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  • Съел снюс

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  • And let’s not forget that even tho it’s summer, it’s still like 19 degrees celcius . T shirt and shorts weather indeed . I wad be freezing 😂

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  • You and Mr. Bean would have a amazing conversation HAHAHA!!

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  • I love your volvos!!! and Vodka! Cheers my friend

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  • What tent is that you are using?

    karnkraftverkkarnkraftverk10 dagen geleden
    • Hilleberg Soulo

      apetorapetor10 dagen geleden
  • Ok ich mag dich wenn du ahhhh machst bei vodka

    • Danke

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  • Lebensgefahr Deutsch ich bin Deutsch

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  • Kannst du deutsch??

    • Nein😃 Sehr schlecht.

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  • Fake

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  • I love how I’m nervous to get poison ivy meanwhile this man would probably just eat it tbh.

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  • yes, this man is Brut :D

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  • 0:48 I laughed so hard xdxd

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  • Love you man you always put a smile on my face

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  • ك٩٩٩

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  • Does anyone know he is drunk in these videos not being an absolute weirdo 🤣

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  • my spirit animal

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  • Every sip of that vodka and the sound he makes is life

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  • 2:40 me when I frogot to do my homework

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  • simply living the life

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  • Top ten People the FBI have been hunting for years:

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  • Your never gonna get a girlfriend

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  • I love your videos keep up the good work

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  • he is mongolian bin of luche des bolt

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  • You've inspired me to embrace my alcoholism. Skål!

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  • hoch spannung lebens gefahr du auch deutsch

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  • Glub glub ... ahhhh

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  • he is like the gunga ginga guy

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  • love the forests and ecosystem up there! Hope you don't liter!

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  • Comfy..... A++++++++?

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  • Seit wann sprichst du denn deutsch 😂😂

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  • so this is peace..

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  • 0:49 gets me everytime hahahahah

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  • He's a miracle of nature to live, constantly drinking alcohol, eating and licking inedible objects, and getting in below freezing water.

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  • And says bop boop

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  • I love how he does the drinking

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  • Yes to this

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  • hes nice to watch

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  • Just found this guy for the first time! How have I never seen this before?!

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    • Welcome here🍷

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  • how much pay you that Vodka producer ?

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  • What sort of mushroom was that he ate

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  • This guy makes my day everytime..

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  • It's strange, but so interesting.

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    • No problem dude.

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    • Thank you.

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  • Stop licking everything xd

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  • This is some of the most wholesome content I have ever had the privilege of witnessing

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    • Thank you

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  • Мужик, я всегда сначала ставлю тебе "лайк" - "like", а потом смотрю твое видео... Ты крут, ты умеешь радоваться жизни. У тебя есть чему поучиться! Здоровья тебе!

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  • Der beste 😁

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  • you are who I aspire to be mister

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  • 5:29 German fan here:)

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  • 3:28 that could be a painting!

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  • Jaja immer diese Hochspannung

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  • is this Bear Grils father?

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  • rec drunk stream pls

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  • 2:01 я пришёл за этим

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  • Happy for you man! Keep doing what your doing

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  • *gulp gulp gulp* ahhhh

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    • I like to do it. And I like that people ask.

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  • Dang you ate the mushroom wow you are so brave

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  • зачем он все облизывает?

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    • Просто прикол и шутка. Такой образ

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  • Why you lick the wall . Is there not Coronavirus ?😂

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  • Красава!! Молодец! Классный контент. Клевые видосы. Завидую тебе! Здоровья! Удачи! Жду новых видосов!!!!!!

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  • Приезжай в Россию,водочки попьем

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  • Мужик! Ты крутой!

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  • this guy is the king of cold oml-

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  • I love his Ahhhhh🤣

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  • i love you apetor ♥️♥️

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  • It is such a nice place!

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  • 1:57 This is the correct way to make a "Apetor Screw driver mix"...

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  • Я русский хочу в америку

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  • Оказывается такой отдых идиален не только для русского

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    • Для любого нормального человека

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  • он что поет после еды? Вообще не понимает тяги..тоже мне

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  • Больной

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  • idont understand what is the point of this chanel to be honest.

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