Trip to Coast

23 nov. 2020
128 617 Weergaven

Video shot at Ølbergholmen in Larvik, Norway, November 4 and 8, 2020.
Shot with Canon Legria HF G50, external microphone (Canon DM-100) and a tripod + Gopro Hero2. Edited in iMovie.

  • I still don't understand who dislikes these videos. Every dislike make me sad.

    АртемАртем2 dagen geleden
  • Na zdrowie!

    Wędkarstwo HolenderskieWędkarstwo Holenderskie3 dagen geleden
  • Idiot of Norway...

    Blauwe JoopBlauwe Joop5 dagen geleden
  • ЗАебал воду пить, заканчивай эту дичь...

    Зураб МебадуриЗураб Мебадури5 dagen geleden
  • I like how his content doesn't seems to change over more than 5 years .. keep posting grandpa

    jagong stojagong sto10 dagen geleden
    • Thanks you grandchild

      apetorapetor10 dagen geleden
  • ip - ip from Slovenia - aaahhhh

    mido5263mido526313 dagen geleden
  • 😂

    ss. Shanss. Shan15 dagen geleden
  • This guy had problems like everybody else but he plays dumb so life will say nah I don't wanna mess him...

    abe kicks medabe kicks med17 dagen geleden
  • Happy new year! :)

    litebackliteback21 dag geleden
  • I love your Aaahh after drinking vodka

    Mik BespalMik BespalMaand geleden
    • Cheers

      apetorapetorMaand geleden
  • the ona man show,..thanks Tor!

    Georgi AndonovGeorgi AndonovMaand geleden
  • Congrats to you wife that follows you in everything and everywhere

    Romeo RomexeRomeo RomexeMaand geleden
    • I hope that Apetor will give us the right answer 😉

      Romeo RomexeRomeo RomexeMaand geleden
    • @Ironclaw XII hei bro you can see her in this video 0:15 and in the video Going to New York at minute 4:42 I am not that crazy

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  • :D !

    Rafal AdamskiRafal AdamskiMaand geleden
  • He's an approved Norman. He is a living Viking

    Tales KurspedTales KurspedMaand geleden
  • A truly rare specimen

    Pavel PoprjaduhaPavel PoprjaduhaMaand geleden
  • That water must be so cold omg.

    Janne KokkoJanne KokkoMaand geleden
  • Ew your disgusting

    Alexandro RomeroAlexandro RomeroMaand geleden
    • nah. not really

      Marcel SkurczyńskiMarcel Skurczyński21 dag geleden
  • сошшожгщшгжиэвън коэж

    Demir StoilovDemir StoilovMaand geleden
  • The bunker scene by far had me choking on my own laughter 😂

    Jareds MinifigsJareds MinifigsMaand geleden
  • Love it how wholesome the community here is

    VinnieTheCrookVinnieTheCrookMaand geleden
  • Where someone sat in front of a machine gun now you shoot a video about the beauty of life :)

    Gonzalo Martín RodríguezGonzalo Martín RodríguezMaand geleden
  • Norway looks beautiful

    LemLemMaand geleden
  • Me and my son love watching your videos!

    chardomaxchardomaxMaand geleden
  • nice video apetor, love from England x

    SupaDupaJewSupaDupaJewMaand geleden
  • I love your humour and your way of life ! Peace from France 🇫🇷😝

    Chl basketChl basketMaand geleden
  • I love this, very nice video apetor

    Peter TouchesYouPeter TouchesYouMaand geleden
  • 2:28 Apetor(e) Tang, en gammel mann! What I wrote is from an old classic norwegian pop song, and I found it ironically funny seeing apetor with seaweed (tang in norwegian) on his head. Norwegians will understand 100%

    Ole Morten Jackman FiksdalOle Morten Jackman FiksdalMaand geleden
  • 1:11 fighting against Germans

    GodBlessYou2008GodBlessYou2008Maand geleden
    • ok stop it

      Marcel SkurczyńskiMarcel Skurczyński21 dag geleden
  • I can't wait for a happy holidays video lol

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  • He is sims character

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  • This is autumn 😂

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    • @apetor ye

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    • Yes, why funny?

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  • Yh! Y YH!

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  • Nice video, Nice Channel. Love from Brazil

    I-*MODIFICADO*- II-*MODIFICADO*- IMaand geleden
    • Thank you

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  • You, my friend, are a living legend. Don't stop doing what you genuinely enjoy. Love from Lithuania

    DynaxDynaxMaand geleden
  • apetor videos are known to be him and his environment so it's funny seeing someone in the background

    Linus BakoiLinus BakoiMaand geleden
  • I love you Apetor.

    GiantClockGiantClockMaand geleden
  • Nature loves a bit of harmless madness.

    Andrew JohnsonAndrew JohnsonMaand geleden
  • Bi bi!!

    Andrew JohnsonAndrew JohnsonMaand geleden
    • eep! eep!

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  • Imagine seeing this guy in public, what the hell

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  • this channel makes me so happy, thank you for making these

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  • snart en million jo!

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  • go to Antarctica sometime

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  • Very nice video!

    Дмитрий РодинДмитрий РодинMaand geleden
    • Thank you!

      apetorapetorMaand geleden
  • Skål från narbon från Sveriges västkust 😊 jag är usikker på stanelsen 🤣 yp yp

    marcus eklundmarcus eklundMaand geleden
  • Wolves?

    Aleksandar MilojevićAleksandar MilojevićMaand geleden
  • Weather: 'freezing temperatures outside' Apetor: "yaay"

    lobotomylobotomyMaand geleden
  • Guys i must ask, is this man actually sane?

    envy beatsenvy beatsMaand geleden
  • I always wanted my life to be like this guy's, like being alone, going to the sea even if its cold.

    Ad AstraAd AstraMaand geleden
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!

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  • I have a question, where is the snow and ice, where is winter?

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  • links zwo drei vier!

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  • The firs video that I watched from your channel is the Volvo V40 video

    Aaron DsouzaAaron DsouzaMaand geleden
    • Welcome here, thanks for watching

      apetorapetorMaand geleden
  • Did anyone else notice the bug land on the yellow plant at 0:40? cool

    YumPwncakezPSYumPwncakezPSMaand geleden
    • @apetor the man the myth the legend, thanks for the vids!

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    • Cool that you saw it👍🏽

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  • love your videos, what do u do for a living?

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  • Love watching your videos apetor

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  • You're really good, I like that kind of nonsense. Sometimes I do it too :-) :-) And I really like the Norwegian landscape :-) Hi !

    Petr PodroužekPetr PodroužekMaand geleden
  • Hahaha always funny 😀

    Szalone MordkiSzalone MordkiMaand geleden
  • are you doing that for good content and views plz say yes bcs im worry

    Five XFive XMaand geleden
    • I don’t understand exactly what you mean, but I try to make good content and I hope for views.

      apetorapetorMaand geleden
  • i was at that small beach in august, just found it randomly haha

    stary pesstary pesMaand geleden
  • It's so wholesome

    Ya Boi SlameyeYa Boi SlameyeMaand geleden
  • great apetor... as always. next dive can you show more seabed? thank you!!

    MEMEMaand geleden
  • ...and the Oscar goes to - Apetor!!! love your sense of humour and VOLVOS hahaha - Vodka rozgrzewa od środka! :) Greetings from Poland! Cheers and NA ZDROWIE! Skål!

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  • Go to 1million subscriber✌️

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  • 🌈✌🏼💚💚💚

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  • Is it a baltic sea ?

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  • Look at 1:27. Those poor people saw a legend. And didn't know.

  • Masterpiece

    Branislav MajkuthBranislav MajkuthMaand geleden
  • During these times you are the only cure for me. You and your videos just radiate tranquility. Thank for constantly putting a smile on my face : )

    Mr.HeixelxMr.HeixelxMaand geleden
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  • It's genuous...

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  • Jul meny på Bohus - Ribbe og Pølse med surkål.

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  • Almost 1 million subscribers

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  • 挪威真是个好地方

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  • what is wrong with this animal?

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  • This guy is amazing.

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  • adopt me, master of life, please

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  • great editing, beautiful rocks. eep

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  • Always gotta have the vodka

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  • Here we see a real man in his natural habitat

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  • *aaaahhhhh*

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  • almost at 1 million subs!

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  • My boy apetor is immune to fire, freezing, cancer, salmonella, coma. The Norvegian SuperMan. What's your kryptonite man? Alcohol free beer?

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  • eine Legende bist du

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  • Thank you for making me laugh everyday and sharing the beautiful scenery of Norway🙂

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  • Nice, Larvik, my home town :D

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  • I’m Vietnamese🇻🇳 and I love you ❤️

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    • Thank you! Greetings from far-away-Norway😊

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  • waiting the merry christmas 2020

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  • 2:28 those hair are legendary :D btw >great film like always:). eeep eeepp

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  • Ehrenmann

    MelvinMelvin2 maanden geleden
  • everyone havin midlife crisis at his age and hes just havin fun

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  • Ha ha

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  • Racing rat

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  • Ha ha ha speeda speed

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  • Ok. Super

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  • I love these videos! Keep it up Apetor!

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  • i would love to go there! i love cool structures

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  • My No Norway November challenge: FAILED

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  • Heil apetor

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