13 nov. 2020
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  • [TREASURE ‘음 (MMM)’ DANCE COVER CONTEST] ▶️ Participation Period : 2020.11.12(Thu) ~ 2020.12.7(Mon) 11:59PM (KST) ▶️ More Information :

    TREASURE (트레저)TREASURE (트레저)Maand geleden
    • Haaaaa

      Erza JomeErza Jome2 dagen geleden
    • cuando se termine todo esto del virus vengan a argentina o lloro

      stan twicestan twice3 dagen geleden
    • treasure best boys

      stan twicestan twice3 dagen geleden
    • Treasure ! Sesaranghae !💙😂

      Jiwa SantaiJiwa Santai10 dagen geleden
    • Don't mind me i'm just leaving ma comment here. Ok i wanna say VOTE TREASURE IN SMA PLEASE !! We're wayy behind.

      •Starlight••Starlight•12 dagen geleden
  • Asahi really suit Jack Sparrow he’s a weirdo indeed huhu these kids are so uwu love them so much

    KinderJiyKinderJiy4 uur geleden
  • park elsa my love,,, PLS SJJSJSJ

    Mihua ;;Mihua ;;9 uur geleden

    yuki_ choiyuki_ choi14 uur geleden
  • Jihoon ya

    Key Wi KyuKey Wi Kyu16 uur geleden
  • elsaaa

    Siti AisyahSiti Aisyah20 uur geleden
  • Last time i saw Jisoo being a pretty & elegant Elsa, then there’s Jihoon being this Elsa...........

    KeziaKeziaDag geleden
  • Junghwan is the cutest minnion i have ever seen.

    Paiya VatateerakunPaiya VatateerakunDag geleden
  • Junghwan is so cute.

    Paiya VatateerakunPaiya VatateerakunDag geleden
  • spongebob low budget -,-

    hyuckhyuckDag geleden
  • 1:23 my lil taetae😭😂

    MI shMI shDag geleden
  • Cuteeeeeesy

    irafaith bombeoirafaith bombeoDag geleden
  • Plagiat WayV😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    ленина леналенина ленаDag geleden
  • Elsa woke up today and chose violence

    carat 245carat 245Dag geleden
  • Elsa cepetan tobat dicari anna

    짱treasure짱treasureDag geleden
  • Oh look at Haruto, he's so cute, but still so cool hehe

    Allia_ lah:3Allia_ lah:3Dag geleden
  • 1:20 Snow white shot everyone :DDDDDD

    Azra Gacha TRAzra Gacha TRDag geleden
  • Mengulangi kebengekan hiks

    ᄏᄏYGfamᄏᄏYGfamDag geleden
  • LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    vidinila vidividinila vidi2 dagen geleden
  • Hyunsuk’s “PEACH-YA” had me crying from laughter!!

    Milena KocicMilena Kocic2 dagen geleden
  • 0:39 jihoon screaming:🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 My God ... I'm laughing so hard that I'm even without 1:04 The real minion 1:57 Get out of the way the mashiho square pants are passing

    мc_ łızkσσkмc_ łızkσσk2 dagen geleden

    Ruby AlexisRuby Alexis2 dagen geleden
  • I am honestly say that this frozen is soo hot !

    Tabish NaeemTabish Naeem2 dagen geleden

    danyella joyaaadanyella joyaaa2 dagen geleden
  • why hyunsuk said peach ?

    Atiqah RashidAtiqah Rashid2 dagen geleden
  • Mampir

    Puji AstutikPuji Astutik2 dagen geleden
  • I wanna be park jihoons best friend.....oh sorry I mean Elsa!! 😩💕

    Iqra AsimIqra Asim2 dagen geleden
  • I won't looking at elsa the same way as before 😂😂😂😂

    Adhila AnggraeniAdhila Anggraeni2 dagen geleden
  • Наши принцессы самые лучшие

    Катя СмирноваКатя Смирнова2 dagen geleden
  • hyunsuk is really cute with his mario costume UwU

    Prince JinniePrince Jinnie2 dagen geleden
  • Princess Jilsa we love u...

    Prince JinniePrince Jinnie2 dagen geleden
  • LMAO I didn't even recognize Asahi in the Jack Sparrow costume!

    Dubu WubuDubu Wubu3 dagen geleden
  • Getting robotsahi flashbacks

    SoyaASoyaA3 dagen geleden
  • Cute²💓💓😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Hanjabam RoshitaHanjabam Roshita3 dagen geleden
  • Cute😊😊😊😚😚

    Pawara JeewanthaPawara Jeewantha3 dagen geleden
  • I don't know their names but peep the one dressed as a ladybug just sliding on the floor at 1:26

    SandritaSandrita3 dagen geleden
    • It's HARUTO

      Kamali T S VIII AKamali T S VIII A3 dagen geleden

    spritecoolspritecool3 dagen geleden
  • Elsa worked out lately

    Hyunjin KimHyunjin Kim3 dagen geleden
  • Pisang🍌 sate 🍢hmmmm

    Widia DarmaWidia Darma3 dagen geleden
  • Wooow nice 💖💖🐨

    Muzalfa MunawarMuzalfa Munawar3 dagen geleden
  • All army know kim taehyung wear snow white dress toooooo.

    nusrat jahannusrat jahan3 dagen geleden
  • Muscles Elsa...why stylish let jihoon wear Elsa clothesline with jihoon's muscles body..😂😂😂😂😂my whole attention was to jihoon with that dress and his body and the macho dance he has given is perfect match😁

    mochi kikimochi kiki4 dagen geleden
  • mom i want to eat my brain

    Koyaslost pillowKoyaslost pillow4 dagen geleden
  • kak jihoon loe kocak bgt shshshsh

    vania putrivania putri4 dagen geleden
  • Hahahahaha still laughing at elsa, why is he more beautiful than me

    Jisoo Dalgom1995Jisoo Dalgom19954 dagen geleden
  • For the new T-MAKERS : Elsa: Jihoon Snow white: Doyoung Spongebob: Mashiho Pinocchio: Ye Dam Jack the sparrow: Asahi Ladybug: Haruto Super Mario: Hyun suk Aladdin:Junkyu The little prince: Yoshi Minion: Junghwan Sailor: Jaehyuk Robot: Jeongwoo Be welcome to the family💎 Give a lot of love to our boys

    Maria Perez SandovalMaria Perez Sandoval4 dagen geleden
  • Este es un grupo de treasure donde se hacen juegos y dinamicas dividido por team de los miembros

    Brai RochaBrai Rocha4 dagen geleden
  • 😂😂🤣

    Afnanbsnax XAfnanbsnax X4 dagen geleden
  • 🌿¡Hola! Buscamos fans de TREASURE para un grupo de teumes en español. Hacemos juegos y dinámicas, ¡únanse!🌿

    Cande LlCande Ll4 dagen geleden
  • ffffffffairrrre

    One of a KindOne of a Kind4 dagen geleden
  • one of a kind loves treasure ahahhhhhhhhhh

    One of a KindOne of a Kind4 dagen geleden
  • I want to learn KOrean so bad

    One of a KindOne of a Kind4 dagen geleden
  • i know your on zoom

    One of a KindOne of a Kind4 dagen geleden
  • esangsangteaaaaaaa

    One of a KindOne of a Kind4 dagen geleden
  • ma loveeeeeeeeeeee

    One of a KindOne of a Kind4 dagen geleden
  • you tooo kind

    One of a KindOne of a Kind4 dagen geleden
  • thank you very much for being alive

    One of a KindOne of a Kind4 dagen geleden
  • treasure's treasure

    One of a KindOne of a Kind4 dagen geleden
  • my treasure my loveeeeeeeeeee

    One of a KindOne of a Kind4 dagen geleden
  • let me treasure you

    One of a KindOne of a Kind4 dagen geleden
  • dont worry and sleeep

    One of a KindOne of a Kind4 dagen geleden
  • i like it and you also like it

    One of a KindOne of a Kind4 dagen geleden
  • treasure you

    One of a KindOne of a Kind4 dagen geleden
  • let me treasure you

    One of a KindOne of a Kind4 dagen geleden
  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    One of a KindOne of a Kind4 dagen geleden
  • Amzm.mmmm

    Carolina VillenaCarolina Villena4 dagen geleden
  • 완전 구ㅣ엽~!!!!

    bw&jibw&ji4 dagen geleden
  • My treasure 12 Teume is very happy now 🥰🥰🥰🥰 this comeback is really healing us!

    Sila Setia M. P.Sila Setia M. P.4 dagen geleden
  • Mashi always caught my attention

    JUNKYU_TRSRJUNKYU_TRSR4 dagen geleden
  • I am so worried with Jihoon and Doyoung :'v dancing with that kind costume kkkkk

    Sila Setia M. P.Sila Setia M. P.4 dagen geleden
  • My treasure 9 Make it 10 and then i will take a rest then. Brb

    Sila Setia M. P.Sila Setia M. P.4 dagen geleden
  • Elsa is a whole mood

    Tenzin DhaselTenzin Dhasel4 dagen geleden
  • It also jisoo blackpink was weared Elsa outfit.

    Salma dourhmiSalma dourhmi4 dagen geleden
  • How can u dance those dangerous step with these shitty costumes 😰😰😰😰😨😨😨😰😥😌😌

    Antara Sarkar basakAntara Sarkar basak5 dagen geleden
  • I'm changing I love treasure now no more BTS but suga is there

    Antara Sarkar basakAntara Sarkar basak5 dagen geleden
  • مين السا تكفون😭😭

    vixe_23vixe_235 dagen geleden
  • What yoshi characters?

    Nurul SyaryaniNurul Syaryani5 dagen geleden
  • okay what is on hyunsuk's neck tho

    Hayley NiethHayley Nieth5 dagen geleden

    Manuel GeraldinoManuel Geraldino5 dagen geleden
  • theyre so cute in here omf😭😭

    II5 dagen geleden
  • Udh nonton berkali-kali ttp aja ngakak, haha

    ernnmaernnma5 dagen geleden
  • hlo aku nonton ulang

    naifanaifa5 dagen geleden
  • I'm just laughing from beginning of the vid till the end HAHAHAHHA

    Hamida AbdullahHamida Abdullah5 dagen geleden
  • watched this so many times now haha

    1 2 3 4 5 61 2 3 4 5 65 dagen geleden
  • I only know PARK ELSA

    PearlPearl5 dagen geleden
  • Haruto omg ♥️

    Veyaya SanggaVeyaya Sangga5 dagen geleden
  • Aku suka mashiho

    Novita sr2504Novita sr25046 dagen geleden
  • Doyoung 🤝 Taehyung 🤝 Rowoon 🤝 Kun

    Errica SimpsonErrica Simpson6 dagen geleden
  • O Mashiho de Bob EsponjaKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

    Agatinha ManeiraAgatinha Maneira6 dagen geleden
  • This video is a representation of what happened to 2020: CHAOTIC BUT WE WERE ABLE TO MAKE IT. LOVE YOU TREASURE

    Angela JulianoAngela Juliano6 dagen geleden

    EuryhelEuryhel6 dagen geleden
  • Elsa is the best ahaha

    EuryhelEuryhel6 dagen geleden
  • Votes on sma make sure to visit vlive and tap hearts in treasure's upcoming countdown live! let's give them 1 billion hearts and witness how cute their reactions would be!! ^^

    Just KyuJust Kyu6 dagen geleden
  • هههههه

    crazy girlcrazy girl6 dagen geleden
  • هههههههه 😂😂❤️

    crazy girlcrazy girl6 dagen geleden
  • Mereka bgtu lucu😂arrhggh aku tdk bsa brhnti trtawa😂bgaimna mrka bsa menyelesaikan satu lagu dgan kostum kostum itu wah psti sgat tdak nyaman..tpi mreka hebat aku terhiburr😂💙aku mencintai kalian treasure 💙

    Cucu Cindy HerawatiCucu Cindy Herawati6 dagen geleden
  • Pra quem tá se perguntando quando o Minion perdeu o sapato foi em 1:16 mds, ri muito AHUSHSUAHUSHAUHS

    Giovanna AndreoGiovanna Andreo6 dagen geleden
  • keinget elsanya wayv😭 ✨treasure multi talent✨

    MYteumezenMYteumezen6 dagen geleden
  • after watching this ...who suddenly remembered bts go go halloween version......omo they all look sooo cute

    my worldmy world6 dagen geleden
  • Ohhhhh god this Elsa is iconic What his name?

    Googl AyaGoogl Aya7 dagen geleden