Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Among Us | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #2

3 okt. 2020
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Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Among Us | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #2
Win by completing tasks to prepare the ship or ejecting all impostors
React quickly to find the imposter
Check the admin map and security cameras to keep tabs on other Crewmates

  • Good job

    sherhubbsherhubb56 minuten geleden
  • Here’s another trick I learnt not by this vid : if you use your sabatoge trick and close the doors of medbay you can vent to Esther security or electrical and kill a crewmate then vent back to med bay acting like you never vented to security or electrical, hope this was a good imposter idea

    VenusVenusUur geleden
  • I already knew all of these tricks

    syed husainsyed husain2 uur geleden
  • am i the only one when i get killed i forget who killed me

    Synia EleySynia Eley4 uur geleden
  • Me: Yay I have a asteroids **Calls an emergency meeting Me: I have asteroids Everyone else: **votes me Me: ... (If you want to witness it go to my channel)

    Siddhita’s WorldSiddhita’s World4 uur geleden
  • I can do the swipe card in one swipe LMFAO

    lmaolmao4 uur geleden
  • are you the canadian lad

    Suman SinghSuman Singh6 uur geleden
  • How do you know:/

    Anthony KimpuAnthony Kimpu6 uur geleden
  • I’m a boss AT CARD SWIPE ✨😌💅🏼

    Lisa YTLisa YT6 uur geleden
  • If Your Red You Will Never Win

  • thank that tips and trick

    rufino cruzrufino cruz8 uur geleden
  • Also who got the butter fingers will be ez

    Chariz Josphy CabralChariz Josphy Cabral10 uur geleden
  • Me: why every one is not liking me :( Everyone:because you suck Me:I’m good at tower of hell Everyone:we are not talking about tower of hell Me:*plays among us* Red: u vented orange Me:what is vent? Red:I forgot! Me:*plays tower of hell* The end

    Sean Cyrus HiboSean Cyrus Hibo11 uur geleden
    • Like me!

      Sean Cyrus HiboSean Cyrus Hibo11 uur geleden
  • This was so great🔥

    Cʜʀɪsᴛʏ ZᴏᴇCʜʀɪsᴛʏ Zᴏᴇ11 uur geleden
  • My brain do medium seupe to easy like a god swipper

    kylle gamerkylle gamer12 uur geleden
  • im verry gooded at swipink a card

    jaden dela cruzjaden dela cruz14 uur geleden
  • I been knew yhe card

    Tiny BeanTiny Bean14 uur geleden
  • 5:16 any one noticed that box is flying.

    MONTAGE Gaming OPMONTAGE Gaming OP15 uur geleden
  • I just suck at imposter 😭

    SophiaSophia16 uur geleden
  • I would love to use these but I never remember anything

    { G h o s t i e }{ G h o s t i e }21 uur geleden
  • Actually you can finish the divert power task in the reactor, but you cannot in weapons.

    Demonic DragonDemonic DragonDag geleden
    • Also when you do the medbay scan with someone else watching you, they can kill you and then just vent.

      Demonic DragonDemonic DragonDag geleden
  • My tip is to kill near a vent then go in the vent and go somewhere away from the dead body

    JasperDONOTHACK123JasperDONOTHACK123Dag geleden
  • Last video I tap on the Shhhhh button and made me keep being imposter

    mookieluv17mookieluv17Dag geleden
  • Random person: blue is sus Everyone: sounds reasonable Random person: red faked download it was to quick he did it in 5 seconds instead of 9 seconds! Everyone: that’s very sus of you to say such true information let’s vote him out for having proof

    Syria JohnsonSyria JohnsonDag geleden
  • The best tips and tricks i subscribed :)))

  • Mara mous

    Avita ShindeAvita ShindeDag geleden
  • Card swiping is easy for me ;-)

  • I did that

    Jonilo LorejasJonilo LorejasDag geleden
  • Thanku for the tips

    harsh Vasaniharsh VasaniDag geleden
  • In the last one atully if you will just stand their everyone who is going will think that you are sus and then in emergency meeting everyone will vote us

    The beautiful unicornThe beautiful unicornDag geleden
  • *me do swipe card just 1 try*lol lol lol im perfect lol you guys cant do it HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 😂😂😂


  • I swipe cards is ez

    Briana katniss BartolomeBriana katniss BartolomeDag geleden
  • I have see you all videos

  • When you say that thing with faking a task Then they are 100% imposter thats not right they could be crewmate and just stranding there for some reason

    Marta NielsenMarta Nielsen2 dagen geleden
  • Thx

    princes rainbow unicorn loverprinces rainbow unicorn lover2 dagen geleden
  • THANKS 🤩🤩🤩🤪

    shivani arorashivani arora2 dagen geleden
  • Wow this is so usfull aspecally the coms ive been strugeling THx

    Jose LiraJose Lira2 dagen geleden
  • I can do the card swipe on the first try

    ISYIASE PC and Gaming ChannelISYIASE PC and Gaming Channel2 dagen geleden
  • Make more plz 😙

    Hasib AhmadzaiHasib Ahmadzai2 dagen geleden
  • Let play a ang us

    Denise OrtiguerraDenise Ortiguerra2 dagen geleden
  • Rubic cube ki video dekho 👇👇👇👇👇

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  • 🥳🥳🥳

    estela samar rebuyonestela samar rebuyon2 dagen geleden
  • I kown the admin

    Sue Jewel Cossie RamosSue Jewel Cossie Ramos2 dagen geleden
  • at 1:20 mobile or pc (bluestacks) users are an exception since that theres literally impossible to straighten the movement keys right?

    Charles Louie DalusungCharles Louie Dalusung2 dagen geleden
  • Thank you so much, this will help me soooo MUCH. :)

    lunarlunar2 dagen geleden
  • Nice thanks for sharing

    Infinite GamerInfinite Gamer2 dagen geleden
  • WOW

    นาง สม บุญมีนาง สม บุญมี2 dagen geleden
  • Simple way to swipe card at admin: Swipe the card at any speed and hold it half a second in the end ,and release 🤗

    Nithoo RameshNithoo Ramesh2 dagen geleden
  • *Clash Universe* Does it work? *Me* Yeah! You are the best. I searched in whole _NLworld_ but only your (#1, #2, #3, etc ) are true. Thank you sooo much! So that's why you have _3,450,000+ Subscribers_ & you got _11,790,503 views._ *:D :) ;) ʕ•ٹ•ʔ* 🇮🇳🇮🇳 *_LOVE FROM INDIA_* 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • wow amazing game tips

  • For me, i just hold it down and swipe it slow but a bit fast

    ʚ Emiko ɞʚ Emiko ɞ2 dagen geleden
  • Am pro at curd swep one time and good

    KittyGirl123KittyGirl1232 dagen geleden
  • Did you say rum

    Ander RoblesAnder Robles2 dagen geleden
  • Do more plz

    Zoe MudgeZoe Mudge2 dagen geleden
  • Can you give me the pet dog do you have ln I Among Us

    Michelle CoxMichelle Cox2 dagen geleden
  • Best vid ever

    GaminglikeLeviGaminglikeLevi2 dagen geleden
  • Now the imposters have found this out

    GreenBon XGreenBon X2 dagen geleden
  • nani

    Vicec YamamotoVicec Yamamoto3 dagen geleden
  • I don’t use the door trick because When I sabotage i’m too slow to close the door that is in electrical

    michelle limichelle li3 dagen geleden
  • The last one not a good strategy why Because if live the dead body every one now you impostor 🤔🤔

    Amani & Aisy WorldAmani & Aisy World3 dagen geleden
  • Remind me not to play with you

    SoftrainSoftrain3 dagen geleden
  • Me as an imposter: doesn't get voted Disconnection: fine i will do it myself

    Unknown7964Unknown79643 dagen geleden
  • 5.12 saymon says

    Shubhani GuptaShubhani Gupta3 dagen geleden

    أفكار جهنميةأفكار جهنمية3 dagen geleden
  • الله

    Sara AlmSara Alm3 dagen geleden
  • The last trick was really awesome

    Hargun KaurHargun Kaur3 dagen geleden
  • I can’t run and sabotage im on phone

    Orange the DragonOrange the Dragon3 dagen geleden
  • Cubing sekho 👇👇👇👇

    Speed CuberSpeed Cuber3 dagen geleden

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  • 😻 i love it

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  • Wow a good IQ

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  • Can you send a video how to fix light

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  • I subscribe it is your torn😄

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  • People say this will get a lot of likes if u say a word so here it goes. e

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  • Those tips actually work. The only problem is the players are stupid•••

    bob the sadistbob the sadist3 dagen geleden
  • Last round someone faked admin swipe task and he was crewmate and i was so damn confused

    Nynkee !!Nynkee !!3 dagen geleden
  • One More Time” was not the impostor

    aku descaaku desca3 dagen geleden
  • I don't think I am able to remember it all🥺

    Louis #Louis #4 dagen geleden
  • Do pubg tip and tricks plz😭😭

    Raul PubgRaul Pubg4 dagen geleden

    Dracc JrDracc Jr4 dagen geleden
  • There was this person who sabotaged me in cams and then started venting in front of me. Instead of going to med Bay he didn't stop so I ran to the button pressed it and voted him out.

    karuna singhkaruna singh4 dagen geleden
  • 3:44 When I sabotage I will get stuck and they will vote me out =(

    Anay SanjithAnay Sanjith4 dagen geleden
  • For venting techniques, you can go into a vent in electrical, the crewmate will go right into storage. You vent to medbay and get ready to kill them. ONLY DO THIS IF YOUR KILL COOLDOWN IS LOW

    TopPhoenixTopPhoenix4 dagen geleden
  • Uhh admins not a map

    Portia DuvallPortia Duvall4 dagen geleden
  • Subscribe my channel for among us video

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  • Among Us Fun Fact: This Game was Created by only 3 people! (Forest W., Marcus Bromander and Amy Liu)

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  • Wow I play among us and these tips and tricks are great

    Satyadr73 NarayanaSatyadr73 Narayana4 dagen geleden
  • In elec whenever I try to vent and kill mostly 3 are there and by chance I kill one , other using ur trick to hide behind the killed one 😭😭 Votes- .... Praveen was the imposter

    Praveen SharmaPraveen Sharma4 dagen geleden
  • Thincks

    Farooq SanFarooq San4 dagen geleden
  • Excuse me how to close the gate

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  • who knows raknee games

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  • 1 room flat if I'm

    Gacha CatGacha Cat4 dagen geleden
  • Body hideing is bad

    Tiffany ShackletonTiffany Shackleton4 dagen geleden
  • I will play among us as name pexa

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  • Nice video bro love from india

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