Top 10 VR Games OF ALL TIME

15 mei. 2020
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Hello! Welcome to my list of the top 10 (TEN) VR Games of ALL TIME
VR has been a massive hobby and passion of mine for years now and will all of that experience I have been very happy to see some amazing games release. I have certainly noticed the quality of titles released over the past couple years has drastically increased, but the past still holds some goodies that you seriously need to play! I will also be ranking my own choices with the top 10 VR games that the community chose. So.. enjoy!
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    ThrillSeekerThrillSeeker6 maanden geleden
    • What are the second game?...the name.

      Miguel Soeiro CantarinoMiguel Soeiro Cantarino25 dagen geleden
    • I think you should have mentioned the mods for Boneworks bc there are sooooo many mod weapons and maps.

      IchMagHolzIchMagHolzMaand geleden
    • Why is it that I can't get immersed in a vr game?

      ًً4 maanden geleden
    • No mention of backflipping Sairento? That's a shame.

      Mickael ChiassonMickael Chiasson5 maanden geleden
    • i remember getting motion sickness from a none vr game. bio-shock infinite. but i think it mostly had to do with the fov and where it was set. anything below 90 fov makes me sick, which is why i love skyrim where you can open the console and type in your personal preference instead of the stupid small selection of fov in the game settings.

      52262522626 maanden geleden
  • So...VR Chat. Yeah. Admittedly I'm fairly new to VR, but I think everyone else's early experiences with VR Chat must be far different than mine. The people I've met in there are best summed up as a combination of people who are drunk, high, or both and kids so young their voices still squeak making dick and fart jokes. And there's a disturbing number of people who fall into both categories.

    Kris SiskKris Sisk5 uur geleden
  • Heres my list of my top 10 best vr games List: 10:pistol wip 9:echo combat 8:blade and sorcery 7: I forgot but its start wars 6:bone works 5:rec room 4: VR chat 3:hotdogs and hoursshoes and handgernads 2:half life Alyx 1: PAVOLOV VR &ONWORD VR

    Elxin YTElxin YT2 dagen geleden
  • Best games: 1: beatsaber 2: Ironlights 3: echo 4: I expect you to die 5: Waltz of the wizard 6: squadrons vr

    Neumo500Neumo5002 dagen geleden
  • Great video. Arizona Sunshine is still in my top 3!

    Jarrett CrippenJarrett Crippen3 dagen geleden
  • Watching to the end to find out nearly no PS VR game is included. Might help next time you say at the beginning an add to the title "top 10 VR Games for PC"!? Without PSVR the list is missing some really good games like you show at the end with astrobot e.g.

    Sebastian WilkenSebastian Wilken4 dagen geleden
  • Until You Fall is a great roguelite style dungeon crawler for VR, particularly because the wild flailing that works so well in most VR sword fighting games DOESN'T work too well there, with how every move to actually deal damage or block an attack requires a specific angle in order to register, and if you don't slow down enough to hit those angles, it actually takes a lot longer and is a lot more tiring than doing it right.

    spamuel98spamuel985 dagen geleden
  • Imagine rust vr

    Jay ReedJay Reed5 dagen geleden
  • Subnautica not being in this video is a crime against humanity

    Ian ChampionIan Champion6 dagen geleden
  • I would put Blade and Sorcery much higher and also WHERE'S THE FUCK ASGARD'S WRATH. The rest of the list is very relatable.

    TompioTompio7 dagen geleden
  • No blade and sorcery? How rude lol

    Silent WatcherSilent Watcher7 dagen geleden
  • Population: One

    GeosephGeoseph7 dagen geleden
  • 1: HALF-LIFE: ALYX 2: Beat Saber 3: Pistol Whip 4: Blade and Sorcery 5: Until you fall 6: The Climb 7:Iron lights VR games I still want to try: VR Chat Pavlov Echo Many, Many more I'm just a little VR baby so I've got lots to catch up on

    ZumiHaraZumiHara8 dagen geleden
  • No mans sky. Subnautica. Crisis VRgade. Thief simulator. Duck season. Undead development. Deisim. Pixel ripped. Space pirate trainer. I know that is only nine games but I am only 3 months new to vr.

    DJ HOTASDJ HOTAS8 dagen geleden
  • SuperHot must be on everyone’s list. It’s a law.

    VidaGoGoVidaGoGo9 dagen geleden
  • I have a feeling this list is going to look a lot different say 2-4 years from now

    michael chowmichael chow10 dagen geleden
  • Which version of Pavlov did you mean. Steam or sideloaded or other please?

    Chris TaylorChris Taylor10 dagen geleden
  • Is it sad that I guessed this entire list?

    RaylexRaylex10 dagen geleden
  • Whats the game called that has the people you can kill with swords

    Moldy dog FartMoldy dog Fart10 dagen geleden
  • Saints and sinners is one of the worst game i ever played, the control are so fucking bad...

    LewdGeekLewdGeek11 dagen geleden
  • VRChat is not a game its a chat... 😂🤣 IT'S IN THE NAME

    LewdGeekLewdGeek11 dagen geleden
  • making VR games exclusive is dumb, even if i had as much money as i needed for multiple VR head sets's the thing I DONT WANT MULTIPLE VR HEAD SETS. I want to own one good one

    David HerronDavid Herron11 dagen geleden
  • He forgot the best VR space sim: Elite Dangerous 😝

    Rolf HultRolf Hult11 dagen geleden
  • Now that population one is out this list is a little outdated

    noah2251noah225114 dagen geleden
    • Indeed

      GeosephGeoseph7 dagen geleden
  • Nah nothing is better than Beat Saber

    Oliver-NationOliver-Nation15 dagen geleden
  • Skyrim.... 20 times...... as if

    Zachary MullerZachary Muller16 dagen geleden
  • If boneworks isn't #1, this video is a complete lie.

    Cody AvereschCody Averesch16 dagen geleden
    • @Pugzilla don't even try and say half life was better.

      Cody AvereschCody Averesch12 dagen geleden
    • Actually in my opinion, that opinion is wrong.

      PugzillaPugzilla12 dagen geleden
  • NMS is garbage, too many robot vr games (predictive programming), skyrim sucks without mods, yet to play walking dead, beat saber is surprisingly fun, deffo want lone echo, echo arena would be amazing but the community are loathsome scum for the most part, yet to try boneworks and HLA.

    darthdudedarthdude16 dagen geleden
  • There's no way Skyrim belongs in this list

    James PowersJames Powers16 dagen geleden
  • 10:38 "boneworks has a rushed story lined" are you ok?

    AluxAlux18 dagen geleden
  • 4:17 "For a game so young.." Came out TEN YEARS ago

    AHampsterPigAHampsterPig18 dagen geleden
    • I think he's comparing to retro classics like super mario, sonic and so forth

      Daniel HughesDaniel Hughes10 dagen geleden
    • He's talking about the vr version

      ReverseJellyReverseJelly16 dagen geleden
  • To this day, I will never understand why creators don’t put the list of games in the description or in a pinned comment. It makes it so much easier to find the games without skipping through the video

    AbnormallyNormal //AbnormallyNormal //18 dagen geleden
  • Euro truck 2 VR, if you havent tried it you should it belongs on the list.

    Michael Winther AndersenMichael Winther Andersen19 dagen geleden
  • Half life looks fun

    GavygavGavygav20 dagen geleden
  • Is the Quest 2 worth it ? I have a PSVR and love it . but idk its blurry at times and the camera doesn't capture my movements as good as i wished

    collect Fine Girlscollect Fine Girls20 dagen geleden
  • When was the last time you played pavlov ThrillSeeker? On avarage there is 1 Dust 2, 3 Minecraft zombie servers all playing Minecraft zombies pandemic (ffs there are more great mc zombies maps like oasis), 1 Minecraft zombies oasis or just flat minecraft zombies (if you're lucky), 2 Prisonbreak 24/7s and the rest is ttt.

    Ege MavinilEge Mavinil21 dag geleden
  • What are the best virtual reality glasses for 2020? Love this group :)

    VRisrael2013 All rights reservedVRisrael2013 All rights reserved21 dag geleden
  • where the FUCK is h3vr

    jan zugicjan zugic23 dagen geleden
  • Currently a minute in, I am hoping ATT is on here because it is my favourite VR game. Edit: :(

    KimusabeKimusabe23 dagen geleden
  • Good list but I don't get how RE7 doesn't seem to make it into any lists???

    Azz FAzz F23 dagen geleden
  • Minecraft VR is great

    Chad RosswickChad Rosswick23 dagen geleden
  • beat saber is gay as hell

    FarmageddonFarmageddon24 dagen geleden
  • rip budget cuts

    behpibehpi24 dagen geleden
    • I know I loved budget cuts

      PugzillaPugzilla12 dagen geleden
  • everytime when people mention no mans sky VR, you know that this person did not played it. its shit.

    Mr DigitalMr Digital24 dagen geleden
  • I wish I could have Thrill’s VRchat avatar

    Aim WellAim Well25 dagen geleden
  • Don't worry quest users. The perfect replacement for Boneworks and Half Life Alyx are... Job and vacation Simulator

    Defaulty BoyDefaulty Boy26 dagen geleden
  • I don’t have a VR headset yet but thanks for the list of games. Only games I know I’ll want to play is Beat Saber and VRchat.

    Iacon DawnshireIacon Dawnshire27 dagen geleden
  • I re-bought PSVR just for Astrobot. One of the best VR games ever and it truely knows how to utilize the platform in ways many VR games do not. To be fair tho, I’m not sure if I’d put it above HLA, they’re just two very different and very good games.

    jeremyc311709jeremyc31170928 dagen geleden
  • What about H3?

    Cojo LightningCojo Lightning29 dagen geleden
  • walking dead saints and sinners....Yeaaaah i lasted trhough the turorial. the latency on the hand was horrendeus. I don´t know was it pretend to represent weight of the hands. anyways it was friking horrendeous idea. fast money spend. haven´t gone back to that after first touch.....

    MrMetaloholicMrMetaloholicMaand geleden
  • 2 months away from Chris and I may have my own Quest 2

    JayJayMaand geleden
  • 1 superfly vr 2 iron man vr 3 vrchat 4 recroom 5 blade and sorcery 6

    Sweatygamer87Sweatygamer87Maand geleden
  • not to pick at this or anything, but what you of the boneworks story and node videos is about 1% of the actual story

    Simply MeekoSimply MeekoMaand geleden
  • What's the game shown at the very start?

    CairtonCairtonMaand geleden
  • No mans sky👌👌

    Shea MoneShea MoneMaand geleden
  • If you want more story for bone works watch game theory’s explanation of it

    Videos can be GamesVideos can be GamesMaand geleden
  • next time put a list with the games man... shame the video looks ok... anyway

    Ionut TrialIonut TrialMaand geleden
  • I’ll never give no man sky another second of my life

    jay yarbroughjay yarbroughMaand geleden
  • Where’s saints and sinners?!!!

    Og SlashnderOg SlashnderMaand geleden
  • I think hotdog horseshoes and Handgranate

    Dinand KampherbeekDinand KampherbeekMaand geleden
  • psvr games like astros play bot and firewall shit on most of this list

    MordakieMordakieMaand geleden
  • I'm not a huge VR expert, but here's my top 5: 5: Robo Recall (not unplugged) 4: Job Simulator 3: Beat Saber 2: Boneworks 1: Blade and Sorcery

    Jeffrey BreaultJeffrey BreaultMaand geleden
  • VRchat is too fuckin horny for me bruh

    JeeshifiedJeeshifiedMaand geleden
  • "sad Freddy Fazbear noises"

    Kreso ZadarKreso ZadarMaand geleden
  • I just finished half life Alyx using virtual desktop and I can testify it is not only the best VR game it is the best game ever made it is the best gaming experience I have ever experienced

    Oliver WithersOliver WithersMaand geleden
  • I love you, Josh I love you marry me jesus

    InanimateObjectInanimateObjectMaand geleden
  • For anyone with a PSVR, these two are must-plays: - Astrobot - Blood & Truth And an honorable mention: - Statik (great, but short, but great) And of course, since this video dates from May 2020, it leaves out the latest VR darling as of October 2020: Star Wars: Squadrons And now I'm off to scour the Internet in search of ways of playing Stormland and Lone Echo on my Quest 2

    laffinkippahlaffinkippahMaand geleden
  • Why am I watching this I'm not buying a VR

    KardopKardopMaand geleden
  • Thrill: Everybody knows the story of no mans sky Me: ummmm.......yeeeeeeee

    Theo Elias Skorstad NygaardTheo Elias Skorstad NygaardMaand geleden
  • No job sim?

    T&M RossT&M RossMaand geleden
  • Can these all be played with the Quest 2..?

    blackl1steddrumsblackl1steddrumsMaand geleden
  • I think skyrim vr is worse AF

    Terrix TVTerrix TVMaand geleden
  • aw yeah, time to get super pissed in the comments of a top 10 video

    ExphixonExphixonMaand geleden
  • Nice video. Thanks.

    OMA ELITEOMA ELITEMaand geleden
  • "Exclisivity hurts a game's noteriety" Halo: "Hold my needler"

    LardianLardianMaand geleden
  • My current favorite gotta be the new ORIGINS update for NO MAN´S SKY... the new epic scale they brought into the landscapes is just incredible and totally immersive in VR. I don´t even do much in the game other than just walk around and photograph or film the worlds I find. They are absolutely fantastic most of them and the VR experience in NMS is now complete and perfect in my oppinion. And I just encountered the most incredible epic mountain world i´ve explored in (Origins) NMS. Check it out here:

    Luis PeresLuis PeresMaand geleden
  • why resident evil 7 is not on this list it blows some of the games from this list away like nothing. even robo recall should be here

    Vita S.Vita S.Maand geleden
  • I really wish that I could play Half-Life Alyx and enjoy it but I only have an Oculus Quest which can be hooked up to a pc and play PCVR but the graphics and the speed of the game would be so slow. Want to get a Valve Index but, I mean it is $1000 and I can’t get that money with how young I am

    Bpup09Bpup09Maand geleden
  • i like blade and sorcery

    FlorisFlorisMaand geleden

    MBSC brayMBSC brayMaand geleden
  • Cant say how many time ive woken ip on the floor in void club, dead trackers everytime.

    Star boyStar boyMaand geleden
  • Elite Dangerous looks amazing in VR btw :P

    xSS4xxSS4xMaand geleden
  • Boneworks has a great story you have to look for it also like duck season it main story goal is to set the stress level zero universe

    Nae nae misterNae nae misterMaand geleden
  • I appreciate where Beat Saber is on the list. I personally hate rhythm games and find no enjoyment to them, but can respect when other people like them. So having it #4 seems fair

    Jake ShorttJake ShorttMaand geleden
  • Where’s robo recall

    razezrazezMaand geleden
  • my top 10 list 1. All of the vader immortals (i like sky wars) 2. Blade and Sorcery 3. Beat Saber 4. Stormland 5. Minecraft 6. Robo Recall 7. Pavlov 8. Zero Caliber 9. Echo combat 10. VR chat

    Ssundee UndiesSsundee UndiesMaand geleden
  • Boneworks' story is actually really deep but it has a lot of hidden lore which stops a lot of praise for it.

    Pengalu200Pengalu200Maand geleden
  • NLworld is getting *real* comfortable with these double ads

    Surprised PikachuSurprised PikachuMaand geleden
  • whne you hear ThrillSeeker swear the you know his serious.

    ItzSStanky._ItzSStanky._Maand geleden
  • No mans sky is finaly better since patch

    Henk HHenk HMaand geleden
  • Half Live:Alyx is unbeatable

    Henk HHenk HMaand geleden
  • Pavlov vr Vrchat Beatsaber that's my top 3

    that narrator 8228that narrator 8228Maand geleden
  • hi just wondering how much space do you think these games will take up on the quest 2 all together? doom, assassin's Creed, Jurassic Park, splinter cell, population one, sniper elite, saints and sinners, starwars, the climb 2 I'm thinking around 8-10GB each meaning that just 8 games won't fit on the 64GB quest. What's your thoughts?

    James KlaroJames KlaroMaand geleden
    • Get the 256 quest, it is only £100 pounds more, else unless you are going to be going offline most of the time just uninstall and reinstall those that you want.

      OptiflexOptiflexMaand geleden
  • If that best 10, fu..k IT! VR is screwed!!

    Alex KAlex KMaand geleden
  • konojo Ayaya

    SHAGGY -OWSHAGGY -OWMaand geleden
  • AstroBot needs to be on here. Close to the second or third spot.

    Alexandre LamarreAlexandre LamarreMaand geleden
    • Did you not read the Honourable mentions, he does not play PSVR, he wishes to add them but can't Lmao.

      OptiflexOptiflexMaand geleden
  • Sad you dont have ps vr, exclusives like blood & truth, farpoint, astrobot rescue mission, Iron man, I think are in the same league as these

    Nicolas FortunaNicolas FortunaMaand geleden
  • what is it with vr chat and animie people

    The bupThe bupMaand geleden
  • I've been playing the best vr game ever made, for the last few days; Metroid Prime

    Kevin BuchananKevin BuchananMaand geleden
  • Onward my fav shooter it’s kinda like insurgency

    Jake ShabJake ShabMaand geleden