Top 10 Dumb Regular Guys Challenging Pro Fighters

17 sep. 2020
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Professional fighters who were challenged to a fight by some really dumb regular guys who had no training and received a lesson.
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  • The worst embarrassment is challenging someone, and then getting your ass beat

    Charles DongCharles DongDag geleden
  • Omg is it just me or people cant see that the guy in #9 just didnt want to hit a girl

    Jose QuavoJose Quavo2 dagen geleden
  • Your best list giv me contact numbers I'll ring 🇺🇸❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿UK Nottingham robin hood LEGENDS fam

    ste Paddyste Paddy2 dagen geleden
    • Seriously wears china MMA solid shoeshong LONDON TOOBNEVER NEW THEM LIST

      ste Paddyste Paddy2 dagen geleden
  • I know this has nothing to do with the video but I got an ad for Dr squatch on this video and I just bought the soap,shampoo,and conditioner and I have high hopes for it 😤😤

    Rub CubRub Cub2 dagen geleden
  • For a sec I actually thought it was charlie zellenoff

    Fantom ZapFantom Zap3 dagen geleden
  • Why would you dare test Carlos Or even Mike lmso

    neto reyesneto reyes3 dagen geleden
  • Halmrich vs Raab was just4fun and halmrich halmich..the girl had a lil crush on raab :D it was very funny and just for entertaining

    OoJoshioOOoJoshioO3 dagen geleden
  • 5:50 there both shite !

    Miles Of SmilesMiles Of Smiles4 dagen geleden
  • Damn I really wanna learn how to fight but I weight like 60 kg it would be ridiculous T_T

  • Can tell that black belt 🥋 never fight a human in his life😭😭

    ///AMG///AMG6 dagen geleden
  • Why does it sound like the narrator is wearing a dress and make up?

    mike jenzmike jenz8 dagen geleden
  • That was not cowboy, wow. Let’s make up names cause you found a random video,

    SOS!C sos!cSOS!C sos!c8 dagen geleden
  • 3:15 I felt that

    MettamezzMettamezz9 dagen geleden
  • This channel has adds paid promotions..joke

    Lukas HoferLukas Hofer10 dagen geleden
  • Idk you could say the guy with Uriah didn't deserve that and maybe that could be true but it was kinda clear that it wasn't hard sparring and after seeing that I landed a relatively big strike in my partner I would at least say something like "wow sorry bro" or something like that idk

    Jorge RuizJorge Ruiz11 dagen geleden
  • That combo is the same one that put cerone back in the lime light

    vandieselcuuuzvandieselcuuuz12 dagen geleden
  • Last video was so satisfying

    sandy antazosandy antazo12 dagen geleden
  • Don't challenge pros? How about don't challenge anybody. You don't know who you're messing with these days. What does a pro look like? What does a BJJ black belt look like? What does an untrained person look like? They all look the same but the trained people (girls too) will embarrass you. Be happy. Don't mess with people.

    Ranaldo BobsledRanaldo Bobsled15 dagen geleden
  • Don’t do that shit in front of your girl

    Stars N’ Stripes ForeverStars N’ Stripes Forever15 dagen geleden
  • A lot of inexperienced fighters always try to go for the head and as soon as they miss always go for sparring, if you were to get hit in your body, trust me you won’t be able to keep up the fight at the normal peace, as it gets harder for you to breathe, so yeah that’s that...

    CraZyCraZy18 dagen geleden
  • to be fair a soldier is supposed to shot his enemy not use fists.

    Sargan yamiSargan yami26 dagen geleden
  • The girl doing the arm twist thing on the guy is thicc

    NotLong OfficialNotLong Official26 dagen geleden
  • Hall was a total dick with that back kick. He got kicked in the face because his hands were down and he underestimated his opponent.

    Jason JillainJason Jillain26 dagen geleden
  • Knowing I've done 2 years of boxing and am currently doing jiu jitsu I would know not to challenge any of these guys

    rickle picklerickle pickle28 dagen geleden
  • They way you say sUcK im dead💀💀

    skit zlsskit zls28 dagen geleden
  • the reporter was just an ex wrestler... not very dangerous

    Graeme MellyGraeme Melly28 dagen geleden
  • call costa

    맨손데드300가즈아맨손데드300가즈아28 dagen geleden
  • clickbait wheres the girl in the thumbnail

    OmninmOOmninmO29 dagen geleden
  • Everyone gangster till Charlie Zelenoff walks in. 300 - 0 (UNDISBUTED-24 Hour Fitness-Welterweight Champion of the World)

    Golden GodGolden God29 dagen geleden
  • He isn't a TKD black belt, nor even a TKD fighter at all. At white belt you already learn to always keep your fists up when facing an opponent- heck, even without facing an opponent keep your fists up.

    Queen BeeQueen BeeMaand geleden
  • Jones hit him with a Left Cross**

    MR. SHARPEMR. SHARPEMaand geleden
  • Is Charlie Z finally #1 at something 🤣🤣🤣

    Dominic RaynesDominic RaynesMaand geleden
  • Really wanted to see the video template of girl arm barring the guy..

    Stevie BravoStevie BravoMaand geleden
  • I don't see CM Punk vs Mickey Gall on this list.

    Chris BaboujianChris BaboujianMaand geleden
  • The number 10 guys is lucky he didn't get his head kicked off.

    JayMck 7JayMck 7Maand geleden
  • What's the use of foot padding if your heels aren't covered?

    jon Doejon DoeMaand geleden
  • Love your work

    Bradley WhiteBradley WhiteMaand geleden
  • Make a video about Intimidating cornermen, Should be a hard one, but after you watch Bo Dini stare down george foreman, during the Ali vs Foreman fight in Zaire, you will want to make a vid :) , George didn't want to make eye contact..

    Eight08 HitManEight08 HitManMaand geleden
  • 4 ads in 10 minutes..


    lAwy GGlAwy GGMaand geleden
  • Charlie Zellenoff 148-0!

    G PowG PowMaand geleden
  • Dont challenge a pro fighter to a fight... challenge him to a pancake cooking competition, then proceed to wipe the pan with his tears

    Jon DurakJon DurakMaand geleden
  • 3:54 was def a overhand

    kolin nitruckolin nitrucMaand geleden
  • Why does the narrator sound like that dude who dry ages steaks..??

    The Red DragonThe Red DragonMaand geleden
  • 1:20 Mr. serpent hands was probably very confused why snake hands arent working.

    BrettBrettMaand geleden
  • Never challenge someone's profession with your hobby

    AndyAndyMaand geleden
  • "Body shots are just as valuable as shots to the head" Believe me any fighter knows that a body shot is MUCH more valuable than a shot to the head lol.. Body shots take your soul

    Connor MclarenConnor MclarenMaand geleden
  • I bet anything that you suck😂😂😂😂

    Tyrhol BiosphereTyrhol BiosphereMaand geleden
  • He got a black belt in oh-hell-no

    Guilty Until Proven InnocentGuilty Until Proven InnocentMaand geleden
  • That’s hall’s signature kick 🦵 I like it

    Mr PutnamMr PutnamMaand geleden
  • I like when people make videos about martial arts and have 0 experience in the sport

    Christopher ShraderChristopher ShraderMaand geleden
  • I enjoyed the sparring sessions

    kungfuchrisconwaykungfuchrisconwayMaand geleden
  • Been there done that

    Michael W.Michael W.Maand geleden
  • The liver is the weak spot

    llSELFx SOLDllllSELFx SOLDllMaand geleden
  • FFS... "I don't know if this is a fight that should really be included on this list"... understatement. Dude, this is the second video I have seen from this channel tonight. GET A GRIP ON REALITY! The main "idiot" and "dumb" person on this video is the one doing the video commentary. Maybe it is your intention to appear stupid. Maybe that is the whole point of your videos. I would say the one against Jon Jones is about the ONLY one that matches the title. You do not become good without testing yourself. Drop your big-mac and coke and get a damn grip on reality. FFS!

    Nate PoodleNate PoodleMaand geleden
  • Damn son! That a beautifully clean spinning side kick.

    Doom slayerDoom slayerMaand geleden
  • Uriah Hall is a POS. Fights people in the gym, but he's the bum in the octagon. Straight trash.

    Winter C.Winter C.Maand geleden
  • Jon knocking out that hippie dude shows Why he’s afraid to fight Izzy. Weak mindset same reason he took roids. I’m taking Izzy

    chris georgechris georgeMaand geleden
  • Who would be dumb enough to go after a trained fighter? These guys TRAIN for a living whereas street brawlers usually have day jobs. DIFFERENCE, let's be honest. It's alot of marketing now, ask Chael Sonnen

    KillaCrossover318KillaCrossover318Maand geleden
  • That ko from jones was from 2 or 3 years ago WTF are talking about. Way before he was a star lmfao 🤣

    William CervantesWilliam CervantesMaand geleden
  • To be fair Uriah Hall dropped his hands and started clowning. He deserved that head kick. You don't make out "bruh you can't touch me" then get pissy when the other dude tags you clean.

    kiero1236kiero1236Maand geleden
  • That last “black belt “ SUCKED BWALLZ.... ~NoLa BoYz MoB

    R3AP3R 2-1 ACTUALR3AP3R 2-1 ACTUALMaand geleden
  • I saw an old guy knock out a kid with a man bun. It's on NLworld.

    Thomas AndersonThomas AndersonMaand geleden
  • Is that “Halle Berry” sitting in crowd above John Jones Right Shoulder @3:33

    Mark CMark CMaand geleden
  • How you gonna talk shit on supreme patty bruh have you heard your voice? 😂😂😂 goofy

    Brandon RivasBrandon RivasMaand geleden
  • Sparring against someone better than you, but gets pissed if you get in a shot or two means you suck as a professional- some of these “pros” are babies if they can’t handle the occasional shot to the jaw, it’s why you spar, genius

    Ryan GrayRyan GrayMaand geleden
  • My first day ever sparring was against UFC fighter Montel Jackson. He immediately dropped me with a body shot and I was done lol.

    Jon EchevarriaJon EchevarriaMaand geleden
  • lol

    720 HEALTH720 HEALTHMaand geleden
  • 6:28 conor McGregor beat that guy in only 40 seconds

    Bmply 22Bmply 22Maand geleden
  • Who's the first fighter ?

    Darius SpearsDarius SpearsMaand geleden
  • Most of these guys seem really just to have fun or normally sparring, no show off or else

    arbokarbokMaand geleden
  • Charlie Zelinoff is still the street fighting king

    CountUrBlessings 117CountUrBlessings 117Maand geleden
  • Why don't challenge a Pro? Challenges are interesting because of the Power difference (maybe the "weaker" Opponent shows what he really got) or similarity (because you don't know who is now the stronger one).

    Roronoa W.Roronoa W.Maand geleden
  • And Uriah is the one showing off, not guard, doing his shitty dodge, take a head shot, and strike back hard. Dummie

    Francois PFrancois PMaand geleden
  • Uriah took a nice and clean head kick, responding with a power spinning. Not clever Uriah, you are the fool here

    Francois PFrancois PMaand geleden
  • The last one was hilarious. The rest? Meh.

    See the LightSee the LightMaand geleden
  • I like taekwondo but it doesn't teach you how to fight, it teaches you how to kick. Lmao

    Ryan FieldsRyan FieldsMaand geleden
  • why are all the pros all black????

  • Lil minge mate

    KepzTigerrKepzTigerrMaand geleden
  • The first guy is what I pictured how Trolls fight☺️

    Kenny Michael AlanyaKenny Michael AlanyaMaand geleden
  • The last guy was a faker..

    Julio RiveraJulio RiveraMaand geleden
  • Hey great video with good commentary!👍

    CALI DUDE !CALI DUDE !Maand geleden
  • Cowboy the uncrowned king

    William ColataWilliam ColataMaand geleden
  • This channel name is confusing i thought it was gonna b all videos of Tinny Lister do entertaining things, still would like that channel get made

    Jesus FarrowJesus FarrowMaand geleden
  • Lololol u have link of that girl doing an arm bar on that dud? The pic u used in every countdown

    photogdud Phphotogdud PhMaand geleden
  • Seriously, I've been waiting for a normal person to challenge Francis Ngannou

    Midoriya IzukuMidoriya IzukuMaand geleden
  • Cerrones kick was incredibly light and he didnt do it for punishment or some shit like that that kid just has a terrible chin. Also Uriah stepped into a really light kick.

    Sakis PapadSakis PapadMaand geleden
  • Stupid video and you talk too much.

    Riddled StreamRiddled StreamMaand geleden
  • Kill the body and the head will die too

    Cajun RabbitCajun RabbitMaand geleden
  • Why does he show the picture evertime he switches but never shows the incident

  • You must love Jehovah your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. You must love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus the anointed is Lord! Repent and be baptized and believe the Gospel.

    Richard RussellRichard RussellMaand geleden
  • no johnny knoxville vs butterbean ?

    truthfiltertruthfilterMaand geleden
  • Uriah hall about killed some dude with that spinning back kick can't believe he's sparring with it. I'm pretty sure he thought he killed the dude

    Neil DanielNeil DanielMaand geleden
  • 2:23 is living proof that size does NOT matter in fighting

    Andre The Great YTAndre The Great YTMaand geleden
    • The guy doesn't even know how to fight, a 12 year old could beat him lol.

      ThePSBrosThePSBros27 dagen geleden
  • More Biden ads before videos make me significantly dumber

    Chuck RogersChuck RogersMaand geleden
  • definately is eunuch who is beaten blue black.

    Mason SelfMason SelfMaand geleden
  • definately is eunuch who is beaten blue black.

    Mason SelfMason SelfMaand geleden
  • 2:50 was a fair shot, pro's hands were too low... The guy threw a high kick, didn't look he was trying to knock him out.

    BeowolfBeowolfMaand geleden
  • Cowboy n the conduit ones are my favorite 🤘🏼👊👊👊

    Eazyridin 72Eazyridin 72Maand geleden
  • Too much bla bla in your Videos..

    DJ SCHOOL 38DJ SCHOOL 38Maand geleden