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Minecraft NLworldr TommyInnit and Sidemen member KSI have BEEF. Tommy explains the reason why Sidemen fans don't like him and the angry message KSI sent him, and now he has a reply for KSI himself...
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  • Here at Happy Hour, we never miss an opportunity to put KSI in the title... well we've only gone and done one better by adding TOMMYINNIT TOO! If this video hits 6,000 likes, we'll upload ANOTHER TommyInnit clip TOMORROW! 🇳🇺

    Happy Hour PodcastHappy Hour PodcastMaand geleden

      Lazer LightLazer LightMaand geleden
    • I can’t tell if Tommy is being serious cause 6,3 don’t mean shit and although Kai has sus form he’d slap your pubic hair fringe off

      Vin LeeVin LeeMaand geleden
    • i like Tommy but its gonna take one hit for him 2 lurn his lesten

      Lazer LightLazer LightMaand geleden
    • eeeee

      TaxfooTaxfooMaand geleden
    • Sidemen Fanbase is like 2nd graders... We can just dropkick them...

      Donuts 95Donuts 95Maand geleden
  • tommy really hates ksi alot ha

    jhazara taylorjhazara taylor2 dagen geleden
  • hi tommy :)

    Kobi GallenKobi Gallen2 dagen geleden

    vale moyavale moya2 dagen geleden
  • I hate tommy

    D4rkenedD4rkened3 dagen geleden
  • Tommy seems like a really chill cool guy, I can see why he is getting all the ladies : )

    Jaz KJaz K3 dagen geleden
  • .

    finlay canavanfinlay canavan4 dagen geleden
  • people take his jokes was too seriously! i think tommy is very funny! people don't know that tommy is actually very mature for his age, go watch the video with how he's dealing with his youtube money and you'll see how he really is. mad respect for tommy!

    KaitlynKaitlyn5 dagen geleden
  • i’m a huge sidemen fan and also a huge dream smp fan lol. i think it’s funny haha

    carley desicarley desi6 dagen geleden
  • yh he called him out as a joke u made it look real -_-

    that one kid diothat one kid dio6 dagen geleden
  • Hi :) Tommy and everyone

    Samantha BakerSamantha Baker7 dagen geleden
  • 6:09 that comment is just wrong Change it to 14 year old girls and fan girl quackity and Wilbur Soot

    Hilary0718Hilary07187 dagen geleden
  • Why am I a 12 year old girl and am a fangirl for him... No joke-😫

    PearlGamerPearlGamer8 dagen geleden

    Zappatron tomZappatron tom8 dagen geleden
  • Its tommy’s bd todayyy :))

    Lindsay StraverLindsay Straver10 dagen geleden
  • It’s getting boring now he’s not going to beat JJ your meme is dead stfu

    Liam CurtisLiam Curtis10 dagen geleden
  • Just me who didn’t know who the fuck he was

    Alex ParsonsAlex Parsons10 dagen geleden
  • I wish everyone in the US knew who the Sidmen were :( and the dream smp of course

    Elisa BWElisa BW11 dagen geleden
  • what is his height thi

    ToweringVidzToweringVidz14 dagen geleden
  • I just don’t like him because he’s cringe and annoying

    ARX InfiniteARX Infinite14 dagen geleden
    • @Zekite not sure you can read but try again

      ARX InfiniteARX Infinite12 dagen geleden
    • @ARX Infinite how

      ZekiteZekite12 dagen geleden
    • @Zekite no

      ARX InfiniteARX Infinite12 dagen geleden
    • isn't Ksi the same lol

      ZekiteZekite12 dagen geleden
  • Tommyinnit would not beat KSI tommyinnit is skinny

    BayernFan and LiverpoolFanBayernFan and LiverpoolFan15 dagen geleden
    • But he’s POWERFUL

      God HerselfGod Herself15 dagen geleden
  • Young Sidemen fans love him because he is childish and has childish jokes, thats it. Older fans are not into that. It's not that deep

    Haus XHaus X17 dagen geleden
  • lit ep his obv not goign to fight a lil kid

    Tharsan JTharsan J17 dagen geleden
  • tommys just to funny

    Dawson GarrettDawson Garrett17 dagen geleden

    R_I_V_E_R GamingR_I_V_E_R Gaming18 dagen geleden
  • Hahahahaha he said he is going to fight ksi hahaha nice joke 😂😂

    iman azimieiman azimie18 dagen geleden
  • hi tommy

    BenGBenG19 dagen geleden
  • The fight between KSI and tommy would be more entertaining that the logan vs wayweather fight

    Angel CatzimAngel Catzim19 dagen geleden

    Andrej GamingAndrej Gaming19 dagen geleden
  • Rashio

    Tadeáš GubalaTadeáš Gubala20 dagen geleden
  • I don't watch Tommy but I love his interactions with ksi and the sidemen. Its all jokes and its funny

    Super fishSuper fish20 dagen geleden
  • Tommy innit is taller than KSI so i doubt he shit his pants.

    Logic BeastLogic Beast21 dag geleden
  • I actually really like Tommyinnit, he reminds me a lot of the old Ksi as they both are very wild and pretty much have no filter

    Aapo TörrönenAapo Törrönen22 dagen geleden
  • i love that tommy is joking but people are still getting pressed lol

    Krystal bradyKrystal brady24 dagen geleden
  • I don’t have a clue who he is

    SPANK TIMESPANK TIME26 dagen geleden
  • He's so cool.

    violetcupvioletcup26 dagen geleden
  • Why do I feel so proud.. it's like watching a child grow up...

    GamerzFalconGamerzFalcon27 dagen geleden
  • So how tall was Tommyinnit?

    GamerzFalconGamerzFalcon27 dagen geleden
    • @Mediocre Breakdown there is a video with proof saying he is 6.1

      BigboiGordenBigboiGorden11 dagen geleden
    • hEs 6’3 oBviOuSlY

      Mediocre BreakdownMediocre Breakdown26 dagen geleden
  • tommy looks more chubby here -

    dxnia almayradxnia almayra28 dagen geleden
    • I think he has more curls in his hair

      Crystal PawCrystal Paw17 dagen geleden
  • Y’all I’m just trying to find the one comment not taking his jokes

    JessiedoesstuffJessiedoesstuff29 dagen geleden
  • two sociopaths milking their sheep dry.

    DavidDavidMaand geleden
  • "N***A YOU ALIVE?!??!?!?!"

    GucciAK47s RBLXGucciAK47s RBLXMaand geleden
  • When I was watching this video I saw sidemen as my recommendation video😂😂

    Xx_Shadow Galaxy_xXXx_Shadow Galaxy_xXMaand geleden
  • Marcus Rashio

    TsurukiRibbonTsurukiRibbonMaand geleden
  • me just like nooo im an 11 year old girl :

    tori & liv ୨୧tori & liv ୨୧Maand geleden
  • tommy: yah! no.... so uh.. me: wdym???

    Bo0_Bo0_Maand geleden

    Dripster SansDripster SansMaand geleden
  • Watching these podcast relize how much stolen personality tommyinnit have, yes theyre stolen from the one and only Jack Manifold

    ellieraeellieraeMaand geleden
  • me a twelve year old girl subbed to tommy : 🧍🏻‍♀️

    ellie roseellie roseMaand geleden
  • og sidemen fans know that this is literally how all of them were back in like 2013-15. Just the next generation.

    CharliesidsCharliesidsMaand geleden
  • Tommy looks so different

    Hannaaa :DHannaaa :DMaand geleden
    • I think it's the camera

      Crystal PawCrystal Paw17 dagen geleden
  • I was abt to start unsubscribing to Tommy until i scrolled down into the comments saying this is fake. Thanks guys, i would've done something horrible without you guys

    Tino DeFabioTino DeFabioMaand geleden
  • bro dis sidman veiwers are agy and fucking loser lmao

    afizzleafizzleMaand geleden
  • Hi tommy

    KnightMKnightMMaand geleden
  • The fact that tommy is taller than jj

    oscar rivasoscar rivasMaand geleden
  • I’m taking a shiiiiiiiiiiiiit🤩

    BouclesBouclesMaand geleden
  • rahtio

    HerethiccHerethiccMaand geleden
  • 0:11 how does he do it with a straight face😂

    XP ComputerXP ComputerMaand geleden
  • Imo Tommy might be the first youtuber/streamer to go truly massive as a mainstream entertainer. Imagine he gets booked for I'm a celeb...

    oliver gilleoliver gilleMaand geleden
  • i only see comments about ppl saying that some sidemen fans hate tommy but i havent seen a comment about ppl mentioning tommy fans hating the sidemen im actually a fan of both so this “beef” (clearly a joke) aint for me

    CyteemoezCyteemoezMaand geleden
  • Tommy: ✨𝘄𝗶𝗹𝗯𝘆 𝘀𝗸𝗼𝗼𝘁✨

    Rileyy1208 69Rileyy1208 69Maand geleden
  • 😂😂😂

    NotDanNotDanMaand geleden
  • Tommy fanbase is bunch if 12 year olds who fangirls him, same for carl and dream, and sidemen fanbase is a bunch of strong man who can handle jokes

    StolenPantsXDStolenPantsXDMaand geleden
    • - the tommyinnit pfp edit: fuck i didnt get the joke i look like a fool now

      totallynotrealtotallynotrealMaand geleden
  • I do not know him.

    Charlie HuntCharlie HuntMaand geleden

    Macey RileyMacey RileyMaand geleden
  • Bro Tommy is hilarious you just need to give him a chance 💀I thought he was annoying till I watched him properly for a little and it was so entertaining 🤣

    Jelly JJelly JMaand geleden
  • Bruhhh pls. Peoples have different humour. Some of us do like tommy some of us dont. If they said hes unfunny or annoying, its an opinion, (for me its an opinion dont come at me). He is really nice tho. Is just that, dont attack ksi viewers when they say hes unfunny bruhh. Some of us like me personally, i like his vids and think he is funny. So just be nice with others opinion man Thats my point. And im a minor. If theres anything wrong. Please tell me.

    Durratul HakimahDurratul HakimahMaand geleden
  • Tommy the best youtube boxer 😂

    hyper gusthyper gustMaand geleden
  • Fun fact KSI is much much older then Tommy so let's call Tommy BraveInnit

    KacyInnitKacyInnitMaand geleden
  • Hi tommy

    Rockstar McGeeRockstar McGeeMaand geleden
  • Turns out im female and a fangirl

  • Dang dang tommy gonna be put to sleep in round 2 like jake messing up with Nate hair to put Nate to sleep

    GamerGloryGamerGloryMaand geleden
  • hi

    lacmacmcleanlacmacmcleanMaand geleden
  • For anyone wondering tommy looks different because of the angle and lighting

    Daisy .SDaisy .SMaand geleden
  • i already see ksi getting knocked out.

    VoixplayzVoixplayzMaand geleden
  • 2:55 LMAOOOO

    Rahil MalhotraRahil MalhotraMaand geleden
  • Hi Tommyinnit!

    Hdthebest25Hdthebest25Maand geleden
  • Hi TommyInnit

    An AppleAn AppleMaand geleden
  • tommy: ksi i will beat the sh*t out of u ksi: ya u will beat me up in minecraft little kid

    jackoboy09jackoboy09Maand geleden
  • I mean even if someone were to find him annoying, he’s making bank. While still staying humbled, I mean all you can have is at least respect for a person earning such a large sum of money themselves. Like jojo siwa or those other youtubers who made it despite getting massive amounts of hate.

    Yes YouYes YouMaand geleden
    • hes really young and so responsible, kinda surprised he knows about yt stuff so well altough i find it a lil scary having that boost from 100k subs to 7 million in less than 2 years for a 16 y/o, i would be really stressed

      totallynotrealtotallynotrealMaand geleden
  • hi Tommy

    Chase DukesChase DukesMaand geleden
  • Hi tommy

    Affan AhmadAffan AhmadMaand geleden
  • poggies

    Christopher LandowskiChristopher LandowskiMaand geleden
  • tommy sounds so calm… it’s weird owo

    ꧁OᑎᒪIᑎᗴTᗩᗪᑭOᒪᗴ꧂꧁OᑎᒪIᑎᗴTᗩᗪᑭOᒪᗴ꧂Maand geleden
  • I never knew who the sidemen were until tommy mentioned them once so now I feel stupid-

    Candy SkyCandy SkyMaand geleden
  • Nice number tommy subs

  • Tommy knows he will get killed by KSI

    FadedOnTopFadedOnTopMaand geleden
  • hi

    gett gooodgett gooodMaand geleden
  • Hi Tommyinnit

    WoofzyWoofzyMaand geleden
  • He really gonna try beat KSI 😐

    ibbyel car vlogzibbyel car vlogzMaand geleden
    • he has the support of philza minecraft creator of women, he will win

      totallynotrealtotallynotrealMaand geleden
  • Tommy is a forth the sidemen viewer count he’s been doing it 11 months they’ve been doing it at least 6 years lmao

    SGT Un1QeSGT Un1QeMaand geleden
  • idk why but i find Tom more funny than Tommy

  • tommy: *death threat* Intro pops in: *Happynesssss- yellow--- be happy and ignore that please-*

    ᴊᴀɴᴇ ᴅᴏᴇᴊᴀɴᴇ ᴅᴏᴇMaand geleden
  • Welp tommy is ded

    Bryzen IshizukaBryzen IshizukaMaand geleden
  • 6.69 million? cursed

    lle Breakerlle BreakerMaand geleden
  • sidemen viewers who hate tommy a message from me..... i hate u xD no offense

    U.D.U.D.Maand geleden
  • BREAKING NEWS: KSI HAS BEEN SENT TO PRISON FOR THE MURDER OF A MINECRAFT KID... Tommyinnit is a funny dude, I'm a sideman fan but this kid is hilarious.

    Redguard OverallRedguard OverallMaand geleden
  • Mr. TommyInnit, i will say this... HI!!

    NojusNojus 13NojusNojus 13Maand geleden
  • Don't mind me, I'm just waiting for KSI's comment

    Yusuf AhmedYusuf AhmedMaand geleden
  • 0.1% of comments don’t like Tommy about the video 60% WhY aRe PeOpLe BeInG mEaN tO tOmMy 40% sidemen

    Carrot_ TopCarrot_ TopMaand geleden