“This Will REPLACE Everything in Season 3!” 🤔 (Cold War Warzone)

20 apr. 2021
1 214 649 Weergaven

“This Will REPLACE Everything in Season 3!” 🤔 (Cold War Warzone)
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  • I like ya cut g

    Amber AshtonAmber AshtonDag geleden
  • How do I get to play a team match with u big dawg? I m nowhere as good as u I m pretty good sniper trying to get more better at cc

    Chucklez AdkinzChucklez AdkinzDag geleden
  • Is the head dent still there?

    Emily KananyEmily KananyDag geleden
  • Imagine building a NLworld channel based entirely off of bullshit videos with false information aimed at deceiving your fan base

    GRAFFITIguru29GRAFFITIguru292 dagen geleden
  • Nick acted he was best friends with that kid lmao

    Stark ConnerStark Conner3 dagen geleden
  • he looks like he can be on the show "on my block"

    Andre CaicedoAndre Caicedo3 dagen geleden
  • Wasn’t supposed to be as Val video the hole video

    Jehshh SjjsjejJehshh Sjjsjej3 dagen geleden
  • There’s guy on the highway when he’s at airport

    Jehshh SjjsjejJehshh Sjjsjej3 dagen geleden
  • I love the like the Video

    Jojo ay nonJojo ay non3 dagen geleden
  • I hate the fact your calling people trash, not everyone is as good as you... Disgusting.

    Charlie FoxMusicCharlie FoxMusic3 dagen geleden
  • Why the fuck is your neck so wide. I’ve wondered for 3 years now

    Elias MontanezElias Montanez3 dagen geleden
  • Sorry level 430

    MattyGMattyG4 dagen geleden
  • I knew the as val was absolutely op in multiplayer, but when i tried in warzone i felt like it wasnt as great

    Fultzy 56Fultzy 564 dagen geleden
  • Hey Nick what is that other class your rocking with the AS Val i might have to try it out

    Snapp JPSnapp JP4 dagen geleden
  • no hate or anything but according to true gam data my xm4 loadout kills faster than that here try this on the xm4 Agency Suppressor || Task Force || Steady Aim Laser || Raider Stock || Bruiser Grip have fun love your vids

    dominick sandersdominick sanders4 dagen geleden
  • hi Nick i can't hear peapole ingame can you help

    Panda PopcornPanda Popcorn4 dagen geleden
  • Nick you should try the ksp: 3x scope reinforced barrel 42 rnd agency suppress field agent

    ychosychos5 dagen geleden
  • What’s this Gun called

    LuhFat33LuhFat335 dagen geleden
  • Why he look like a buff egg 0:07

    NoodlesNoodles5 dagen geleden
  • Yo nick you’re cracked nice job but at the end of the game can you show your kills

    Owen McFarlandOwen McFarland5 dagen geleden
  • Hgh is a helluva drug

    Alexander KvitrovnAlexander Kvitrovn5 dagen geleden
  • Good game good video and good sportsmanship

    xXx xXhiighmenaceXxxXx xXhiighmenaceXx6 dagen geleden
  • Put the shoulders down bruh 😎

    xXx xXhiighmenaceXxxXx xXhiighmenaceXx6 dagen geleden
  • Hey nick, you stink!

    Dom SeeDom See6 dagen geleden
  • I guess he died once he “landed on his shit”😂

    Corbin WellsCorbin Wells6 dagen geleden
  • i wish i had the screenshot on when @nickmercs killed me in warzone. you dont know how fast i quit that game -_-

    Isaiahm EllisIsaiahm Ellis7 dagen geleden
  • Steroids is doing the same thing to you that it did to Joe Rogan.... it’s changing your appearance dramatically

    Jason SamsJason Sams7 dagen geleden
  • Anyone else see dat bullet dat almost crack his shit😭😭 20:26

    Poo PooPoo Poo8 dagen geleden
  • Sounded like he said punk haha

    GoldShelfGoldShelf8 dagen geleden
  • That right there is one of the best gameplays I’ve seen in a while.

    Tom HarperTom Harper8 dagen geleden
  • i wanna play in those lobies

    CubanMagzz -CubanMagzz -8 dagen geleden
  • my Val ion why it shows tha it has only 3 attachments

    CubanMagzz -CubanMagzz -8 dagen geleden
  • I play on console and seeing nicks AMAX actually have recoil is refreshing. Other streamers doesn't move!

    Rob wRob w8 dagen geleden
  • Huahhhhh

    Finbar McCafferyFinbar McCaffery8 dagen geleden
  • "precision here.." Takes it

    Mohammad JasemMohammad Jasem8 dagen geleden
  • Its the same with battlefield 4 as val really good weapon but had only 21 rounds

    dragonGAMINGdragonGAMING8 dagen geleden
  • Why does nick look like a bald Danny Devito 🥴🤣

    Marcina InfinityMarcina Infinity8 dagen geleden
  • Will it replace your tacky thumbnails tho?

    Coach Zack CurranCoach Zack Curran9 dagen geleden
  • 🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦

    فيصل الغبيويفيصل الغبيوي9 dagen geleden
  • nick is dwayne jhonsons brother i swear this man also inspires me to play cod black ops 2 again if i still had my xbox 360

    AnimeDweebKidAnimeDweebKid9 dagen geleden
  • I can tell if Nick has kids he is gonna be a great dad

    Keemstar ‘Keemstar ‘9 dagen geleden
  • This has been my favorite set up for season 3 so far

    TrapG0dLimpD¡c KTrapG0dLimpD¡c K9 dagen geleden
  • why dont you post about the ak47 you fat cap.

    Lauren MirelesLauren Mireles9 dagen geleden
  • "close that door" hahahahaha

    Osiris HernandezOsiris Hernandez10 dagen geleden
  • Was the indent there in this video?

    Robert Miles JrRobert Miles Jr11 dagen geleden
  • Bro I needa get a game in with nickmercs!

    John DeVivoJohn DeVivo11 dagen geleden
  • I really enjoy this one especially how you interacted with the young man

    lee byrdlee byrd11 dagen geleden
  • Nick is awesome for this! I love that he’s like I got you bro 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

    Jose IbarraJose Ibarra11 dagen geleden
  • If you can keep up with Nick even strategically and help out in few situations, you are pretty good. Obviously cant rush people the way Nick does. He gets people with hip fire, as they are jumping, and he was in the middle of looking at his heartbeat right after he finished 2-3 guys.His reaction time and immediate ADS or hip fire accuracy is sick, regardless what type of moving he is doing. There are levels to this shit lol good game play, enjoyed it.

    F. ExprtF. Exprt11 dagen geleden
  • close that door! :D

    Il MosesIl Moses11 dagen geleden
  • so enjoyable to watch u play with that kid and him act so chill. glad y’all got the W too!!

    MikeyMikey11 dagen geleden
  • These are my fav vids with chill randoms

    Matty KellyMatty Kelly11 dagen geleden
  • Nick you should play with him more often super dope you showin him the ropes 🙏🏽

    Rob DiosdadoRob Diosdado12 dagen geleden

    Peggy DeSimonePeggy DeSimone12 dagen geleden
  • Cheetz bro

    Cesar CrisCesar Cris12 dagen geleden
  • damn its been weeks since i watched nick..wtf are they feeding this guy

    R.V DR.V D12 dagen geleden
  • I play Rocket Leauge All the time i play cod for like 3 hours and the rest of the day is Rocket Leauge

    Cronic FlameCronic Flame12 dagen geleden
  • try the stoner 63 in warzone its insane, stoner 63 and mac 10 is elite

    Saber MirageSaber Mirage12 dagen geleden
  • Nick:You play keyboard or controller Ryderz:Keyboard Nick:First mistake

    RScvilGamingRScvilGaming12 dagen geleden
    • Underrated comment thanks broo

      ASHR4FFASHR4FF5 dagen geleden
  • Where your neck Ed

    Mae SaulMae Saul12 dagen geleden
  • He looks like he would do anything if you mention ,,family"

    dr. jappy556dr. jappy55612 dagen geleden
  • Don’t use that barrel use the 200 one because it offers range and stability

    PariswtfPariswtf12 dagen geleden
  • Nick's hair cut and chain looks like hes become mexican overnight and now pushes coh-ca-hin-ah

    Silverback GSilverback G12 dagen geleden
    • No flour

      Bean SteakBean Steak3 dagen geleden
    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Loyal KinLoyal Kin4 dagen geleden
  • I use AS -Val( with the long-range barrel) and M16 (with the damage barrel, UK royal 4x scope) loadout

    Moussa DiabMoussa Diab12 dagen geleden
  • actually having a 30 round magazine is enough cz u do not need to spend too much time shooting (long sprays) u know this will make u more vulnerable (you should shoot and move very fast u know what I mean?)

    Moussa DiabMoussa Diab12 dagen geleden
  • I used the as val on the first day of the season and loved it now everyone else is using it

    Zeke PearsonZeke Pearson12 dagen geleden
  • Believe me the new metal is the excellent for trust

    Hussin RashidHussin Rashid12 dagen geleden
  • Fam ur hair line is wack

    X-X-X-RichieonX-X-X-Richieon12 dagen geleden
  • Whats the gun

    Grayson OsbornGrayson Osborn12 dagen geleden
  • Let me guess its just gameplay right?

    Ryan AnthonyRyan Anthony13 dagen geleden
  • I like your fresh cut

    miriam tovarmiriam tovar13 dagen geleden
  • egg

    carlosrr660carlosrr66013 dagen geleden
  • why nick look like a thumb guy from spy kids

    Dopely DiverseDopely Diverse13 dagen geleden
  • LIKE tHE VIDEOOO!!!! Peace and love 👶

    Chaise GrimmChaise Grimm13 dagen geleden
  • Are you using anti-recoil software ? Do you use mouse and keyboard or controller ? I must be doing something wrong lol

    Ben WaltersBen Walters13 dagen geleden
  • This gameplay is full of highlights, nobody's talking about how the kid stole his stopping power, once nick opened the orange box in 5:49 and then denies stealing it in 6:24 😂

    alf0nsalf0ns13 dagen geleden
  • AMAX & VAL was my loadout for most of Season 1 and 2

    Astral'o PithecusAstral'o Pithecus13 dagen geleden
  • Is it just me or warzone seem super complicated

    JUST X FITNESSJUST X FITNESS13 dagen geleden
  • Nice wallhacks

    Faiz NaidFaiz Naid13 dagen geleden
  • Why not use the vector?

    VicToriouS-Vip3RVicToriouS-Vip3R13 dagen geleden
  • Lol bro where’s your line up?!?

    Ashwin ResaulAshwin Resaul13 dagen geleden
  • Solid content right here 💪💯🎮

    WolfxSmokeWolfxSmoke13 dagen geleden
  • Highly recommend the MFAM to try the hipfire setup for the AS-VAL. Absolutely disgusting.

    The WhillsThe Whills13 dagen geleden
  • 2:11 I saw that cursor in the bottom left

    DevynsClips YTDevynsClips YT14 dagen geleden
  • Lol I like the rez at the end:3

    Curtison CuffyCurtison Cuffy14 dagen geleden
  • Ayo nick if you need somebody to help you find your neck hit me up

    ii Just1fyyii Just1fyy14 dagen geleden
  • Definitely using roids

    ThatKidBrazyThatKidBrazy14 dagen geleden
  • This dude is a straight-up block head

    Wiliiam WillcoxWiliiam Willcox14 dagen geleden
  • Nick slowly looking like MR T

    tommy odonnelltommy odonnell14 dagen geleden
  • Try the ram 7 with as Val 🥵🥵❤️❤️🐐

    TTV RustLoganTTV RustLogan14 dagen geleden
  • You make this video like 20000 times already

    MK11 subzeroMK11 subzero14 dagen geleden
  • Tomorrow rip the asval new best ffar class setup

    MK11 subzeroMK11 subzero14 dagen geleden
  • No neek nick

    Felix strømFelix strøm14 dagen geleden
  • Nick should play with him again

    ShlimeboiShlimeboi14 dagen geleden
  • they were vibin

    ShlimeboiShlimeboi14 dagen geleden
  • Nah bro love your videos but this has been my close range gun for months, now every not is gonna be running around with it. Amax and as val go life!

    John WilsmanJohn Wilsman14 dagen geleden
  • Dude got his head shaved

    OxDZzOxDZz14 dagen geleden
  • what are your lobby's

    Ziri WareZiri Ware14 dagen geleden
  • As Val is cracked but lowkey my load out kills faster

    Dachi_HugoDachi_Hugo14 dagen geleden
  • Well mine is already maxed out because me and my friend were grinding with it so IM READY FOR THE STRATS

    JerpoJerpo14 dagen geleden