This Is Gamers Paradise! - Massive Tech Unboxing #49

29 apr. 2021
371 379 Weergaven

God dayummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
▶Visit or text techsource to 500-500 for your free 30 day trial.
▶Maingear PC's:
Max Falcon-8 Macropad:
Aimcontrollers Custom Console Controllers:
Rama Works M65-B ICED:
Schiit Modius:
Schiit Magnius:
IQUNIX ZX-1 Mini ITX Case + Peripherals:
Tecware Spectre Pro RGB Keyboard:
MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Edge Wifi:
MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Force:
MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Carbon Wifi:
MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Plus:
MSI MAG Z590 Torpedo:
MSI Z590-A Pro:
Sabrent 8TB M.2 SSD:
Rode Wireless GO II:
EKWB Quantum Vector RTX 3080/3090 GPU Block:
RK100 Wireless Gaming Keyboard (White):
RK100 Wireless Gaming Keyboard (Black):
Corsair LS100 RGB Strips:
Corsair XR5 360 White:
EPOS H3 Gaming Headset:
Intel Core i9-11900K:
Gutyz Aiden Mousepad:

  • 27:18 £2k+ in a small package, gawdayum

    Guy On A BudgetGuy On A Budget5 uur geleden
  • the FiNaL FoRm Of My SeTuP

    GeraldGerald13 uur geleden
  • Can you make next episode on SETUP MEKAOVER in bulgaria whit me I don"t know how to make pc and setup Thanks

    Bach LalioBach Lalio16 uur geleden
  • Those sabrent m.2 ssd's are $2.3k each!! 1 of those costs more than my pc lol

    luccgg _luccgg _17 uur geleden
  • Shit where to buy that pc

    Tycho NautaTycho Nauta19 uur geleden
  • Well please do a give away for the new guys who dont have a desktop set up

    mahipal ravmahipal rav23 uur geleden
  • for your audio ( you probably already know this) but i really like the dt 990 pros, they are a studio headset and theyr're my favorite earphones i ever had

    KaydenKaydenDag geleden
  • Man I have a pre built pc and I was going to build a $500 pc but the gpu prices went up :(

    Venom VibezVenom VibezDag geleden

    Pablo SanPablo SanDag geleden
  • I skipped to the gpus so I could sob

    Robert AlexandurRobert AlexandurDag geleden
  • the maingear budget friendly desktops are all out of stock 😭🗿

    Tia Melancholy JeoncockityTia Melancholy JeoncockityDag geleden
  • wow, I wish this happened to people n Africa. Keep it up mean.#love from @eldizdesigns

    Eldiz DesignsEldiz DesignsDag geleden
  • Can I please have one of the keyboards I am building my setup and I have been looking for a keyboard for a while and once I have my setup I want to be on setup wars. I have also been looking for a headset to but they have all been to expensive. I would also really love one of the rtx 3080s because my teacher is building a new pc and I was hoping to give it to him. I ALSO LOVE YOUR VIDS

  • The rode is so so so so much better ❤️

    Subhayan BaagSubhayan BaagDag geleden
  • MSI is basically telling you to make videos with there products lol

    WilliamsnowballWilliamsnowballDag geleden
  • If you ever feel like giving away a pc, I’m still using ddr3 and an rx570 to play most games and it’s pain

    Adiii OfficialAdiii OfficialDag geleden
  • Nice stuff

    Pedro MartinezPedro MartinezDag geleden
  • I think I passed out when he casually said 2 8 flipping TB SSDs

    JH's Transport VideosJH's Transport VideosDag geleden
  • You still helping people getting better setups?

    Jonathan D EvensenJonathan D Evensen2 dagen geleden
  • i am using ryzen 3 with 1060 cant even stream in 60fps, i wish i could get a pc to stream and game both

    Rony BhattacharyyaRony Bhattacharyya2 dagen geleden
  • I love it how you always put as much humor as possible in your videos - thanks, they really liven my day up :)

    Ivan StefanovIvan Stefanov2 dagen geleden
  • mans got a lifetime supply of mobo's

    Peter FinsaasPeter Finsaas2 dagen geleden
  • I been trying to get me a new system

    Kaos DontcryKaos Dontcry2 dagen geleden
  • I guess I didn't realize just how lucky I was when I got my ps5 in December

    MightyOrcaGamesMightyOrcaGames2 dagen geleden
  • hello tech source i would really love to get a setup makeover please as i am currently using my laptop for everything i am begging you

    Nasser Al-MusalhiNasser Al-Musalhi3 dagen geleden
  • You freaking out over this pc is me af. XD XD XD

    MightyOrcaGamesMightyOrcaGames3 dagen geleden
  • B d omg omg big red

    Dragon F1reDragon F1re3 dagen geleden
  • (41.43) everything that has a hole he also smiles

    Oh TurnbullOh Turnbull3 dagen geleden
  • 43:16 Mumbo Jumbo x Techsource confirmed??

    Pog SaucePog Sauce3 dagen geleden
  • the rockets are going to big red

    GsK07GsK073 dagen geleden
  • That water cool makngear pc is looking FINE ASF

    Shawn Sheep56Shawn Sheep563 dagen geleden
  • He said shit so much i'm dying

    SHARK YTSHARK YT3 dagen geleden
  • Hey Ed, btw. EPOS is a split company of Sennheiser :)

    b1lzebubb1lzebub3 dagen geleden
  • This is the first creator to read 90% of his comments this guy is a beast

    LuxOn60HZLuxOn60HZ3 dagen geleden

    JethroJethro3 dagen geleden
  • I wish I had 1 of the keyboard from the giveaway

    B!p10pB!p10p4 dagen geleden
  • Im unsubscribed

    Madara UchihaMadara Uchiha4 dagen geleden
  • A shame most of it is an add, regardless its another banger as usual.

    Mr. DuckMr. Duck4 dagen geleden

    Aagam ShahAagam Shah4 dagen geleden
  • paint is chipped... just fix it with a sharpie

  • Much Love ed!! thanks for looking at my mousepads!!

    GutzyAidenGutzyAiden4 dagen geleden
  • he should keep some of those stuff for his kids if they ever get into gaming

    ryan seifeddineryan seifeddine4 dagen geleden
  • Your editing skills or who ever edits your videos are crazy good

    Benyamin ZafrirBenyamin Zafrir4 dagen geleden
  • plz a graphics card plz give it to me i really need

    name lessname less4 dagen geleden
  • I feel like he experiences like 12 christmases or hanukas in 1 video.

    Benyamin ZafrirBenyamin Zafrir4 dagen geleden
  • Honestly the rode is better

    Casper BengtssonCasper Bengtsson4 dagen geleden
  • My pc could use an upgrade. I named my pc “Xbox”😅

    Drew NevilleDrew Neville4 dagen geleden
  • this unboxing is so litttt

    Ruland FurqanRuland Furqan4 dagen geleden
  • How to participate in the giveaway poll

    SUBASH PRSUBASH PR4 dagen geleden
  • plz giveaway me a gamming pc

    name lessname less4 dagen geleden
  • Wowwwww

    Dj&BellaYTDj&BellaYT4 dagen geleden
  • Your voice got deeper

    Majeed AlbqsamiMajeed Albqsami4 dagen geleden
  • 27:26 big red ;)

    kurokuro4 dagen geleden
  • plizzz put a rgb light in the Tech Source sign

    Azeem GamerzAzeem Gamerz4 dagen geleden
  • I wish one day i will have a good setup

    Yash Nagar{2353}Yash Nagar{2353}4 dagen geleden
  • i would love a gaming pc ahuhu i game at a mac grwrgargaerg

    Hosea CapacioHosea Capacio4 dagen geleden
  • Lol his streaming pc is better than my pc that i worked three years for lmao

    chiXchiX4 dagen geleden
  • just imagine tech sources ask me im coming 🤤😭😭😭😭

    Mr. ImmortalMr. Immortal4 dagen geleden
  • His vids r awesome 😎

    RaxAceRaxAce4 dagen geleden
  • The fact that this guy isn't a gamer who just build pcs acting like he's pro

    c21_3sc21_3s4 dagen geleden
  • me watching with a intel hd laptop...

    BLACKdragon4999BLACKdragon49995 dagen geleden
  • How do I apply for the giveaways, I joined the discord, what do I do next?

    7skittles_7skittles_5 dagen geleden
  • How do you enter the givaway

    Garchomp ψGarchomp ψ5 dagen geleden
  • We keep spending most our lives Living in a gamers paradise...

    Tech NuggetTech Nugget5 dagen geleden
  • Broo i need a new pc xD mine was built in like 2016 and I'm still using it xD its all I got

    slendermen 666slendermen 6665 dagen geleden
  • Nice clips i wish one day i ll get a pc and appear on your videos

    ASAS5 dagen geleden
  • Tech source is soo funny and entertaining to watch keep up the good work

  • Are you middle eastern?

    Dani YakminDani Yakmin5 dagen geleden
  • Stop being a baby about paint it works fine its just the paint lol

    Bubba The RagerBubba The Rager5 dagen geleden
  • when

    Iejon CadizIejon Cadiz5 dagen geleden
  • O0000000000ooo

    ToXic GamerToXic Gamer5 dagen geleden
  • Yo just started watching your videos and I love them especially the setup make overs their amazing

    Namez RidhaNamez Ridha5 dagen geleden
  • the best budget gaming headset i had are the HyperX Cloud Stinger and they the best so far

    RisnPheonixYTRisnPheonixYT5 dagen geleden
  • I always leave a like before the video even loads in haha

    CircuitryCircuitry5 dagen geleden
  • Wait! Are you sick?

    GushoGusho5 dagen geleden
  • litreally salivating now 44:55 eehhhhhhhhhh 😍

  • cant wait to see what switchs ur going to do for ur rama build? also did you get after the gb when they were doing the extras or something coz I just heard it took long etc.

    ReinRein5 dagen geleden
  • win win for rode 31:57

  • bro plzz just give me any of those boards 26:42 ....... I am making a PC for myself... and graphics card too was going for 6700xt the same will be swapping out 2080 from my old pc and give it my sister AMEN!!!

  • Gonna jump off the building... 3060

    FRQYFRQY5 dagen geleden
  • Shit modious😂

    AsperoAspero5 dagen geleden
  • Fun fact: there $5 on eBay

    GVC gamerGVC gamer5 dagen geleden
  • Hey isnt this the fake giveaway guy?

    ꧁༺༻꧂꧁༺༻꧂5 dagen geleden
    • Imagine being so jealous that u call giveaways fake

      Raj SharmaRaj Sharma5 dagen geleden
  • i'd rock the christmas keyboard anyday

    nixknixk5 dagen geleden
  • :_)

    Ihsan SageerIhsan Sageer5 dagen geleden
  • Better thing is giving each boxes to each of the people

    Muhammad cMuhammad c5 dagen geleden
  • He is alone

    Muhammad cMuhammad c5 dagen geleden
  • Hey Ed. I want to get the rtx 3060 ti but its out of stock everywhere, do you have any tricks about how i can get it?

    Alon EshelAlon Eshel5 dagen geleden
  • Lakshya AroraLakshya Arora5 dagen geleden
  • Ohh broo 😢 give me one of those ... I don’t have a graphics card 😖

    malek Mkmalek Mk5 dagen geleden
  • Techsource number one!

    RRR TVRRR TV5 dagen geleden
  • I just count your Nanoleaf Light panel

    Md KayesMd Kayes5 dagen geleden
  • Mans got 2x 3080s and a 3090. I cant even make a backorder on one of those.

    TripleTripleTripleTriple5 dagen geleden
  • 23:00 just for the headphone users

    Mr Crispy GamerMr Crispy Gamer5 dagen geleden
  • i wish i can have one of those videocards and motherboards .. in Jesus name

    Paul UreñaPaul Ureña5 dagen geleden
  • I know I'm soo jealous but Ed truly deserves all this, because he worked so hard for it. Man's livin his life.

    AlphaAlpha5 dagen geleden
  • I never win ... You don't give

    Manoj RaiManoj Rai5 dagen geleden
  • IG:bombkiller_pubg Hope I win in giveaway Because I'm assembling pc parts because I'm going to build a pc

    korean tvkorean tv6 dagen geleden
  • He was kind because he built a pc for his subscriber and I also watched his setup with the sick man he did the gaming setup ❤️❤️

    korean tvkorean tv6 dagen geleden
  • Sometimes I just wonder what these guys do with all these components? I'm sure they could end "world hunger" by selling these off!

    Actually DibsActually Dibs6 dagen geleden
    • It's not for free he has to review them or use it in builds as thr company says to benchmark, the companies expect something from him when they provide him the parts

      Raj SharmaRaj Sharma5 dagen geleden