29 okt. 2020
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  • i really want to see a joji and ksi collab it would be nice

    仏20 minuten geleden
  • music collab with Corpse?

    Magic HealthMagic HealthUur geleden
  • JJ can react to haunted house on Netflix I bet u will die😂

    Luca AlexandruLuca Alexandru2 uur geleden
  • I fucking spat out my gum at 8:49

    PepiTimePepiTime9 uur geleden
  • I know what buster rhymes video he’s talking about we’re it’s like this red thing with like elephants

    Waveyy BoiiWaveyy Boii15 uur geleden
  • I think the alphorn functions better as an amplifier for his laugh tbh

    Grommy ArtGrommy Art16 uur geleden
  • 10:29 i think he was telling everyone to listen to her music so she could get more listeners than ricegum

    Sufyan. knSufyan. kn16 uur geleden
  • Imagine JJ is actually baldski right now and he is wearing the durag to cover it and when he does show his hair its a wig ...

    Faiza KousarFaiza Kousar17 uur geleden
  • Milk on 224k subs 👀✌🏻

    elliot evanselliot evans20 uur geleden
  • Jj bring back one direction 👍👍👍 u shall get water in reward

    Danny WarlarpihDanny WarlarpihDag geleden
  • *learns how to play Alphorn* JJ: ohh also JJ: *Old broken ass engine start-up sounds*

    A V E R N U SA V E R N U SDag geleden
  • 0:00 when the boyz got matching socks

    Sam PomperadaSam PomperadaDag geleden
  • Yo why did he put an ad every time before he falls in the music video

    Joel CastroJoel CastroDag geleden
  • im on the activate windows gang like if you in

    Pojok RayaPojok RayaDag geleden
  • 6:33

    Abu bakar HussainAbu bakar HussainDag geleden
  • everytime there was a meme a ad poped up on my screen

    HaruunHaruunDag geleden
  • This technique playing the alphorn is the new "mural" for JJ

    Dinis CanhaDinis CanhaDag geleden
  • me trying to whistle be like : 9:29

    Potato DudePotato Dude2 dagen geleden
  • Jj is incredible for how he just put smile on anyone’s face. Love broo

    shakaib khanshakaib khan2 dagen geleden
  • After JJ tickled Randolph,Simon was only in camera because he shouting because randy and JJ shouldn't be flirting!! Lesgo kismon

    Cody HaleCody Hale2 dagen geleden
  • jj be doing tings to lorraine at nigh innit

    Vishaal Singh ChauhanVishaal Singh Chauhan2 dagen geleden
  • Everyone making fun of his forehead but WHY THE FUCK IS HIS MOUTH BIG AS HELL

    EggzEggz3 dagen geleden
  • can you kiss simon

    LaloTooLaloToo4 dagen geleden
  • 4:35 jj’s water.

    Trillionz7Trillionz74 dagen geleden
  • 7:01 i love the randolph squeak

    keola mendeskeola mendes5 dagen geleden
  • I saw a comment talking about how JJ wanting to wear shorts when wanting to tickle Randolph is sus but how???

    Salman Amer AlkhatibSalman Amer Alkhatib5 dagen geleden
  • Lorraine Kelly doing bits.

    Leon WatersonLeon Waterson5 dagen geleden
  • or u both r adopted

  • 0:00 that voice crack mad

    Min JinMin Jin6 dagen geleden
  • JJ Trys buzzing, sounds like a horse neighing

    OGfpsOGfps6 dagen geleden
  • JJ Olajedebt HD, NO 4K,

    OGfpsOGfps6 dagen geleden
  • who is KSI's editor

    OGfpsOGfps6 dagen geleden
  • Middle aged lady only British people know who Lorraine is

    Ronald RobertsonRonald Robertson6 dagen geleden
  • 9:52 My nightmares.

    Frank WoodsFrank Woods6 dagen geleden
  • Milk has 200k now btw

    Mikee LewisMikee Lewis6 dagen geleden
  • HE looks so scary freindly and funny at the same time

    Vishaal Singh ChauhanVishaal Singh Chauhan6 dagen geleden
  • Milkinabag has 223k now :))

    Maggie NormanMaggie Norman6 dagen geleden
  • U did trash with Ares, you just added on to his god complex diss

    plosismplosism7 dagen geleden
  • Milk has 200k now damn

    Olirraa BerissoOlirraa Berisso7 dagen geleden
  • i just got an ad before you destroyed Mountain Everest

    potato kingpotato king7 dagen geleden
  • Could u contact Daz Games and ask him to play a game or something with u?

    rpostirposti8 dagen geleden
  • That busta video is with Janet Jackson. Song called “what’s it Gonna be”

    oSo_KewL WIT_IToSo_KewL WIT_IT8 dagen geleden
  • 5:08 completely forgot about Logic

    psych steppsych step8 dagen geleden
  • Nice Brock Lesnar impression at 0:00

    Sandro CostaSandro Costa8 dagen geleden
  • 9:42 is he a elephant?

    Darth ReubenDarth Reuben8 dagen geleden
  • bruh this is what i dont understand how is logan paul in the 20 mill but you are at 11 mill your so much better bro

    Kaleb AbeyKaleb Abey8 dagen geleden
  • Is no one going to talk about the fact that milk now had over 220K subs

    Adamaaa aaaAdamaaa aaa8 dagen geleden
    • in three weeks, that's insane. JJ out here making people's career.

      Charles Chiemeka EkeoguCharles Chiemeka Ekeogu7 dagen geleden
  • 12:14 "He was rufless" lmao

    Pokemanlv531264Pokemanlv5312649 dagen geleden
  • Ayo milk in a bag has got 200k

    Jackson NorrisJackson Norris9 dagen geleden
  • Ksi laughed like a dead cat on the road

    Amar AlijiAmar Aliji10 dagen geleden
  • 10:51 for thumbnail 😉

    ASN SasukeASN Sasuke10 dagen geleden
  • where can i find a clip of 10:16

    Hamin KimHamin Kim10 dagen geleden
  • JJ insecure was a pure L you had nothing for quadeca don’t say you won that 😂

    RNO MosesRNO Moses10 dagen geleden
  • I’m watching middle aged men tickel eachother, wtf is going on in my life

    Infamous NoorInfamous Noor10 dagen geleden
  • 6:07 is freakin ares from your diss track g

    11C06 Emmanuel Joseph11C06 Emmanuel Joseph10 dagen geleden
  • 10:05 me as a kid when I'm trying to find out how I could fix my bike but it didn't work

    riol ratriol rat11 dagen geleden
  • the outro pick cought me off gaurd

    ELI MACKELI MACK11 dagen geleden
  • Can someone clip 4:12-4:14

    John KingJohn King11 dagen geleden
  • Look at ksi now and look how he use to look

    ITSVanzy BTWITSVanzy BTW12 dagen geleden
  • My 8 year old self what is he saying:my mom wtf are you watching

    Dirtbike RookyDirtbike Rooky12 dagen geleden
  • 1:34 best moment

    MDJ 10MDJ 1012 dagen geleden
  • Hey,I own a clothing brand name krule files and had released my newest drop not to long ago and was wondering if you’ll be interested in buying either a hoodie or hat?lmk if you’re interested @krule.files on IG

    Kevin MunozKevin Munoz13 dagen geleden
  • Is ksi a boomer now

    Justin DanielJustin Daniel13 dagen geleden
  • Lmao the add timings

    Kieran HodgsonKieran Hodgson13 dagen geleden
  • Bum

    Yk_rambz XoYk_rambz Xo13 dagen geleden
  • I know I'm not the only 1 who got an ad after every time he was about to jump off the mountain. lol

    James WelchJames Welch14 dagen geleden
  • African bee's 9:37

    MlgWattPlaysMlgWattPlays14 dagen geleden

    YT AcuNaMaTAYT AcuNaMaTA15 dagen geleden
  • 7:05 stop cheating on simon

    Manav_ChakManav_Chak15 dagen geleden
  • MilkInABags channel is now on 220k. BIG UPS JJ

    SWEngle ProductionSWEngle Production15 dagen geleden
  • Aye yo let me put on some shorts first

    neel patelneel patel15 dagen geleden
  • does anyone else think KSI laughs like IT

    The ArterThe Arter15 dagen geleden
  • "Imma have to tickle you fam"😂. That's how you know they real bros

    Yan Martin del CampoYan Martin del Campo15 dagen geleden
  • JJ's hamster got beeg

    Heinz DoofHeinz Doof16 dagen geleden
  • 3:38 he should have said " did I ask tho?"

    OlioBGMOTI - BulgariaOlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria16 dagen geleden
  • In watching this video for the 2nd time and acc cant wait for jj to upload again 😔❤

    OlioBGMOTI - BulgariaOlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria16 dagen geleden
  • You are the best Sidemen

    Bruno MarsBruno Mars16 dagen geleden
  • At 2:05 I was drinking water laughed swallowed the water straight to my lungs and had a 5-minute coughing fit

    Colter ThomasColter Thomas16 dagen geleden
  • Jj should make a room tour of all the stuff laying around in the background

    Ira SteinIra Stein16 dagen geleden
  • He needa song with ski mask lol

    PaullyOnThaTrackPaullyOnThaTrack16 dagen geleden
  • Bro KSI what magic spell do you use on these people such that a man who had 6K subscribers in October 29 now has 220K subscribers on November 10??

    K SK S16 dagen geleden
  • 0:41 Harry “each brothers more retarded then the other”

    Chris DingleyChris Dingley16 dagen geleden
  • milk already has 200k lol

    Andrew HernandezAndrew Hernandez17 dagen geleden
  • Simon: "How do you get 3 million views on this" Me: Excuse me.. 3,6 million and counting

    Astral GuardianAstral Guardian17 dagen geleden
  • jj olatunji "dont disrepect lorraine" me: "whos lorraine?" jj olatuji " DONT DISRESPECT HER!" me "imma go"

    DJ scarletDJ scarlet17 dagen geleden
  • Deji got me dying man😂😂

    Mur MulaMur Mula17 dagen geleden
  • Hope this reaches JJ Try not to fear

    Robert KimmichRobert Kimmich17 dagen geleden
  • Milkinabag is on 200k btw

    Haroon k__Haroon k__17 dagen geleden
  • Bruh JJ looks like an idiot playing the alphorn😂😂😂

    xXSLLABGIBXx 02xXSLLABGIBXx 0217 dagen geleden
  • you can tell KSI fans are 12-15 year olds when they don't know who Lorraine is

    Leo DaviesLeo Davies17 dagen geleden
  • 12:36 why does he put ads over the really love memes

    Xlo DeRmXlo DeRm17 dagen geleden
  • I really want you and Ddg to make a song you two probably the best on youtube

    Brenden BMFBrenden BMF17 dagen geleden
  • Logan Paul- *hits JJ in the face* JJ- I’m gonna have to tickle you fam

    Emil PedersenEmil Pedersen18 dagen geleden
  • Oh my fucking god that intro.

    ChristiinebeeChristiinebee18 dagen geleden

    Cloudy_water7Cloudy_water718 dagen geleden
  • 9:50 sounds like someone punched a dog

    AceCityYTAceCityYT18 dagen geleden
  • is really love copyrigted

    feargodfeargod18 dagen geleden
  • Ksi's intro for this video: YYYAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH Just a perfect intro

    Slow BoogerSlow Booger18 dagen geleden
  • I

    ahmed alhamodahmed alhamod18 dagen geleden
  • When Jj jumped my screen broke

    Cristian CastroCristian Castro18 dagen geleden