This Irish Dating Show is feckin hilarious

6 mrt. 2021
758 260 Weergaven

Prepare yourself for some cringe from the ol' emerald isle of Ireland
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  • Ok are irish girls just way more fucking forward than anywhere else?

    RoboNatorRoboNator21 uur geleden
  • 10:17

    Atriox XariotAtriox XariotDag geleden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Glad I subscribed...needed the laughs you brought!!! Thanks brother!!!

    Jacob SiglerJacob Sigler2 dagen geleden
  • 🆑🅾️⛎✝️🆙🔂🤍✨

    NEETLYFENEETLYFE2 dagen geleden
  • Man, I'm actually amazed that one dude didn't pick Chancelle...She was practically saying she wanted him! lol...& she's a very good looking woman

    Paulie A. FantonePaulie A. Fantone2 dagen geleden
  • Ireland is Like a different, funny universe

    One LinerOne Liner2 dagen geleden
  • "Its like a car crash i cant look away, probably because im in it" This killed me, almost as much as it nearly killed you

    sloth_on _speedsloth_on _speed2 dagen geleden
  • Turn Off Sound And Then Look At Kevins Hands

    Crispy FaceCrispy Face2 dagen geleden
  • old kevin jazz hands

    Lezl0r LetztlichLezl0r Letztlich2 dagen geleden
  • fun fact, the host is the host on corks red fm now

    GameplayOkayGameplayOkay2 dagen geleden
  • Yes, more of these.

    CoasterlocityCoasterlocity5 dagen geleden
  • Kevin: "Ireland has the cringiest dating shows." USA: "Hold my beer."

    John BoldJohn Bold5 dagen geleden
  • In germany we have also a show like this. The name is "Take me out" :-D

    MarkusMarkus5 dagen geleden
  • Crisp couple prob fell out cause one was King and the other Tayto.

    Marcus SuridiusMarcus Suridius6 dagen geleden
  • What did he say on 3:12?

    Guro-AmalieGuro-Amalie6 dagen geleden
  • She is NOT allergic to crisps XD

    Katherine MonroeKatherine Monroe11 dagen geleden
  • What the frick are crisps

    PicklePickle12 dagen geleden
  • The first guy looks like Claude from GTA 3.

    DocOckDocOck13 dagen geleden
  • Yeah the host is awful, but I think he's exactly as trash as this show deserves and he knows it so he just doesn't care.

    Benjamin RogersBenjamin Rogers14 dagen geleden
  • “Dad what do you and mom have in common?” “We hate crisps son.”

    PerchPerkins96PerchPerkins9615 dagen geleden
  • @3:59 you see Dairne the way she was clapping Ill do a magic trick the whole deck of card is the 9 of hearths

    Wayne WW BrownWayne WW Brown18 dagen geleden
  • For Americans: yes, Irish are all on craic, all day every day.... That's why Irish 🤪

    Eric d'PeerikEric d'Peerik18 dagen geleden
  • 4:45 Don't worry, I clapped.

    Rene StädtlerRene Städtler18 dagen geleden
  • 11:20 okay, that made me laugh a bit more than I want to admit...

    TabortoothTigerTabortoothTiger18 dagen geleden
  • “He’s a bit boring.” Listen lady, all of you have been hitting the button on guys who run, who snowboard, basically everything and anything they do... you all hate it. You guys are the boring ones. Trust me.

    재키재키19 dagen geleden
  • You just know there could never be a reverse version of this where 30 dudes judge one chick. Like the moment she walks out 15 of them hit the button. Then she says some boring crap and 10 more drop. They’d call it sexist for objectifying her. Also, most of the women wouldn’t be able to handle that level of blunt judgement and rejection.

    재키재키19 dagen geleden
  • Oh hey, Jack. wtf is he doing here lol

    재키재키19 dagen geleden
  • I’m only at 2:46 but these girls seem fun, huh? Wow. They’re so uptight! Also, no offense but a good chunk of those ladies didn’t even seem in the first dude’s league. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    재키재키19 dagen geleden
  • Whats with all the neckbeards and halfchins in ireland? And so many fat wamans? Does nobody over there work out and eat healthy? Here in germany you get bullied if you dont

    OsamaBinObamaOsamaBinObama21 dag geleden
  • Just have to say that I clapped for kevin I don't know if anyone else did 👏👏👏

    tuny8853tuny885321 dag geleden
  • Anybody’d be nervous! An audience while you’re being judged by a bunch of attractive women!!!! It takes balls to even step out on that stage!!! These are courageous young hopeful men! The women have it easy. They’re not facing the audience, and there’s strength in numbers.

    Red Elf Shot the FoodRed Elf Shot the Food23 dagen geleden
  • Wait what tv is he watchin im in ireland and ive neevet seen that shi of quality

    TheOrdinaryRobloxianTheOrdinaryRobloxian23 dagen geleden
  • The contestants look like extras off the high school musical set.

    Diego RinconDiego Rincon23 dagen geleden
  • I died after I fell over with my chair from recoiling to hard

    Immort4lFr0styImmort4lFr0sty24 dagen geleden
  • Ha! we have this show here too and i cringe every single minute lmao

    anonymous useranonymous user24 dagen geleden
  • so apparently Irish take me out is even worse than English take me out, which is impressive if you think about it

    KatieisspeakingKatieisspeaking24 dagen geleden
  • I saw a clip for the dutch version of the show where I guy walked on stage and immediately got nothing but red buttons

  • I wanna see more Kevin watching Irish TV asap! I haven't laughed so hard at something in a long time 😂

    Violet HeartsViolet Hearts25 dagen geleden
  • "A dragon is a heavy burden to bear" - Kazama Kiryu

    Exerzet2Exerzet225 dagen geleden
  • That was painful, I love it!

    Gamedroid13Gamedroid1326 dagen geleden
  • the last couple just reminded me of the film the lobster,

    Heulwen LeungHeulwen Leung26 dagen geleden
  • ASMR!

    Ol' DreäddyOl' Dreäddy26 dagen geleden
  • Is anyone else here because they got bullied on Reddit for trying to be nice?

    EpsilonEpsilon26 dagen geleden
  • Please do more of these, this was feckin gold!

    Egg SandwichEgg Sandwich27 dagen geleden
  • Honestly that guy picking the girl who also can't eat crisps, over the girl who said she would definitely have sex with him, gave me a little bit more faith in the world.

    SchooSchoo27 dagen geleden
  • The fuck are you talking about?? Irish TV is amazing!!!! Lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣 All the sexual jokes 🤣🤣

    ThunderCookie21ThunderCookie2127 dagen geleden
  • 4:43 I clapped.

    Dylan's classified stuffDylan's classified stuff27 dagen geleden
  • I really did think that Kevin May have been on it for a second.

    GirlBeCrazyGirlBeCrazy27 dagen geleden
  • This is based off a Chinese dating show called ‘if you are the one’ & it is infinitely better than the Irish one. Please react to it

    Ricki -LeeRicki -Lee27 dagen geleden
    • The girls stay on for many eps, sometimes seasons and men watching on the go onto the show to date one specific girl sometimes. And it’s so awls cause usually that’s the girl that buzzed out first

      Ricki -LeeRicki -Lee27 dagen geleden
  • :)

    Kiara KlossKiara Kloss28 dagen geleden
  • Gotta love Irish accent.

    Justas VetcinkinasJustas Vetcinkinas28 dagen geleden
  • OH MY GOD I REMEMBER TAKE ME OUT AS A DISTANT MEMORY FROM MY CHILDHOOD. The Dutch version was hosted by a dude named Eddy Zoëy and for YEARS after that show people mis-wrote my name like that. I always wondered what it was actually called.

    Zoë KockZoë Kock28 dagen geleden
  • I thought the uk one was bad but jesus this is so bad but lascò beautiful

    presidente di tristezzapresidente di tristezza28 dagen geleden
  • My new North Star....Kevin

    BarbiBarbi29 dagen geleden
  • I keep seeing a theme of "sports & athletics = bad, don't want" in this. So... I guess I chose the right lifestyle all along?

    AniGaAniGa29 dagen geleden
  • 6:01 - ... did the host have spontaneous diarrhea, or why did he make that sound?

    AniGaAniGa29 dagen geleden
  • Oh my god I've only watched the UK version this is horrendous

    Пламя Coming Out Of The Monkey's HeadПламя Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head29 dagen geleden
  • That last dude’s face was like “I don’t want to date black people 🤞🏻😣”

    Andrew CampbellAndrew Campbell29 dagen geleden
  • I watch this on TV usually, I recognised the thumbnail and clicked haha 🤣

    pieflowerpieflower29 dagen geleden
  • Is this a spin off of "if you are the one" or just really similar ?

    GrogPupGrogPup29 dagen geleden
  • Is there a similar show where the guys pick the girls? If not, this is pretty sexist.....

    spacelord420spacelord42029 dagen geleden
  • Kevin if you think this is cringe, you should watch Australian Married at first sight 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Lara JayneLara Jayne29 dagen geleden
    • We need to keep that cancer in Australia We must protect the world form mafs at all cost

      JJ28 dagen geleden
  • I pick............................ Jacksepticeye 😂😂 Actually nope the magic trick dude 🤣 although crisps lady and magic trick dude, match made in heaven 😂🥰

    Lara JayneLara Jayne29 dagen geleden
  • Did the guy wet himself?

    Rosie OutlookRosie Outlook29 dagen geleden
    • Look at the close up when they are standing other side of the host.

      Rosie OutlookRosie Outlook29 dagen geleden
    • The one in the leather jacket.

      Rosie OutlookRosie Outlook29 dagen geleden
  • "Wait, he needs to get changed?? Did he soil himself?"

    JinJinMaand geleden
  • The last dude definitely got the hottest bird. Because she was one of the last in a few of them I think she just wanted to go on a date and didn't care who with.

    The TruthThe TruthMaand geleden
  • My mum’s from Northern Ireland and I always feel really validated when someone from Ireland/Northern Ireland can’t translate, I know it’s not just me being shit at recognising what they’re saying

    sarahsarahMaand geleden
  • I loved "Moone Boy!"

    Dunechka RaskolnikovDunechka RaskolnikovMaand geleden
  • Kevin, i want to be your bestfriend lol

    joshua moorejoshua mooreMaand geleden
  • Didn't know there was an Irish version of take me out. Why does it feel so cheap Paddy McGuinnes is a better host, and has the most stereotypical Irish name

    Angry BidoofAngry BidoofMaand geleden
  • I love seeing your commentary! You're so excited and cute

    Kylie HumphriesKylie HumphriesMaand geleden
  • 2:17 LMFAOOOOOO I'm deadddd. seriously. men posing with a bunch of women like trophies is only impressive to other men. 6:16 Kevin is so invested 😂 nope scratch that, 12:46 NOW he's invested

    Sepia SmithSepia SmithMaand geleden
  • 7:27 We have a winner!

    NoPantsBabyNoPantsBabyMaand geleden
  • I can just imagine all the drinking games that can go with this show

    Some Other NameSome Other NameMaand geleden
  • Olwyn?

    Nathan HillNathan HillMaand geleden
  • No Paddy Mcguiness no Take Me Out

    Four-Twenty 420Four-Twenty 420Maand geleden
  • wtf are crisps?

    James Does It AllJames Does It AllMaand geleden
  • You do know what it mean's if a young lady says you have really small feet. Your shoe bills will not be much, so you will be able to buy her lots more shoe's throughout her life. HA HA That's why I can't get lucky, it's my god dam size 13 feet and large hands with thick fingers, just typing this is difficult task because of the girth of my fingers. But all still nice down here in my swamp with donkey!

  • 10:18

    1Umbreon 4Life1Umbreon 4LifeMaand geleden
  • "He has his own leather jacket," I don't see how she can make that assumption, for all we know that could be a communal jacket he shares with his roommates.

    PhilipPhilipMaand geleden
    • I think she meant it as in, she wouldn’t have to get him a leather jacket to wear when they go motorcycling together hahah, cause he already turned up in one. There was missing context

      NotasthinkasyoudrunkiamNotasthinkasyoudrunkiam6 uur geleden

    Dara HayesDara HayesMaand geleden
  • til si siht - read in a mirror

    petes2feetpetes2feetMaand geleden
  • I would like all of the episodes please and thank you

    MebibyteMebibyteMaand geleden
  • lol we had the same show over here in the netherlands!

    H. SmeenkH. SmeenkMaand geleden
  • I feel like Kevin is living on 1.25 speed

    BeastyJaimeBeastyJaimeMaand geleden
  • more pls

    KevaKevaMaand geleden
  • we have this show in Germany too and one of the recent contestants got turned into a meme. He prepared a video in which he basically explained that taking a bath while smoking shisha was his favorite way of relaxing and was his kind of luxury and you could see him do it in the video. It looked so stupid and hilarious and EVERY SINGLE GIRL went like "nope I'm out", it's wonderful

    MinkaMinkaMaand geleden
  • The fact that there is a color coded spreadsheet detailing the end results has me a little worried about humanity.

    Frederick FokkerFrederick FokkerMaand geleden
  • UK version: Sends them to a Mediterranean island for their first date Irish version: Awkward date at a table backstage

    Aidan WrayAidan WrayMaand geleden
    • @pieflower is it really though? I think the difference isn’t that the UK version is less cringe, it’s that the contestants are more full of themselves. Irish people are too shy to embrace the cringe 😂

      NotasthinkasyoudrunkiamNotasthinkasyoudrunkiam6 uur geleden
    • @pieflower agreed

      bruh boybruh boy24 dagen geleden
    • Yeah, and I much prefer Paddy hosting it. UK version is definitely less embarrassing.

      pieflowerpieflower29 dagen geleden
  • I want to see someone just commit to making a complete fool of themselves and just walk out on stage with some weeb shit playing like unravel

    TafellappenTafellappenMaand geleden
  • I'm starting to think that the term "Take Me Out" was more directed at the viewer. "I can't watch this anymore. Take me out. End it. Make it quick and painless, please."

    Chandra PandhitaChandra PandhitaMaand geleden
    • Check out the UK version, it's a lot better.

      pieflowerpieflower29 dagen geleden
  • take me out is a british show thanks

    Oliver WortleyOliver WortleyMaand geleden
  • Everytime the northern Irish guy opened his mouth: skgnjwixbenkwiHfnwphdheknsixhejsihgnwpaudhfnwozhngkehxhgneixhngksuehngishskenogush Kevin: "yep, makes sense" Me: :O

    Krabkakes95Krabkakes95Maand geleden

    Amanda KirkAmanda KirkMaand geleden
  • Why doesn't it make me wonder that we have the same Show in Germany and... btw it's freaking popular

    BlauerSamtBlauerSamtMaand geleden
  • More Irish TV would be a treat

    William CollisWilliam CollisMaand geleden
  • "They chose those tunes themselves" Me: NOOOOOOOOO! *cringes in horror*

    PsychedelicPegasusPsychedelicPegasusMaand geleden
  • Just found your channel! Hilarious cringe fest, and Kevin you are adorable. More Irish cringe please! Love from Australia

    Adrianna Weaver TkacAdrianna Weaver TkacMaand geleden
  • This type of content on your channel is something I'm instantly addicted to. Please do more!!

    AndreaAndreaMaand geleden
  • this is sort of a good idea though. kinda like tinder but in person. That girl who made fun of the guy's hair and feet is ugh!! rude

    Kim DanielleKim DanielleMaand geleden