This is over 99% air (aerogel)

28 apr. 2021
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Watch me make aerogel:
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Silica aerogel is one of the world's lightest solids. It's made from a very fine network of silica and over 99% of it is actually air. All of this air makes it a really good insulator. The texture of it is kind of like Styrofoam, but it's actually really fragile, and it's really easy to accidentally break it.
Nile talks about lab safety:​

  • Watch me make aerogel! Link in the description

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    • @Star Wars Fan2634 genius, thx 👍

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    • Can you eat it?

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    • Thik hain

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  • That shit look like it belongs in subnautica

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  • how do you burn air

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  • Rubi + gel

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  • Uh huh accidentally break it

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  • subnautica

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  • Me: why not use it in mountain Everest

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  • I wish I could eat it

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  • I thought it was gonna be squishy-

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  • Lays chips be like

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  • is it just me or do I kinda wanna eat it

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  • Can I eat it

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  • It look eatable

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  • I want to bite it

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  • It’s like crystal me- I mean dried styrofoam

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  • Can we eat it ?

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  • Can you eat it?

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  • Me: if it's so resistant to heat, why don't we use it in walls for insulation? Also me: *watched rest of video* Ah. Well damn.

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  • Question can i eat it

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  • Aerogel: 99% air Lays: Bruh you gotta bump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers!

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    • Chip bags must be atleast 30% air to avoid them getting crushed into powder

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  • Me: randomly listens to asmr

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  • Saw it on some Facebook science page saying it can stop a bullet. Guy here breaks it with a single finger.

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  • I think lays is a alternative......

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  • bnha fans: thats kinda familiar

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  • The thumbnail kinda sus

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  • Thats what u call Ice

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  • Yeah I’d like to put it all up in my attic keep the heat down in the winter and warm in the summer or wait, the other way around or something like that It’s just getting the stuff in the first place. Although it’s not the best idea to bring substances around an attic that’s got all 12 steps under the hatch

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  • Can we eat it?Cuz its a air right?

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  • Mans legitimately broke air 😂

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  • what if you eat it

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  • Damn nilered boutta make a prawn suit

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  • How to break air:

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  • "It's really easy to accidently break it." Sounds like my heart.

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  • What do you use it for

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  • the tumbnail: AMOGUS

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  • I’m pretty sure everything is 99% air

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  • I want to eat it

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  • Plot twist: it was actually a ice cube

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  • this should be called solid air

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  • I want it

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  • AMOGUS video screen

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  • Is it cold it looks cold

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  • Is it edible ?

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  • Can u eat it?

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  • Ok

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  • *May I eat it*

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  • Can we eat it?

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  • i want to chew it but then i will die

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  • I want to hit it with hammer

  • Finally after all these years. I can now *eat air*

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  • Can i eat it

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  • Knowing how long it took him to make that it hurts to see it break

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  • It's good that was not the piece he took 5 months to create

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  • It's like ice. I wish I could touch it once .

  • When he said areo gel I thought squishy and was disappointed

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  • I wanna punch it

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  • How to eat air:

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  • its ice?

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  • Lays: are you challenging me?

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  • *this substance is 99% air* Lays : *Pathetic*

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  • its just extremely... extremely bubbled glass

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  • "where did I put my aerogel? *Moves a dish with a little bit of force* *crack*... I really hope that was the aerogel..."

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  • He kinda sounds like BBH :0✨

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  • Weird question but what would happen if u put it in ur mouth or ate it?

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  • can u eat it?- | (• ◡•)|

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  • I know this from smarter every day

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  • Thumbnail:exists Me:Amogus

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  • Is it edible ?

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  • Him: “It’s one of the lightest solids” Feathers: *”am I a joke to you?”*

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  • 99.000000000001%

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  • Bag of chips: nah your a beginner

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  • This video Just lit ❤️

  • Lays be like : ayo i noticed you copied my style

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  • Cool

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  • Apple products in 2090 be like:

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  • Can’t wait to see it hopefully used as insolation

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  • I don’t know why but aerogel is so incredibly fascinating to me

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  • Can in melt tho I wanna see it melt

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  • why did my dumbass think that this would be spongy

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  • It’s also hella expensive

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  • I Want To Eat It

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  • Finally spongebob can lift something

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  • What’s it taste like

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  • I’ve always wanted to see something break or tear into it

  • Is it edible? Cause if I wonder what it tastes like

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    • @Magellanic yum

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    • it probably tastes like rocks

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  • Is it Edible

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  • A.S.M.R.

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  • Can you eat it?

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  • "its made from a very fine network of silica" subnautica players: did you mean a gel sack and and a ruby?

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    • I tought gel sacks were decoration lol

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  • I just see Amongus

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  • what if you grind it and use as thermal insulator for average home construction probably bad idea

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  • I believe this is actually lays

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  • _it looks watery_

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  • I want to cronch it with my teeth.

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  • Can you eat aerogel because I’m not sure-

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  • It sounds like glass when it breaks😯

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  • why is the aerogel breaking so satisfying to me?

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