There's Major Cheating Drama In The Amish Community | Return To Amish

2 mei. 2021
445 365 Weergaven

Shelly holds a group meeting with Lowell's current girlfriend, Lisa and another girl in the community to discuss Lowell's infidelity in the past. While traveling together, Shelly confronts Lowell about his cheating to the discomfort of Jeremiah and Dawn.
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  • I imagine him in the english world and ghosting her ! man I feel sad for these girls not knowing the reality of life instead of living in unicorns wonderland

    La MarquiseLa Marquise30 minuten geleden
  • The adults in the front😂😂 the guy with all the tattoos looks like a terrible boss

    Kai SchroederKai Schroeder54 minuten geleden
  • These people just don’t know anything that goes on in the real world 😂 they just assume stuff that they think they know 😂 it’s like a bunch of middle school kids

    Kai SchroederKai Schroeder55 minuten geleden
  • I didn’t even know they knew these terms “fuck boy” 😂

    Lacie ReneeLacie Renee2 uur geleden
  • Religions are the worst fuckery of humanity

    Anthony GayAnthony Gay2 uur geleden
  • So much inbreeding. Can see it in their faces and lack of intelligence

    Anthony GayAnthony Gay2 uur geleden
  • So happy To see black Amish ppl

    Speed The gamerSpeed The gamer3 uur geleden
  • @7:51 girl RUN 😂👋

    LulueLulue3 uur geleden
  • Damn, everything outside their community is from the devil 😂😂

    im boredim bored4 uur geleden
  • Black Amish?? Them people speak German only cause they hate other races and believe in white supremacy. Now,let's talk about culture appropriation.

    Sirjames JemoSirjames Jemo6 uur geleden
  • I don’t know why I didn’t watch this shit sooner damn lmao

    Alex BAlex B6 uur geleden
  • They picked the right thumbnail i came straight to the comments

    Lex ChariandyLex Chariandy7 uur geleden
  • They talking about the English world is bad but we ain't forget yall be SOAKING💅🏾 now that's corrupt and ungodly ‼️

  • Black Mennonites...hmm, interesting.

    Creole LadyCreole Lady7 uur geleden
  • Jermaiah is back 👏🏼

    Kimberley SamploniusKimberley Samplonius8 uur geleden
  • I know its not just me... The red dress and white cap has real handmaid's tale vibes.

    Stephanie RachelleStephanie Rachelle9 uur geleden
  • Does anyone actually believe this is real?

    Lord_StarkillerLord_Starkiller9 uur geleden
  • These are not Amish if they are on camera

    madrascalmadrascal10 uur geleden
  • 😛

    Tatiana FindleyTatiana Findley10 uur geleden
  • Jeremy looks like that white guy who played on The Green Mile who killed those two little girls.

    Where's The Cupcakes At?Where's The Cupcakes At?11 uur geleden
  • Is no one gonna comment on what we KNOW that word sounds like?? 😂😂😂😂 we feel u sis

    lauren ar.lauren ar.11 uur geleden
  • did she say fuck?

    joe bjoe b12 uur geleden
  • The ending had me dead ass fuck 🤣🤣

    Joshua DiazJoshua Diaz13 uur geleden
  • Bro he cheated on her and told her during her best friends funeral. That’s some really fucked and hurtful shit. I completely understand her resentment towards him and why she’s acting petty. Totally a sufficient reason.

    Cain ShruggedCain Shrugged14 uur geleden
  • hold the phone! where are the black amish people coming from?

    Simelwe DlovaSimelwe Dlova15 uur geleden
  • Black is so pretty.

    Adriano BeermanAdriano Beerman15 uur geleden
  • “I love you” “... eh, I love you too” Girrrrrl.

    SpookeehooweeSpookeehoowee18 uur geleden
  • I don't know why this title is so hilarious 😂

    Lesedi MolelekiLesedi Moleleki19 uur geleden
  • I’m gonna have to venture from Tampa to Sarasota n look for these people 😂

    Floridagurl !Floridagurl !20 uur geleden
  • Shelly dated Lowe for 3 weeks but she says she is still in love with him? Weird

    BluebellBluebell20 uur geleden
  • June Osborne Luke Bankhole Moira Ofglen

    Angela CAngela C21 uur geleden
  • Wow ... they need Jeremy Kyle in that car

    JinxyJinxy21 uur geleden
  • Being good is not 'goody goody' buddy, u sound like a child at :09, grow up already. God wants us t strive to be good, so stop mocking it.

    Nenethegreat WNenethegreat W22 uur geleden
  • What! Amish black people😳! And interracial dating too.......Ok I’ve seen it all now.

    Vanessa LaguerreVanessa LaguerreDag geleden
  • He gonna go for them pawgs lol

    Estefanis BlancoEstefanis BlancoDag geleden
  • Carmella your an angel I think you were the best person for Jeremiah this season you seem to have brought Jeremiah to be a great person and helped him find himself he is so much calmer and becoming happy your his rock he never could of come this far without you wish both of you the very best

    Sandy LaneSandy LaneDag geleden
  • Soooo they don't go out with British people?? I'm counfusd

    Mai JonsonMai JonsonDag geleden
  • The black girl fr trying to make his new girlfriend feel bad or jealous she’s fucked up bruh and when he sees all the girls on insta and shii he gonna leave all of em 😭🤣

    Slizzy ThomasSlizzy ThomasDag geleden
  • I think those people are mennonites not amish

    Elle DearingElle DearingDag geleden
  • Amish people=PEOPLE! We are all the mofo same!!!!!

    Cassie SmartCassie SmartDag geleden
  • JESUS CHRIST saves! :) please turn from your sins and turn to the LORD ALMIGHTY! HE is the Only GOD that can change you! HE sent HIS Only SON, JESUS CHRIST, that we might be saved, and HE died for our sins! JESUS overcame death! by HIS shedding of blood, we get to not experience the penalty for our sins (death). the wages of sin is death. we must be born again to enter HIS Kingdom, not just believe in HIM and still sin and be worldly. whether you believe in GOD, or not, the LORD is still real and wonderful! all other gods are false; JESUS CHRIST is the only Truth, Way, and Life! joy and peace can be found in HIM.

    monica lives for CHRISTmonica lives for CHRISTDag geleden
    • If he saves! Then why are these people so miserable?

      ElyssaElyssaDag geleden
  • This show should be called As the Religious Weirdos in Pennsylvania Dutch Land Turn. Sheesh!

    FacheChanteDeuxFacheChanteDeuxDag geleden
  • Black Amish?!! NLworld done put another wrinkle in my brain. And they say social media is bad for you!😂😂😂

    HL WattsHL WattsDag geleden
  • Lowell’s gonna get a crispy line up and fade and get twerked on once then it’s game over for Lisa.

    MachucandoMachucandoDag geleden
  • Lowell got that Muhammad Ali fade

    MachucandoMachucandoDag geleden
  • After she said Fboy I was waiting for her to say "is the lies and cheating for me " PERIODT

    Olesh GalejeweOlesh GalejeweDag geleden
  • The black girl is so salty 😩😩😭😂

    Tee's Sneaker CornerTee's Sneaker CornerDag geleden
  • I love how he was right about most of the shit he said

    Cheddar NutsCheddar NutsDag geleden
  • Usually, guys that act like this...had sexual intercourse. They just off to the next female. So, if he was in the real world...he would be called a player.

    Roger JohnsonRoger JohnsonDag geleden
  • Shelly is beautiful she resembles candace Owen's shes gorgeous model looks

    Kenneth LopezKenneth LopezDag geleden
  • That hole Amish thing sounds just a bet corrupted and like a cult

    Eli FrithEli FrithDag geleden
  • Perhaps the Black Amish were adopted like some of the others. ❓

    Dee JohnsonDee JohnsonDag geleden
  • I love how considerate he was to take them to an Amish community in Sarasota

    Cherie CentenoCherie CentenoDag geleden
  • I don’t trust Jeremiah… there something about him that doesn’t click.

    Rose PRose PDag geleden
  • Black Amish? How is it possible? It make me missed the entire episode. It like watching polar bear in wild and then you a giraffe 🦒 passing in the background

    Rose PRose PDag geleden
  • Just an FYI Most amish men screw Sheep I 💩 you Not

    Brandye Wine00Brandye Wine00Dag geleden
  • someone teach these girls how to speak. they talk horribly

    lm mlm mDag geleden
  • Whats a mennonite

    Sally AnnSally AnnDag geleden
    • They're a more laid back version of Amish people. They use technology and stuff like that. But, they are still devoted to God, and believe in a hard days work. But, they dont discriminate or distance themselves from people who aren Mennonites, unlike the mennonites.

      ElyssaElyssaDag geleden
  • they call it the english world why??

    Nathanuel AlexanderNathanuel AlexanderDag geleden
  • OMG WHAT SARASOTA I literally live in Sarasota Florida and pass by the Amish side of town it looks very rural but I find it beautiful they are groups of Amish riding their bikes around town.

    Mimi DiazMimi DiazDag geleden
  • Ooo he’s a Amish player 😂

    Sleepy PinkSleepy PinkDag geleden
  • My goodness sweet Jesus what in the world is going on here!

    BOOM7STAR7BOOM7STAR7Dag geleden
  • Shelley is still trying to get the guy by picking at him. I don't like her obviously tagging along to be with him.

    Atika PAtika PDag geleden
  • What is this😭😭😭😭

    Palang BarrowPalang BarrowDag geleden
  • Damn he did shelly dirty smh

    Wayner The GamerWayner The GamerDag geleden
  • Cheating and using profanity! I’m clutching my pearls and sipping tea simultaneously.

    Xajae AmaXajae AmaDag geleden
  • That Nigga Lowell may be Amish but he been practicin City Boy ways

    Y DingoY DingoDag geleden
    • He has a name dont degrade him by calling him such a horrible thing

      Sally AnnSally AnnDag geleden
  • Why do people want to mess up a man good think, if the women are happy let him and them be.

    My My My !My My My !Dag geleden
  • Ok Black people WILL BE the entertaining race in any configuration.

    Aswad maigrelet-rachitique-SmithAswad maigrelet-rachitique-SmithDag geleden
  • This has to be a joke

    Addy WaitAddy WaitDag geleden
  • There use to be a black Amish man on the show " Amish Mafia" lol

    Amber LittleAmber LittleDag geleden
  • I need her address asap so I can ship her some hair care products for her fro

    Amber LittleAmber LittleDag geleden
  • I never knew there was black Amish, learn something new every day.

    nina thompsonnina thompsonDag geleden
  • Like why tf is Shelly here

    Ashten JohnsonAshten JohnsonDag geleden
  • Shelly is annoying asffff

    Ashten JohnsonAshten JohnsonDag geleden
  • not the wicked temptations

    tia timirratia timirraDag geleden
  • this is so entertaining

    Stella RuremaStella RuremaDag geleden
  • Some lived by me in Bloomfield iowa

    Cassandra CooperCassandra CooperDag geleden
  • No wonder why they broke up lol..she is so petty

    Melissa ColeyMelissa ColeyDag geleden
  • 😟😟😟😟😟😟😟

    Esteemed Queen & MentalityEsteemed Queen & MentalityDag geleden
  • At a FUNERAL???? BYEEE-

    Newt ScamanderNewt ScamanderDag geleden
  • Lisa is very unattractive, with and without glasses

    ComeAtMeBroComeAtMeBroDag geleden
  • Wtf

    ComeAtMeBroComeAtMeBroDag geleden
  • I think it's so cool that the Amish and I suppose the Mennonites still speak Pennsylvania Dutch.

    AritulAritulDag geleden
  • Jeremiah would’ve had me fucked up. You ain’t talking to me like that

    Glen KellyGlen KellyDag geleden
  • This is all very staged and a put on. I don’t believe they are really Amish.

    Becky LangfordBecky LangfordDag geleden
  • This is staged right ?

    Aysu NacakAysu NacakDag geleden
  • I love how he makes it sound like she’s trapped in like she’s score of the way and how dare her parents tell her no how dare her parents make her work on a farm you’re fucking Amish

    Andrew FrielerAndrew FrielerDag geleden
  • I’ve never worked for an English boss before even though I speak perfect English don’t speak Amish it all and play dress up and works for a producing company to make a show with English bosses

    Andrew FrielerAndrew FrielerDag geleden
  • Number one I’ve never seen an African-American Amish person but if there is I mean whatever the Amish church doesn’t allow children or teens today it so I don’t understand how any of these kids could have so-called boyfriends or girlfriends or a x for that matter Also it’s spring and May 10 is creeping up fast I don’t understand why they have so much free time to talk to the cameras and whine and complain about what’s going on with their husbands when they should be out in the field working so that they can have food for the year

    Andrew FrielerAndrew FrielerDag geleden
  • I would've broken his teeth getting that close to me n pointing at me like that fuck that

    Uriel AlbaUriel AlbaDag geleden
  • I live in central pa and an Amish girl was just raped and murdered. She was only 18.

    Tiffany KautzTiffany KautzDag geleden
  • Lol he’s wearing a Freemason hat, putting the Amish community to work

    FlyByNight 1304FlyByNight 1304Dag geleden
  • why am i watching this like 👁👄👁

    Desireé FloresDesireé FloresDag geleden
  • What language/dialect are they speaking?

    Darryl SkylarDarryl SkylarDag geleden
  • How did I end up here at 4 AM?

    JmeowdyJmeowdyDag geleden
  • I'm not sure I even believe these are Mennonites! If so, they scraped from the bottom those who agreed to do this show! They seem to play dress up!

    Lenita ALenita ADag geleden
  • Black Amish...this is some kind of a joke.

    Rozenia JohnsonRozenia JohnsonDag geleden
  • I'm so surprised she uses the f word!

    Fany Apartsev-FaibyshevFany Apartsev-FaibyshevDag geleden
  • Why do they all talk like they popped about 4 xanax? Lol

    Rachel AustinRachel AustinDag geleden